‘Deeply mediocre’ Lampard is ‘entirely out of his depth’ at Chelsea

Date published: Sunday 9th August 2020 2:00

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Chelsea aren’t a top four club…
Chelsea under Lampard aren’t one of the 4 best teams in England.

Tactically and strategically he is entirely out of his depth.

I do not, for EG, believe he would win the title in Norway as a manager.

With or without Havertz and even with swimming pools filled with Russian blood money Chelsea are dragged down by a deeply mediocre manager who will not win anything.

Having a squad moulded by Lampard the manager means a man whose natural level of success is finishing 6th in the Championship is the one charged with leading the club to the maximum level he can, and that level is using unearned money to scrape fourth if others fail in the league, and being outclassed whenever they meet a half decent side and it matters.
Tim Sutton


A Sarri enigma
I felt the need to defend Sarri after learning of his sacking. Unwrap this mystery of a manager that has won a European competition and the Scudetto in consecutive years in debut seasons at two separate clubs, only to leave both clubs under a cloud.

He obviously has something special about him that can bring success. But this success is not relative to elite clubs, or even the top clubs. They demand more and do not have the patience to wait for his style to win all of the more desirable titles.

He has made enough money from these last two manager roles, and won! He is now a successful manager. Not just a philosophy without success to back it up. So I believe he should choose a midtable-ish club. Or a sleeping giant. Similar to his time at Napoli.

These clubs will be happy to become the veritable dark horses of their leagues.To have a successful manager with a signature style which does not have any up and coming managers replicating, yet. Doubtless you have some clubs in mind. I do.

I look forward to his next project. I just hope wherever he chooses does not have such scrutinising media and fans that derides him enough to lose his enthusiasm.

Two parting thoughts. First, he probably isn’t suited to international management. Second, Poch to Juve will happen.
Michael, Galway. (Up the Fulham and Scott Parker! Now don’t do a Fulham)


That was a schooling…..AND embarrassing
Just finished watching Chelsea getting a proper twatting over 2 legs, no redeeming qualities outthought, outfought and most embarrassingly outplayed and I come over to F365 and what do I see? Chelsea schooled but not embarrassed? What The Hell is Will Ford on about? Maybe Chelsea are not a European heavyweight, my bad then……but if they are and you swap them for any European heavyweight and it reads, Bayern 7 – 1 Real Madrid/Man Utd/Barcelona/Liverpool/Juventus etc I know it would be classed an absolute embarrassment. Wish we all had such good PR.
Simba (All I’m saying is that was a proper European twatting)

PS:- Sarah Winterburn taught me the word “twatting”


Chelsea have conceded seven goals in a two-legged European tie for the first time.



Making Bayern’s win about Liverpool obviously
A lot of people have recently questioned whether Liverpool’s squad will continue to play well as their forward line all approach the ripe old age of 28 or 29. The feeling is that their legs will be equally worn out by Klopp’s physical demands. However, there is a Polish lad over in Germany who is 31 and he’s playing rather well at the moment so… Also, I believe he spent his early years playing for Dortmund under Klopp although his legs seem to be carrying him pretty well at the moment. What a class player he is.

Also, I remember in match reports from last year’s Champions League defeat against Liverpool, many commentators felt that Munich were well past their best and represented an ageing team, with six players over 30 years old (I re-checked that). It is interesting that nobody is commenting on their age these days, despite the fact that last night’s team contained five players over 30.
Michael, Ireland


Thiago, Bayern and Chelsea
Bayern shock the whole of Europe by knocking Chelsea out last night, who saw that one coming?

In all seriousness, how incredible was Thiago in the game? Incredible, outstanding and do I dare say you can see him as the heir to Xavi and Iniesta at Barcelona if he hadn’t of left, certainly a sliding doors moment right there, if Bayern are to let him leave this summer I think they are very foolish, he ran the show and good luck against Barcelona, they are going to need it with Lionel Messi being, well, himself.
Mikey, CFC


Bayern for the win
Barcelona are about to get slaughtered. This Bayern team reminds me a bit of the Jupp Heynckes team that just tore through the champions league before Pep arrived. It was actually a little annoying reading a mail entry where somebody said Heynckes laid a foundation for Pep. If anything Pep destroyed what Heynckes had started to build. I suspect if that manager change hadn’t happened,  Bayern get maybe 2 or 3 more champion leagues. I’m actually not a Bayern fan, BVBer but even I can appreciate rival dominance. The worst thing is, I don’t know where Hansi Flick came from but he has them playing some of the best football you will see . He is apparently a temp hire but the football is the best in Europe right now. They will blow away Barcelona, they will beat Money cheats Man City, but PSG could be a problem.

Anyway there are some exciting matchups and there’s definitely going to be some drama. Hoping for upsets because I’d love to see Messi just absolutely kill these teams but I don’t think it’ll happen.
Dave(If PSG win it all, I’ll keep ranting about the Newcastle loss of income until F365 stop publishing me), Somewhere


Five years of dominance?!
Those proclaiming half a decade of dominance need to calm down and consider several factors

Agreed there are serious rebuilds needed over the next  years (Top10 365 should probably do an article),This is going to include within the next two years, Liverpool’s currently excellent Liverpool team as more of them pass 30.It also includes most of the so called big six.

There is a general lack of true stand outs  that aren’t nailed down by a big club who won’t sell, and  hardly any cheat code players a la Messi and Ronaldo, yet so throwing money may not actually be an over riding solution it has so far not worked for Barca or Utd even Pep has spent half a Billion on defenders and still has only Laporte  and Walker.

There is also no guarantee of how much longer Pep and Klopp stick around ,especially if one of the DNA boys  or Anceotti comes good.

What is more likely, is that the team that  applies the most creative tactics , in the market going forward ( moneyball,  young players , clever bargains)  will  challenge for  trophies .and with  the Messi and Ronaldo era  finall yover  the field will level out and the champions league will become a bit more open with 10 or 12 realistic contenders each year.
Timi, MUFC


Thoughts on Torres
Reading the TEAMtalk article about Ferran Torres laying into Valencia and it looks like City have bagged themselves a real drama queen. If what’s been reported is true and Torres wanted to be made club captain and one of the top earners at Valencia it doesn’t give the best first impression of him. I don’t watch La liga overly often I can’t claim to know much about Torres but going by his stats from the season just gone he had 4 goals and 5 assists in 34 league games.

Nothing too special there, average at best really which is fine he’s a developing young player but then he dropped this bomb “I was able to lead that project and wanted to be treated as such”. Now I’m no expert but I don’t think leading Valencia to a top half finish by 2 points (9th) while contributing a very average amount of goals was part of Valencias project. To expect to be made captain and one of the club’s top earners at 20 years old after not even hitting double figures for goal contributions seems a bit suspect to me.

He probably will turn out to be class pep knows a decent winger when he sees one Sterling, Sane and Mahrez have been immense for city. But he has very big boots to fill in the form of the departed Leroy Sane and that’s going to take a lot of hard work. He can’t come to city with the same attitude of massive self Importance as he left Valencia with or the progress he needs to make to become a top level baller will be very slow indeed and he could find himself one of the many talents that the premier league chewed up and spit back out.
Aaron CFC Ireland


Presuming Michael, Ireland is referring to the Man City asterix for ”success” achieved through time barred cheating, this years Champions league is the tip of the iceberg.  The honours (shame) roll looks like –

Football League/Premier League Champions

1936/37, 1967/68, 2011/12*, 2013/14*, 2017/18*, 2018/19*

FA Cup Winners

1903/04, 1933/34, 1955/56, 1968/69, 2010/11*, 2018/19*

League Cup Winners

1969/70, 1975/76, 2013/14*, 2015/16*, 2017/18*, 2018/19*, 2019/20*

FA Community/Charity Shield Winners

1937/38, 1968/69, 1972/73, 2012/13*, 2018/19*, 2019/20*
Mark, LFC, Hong Kong


All you screaming Saka for nomination have to understand he has the same stats as Callum Hudson Odoi despite playing more than double the minutes
Naivasha, Kenya


VAR you kidding me?
I know we complain week in and week out over the implementation of VAR in the premier league but MY GOD they do not know what they’re doing in the Champions League.
Thomas, Cape Town


PS, Nairobi – you made my weekend better
First time I’ve ever written in to comment on another F365 Boxer’s stuff, but, PS, Nairobi just made my weekend.

Backstory: the vibe kind of sucks here in Birmingham, AL…”C-19” unfortunately is not a type of sun screen, although the super spreaders might think that…it doesn’t whack you, actually just kills your Grandma…life in a Southern red state with beaches.

So any momentary random morale uplift is welcome…and PS’ Pogba missive did the trick for me today. Good read.

Thank you, PS…and, my constructive criticism is: just keep writing quality stuff.  And make Covid-19 go away, if that wouldn’t be too much trouble.
Russell R, Birmingham, AL


Eric Cantona
I loved John Nicholson’s piece on Cantona. As a Manchester United fan who was 16 when he signed for united, I was lucky to be one of those who lived through his era. To think Alex might never have signed the player that defined my youth, if Diin Dublin hadn’t broken his leg. But it’s 23 years since Cantona retired. Not 24. I’m not nit picking. I’m really not. It’s a fantastic piece, it’s just that it is 23 years since Cantona retired. It’s far too distant, and I far too nostalgic for that time, without people adding years on here and there like 1 doesn’t matter. They all matter. Great piece though. What about that pass for Irwin… Sigh…
Edwin Ambrose

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