‘Parasitic scum bag’ Boehly ‘kills’ Chelsea; Ferguson-esque Ten Hag ’causes’ Man Utd problem

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Todd Boehly and Erik ten Hag are slammed in the Mailbox.

A Chelsea fan in the Mailbox is raging with ‘parasitic scum bag’ Todd Boehly, while Erik ten Hag is to blame for Manchester United’s injury problems.

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Todd Boehly is a…
I agree with pretty much everything Ian Watson’s article about Chelsea
. That Chelsea away fans chant for Jose is mad, he stopped being a top tier manager around 10 years ago. But that people chant for him shows the dissatisfaction with the club. Very understandable, but vent your fury in the right direction

There is no manager alive that could succeed at Chelsea under the current ownership.

Chelsea will not finish in the top four for the foreseeable future. Their finances need them to next season. I cant see it happening for at least 5 years which will destroy any FFP obligations.

Todd Bohely, Behdad Eghbali, Hansjörg Wyss and Clearlake Capital are all parasitic scum bags who in the space of 2 years have killed a successful club. Quite incredible incompetence, from top to bottom. None of the people named above should be allowed near any football club again. Sorry Strasbourg fans, they’re killing your club too.
Will (Remember when Clearlake said they’d renovate Stamford Bridge, that’s gone very f**king quiet hasn’t it.)


The Bees and Blues have been down of late, dark clouds covering the six-mile stretch between Brentford and the Bridge, and though each side took in turns to briefly lift their gloom on Saturday afternoon, both will rue a missed opportunity while clutching the consolation that at least it wasn’t worse.

What a beautiful paragraph.

Not mine, credit to the wonderful Ian Watson. Keep up the excellent writing my man.
Alay, N15 Gooner

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Ten Hag is more Fergie than Klopp…
Fair play to Andy, MUFC in comparing ETH this season to Klopp in 22/23
as both teams were tired from playing so many games. That is kind of true but, as usual, context is king.

Liverpool went for the quadruple in 21/22. Took the PL race to the last kick of the season and got to a CL final.

Utd, last season were out of the title race after 2 games and lost out in the Europa in the quarter finals.

He also says last season Liverpool accumulated 67 points and it looks like Utd will accumulate 64 this.

This is true. However last season Liverpool: Were third highest scorers. Ended the season with a +28 gd. Lost 1 home PL game all season. Lost 9 PL games. Made the last 16 of the CL. Beat Utd 7-0.

Utd this season: Are the lowest scorers in the top 6(Luton Town have actually scored more). Have lost 5 home PL games already. Have already lost 10 PL games. Were completely out of Europe before Christmas. Have won 2 games by more than 1 goal in the PL all season.

“Amazing” how Utd fans forget these things when comparing the 2 seasons. Why even compare ETH to Klopp?

In Fergies first 4 seasons he wasted money, the football was brutal and Utd finished 11th twice and 13th once. Surely ETH is more similar to Fergie than to the goat that is Klopp?
Gussy, Ireland.


Ten Hag is to blame…
Last season ETH, in one of his pre match press conference complained that they are always missing players through injuries or suspensions unlike Arsenal who seem to play their first eleven in every game.

What did Manchester united higher ups decide was the best solution, they poached Gary Driscoli from Arsenal and made him Head of Sports Medicine at Manchester united.

This season they have had more injuries. I am forced to think that it may be ETH training regimes that may be causing the injuries…
Kufre. Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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“The very idea that someone, anyone, could question his devotion to the United cause seems utterly abhorrent to the 26-year-old because of the sacrifices he and his family made in what sometimes must feel like a former life.

What other reasonable conclusion, though, is anyone meant to draw from Rashford’s performances this season?”

I am certainly in a tiny minority it seems, but I find this at best illogical and at worst dangerously ignorant. Why oh why do we insist upon drawing a direct connection between effort and performance and devotion…especially in football? The vast majority, including Ian, seem to say “Well, your words say one thing Marcus but you clearly don’t press with any urgency, you kind of jog around a lot on the pitch when you should be running, and you aren’t scoring many goals so we don’t really believe your words when you say you are devoted to United”. By extension I guess that means if he was pressing and scoring that he would clearly love United and be fully devoted? I guess Bruno clearly loves United more than Marcus because he runs around a lot? Erling Haaland’s devotion to City must be the most devotion that anyone has ever had for anything…look at all the goals he’s scored!

And while I will almost immediately regret stepping into this extremely complicated and important subject (of which I’m not an expert beyond my own day-to-day battles with it), it is at worst a dangerous comparison to make because it ignores the incredible complexities that go into mental health. It equates physical action with devotion or love of something. Physical acts can definitely indicate one’s love, passion, or devotion to something, but those things can still exist without physical acts. They can even exist if the physical acts suggest the opposite…that there is hate or anger for the subject. Believe me when I say that I am 100% confident that my father was devoted to me as best as his mental health would allow him to even as it also routinely led him to self-destructive acts that made it seem as if he didn’t care about me, him, or anyone else.

He had chronic mental health issues but whether temporary or chronic, they can be equally impactful. I have absolutely no idea what Marcus’ current mental state is and I do not wish to try and assess it. There are millions of things completely unknown to me that would be impacting it both for good and bad. But I know enough to know that it is more than plausible that, as a self described introvert with a very public profile who endured ridiculous backlash at doing immense amounts of GOOD…like real, tangible GOOD that goes far beyond putting a football into a goal…, he could very easily fall into a prolonged period where his mental health actively works against him to create this seemingly incongruent state where his words don’t seem to reflect his actions. Any of us could. All of us have even if we didn’t even realize it at the time.

I see no reason to not believe him when he says what he says. There’s enough historical evidence, in my opinion, to not doubt his words when he speaks about his own feelings…evidence that has nothing to do with how he played for 90 minutes on a rectangular field of grass. I don’t understand why people are so ready to simplify something so complex just so they can satisfy themselves by reaching an ill thought out conclusion. But I also know in Marcus’ case, it’s not going to change. I’m sure everyone will say his devotion is back if he starts scoring goals. And if it doesn’t, then I’m sure they’ll say he’s devoted to PSG or wherever he lands as soon as everyone pushes him out of the United door.

Marcus Rashford looks fed up next to an image of the Manchester United badge.
Marcus Rashford has looked fed up for months.

On hearing the news regarding Paul Pogba’s suspension I had a few thoughts:

1. Any player who had to have an entire midfield/team designed to maximise their output isn’t that world class. Messi and Ronaldo had teams built around because they were so good and still performed when not in prime teams.
2. I heard Alan Shearer say that players need agents to tell them the truth and keep them focused. Was anyone telling Pogba this or were they blowing smoke up his arse?
3. We’ve all worked with people who underperformed or struggled (myself included at points). Sometimes it’s external factors or just the person themselves. I just hope Pogba finds a bit of peace – I think he’s overrated but he’s human and makes mistakes.

Leicester got lucky yesterday. Leeds should have closed the gap to 3 points (although given we shouldn’t have beaten Leicester I’d have taken 4 points out of 6). Only 5 points gap, we are coming for you!


Captain material
I was just watching match of the day and heard that Kurt Zouma is West Hams captain. I couldn’t respect my team leader if I saw a video of him kicking a cat and laughing. I dont think id want to play for a club that thinks that kind of bevahiour is captain material. Football really is a different world isn’t it?
Rob A (Yes I’m aware we have a player potentially under investigation, no we haven’t seen any evidence, no he hasn’t been convicted, yes i want him out if it is proven) AFC


It means more…
Please can I clear up this perennial, silly argument. “It means more.” Is not paraphrasing, “it means more to us [Liverpool]” as many (the majority) claim. It refers to the quote from one of our greatest ever managers, Bill Shankly, “Some people think football is a matter of life or death. I’m very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it means more, much more than that “.

It’s hard to argue with that rhetoric, and I suspect most people know this but choose to into ignore it justify faux annoyance.


On one level Forest probably deserved something from the game yesterday, but then they broke out a series of despicable poverty chants. So, frankly, they can go f*ck themselves. Plus either both of the wrestling matches in the box were penalties or neither of them were. The ball was nowhere near either, so not for me (Clive).
Matt D, London


Watkins for POTY?
When does Ollie Watkins start getting spoken about as a potential player of the year?