What more must England’s Lionesses do after Spain thriller to silence the morons?

Date published: Thursday 21st July 2022 1:20 - Editor F365

England women celebrate reaching Euro 2022 semi-finals.

The Mailbox marvels at England’s Euro 2022 quarter-final triumph while asking whether Jesse Lingard is really worth all that to Nottingham Forest.

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It’s coming home
The game isn’t over yet, but I swear, after tonight, anyone that still complains about women’s football clearly just have wider social issues that cannot be repaired.

Any football is good football at the end of the day, and what was on show tonight from both the England and Spain teams, was edge of your seat stuff, with a hell of a lot more skill, and guts you’ll ever need to see.

Just brilliant. I’ll certainly be watching more!
Chris, top of a hill, somewhere.


…Well we’ve seen the nervous start, the complete destruction of the opposition, the professional despatching of a tiring opposition and the character required for a come from behind win in extra time.

I thought Russo was the gamechanger – is it now time to start her? Do we need to think about adapting Beth Mead’s role when the opposing team attempts to nullify her? Do we bring in another a centreback to get Leah Williamson further forward?

Anyway I’m just glad we live to fight another day – roll on the semis.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Forest’s thinking
I see Jesse Lingard is supposedly in advanced talks to sign with Forest and I just can’t see how this is a good deal for them. Jesse has reportedly been demanding wages of £180k a week which has unsurprisingly made most clubs look elsewhere but Forest seem willing to pay. That’s a phenomenal amount of money for them, I believe their current highest salary is around £35k a week so Jesse would be on 5 times that, and for comparison it would be a damn sight more than Son gets at Spurs as one of the leagues best players.

For that money they’re getting a player who has never started more than 20 league games in a season, who is known to have a bit of an attitude problem, and who loves to gets his view printed in the press. He definitely has a goal threat and can be explosive but as other United fans will tell you his form is very streaky and is a liability in build up play.

Considering how the Forest squad is already in a state of flux it seems dangerous to me to add a potentially disruptive player on massive wages on the assumption he can replicate short busts of form into a full season. I don’t know much about Steve Cooper (other than he looks like a well worn cross of Kevin Durand and Peter Weller) so maybe he has the ability to control and utilise Lingard effectively and keep the dressing room in check, but it’s a risk.
Dave, Manchester


Lingard next? Five players who became their Premier League club’s highest earners this summer


Predictions time
Premier league predictions – You heard it here first:-
– When the real stuff starts Martial will fade. He LOVES a pre-season kick about, he’s done this before
– Utd STILL don’t have a proper def mid and will get exposed with their ‘new’ high line
– Rashford will have a good season until he signs his new 5 year 400k a week deal then fade
– Haaland will not play more than 25 league games due to injury
– Palace will struggle – Vieira’s coaching always has a strong first season then withers. 14th place finish
– Havertz will bang the goals in as the only recognised striker at Chelsea. It’s a fantasy football differentiator
– Kane will be Prem top scorer as Conte stops him wandering all over the pitch
– Brentford will get relegated
– Leicester will be top 10, Vardy will stay fit. No European football
– Everton will have a stress free mid table season, the fans will be happy, well, as happy as Everton fans can be……
– West Ham fans will get bored of Moyesball once they stop winning matches finishing 12th and he goes at the end of the season
– Scott Parker will be the first managerial casualty
– Replaced by Sean Dyche
– Bournemouth stay up
– Southampton relegated. Hassenhuttl is a hipster mediocre manager
– Fulham join them. Mitrovic is just not Premier league quality
– Phil Neville……

As a famous drunk chef once said ‘come on, let’s be ‘avin you…..’ most original correct prediction wins a prize (dvd of Martial’s season highlights)
Hong Kong Ian (will track predictions and provide the first update Nov 15th (World Cup break)) LFC


Arsenal shambles
I note with interest that yet again, Arteta and Arsenal are the biggest net summer transfer spenders, and are on track to be the highest European net spenders for a second consecutive summer. Yet here is a club and manager that cannot compete on the pitch with Spurs, let alone Liverpool. Spurs, with their far superior manager, will yet again finish ahead of Arsenal – despite spending considerably less on both transfers and wages. How is this happening? Answer: management.
I find Arteta and Edu’s transfer business laughably unimaginative and inept. Arsenal fans spent years under Wenger lauding themselves for transfer market dealings but actually, for all the talk of Citeh “oil money”, that club is fantastically well run. Arsenal and Arteta are getting mugged off by Pep in a huge way, and because players like Lisandro and Raphina have no interest in playing for Arteta, poor wee Mikel is left scraping Pep’s bargain basement of Citeh rejects, and insanely overpaying! Zinchenko was signed by Citeh for just £1.7m in 2016. He’s never been more than a utility player for Pep – and yet he’s mugged Arsenal off for over £30m for a player he’s indifferent about. Zinchenko works well in an excellent system where players like Bernardo and Rodri hold the ball and are positionalky excellent – won’t be the same with Xhaka and Odegaard pal. Jesus is the same: a bit-part player with just a year left on his deal. Playing for the biggest chance creators in Europe, but has never surpassed 14 PL goals and has hit double figures just twice in six seasons. Yet Pep is laughing again, making a £20m profit on a player who isn’t prolific (as he bags Haaland!)

Here’s one last fact: Arsenal fans have spent an eternity whining that Kroenke “is at fault” as he “doesn’t invest”. The excellent Swiss Ramble has just released figures on European owner funding in the last decade and guess what? Kroenke has invested more than: John Henry at Liverpool, ENIC at Spurs, Atletico Madrid and Dortmund! But here’s the funny thing…in that 10-year period, Dortmund have won two Bundesliga titles under Klopp. Liverpool (who had sacked Brent and took a gamble on Klopp, as Arsenal fans apparently preferred keeping Wenger instead hahaha)…well they have a PL title, a CL, multiple domestic trophies and a Club World Cup. Atletico Madrid have two La Liga titles under Simeone. And Spurs have been in a CL final and regularly finish above Arsenal recently.
Yet Arsenal have invested far more in wages and net transfers than all those clubs! Again: shambolic on-pitch and off-pitch management (Ozil deal, Auba deal, Willian, Lacazette for £50m, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Xhaka, losing Sanchez for nada, huge contracts to nothing dross)

So. Given these facts, at what point will Arsenal’s deluded fanbase accept that their irrelevance as a major force is nothing to do with money, but everything to do with managerial incompetence (Wenger from 2008 onwards, now Arteta) and structural ineptitude (an owner who should have sacked Wenger and brought in Klopp in 2015, and who should have sacked Arteta after failing to make a Europa final, or definitely after failing v Spurs this season.) Then there’s Edu, who just basically seems to sign average Brazilians on stupid money (Willian, David Luiz, now Jesus) but has no clout beyond agents he’s mates with.

Spurs will outperform Arsenal yet again this season, and the comedy of it all will be watching Arsenal fans laughably justify spending far more than Spurs, but underperforming them. Yet again. SAD!
Stewie Griffin (no more one game a week lounging, so Top 8 would be good going for Arteta)


Can’t deny DNA
I just read your article on the big six state of play and had to have a chuckle at the ‘it would be unfair to ruin a few more careers’ line about Chelsea buying a new striker.

It had me thinking about clubs and their historical identities. Because undoubtedly the number 9 or 11 position at Chelsea has been cursed for more than 20 years(you could go further, remember Casiraghi?). But why? Why have Spurs been so Spursy for so long? Why do the identities of clubs, the way they play and they players they have seem to be cross generational? ‘The West Ham Way’ ect.

It’s just always fascinated me that clubs always have an aspect about them that seem historically ingrained, despite new generations of players arriving. Any other clubs with inexplicable generations spanning issues or peculiarities?
Will CFC


MAW’s a bit excitable, so I’ll try and make this as unstimulating as possible for the sake of their friends and neighbours. MAW, you are reading quite a lot into very, very little. Bookmaker odds and agent talk are not worth getting this het up about.

But if Jesus ‘understandably’ decided against Tottenham because of the presence of Son and Kane, it does rather suggest he wants to go somewhere where he will have no competition. Somewhere a little easier perhaps. Somewhere comfortable and without much pressure. The odds (MAW’s favourite indicator of everything) show that Man City are much more likely to win stuff, so surely ‘clamouring’ to join arsenal is a sign of choosing a simpler, less demanding workplace?

Oh, and the odds on Dominic Calvert-Lewin joining Newcastle are shorter than those for him joining arsenal. Does this mean that Newcastle are a more alluring option? Before you blast out a ‘we aren’t even in for him’ reply, please do stop to ponder that thought for a moment or two. Has the self-awareness kicked in yet? Give it another hour.


And they’ve kept the cat
Ved Sen‘s wrong to say that Barcelona have treated Frankie de Jong like a jilted partner, throwing his clothes out on the street after him.

They’ve kept many of his clothes, and are busy getting their new flame to try them on to see if they fit.
Iain, Sunderland


Calm down, calm down
In pre season it is good to have a laugh, keeps the spirits up. Wednesday’s mailbox is comedy. Over the last week or so we have had Utd fans writing off Darwin Nunez after a couple of pre season games.

Now proclaiming after another couple pre season games, that Utd are back and have a new top quality forward line. Admittedly they can’t do worse than last season. Let’s not forget though Sancho cost more than Darwin Nunez and got the quite awful return last season of 3 goals and 3 assists in 29 league games. Suddenly he is a world beater! He can’t get worse.

I appreciate optimism, but calm down guys. Your sounding like some fellow Liverpool fans with the ‘next year is our year’ mantra. Which to be honest, plenty of Utd fans said this time last summer after signing Varane, Ronaldo and Sancho.

Apart from the top two, Chelsea and Spurs have better squads than Man Utd.

Comedy season is truly upon us. The sun may have made them delirious.


…Sometimes in this life you have to admire the optimist, the dreamer, the guy who looks at all of the available evidence in front of him and says, “you know what, this is our year” despite any rational likelihood this is the case. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Badwolf. Classic clutching at straws and glass half full mentality. So Rashford, Sancho and Martial are the new Rooney Tevez and Ronaldo? I don’t support Man U but those three were absolutely frightening and the current three are, quite frankly, not. Let’s look at the evidence.

Martial – been at the club now for 7 seasons, patchy at best, disinterested, awful attitude, failed under numerous managers, but has had a couple of half decent friendly performances. Hmmm.

Rashford – awful year last, before that showed some promise, but never quite the world beater the media wanted him to be due to his charitable efforts. Welbeckesque. Hmmm.

Sancho – IMO the most promising of the three, but SO much to prove after last year. Onl;y done it in Germany. Hmmm.

So each of these three need to completely turn around their performances and become world beaters to get anywhere near the aforementioned trio. But if they don’t then “Amad, Elana and Pellistri” are on hand. Have to admit, I had to google two of those names.

Amad – 27 appearances and 5 goals – IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER. Hmmm.

Pellistri – 23 appearances on loan for Alaves – 0 goals – last two years. Hmmm.

Elanga – 35 appearances and 5 goals – IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER. Hmmm.

Then Paul Murphy bizarrely calls Ayew a “42 year old plumber from Essex” but compares McTominay to a “UFC fighter”. So to sum up, it’s United’s year as they have a cage fighter, three forwards who are all going to turn their careers 180 degrees simultaneously and have a stonking season, and if not there are three kids who will confound all expectations and each become overnight sensations?

Sounds reasonable. UNITED ARE BACK! Slaphead’s at the wheel.


Right of reply
Didn’t expect such strong retorts to an email about Ben Davies! If I may respond:

Neil, sorry you are correct, I forgot it was Celtic. In terms of the money though I am referring to is the £500,000 up front to PNE and the 20% sell on from the £4m (or maybe less as you say) that Liverpool received.

Ian and Minty I think may have not fully understood what I’m meaning. That is, what is the point of being a footballer if you don’t play football?

I’m simply saying – we’ve used the lad as a commodity, to make a quick buck – that, let’s face it, we didn’t need. For me, it’s not how I’d like us to do things. Players should only come in if there’s a genuine chance to play for Liverpool. That’s the dream. That’s the point.

Marc (no need for comments like ‘absolute tosh’ is there btw? The mailbox is not always the friendliest of places, but a bit of respect doesn’t hurt, eh?)

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