England’s men are fair game after years of sneering at Lionesses and women’s football

Date published: Saturday 30th July 2022 8:52 - Editor F365

Leah Williamson in action for England.

The Mailbox answers the question of why the Lionesses’ success is being used as a stick to bet the men. Also: lots on Cristiano Ronaldo, and why sell Roberto Firmino?

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Revenge stick
The question ‘why is the Lionesses success being used as a stick to beat the men’ is an easy one to answer. In pubs, media outlets and stadiums the view of women’s football is disparaging and broadly no longer fair as professionalism is improving the quality year on year. More people know some kids team in Australia beat the world champions (sneer sneer) than know the names of Englands best players.

It is symbiotic but as the sneering and smugness vanishes on one side as will the sneering and smugness vanish on the other


Egos and assets
In response to Oli (AVFC). It does indeed make financial sense to dump when an asset becomes a liability, it’s part of what makes a successful business man successful I guess. But very rich individuals own football clubs and they do not like having their pants pulled down, even if it is by a very pretty Ronaldo. Ego is in play here as much as finance. Let one billy big bollox walk over you gotta let them all

Jim, Essex (still paying for content)


Money doesn’t matter
Seen this posited a few times but if De Jong does end up joining us, it’s clearly not for the money. The money on offer is far better, while Barca are basically refusing to pay him what he’s owed.

He wants to stay in Barca as it was a dream move, and it’s a nice place to live but he’d also like to be appreciated as would all of us. It would also be nice to trust that your employer will actually pay you and keep their promises.

If he does make the move, it’s for the promise of being the key instrument in the heart of the United midfield, in a team that’s rebuilding, in a competitive league and under a manager that helped him become the star he is.

Money really doesn’t come in to it.

Ian King: Ronaldo and Barcelona are starting to engender some sympathy for Man Utd


Get them on the way up
I think it was George Graham that once said ‘never buy a player taking a step down as they’ll always feel like they’re doing you a favour’. And how true that is playing out with Ronaldo right now and how United should take note with De Jong. He’s clearly not bothered about joining, is he going to run through brick walls for you – i doubt it. Not even sure he’s that good. And all winning sides have players you feel would go above and beyond.
United have been burned so many times in the last 10yrs of buying players of ability without desire – Pogba, Sanchez, Falcao, Di Maria, Martial, Lukaku etc. It doesnt work. And the position we’re in now, desire should be paramount (ideally with ability or at least ability potential too).
Antony at Ajax fits this, made it clear he wants to play for Ten Hag again and young with ability if not consistency. I’d personally take Savic from lazio in Midfield, lot of noise he wants to test himself in the premier league and prefers United over Arsenal – good enough for me. Sesko looked like a man possesed against Liverpool, clearly saw his chance to shine and wants to step up, an international at 19 – that’ll do.

Find those players with something to prove that want to be there and build around that. Not rocket science.
Keith Butter.


Ta-ra, Ron
Utd should let Ronaldo go for free. He’s missed pre-season which probably means he won’t start the first few games anyway and is thus going to continue to dominate headlines even more than usual. I’m getting the impression E10H is the type of manager more likely to utilise Ronaldo sparingly than as a starter which is going to add further fuel to the media BS and player frustration. He clearly isn’t a long term solution to the team so why keep someone that is most likely going to be a disruptive influence on the team. Let him go, we’ll be saving 27 million in salary apparently. Or do Utd have to pay him out to leave – there’s almost certainly a1 greedy contractual twist in there.

What is also surprising is how keen he is to leave. Of the very few clubs that can afford his wages they all have better strikers in their ranks already. Does he think anyone in the Champions league is going to come close to matching his salary? Maybe he should talk to Paul Pogba or JLingz on how that went when they were free agents with years left to play rather than having one eye on retirement like CR7. Or have Atletico, Sporting or A N Other told his agent they can pay his salary but won’t pay a transfer fee?

And on Barcelona, enough has been said about them failing to be able to pay salaries, needing to sell, yet still signing expensive players on presumably big contracts. But what hasn’t been said is that why as a footballer/employee would you want to go to a club/company that is known to be in financial trouble and doesn’t seem to be able to pay salaries. Maybe Barca know that Spanish football can’t afford to not have a strong Barca and will continue to bend whatever rules they have to in order to keep them competitive otherwise Spain will become a 2 team league with both residing in Madrid.

And Frenkie, just stay where you are.
Jon, Cape Town (this will be our year…to get 4th)


…So, the first thing I can say about the Ronaldo transfer saga is that it is disappointing he wants to leave the club after just less than one year at the club after famously returning, but that it isn’t at all surprising how it has panned out when you think about it. Yes, when he scored not only once but twice on his return against Newcastle, it all seemed rosy and very bright for United to have a decent season with Ole at the helm and actually win something after 4 pretty average years. It seemed like a signing that made sense, Ronaldo was not the same player at 36 but was still scoring 30+ goals every season, still fit enough to play 90 mins at the highest level, no serious injury in his career and playing under a previous ex-teammate. The biggest problem was though his ego as well as being in denial he couldn’t actually play at his best level EVERY game and not start certain games.

A player like Ronaldo is never going to understand why he can’t play every game at 37 years old. Hell, he probably thinks he is still 22 years old and can still play another 15 years of football. United essentially panic bought Ronaldo because of the City interest and with Ole managing, who was just way too nice to be a top manager in the first place to deal with conflict or player disagreement, it really was a recipe for disaster. Although I don’t think the Ronaldo signing or him being in the dressing room is ANY excuse to how rubbish some of the other players and overall performances were this season (Even Ronaldo had a few shockers…), it clearly has created an enormous imbalance as well as players getting jealous and not playing well on purpose to prove a point or perhaps just falling quite short of morale and slightly intimidated by Ronaldo’s presence.

There was a warning sign on the wall back in January he was going to leave at the end of this season, when he gave that interview to Sky shortly after Ragnick came in, mentioning he doesn’t want to play for a club that is 5th/6th. Ironically signing Ronaldo seems to have resulted in the 6th place finish last season, but also was our only player who scored 10+ goals and actually had a pretty good season. But I think it was at this point when he did the interview, where United has employed ANOTHER Interim manager, he was done mentally and was essentially saying I am better than my teammates and I also deserve better than my teammates in being for a Champions League club.

For one reason or another, it hasn’t worked out for Ronaldo going back at United at all, which is such a shame he is one of the best players of all time, certainly at United anyways. The season he scored 42 goals in the 2007/08 season was a player who was nearly unstoppable, being main reason (as well as Ferguson) in winning the Premier League & Champions League that same season (Only English club to have done so and have done it twice as well, just saying). However United themselves and the fans as well fell for the nostalgia trap and were hoping his presence could have a similar impact on his return in taking United to the next level, but it’s resulted in a quite large downside instead of slight upside.

I want Ronaldo to stay for sure, if Ten Haag think he can control him and bench him for some games without it impacting the team form, then great! But that simply isn’t happening the man has a mind of his own and the damage is more or less done. Overall, he is a selfish player, but in life if you want to be the best, you have to be selfish as well. It’s like that in any workplace, work hard but also smart. Will always regard Cristiano as a United legend nonetheless; his mentality & standards have been on another level for the last 15 years since around 2006/2007. Honestly, some of the current United players really could have learnt a thing or two from him. Although it does suck to see how desperate he wants to leave United now, and even wants to maybe go back to Sporting now, it’s understandable he wants to leave and probably realizes it was a mistake to come back in the first place.
Rami, Manchester (SIUUUUUUU you later Ronny)

Don’t sell Bobby
I’m apparently missing something cos the mailbox has been full of praise for the Lionesses (at the expense of the men’s team).

Didn’t the England men’s team (Lions?) also get to the final of the European championship and then lost?

Anyway, on to more important things –

Last season it was Salah, Jota, Diaz, Firmino, Mane and the legend Origi.

This season it is Salah, Jota, Nunez, Diaz, Firmino.

Considering LFC has less forwards now, why would it make sense to sell Bobby?

F365 in their 7 year itch article seems to forget that Bobby was mostly injured last year. He wasn’t not playing cos he turned turd.

He is our best presser, look how often he’ll tackle a central defender or midfielder, plus he speaks German so he gets it when Kloppers calls him Schnuki.

Give the man another contract, make him an honorary Scouser for life.

We already know he’s getting a statue. 3 or 4 more years will help the club decide how many storeys high the statue should be.

Wik, Pretoria (how good was Bajcetic’s tackling against Salzburg), Pretoria

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