Arsenal’s answer to Class of ’92 is just Bukayo Saka. And Mitrovic’s season should be over…

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Ex Man Utd captain Gary Neville and Arsenal forward Bukayo Saka.

The Mailbox scoffs at the comparison between this Arsenal side and the Class of ’92. Also: the FA should hammer Mitrovic; and United ought to forget the Europa League…

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Mitro should be done for the season
There is precedent for the ban that Mitrovic should get for shoving the ref. Di Canio was banned for 11 games (even though the ref definitely dived). And he shoved the ref and walked off. Mitrovic shoved the ref then continued to aggressively square up to the referee.

The FA have seriously dropped a bollock if Mitrovic plays again this season.

You could say that shows no consistency as Bruno got away with something similar against a linesman in some game that was played on Merseyside once. But you’d be wrong and I invite you to watch both incidents again in context to understand why swatting a linesman away when he tries to touch you is different from from aggressively shoving a referee because he makes a correct decision having seen a replay.

Worried about United though…


…If you are upset by Mitrovic getting an extended ban for ‘just putting hands’ on the ref then you are part of the problem.

The level of discipline in professional football in it’s current state is disgusting. Watch one game of rugby and see what actual respect towards your fellow professional and referee is.

Watching players throw themselves around only to get up as if untouched seconds later is infuriating. Watching players swarm a ref after a decision has been given as if that’s going to change thier mind. Name a single time pressuring the ref has resulted in them overturning a decision.

Professional football is filled with little child adults who think they can do as they like because they’re paid stupid wages. It makes me sick.

I can’t have respect for the sport of football until the people who earn more in a month than you will in your life ACTUALLY show respect for the individual who is supposed to referee thier behaviour, or just show some damn humility.

This turned into more of a rant than I meant it to. But I genuinely find it difficult to cheer on these insanely wealthy people while they act worse than a child in the playground. Like I said, it makes me sick.
Will (Maybe I’m just an angry poor person).

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It’s on
The question will be asked of each other by Arsenal fans – when did you start to believe, really believe? Many will respond with the victories over United or Spurs, or even that crazy 97 minutes against Bournemouth. But for me, there will only be one answer: the Arsenal of a couple of years ago, after getting dumped out of Europe, going up against a managerless, winless-all-year, goalless-in-five Crystal Palace at home and would have absolutely gotten their trousers pulled down. But this isn’t the Arsenal of a couple of years ago. It’s happening.


Class of ’89
In reply to John Matrix (AFC Legend)

I hear your class of ’92 and offer you – the Class of ’89.

Merse, Paul Davis, Mickey Thomas, Martin Hayes, David O’Leary, Gus Ceasar, Niall Quinn, Mr Arsenal and David Rocky Rocastle (RIP, gone far too soon).

It’s up for grabs now
Exiled Gooner (was babysitting his cousins at 9:30pm 26th May 1989. All hell broke loose at the end, never got asked to babysit again)


Arsenal’s own Class of ’92 is a one-man band
Christ almighty Arsenal fans. John Matrix expects us to believe that he, an actual human with functioning brain, couldn’t quite figure out what exactly it was about “one of the finest crops of young players I’ve ever seen” being produced by United’s Academy that made their fans so proud of them.

Furthermore he would, apparently, “watch on” as United fans found hitherto unknown levels of passion and support for these young academy products and was left unable to understand why. Nothing could possibly explain it. Why the extra love?

Just what is it about this group of academy products that cost nothing and are “local” boys who are now considered World class and winning multiple trophies. Why don’t they love the foreign lads just as much Stew?

It’s understandable I suppose. I’m sure nothing was written about it at the time. The Class of 92 moniker (first time I’ve ever used Moniker in a sentence) just invented itself did it?. Christ almighty!

It’s a mystery Jessica Fletcher would have struggled with.

But no. John wants us to swallow his Arsenal are amazing mail without having the balls to say it. He wants us to believe that he only truly understands now that a very specific set of circumstances have happened at Arsenal and they’re top of the league. Bollocks!

Smith Rowe and Nelson have a combined 200 minutes in the league. You can “claim” him all you want but you bought Martinelli for 6 million. Who have you been watching that’s like the class of 92? Saka. It’s basically just Saka right?

Does this “Mean More” to Arsenal fans? That mail was up there with Graham Simons “Our Leah” mails when England won the WC in its cringe worthy attempt to make absolutely everything about Arsenal.
Brian Morrissey. Waterford


Confused by England
Looking at the latest transfermarket valuations, England have 3 of the top 10, 5 of the top 20, and 9 of the top 50 players in the world, and what should generally be regarded as one of the most exciting squads in world football. Great depth (50 odd ballers every time in F365 World Cup Ladder), playing for good clubs, with barely a clogger in sight.

But below the surface…

Pickford raves around the depths of the EPL; Stones, Maguire, and Dier have never really lived up to their earlier billing. The same with Walker and Shaw. Rice and Mount are currently plateauing at a level far below the best on the planet; Foden hasn’t yet kicked on, TAA can’t defend, and Phillips made one of the poorest career choices of recent times. Further forward, Sterling is unplayable on his day, but that doesn’t seem to include most Saturdays; Greenwood and Sancho have disappeared into the ManU swamp, from which Rashford has only recently emerged. Finally, Grealish has clamoured himself into a late game free kick merchant, but little else.

On the plus side, we haven’t yet destroyed Bellingham, we love Saka, Reece James could easily be world-class, and Sir ‘Arry obviously is (unless you’re from a small club in Fulham). So, one “too early to tell”, two “maybes”, and a “yes” from arguably one the greatest generations of talent we’ve seen on these shores. QF knock out here we come, and deja vu all over again.

Seriously, wtf…I don’t get it.
Matthew (ITFC)


Hurry, Maguire
I think Maguire is trolling us with gay abandon due to how long it takes him to kick the ball.

He chases after a long ball over the top and has time and space. It’s clear as day he’s looking to pass back to the keeper, but he takes so long that it becomes a panic moment as he allows the presser to catch up and nearly get there.

He’s so casual, slow and ponderous, like the Titanic trying to swerve to avoid the iceberg.
Silvio Dante


Chuck in the Europa League
I may well be in the minority of Utd fans here but I’m not too bothered as to whether we progress any further in the Europa league.

We are currently set to play 8 games in April and 5 in May. Should we reach the FA Cup final then that happens on 3rd June so will not affect the last month of important league fixtures. Getting there will be damn tough given that we play away to Sevilla on the Thursday night before Brighton on Saturday unless Erik takes my squad advice below which he probably won’t.

If we were to progress against Sevilla we would then have an extra 2 legs of a semi final in May that could really harm us in the league. Should we get through that, the final would happen midweek after the last league game and before the FA Cup final. I feel something needs to give sooner rather than later or it could all go tits up.

The Europa league IMO is a lesser cup than the FA Cup and also takes way more games. Winning the FA Cup also requires just 2 games albeit a tough ask against Brighton followed by a likely even tougher one for whoever progresses against City. For Europa, I think we should be playing a largely rotated squad with a defence of De Gea, Maguire, Lindelof, Dailot and Malacia. Midfield of McFred plus Fernandes who never seems to tire. Then Pellistri, Elanga and Wout who also seems to still have plenty of miles in him. (And BTW Skysports, putting Wout as a defender is quite amusing but incorrect – he does at least top their goal scoring charts).
We’ve then got subs of Mainoo, Igbal, Sancho and hopefully a couple of other youngsters. Those first team players not mentioned should actually be rested and not travel rather than the usual “rest” that involves them travelling and playing half the game. Alternatively we could play a largely rotated squad away trying to limit any damage while playing a full strength side at home to win the tie at Old Trafford.

The above team is capable of winning the Europa league (No, I wouldn’t bet much on it either). It could be a chance for them to show what they can do whilst giving others in the squad the necessary rest to give 4th place our best shot. With the all important summer business just round the corner, Champions league football makes a big difference on whether you’re even in the running for players like Bellingham or Osimhen who we’ll clearly be linked with the whole summer alongside every other big name. While Spurs try and shoot themselves in the foot, they are still right up there and with themselves, Liverpool and Newcastle only having the league to worry about Man Utds league standing is looking quite fragile right now. Finishing 5th, regardless of whether we win another trophy would be a terrible end to an otherwise excellent season thus far.

Having said all that, if you ignore the fixture congestion and look at the sides left in the cups, Utd have a better chance in europa (18/11 at the bookies, 3/1 for FA cup) – squad decisions at the end of a season like this are why the top managers get paid the big bucks and we get to talk shit from the sidelines.
Jon, Cape Town (trusting E10H to have a better rotation plan than mine, he’s got everything else right)


United were right
Remember when many football folks (including F365) were piling onto Man United for not signing Conte when he was available? It was billed as yet another sign of United’s incompetence.

That’s all I wanted to say,.
Ved Sen (Thank you Fulham!), MUFC.

Antonio Conte watches his Tottenham side at Southampton.
United and Conte
Following the 3-1 win at Old Trafford yesterday having watched it from the Stretford end, it was bloody electric from the 70-75th min onwards! You could sense a huge amount of frustrating building given the amount of freekicks United were giving away and the number of dangerous balls in the box too, in which Mitrovic took advantage of for the goal and once again from a freekick. Luckily for United after the penalty was given and the manager as well as 2 Fulham players got sent off, there was only going to be one team winning it after this.

It wasn’t the best defensive & overall display from United, but Maguire played like he did for England yesterday, was solid and decisive, and looks like he has some confidence back and not worried about making a mistake. Possibly the best player on the pitch yesterday, but you can see there is a clear clear sign of anxiety a when Eriksen, Casemiro & Varane aren’t on the pitch, especially Casemiro & Eriksen aren’t playing in terms of ball possession and forward passes. Sabitzer showed up yesterday though, but its quite clear to see McTominay will most likely be the Central midfielder to leave United this summer. He works hard and is committed to the cause, but his touch lets him down and his overall passing distribution isn’t good enough and I think Ten Haag will honestly say that’s the reason he won’t play. Fred has improved a LOT since the start of last season and realised he needed to improve to stay at United, but McTominay probably knows his days are numbered. Unfortunately Scott just hasn’t improved much since his debut season under Jose in 17/18 season. Keep Fred given he’s happy as squad player, but McTominay needs to leave, would take a good £15 million for hi given his age and experience.

Further improvement definitely needed for United despite the improvement already from last season/under Ole, as some players such as Wan Bassaka, Fred and Shaw have genuinely surprised me and proven me wrong over the last few seasons, massive improvement in fitness and performance from them in particular. If United do want to potentially get 80+ points on the board in the league though, a proper Striker/No 9 is needed urgently, a Central midfielder and another Right/Left winger to keep Antony & Sancho on their toes as I think they can further improve a LOT and need to be pushed to limits with a bit of competition. For example, look at Garnacho. He came into the team and probably made Sancho realise “Shit this guy is younger than me and playing better than me currently” and was way cheaper as well. It will be a big big season for both Antony & Sancho next year, make or break in a way due to standards being set from Ten Haag. United need to do what Arsenal have done in the sense there is a constant goal threat from 4-5 players, but I cannot complain with the current progress but can definitely play better per game.

Also having watched all the news story on Spurs and how Conte practically called them “Spursy” in public and even had a go at Levy as a somewhat soft owner, I think some Media sources need to see where Conte is coming from here. I think he has gone a bit over the top, but because he was pissed off with not winning the game and recent results. He has probably done this as a last resort and doesn’t know how to engage the winning mentality in the team. He did the same thing against Burnley last year with the level of honesty he showed, but at least with Conte you are getting the truth. I think he underestimated how hard it would be to turn Spurs into a title challenging team, it will never happen until Levy leaves and all debts paid off for the new stadium. Kane has probably told him he wants to leave and plans to get the big move, but even with the influence of Kane, Conte knows he can manage a better more together team. I would of gladly taken him at United, as he is a league winning kind of manager, but I just think there has been such an overreaction to what he said, it wasn’t THAT bad. Conte does need to realise there are other tactics to use, and truth be told hasn’t taken responsibility in trying something different or more beneficial for some players, but has always played 3-5-2 or 3-4-3. Did it at Chelsea and won the League & FA Cup in 2 years. Levy and rubbish signings such as Richarlson for £50 million are the reason they are average currently and cannot win trophies to re-establish some credibility into the club. Its been guess work from the club since Pochettino left in 2019.

As for United, for the team to have won the League Cup, get to the Semi finals in the FA Cup and also still be in the Europa League as potential favourites as well as sitting 3rd in the table by April time, is a sign of a ridiculously efficient first season from Ten Haag. The turnaround since the World Cup has been amazing from the team. You just have to hope it keeps going forward in terms of improvement, where as over time in the past its gone the other way for previous managers, especially for Van Gaal & Mourinho. Big last few weeks with some important league games to come, but I would expect United to have enough fuel in the tank to get a Top 4 spot with 1-2 games to go, but Newcastle & Liverpool can’t be underestimated, especially Newcastle who look back to their best. I predict United to finish 3rd as well as to win the FA Cup as well, let’s see how accurate that prediction is!
Rami, Manchester (Hope Ronaldo is enjoying his goals in Saudi, but will always be a United legend)


Setting it straight over Haaland
Re: Daniel and his wonderful ‘insight’ into the mind of Pep and his management of Haaland. May I suggest that you are suffering from some recency bias allied to fitting in selective facts to your already decided conclusion.

Yes, Pep has subbed Haaland in the last two cup games, but in the league he’s played 90 minutes in four of the last five games. Overall he’s played 2,111 minutes in 26 games (he didn’t play against Leicester), which is an average of 82 minutes a PL game. I’d say that isn’t someone that is embarrassed to let him play. Quite the opposite in fact.

And considering he missed 16 league games last season and just 1 so far this season, it’s almost like Pep is managing his workload expertly, and it’s really important that City are “saving him from injury or preserving his energy”, which is the opposite of what you said. Again.

The rest of your email is some wonderful tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, which if you really believe, I doubt I can convince you otherwise. But considering City are second in the league, 8 points behind Arsenal, while changing their style of play from false 9 for the last two seasons to traditional number 9 this season, it would appear that the “managerial task of a city” is difficult. If Pep was having an “easy ride” and “cheating”, wouldn’t they be top? As i said earlier, you’ve jumped to a conclusion, but the facts don’t fit into it. Next.
Andy D. Manchester. MCFC.


Three decades a Villan
30 years today I went to my first Villa game and became a fan. Standing at the front of the old Holte terrace when Dwight Yorke scored 2 against Sheffield Wednesday.

A lot of my friends are Man U and Liverpool supporters and have known so much success in that time. In 30 years I haven’t had a few ups (Coca Cola Cup * 2) and a lot of downs (far too many to name) but wouldn’t change it for the world.

Football eh.