Foden ‘not good enough for international football’ as ‘new Mason Mount’ is ‘not fit to lace Grealish’s boots’

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Phil Foden looks dejected during England v Slovenia
Phil Foden looks dejected during England v Slovenia

There is a Phil Foden backlash in the Mailbox; the England and Manchester City forward ‘is not good enough for international football and never has been’.

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Get your Phil
Why can people not see that Phil Foden is not good enough for international football and never has been. He’s had one half decent game for England against an average opponent. The rest of the time he’s gone missing, given the ball away, and harmed the flow of the team.  He’s the new Mason Mount – pick him and we’re rubbish. Palmer did more in a few minutes than Foden has in 3 matches. Simply not fit to lace Grealish’s boots at international level either.

No mentions of club ‘form’ here please. You simply can’t compare Peps little pet who gets to run wherever he wants and profit from the work of others in the Ciry team with Jack, who gets pinned to the left touchline, allowed only to do the same two moves game in game out, and screamed at in the face by Guardiola in a manner which should be outlawed from the game forever. (You’ve never er done anything without having more money than everyone else Pep, you’re not the best coach in the world by a long chalk)

Please stay at home Phil. Enjoy your new baby and let Anthony Gordon do what we need on the left and Cole Palmer take the 10 if Bellingham keeps failing to show up.

While we’re at it, Kane needs axing too. His loping and lolloping needs replacing with verve and dynamism. Take the spot, Ollie.

The path to salvation is Pickford, Walker, Stones, Guehi, Shaw, Rice, Mainoo, Gordon, Grealish, Palmer, Watkins.

Oh, hang on, some clueless idiot left Grealish at home. Back you come, Bukayo, onto the right.
From Paul, England fan, Melbourne

Buk the trend
Where has this narrative that Saka doesn’t perform for England come from? He was good in both the last Euros and World Cup. He was their top scorer and was tearing France apart until he got subbed for some reason. Even in these games so far, people seem to think he’s playing bad. He’s been fine but it’s not as if others around him are playing well either. He’s been England’s Player of the Year in 2 of the last 3 years. Even if you might not agree with it, it shows he’s among the best and most consistent.

This brings me on to Foden. I love Foden and think he’s a world class player but why do people insist he’s being played out of position. He’s played half his career as a left winger. I don’t think there are many other teams who would be stupid enough to play a midfield 3 as attacking as Bellingham, Foden and Rice. It just wouldn’t work in international football. Genuinely look through all the other teams and look for yourself. It’s way easier to do these things in club football.

I can’t even look at social media or post match analysis because it’s so exaggerated how screwed England are. England weren’t great in the groups in the last Euros and got to the final. Portugal came 3rd in their group and managed to win Euro 2016. Argentina lost to f***ing Saudi Arabia and won the WC. Southgate has proven that he can take England further than any other manager they’ve had in the last 50 years and on a consistent basis.

You’d swear England were Brazil before Southgate took over. England never do well and I can count on one hand how many big teams they’ve beaten in tournaments since the 90s. This idea that Southgate gets easy games is so weird… You used to lose them easy games! Iceland?! Euro 2008 didn’t even qualify. World Cup 2010 was a f***ing mess as was the 2014 one. Euro 92 and World Cup 94? This group and manager are actually doing well on a regular basis. I can’t wait til Southgate leaves and England go back to being absolutely sh*t.

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2016 vibes
Amazed at the ‘easy game’ talk around Slovakia – its almost like Iceland never happened. Another 90 minutes of side to side awaits.

Equally amazed at all the ‘wish England played like Georgia’ gubbins from ex-pros and armchair fans alike. They had 22% possession, and from what I saw were defending for their lives at times, albeit they were admittedly dangerous on the break. They scored 2 goals, one from a defensive mistake and one from a dubious pen.  I’d much rather we played like Austria, but that takes clever planning and a change in culture that we’ll never get because we all think we are close to being good. Southgate is going to do it his way whatever we think, I’m pretty sure he’s not scrolling through F365 for ideas (much as he should).

Loving tournament 365 – its like therapy for England fans!
Tom (please don’t take us back to the old ’the players don’t care’ argument)


Ring my Bell
Let’s calm down a bit re: Bellingham.

Remember the Champions League semi against Man City? He set up the goal, then was largely anonymous for the rest of the match. Champions League final – remember Madrid in the first half when Dortmund bossed it, no, me neither? He can disappear at times, and that’s fine, let’s just not pretend he’s some sort of Jesus-Messi-Ronaldo-Maradona-Pele crossover (choose your fave Jesus and Ronaldo as you see fit).

His age isn’t being mentioned quite as much when he’s been utter toss – so that’s a relief.
Simon S, Cheshire


What do you want?
We would all like to get both success and beautiful football. But very few teams in history can deliver that.

So let’s assume it’s not possible because for England it isn’t. What would you rather have? Dire football that wins a trophy? Or beautiful football that doesn’t?

I think part of the reason England fans are so angry is they expect both, but honestly England are not capable and I’m not sure they ever have been. Like I said very few are (pre modern Brasil and current Spain are pretty much it)

Personally my biggest problem with national football is it’s entirely focused on results and doesn’t care about being exciting, apart from the examples given. As a Liverpool fan it was great winning trophies but honestly speaking my favourite period was right after klopp joined. The heavy metal football won no trophies but it was by far the best to watch and never had me turning off the TV.

Time is something none of us have in abundance, so when I spend some of that time watching football I want to be entertained. I regularly turn off boring, slow defensive safety first football the same way id turn of a really sh*t movie or piece of music. It’s not a religion for me it’s entertainment.

But what do you focus on? Assume you can pick only winning or entertaining which do you pick? If you’re answer is winning, then stop complaining until England no longer have the chance to win because if you care about results over entertainment currently you should be satisfied.

If your focus is entertainment then you have a valid complaint.


Short Trip
Kieran Trippier has played a stormer of a game every time he has played. Why should he be taken out because Southgate can’t get his team right. Trent is a good player also but you don’t drop your good players to fit in another player who was played out of position.


A nose for this sort of thing
Dear Ed,

When Mbappe busted up his nose by whacking it on the shoulder of a defender, do you reckon Ancelotti called up the French striker’s agent to tell his new signing to calm down? How many players for England and other teams have had notable players step back a little to avoid injury on orders from club bosses?

Additionally, after seeing Mbappe break his face, how many of the international managers at the tournament have told their lads to take fewer risks in qualification for the last 16. It was well within reach for any underperforming squad after all. No need to repeat the self destruction of a Bryan Robson circa 1982, 1986 chasing down an extra point as almost every profile team appears to make the cut anyway.


‘One shot kill’ transfers
As we hit the international break’s international break and contemplate whether defeat against Slovakia could be the crock of sh*t looming at the end of this particular painbow, clubs are still going about their transfer business.

Unfortunately it’s been Group C level dull with all the PSR and pure profit nonsense ‘killing all the fun’/’keeping people’s hands out the till’ (delete as appropriate).

So here are some ‘One shot kill’ transfers for the Prem:

Man City: Could Guardiola’s farewell present be to bring in Pedri*

Arsenal: Kvaratskhelia. Gets people off their seat and would probably stop things having to go through Odegaard and Saka quite as much.

Liverpool: Bruno Guimares. A £100 million plus deal would still be good value and a statement of intent. Would be good for just about any top four team though.

Aston Villa: Xavi Simons would be a coup but that’s the sort of level a Champions League team should be aiming at. They’ll probably have to buy cheap though – Czechia’s Lukas Provod might add some depth. PSG’s Carlos Soler should be a top target for Emery.

Tottenham Hotspur: Plenty of forwards, not enough strikers. Ivan Toney. It’s obvious but still.

Chelsea: Just sit on their filthy rich hands. Getting Olise would have been sort of sensible though.

Newcastle: Raphinha. They could probably work out a loan fee and a deal.

Man Utd: Young centre-back Antonio ‘bigfoot’ Silva seems he could be the sensible option if Radcliffe wants to paint them into a corner with weird pseudo-sensible transfer rules.

West Ham: Conor Gallagher. They need a striker but Gallagher just seems like he would fit at West Ham.

Crystal Palace: Crysencio Summerville would liven up their attack if they were to lose a bigger name.

Hove: Evan Ferguson looks like the new Connor Wickham. Sell. They have a lot of good players on the treatment table. But they look a bit ropey in defence and right up top. Get Serhou Guirassy – he of the famous release clause – and pair him with a returning Dennis Undav (or Pedro).

Bournemouth: McTominay feels like a no-nonsense signing.

Fulham: take a punt on Amad Diallo. He’s too good for the Old Trafford bench.

Wolves: Probably a central defender. Ben Davies might fit the bill.

Everton: Please not Leif Davis.

Brentford: Emile Smith Rowe. AWB might work but he just doesn’t feel very ‘Brentford’.

Nottingham Forest: Lot of 6/10 players and not much money. Maybe get in the languishing Kenny Tete.

Leicester: Kalvin Philips. Last season would have put off a few mid-table clubs but there’s a player in there still, at least according to Gareth.

Ipswich: Would anyone want to upset the delicate ecosystem that’s brought point after point, promotion after promotion and goal after goal? In truth the goalkeeping hasn’t been fully convincing and central defence might be a concern. Welcome to big school. Bring in a bit of top-flight experience. Perhaps it’s time for the return of Nick Pope? Or maybe we need (Tomas) Holes in defence. Getting Omari back in would be great.

Southampton: Elijah Adebayo knocked in ten Barclays goals last season. Southampton’s attack is a bit Dwight Gale in comparison.

*Although if the chickens come home to roost and Vought International get kicked out the league, they could always loan out a few Salford players.
Quarantino, ITFC, Chairman of the Bored