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Date published: Monday 19th July 2021 1:39 - Editor F365

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Penalty points
Tom S: I wholeheartedly agree with you, for once. Why not have penalties after every league game, and the winner gets an extra point?

That would turn our players into better penalty takers.


…I may be late to the discussion on the best way to improve English players on Penalty taking, and it has been their weak for years. So many people have aired their views and suggestions. I am going to modify some of these views.
1. There should be Penalty shoot out after any league game ends in stalemate after 90 minutes
2. The winner of the shoot out gets two points, whereas the loser gets a point
3. The shoot out should involve only English players
4. Any team that do not have any English player involved at the end of the 90 minutes, loses the game and gets one point where the opposing team gets two points
5. If a team has less than five English players involved at the end of the 90 minutes, some of the players may need to take penalty more than once to ensure that each team takes up to five initial penalty before sudden death.

I believe that with the implementation of these points, English team will be ready for shoot outs in coming tournaments. And other leagues will follow.
Vnprovidence Nsukka, Nigeria (CFC)


Donny has a role to play
Amidst the mails and articles on how Manchester United could set up next season, I think a 3-man defence is pretty much out of the question. Because how do you fit Rashford, Cavani, Fernándes and Sancho, 4 guaranteed starters, into a 3-4-2-1 or a 3-4-1-2? Instead of gunning for a Trippier, who would only end up fulfilling an Alex Telles role anyway, (because Ole loves his Aaron-shaped safety blanket thank you very much), we should be trying to get the best ball-winning midfielder available out there, along with Varane. Because if a gung-ho 4-1-2-3 will be deployed, with Fernandes and Pogba (if he sticks around, which I hope doesn’t happen) in the 2, then you need a world-class DM to compensate. Fernandes completes just over 70% of his passes, and Pogba always fancies himself an uncompleted dribble in his own half.

This in turn creates another problem in the team; the absence of an ultra-efficient ball-user. A Jorginho or Fernandinho. The one who never loses the ball. The player England didn’t have. The problem has persisted for a while, and this is why Van DeBeek was bought last summer. Sadly, he’s nowhere near the team. I think a midfield 3 of Camavinga/Ndidi, a reintegrated and revitalised Van De Beek, and Fernandes would give the team the best balance.

As an aside, there are so many players in that squad that the club should be looking to sell, seeing as they have no place in the team. Seems to me like the board literally pee their pants when the idea of selling a player is presented to them, no matter how negligible their contribution is. Recent mind-boggling contract extensions for Jones, Matic, Mata? I wouldn’t be surprised if Lingard, Pogba and Fred are extended on twice their current wages as well. All 6, including Dalot, Perreira and one of the goalkeepers (preferably De Gea) need to go. Raise much needed cash whilst keeping the squad trim. But don’t hold your breath. They are all Sergio Romero 2020/2021.
Olu Omoloso, Lagos (It’s so hard to get the balance of a midfield just right)


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Can’t blame the Glazers
I think this season will be an interesting one.

Last year lots of teams all decided to go on holiday leading to a pretty easy run for city to the title and united in second while the rest of us remembered we had a job to do only in the last 10 games or so.

Both Chelsea and liverpool should be far more competitive this season thanks to a better manager at Chelsea (remember when I said frank was a stop gap until the transfer ban lifted?) And actually having more than a primary school defence at Liverpool.

This should make the title battle more interesting for everyone but the real interesting thing is at old Trafford for me. Who will united fans blame this time if things don’t go well? No Woodward. And the Glazers have again opened the chequebook to sign a player that all the fans have been asking for (if you think Glazers are tight go check the transfer dealings for the last 10 years).
So if the team doesn’t win a title (and given they finished second the title should be the aim) who will the fans aim their venom toward?

I’m sure they’ll blame the Glazers again but really how can they? They’ve now got what they wanted. Really now the blame (or praise – they might do really well) all rests on Ole and the players.

Bring on the new season, now that we’ve got the boring, slow, meandering defensive national tournament out the way that everyone pretends to like until their team gets knocked out it’s time to watch some GOOD football again.


England’s tactics
I just saw that Pickford kicked it long 25 times in the final. Donnarumma by contrast went long twice.

Unless Pickford went completely rogue, this would indicate that he was following pretty clear instructions – basically, to boot the ball long, cede possession and defend for dear life from the second minute onwards…

Tactics, bloody hell…
Matthew (ITFC)


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Fabio’s theory
Fabio, your theory falls apart when you consider the fact that an Italian team hasn’t won a European trophy in either of the last 2 decades.

Kind Regards
Dale (not salty) Leeds


Stan Kroenke Arsenal ESL F365


Kroenke in court
Something Arsenal fans may be unaware. Recent developments in the City of St. Louis vs Stan Kroenke lawsuit over the NFL Rams moving to LA from St. Louis may have a financial impact on Arsenal. A judge ruled recently that there is sufficient cause to examine Kroenke’s and several other NFL owners personal financial dealings as well as the NFL themselves in order to prove breach of contract and “misrepresentations”. There’s likely to be close to a $1B settlement. Cue Daniel Elk to make another bid? Silent Stan may need the money.
Ken, expat gooner, St. Louis


Season in the sun
So with the weather in the UK being around 30c, we are probably all complaining of lack of sleep and a week of work in a hot office next to a window, so thought i would drop an XI of players who had a “Hot Streak” of their own perhaps it was consistent MOTM awards, goal scoring, a ridiculous season, amazing in a certain competition or something else, i feel some of these were influenced by my love of Fantasy Premier League, feel free to create your own or throw in some additions, i have tried to go far and wide with the variety on this one:

GK: Emi Martinez (Premier League 2020/21)

DEF: Šime Vrsaljko (World Cup 2018)
DEF: John Stones (Premier League 2020/21)
DEF: Francesco Coco (Serie A/UCL 2000/01)

MID: Shaun Wright-Phillips (Premier League 2004/05)
MID: Ilkay Gundogan (Premier League 2020/21)
MID: Ryan Babel (UCL 2007/08)
MID: Jerome Rothen (UCL 2003/04)

FWD: Michu (Premier League2012/13)
FWD: Jamie Vardy (Premier League 2015/16)
FWD: Burak Yilmaz (Turkish Super Lig 2011/12)
Mikey, CFC (Truly worth heading to YouTube to check out some of the above XI’s moments)

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