Is Lampard one bad result away from the sack at Chelsea?

Date published: Tuesday 20th October 2020 3:12

Frank Lampard Chelsea

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Is Lampard one bad result away from the sack?

I am a Chelsea fan.

And as a Chelsea fan I know that the club have no qualms about sacking managers. They have done it regularly over the last 15 years and it has not hindered their ability to win trophies. With hindsight the only sacking I 100% disagree with was that of Carlo Ancelotti. Still one of the worst decisions of the Abramovich era.

I don’t think any sane person expected us to win the league this season. I also think our problems clear to see. You can score as many goals as you like but if your defence is an open gate and you regularly concede as many as you score then we will not have a successful season. Add to this that the attack will have off days when opposing teams nullify them or they are just not having their best day you can see that having an adequate defence is the most important part of a successful team. Even on bad days you just don’t lose.

I do not believe that the team have suddenly all decide to have individual errors all at the same time and I do not believe in luck. Coincidence yes but luck no. Therefore, the failure at Chelsea has to be systemic. The fact that all errors lead to goals has to be systemic. It seems to me that there is no redundancy in the Chelsea system. A single point of failure leads to disaster at the back. In days gone by there was a JT or a Carvalho to bail his team mate out. These past two seasons there seems to always be a mistake when the nearest team mate is 40 meters away. This is I believe a systemic failure.

Unless Super Frank identifies the failure and fixes it, I really think he could just be one bad day away from the sack. A heavy defeat to either Seville or Manchester United let’s say by 3 or more goals and it might be curtains.

Can any of us really say that we can’t see it happening.
Simon, Woking


Picking on Pickford

There’s obviously been a deluge of mails about Jordan WWF Pickford and Richie the Hitman Richarchilson in the past few days. But I think the Everton fans and the City fans and whoever else taking delight in ‘whataboutery’ are missing the point somewhat. No sane Liverpool fan thinks that Pickford should be banned for 8 months or whatever — all they want is a little bit of justice. Richarlison made a bad tackle and got sent off. He’ll get 3 match ban. He’s also made an apology to Thiago. To all intents and purposes, that is over. Whereas Jordan — I don’t think for one second he went out to deliberately hurt VVD. But it was a foul. A bad foul. A foul so bad you wince when you see it. A foul so bad that anyone — from Shearer to whoever — that has had an ACL injury knew it immediately.

The ref missed it. The VAR guy — inexplicably — didn’t but was too keen on drawing red lines on a screen that he missed it. What Liverpool fans want is simply for Pickford to get a smidgin of punishment for a bad foul. Not 9 months out, not community service, just the same 3 match ban you get for a straight red.

That won’t happen. The same VAR that can bend time and space when it comes to finding people offside is too inflexible to admit it cocked up. In fact the two men responsible were on duty last night in the Wolves- Leeds game, where surprise surprise they managed to get another Offside. Way to go guys!!

But honestly the thing that would make a massive difference, if there will be no ‘justice’ for VVD, is simply Pickford coming out, like Richarlison, and using Social media to wish VVD well, to say sorry. We teach our children this every day, that people make mistakes but it’s in the way we react to them that we define ourselves.

Come on JP. Be a big man.
Dan, London.


Van Dijk part of worst defence in the league

Is anyone going to mention that, after WBA’s clean sheet last night, Liverpool have got the joint worst defensive record in the division now….and Van Dijk had started all of those games?

Conceded 13, played 5.

Can they even get worse defensively? What happens if they do?

Just a thought.
Andy Jones


Tackles and bans

The recent derby game has thrown up a lot of issues and thanks to people wandering off topic and making up a load of strawman arguments we’re now discussing even more. It seems some people think it’s a worthwhile exercise to go through the last 20 years of matches and see which teams have got away with the most tackles or suffered the most. I’m not one of those people.

I did want to highlight this issue of players being banned following a bad tackle though. The first thing to say is that any idea of a player being banned for the length of time the guy they injured is out for is completely unworkable. It’s a ludicrous suggestion that throws up so many issues you barely know where to begin so let’s just leave that there. However, it does focus on the situation of bans and punishment in football which I do think is worthy of debate. The current system for bad tackles and physical offences falls under the categories of “Violent Conduct” and “Serious Foul Play”. Let’s look at two recent incidents – Martial and Richarlison. The first was a brush of the face which you couldn’t even call a slap, the second a full pelt studs into the ankle potential leg breaker. And the result? Both got 3 game bans. These incidents were deemed worthy of equivalent punishment. Can someone please explain that to me?

If you go back over the last 10-15 years we’ve seen the FA hand out extended bans for biting, using racist language (many thanks to one particular person for providing so many examples), spitting, etc.. up to 10 games. Something you regularly hear that I agree with is that you’d rather be spat at or bitten than be on the end of a tackle that could end your season or career. It’s clear why these extended bans are handed out, because the FA want those incidents completely removed from the game. So why is that not extended to bad tackles that end seasons and potentially impact a player for the rest of his life?

A key difference some might highlight is the nature of offences here. Biting, spitting, etc.. are almost conscious choices whereas tackles can be misjudged during a frantic game. I can accept that but think with proper training players should be able to largely eliminate them. But the system of punishment is flawed and inflexible, how else do you explain the equivalent bans highlighted above? Personally I think Martial did almost nothing wrong, if he has to be banned then 1 game. But proper, dangerous offences should receive punishments starting at 3 games and heading upwards towards 10 games very quickly, accompanied by a fine on a similar scale. This would require a panel to examine precedent and devise a punishment. I’m sure this would create debate along the lines of “how did he get 6 games when that guy only got 4” but it’s better than the current system.

I shouldn’t need to add this but this isn’t a kneejerk reaction to van Dijk. I’ve held this opinion for years and seen countless examples of horror tackles (yes, by players from all clubs) receive a punishment equivalent to doing almost nothing wrong. I’d like to see an overhaul that includes retrospective punishment in all circumstances.
Jim, Norwich


Sending off


Just a note on all the emails from LFC fans after the derby, just because you shout the loudest doesn’t mean you are right.

Also, have another look at the video where Richarlison’s was sent off. Instead of looking there keep your eye on Mane and Mina.

Mane deliberately sticks out his foot to trip Mina (who is walking backwards). If you are looking for retrospective punishment maybe it should be applied here. This is premeditated, unquestionably deliberate and can only be done with the intention of injuring the player. Will anything be done – doubt it.


Kindergarten Jose

This may get lost in all the Liverpool and ensuing Utd PSG (we’re gonna lose!) madness to come, but I wanted to speak about Jose’s role as a hardass cast as a mentor to all these young(ish) and sensitive Spurs lads. Seeing Son lost for words and almost weeping on MOTD post-match interview really highlighted and re-emphasised the All or Nothing amazon show.

One, and I apologise to Spurs fans as this is how they’ve been edited to appear, but oh my god Jose must be bored relentlessly. The cast of nice kids and the (albeit smarmy) well-to-do headmaster Levy supporting Jose consistently, where’s the drama? His ‘act like c****’ speech made this little boys squirm as if Jose had done a poop joke. Head boy but thick-as Harry is obviously enamoured by Jose and wants to really hammer that home with too many hand-slaps and his ‘f*** f**** f***ing win boys’ speeches before each match. Eriksen saw he was obviously two grades above and wanted out of this show (incidentally trading a new teacher in balls to the wall Conte) – tired of hand clasps. Dele obviously the trouble-maker, throwing bottles, being lazy and asking about people’s routines in tooth brushing or chocolate bars, in between telling the boys how he was chased by the police the night prior (I’m guessing). Sonny the sad lad who doesn’t know how to express his feelings, always crying and seeking Jose’s sympathy. While Dier is the hard kid outsider, but for all his bravado as a hot-head (see stand jumping), has an awful toilet problem and requires a Jose wipe or check.

Seeing them destroy my team for 6 and then lose a 3 goal lead in ten minutes to West Ham must’ve been like Jose running the kids’ disco all for everyone to be sick the next day because Dele spiked the jelly. What he would give for some kind of excellent school for rich kids and bouts of in-house cheating, financier ruthlessness, racist outbursts, or violent behaviour. Then he could really embolden into his role as Professor Jose; the teacher who is as daft as a brush.

Anyway I do think he’ll get his school of rock together and they’ll win a league cup or something, but he’s going to get bored unless Spurs offer some kind of ‘Die Hard’ scenario for Jose to flourish in. This is not a gripe on Spurs or a ha ha let’s laugh at them, it’s merely suggesting didn’t the amazon doc make them seem boring. Sunderland’s show was better, and they’re a horror show.

What other movies should managers be cast in?
Dr Lou (Leave ole alone!!!)


Bailly is the missing link?

I just want to respond to Saby’s somewhat Captain Insano notion that 1. Bailly is the missing link for United and 2. Its Ole’s fault.

He’s missed 36 games with knee problems for United, a further 21 games from ankle injuries. He’s started more than 12 games in a season once for the club, his first year with us.

Lets not forget the fact there have been multiple games where he was injured early or sacrificed…notably after 20 minutes. By whom? Ole? Nope.

By the same man that bought him.

In fact, he’s played 6 games more in the totality of his career than Shaw, who missed over a year due to his leg having to regrow. He’s played 6 games more than AWB, who has been at the club for 1 year total.

I love Bailly. I love his cheeky fucking turns in his own box, I love him diving into a crunching tackle just to quickly recover and munch on his lil piece of gum. The man is a stallion.

But he is not the missing link for United. He’s more like a literally missing link, because he’s always out injured and missing from the squad.
Even Mike Smalling, with all his injury and ankle problems was a more reliable CB than Bailly is. It was Bailly that started the chain reaction for Spur’s 1st goal. Honestly, I think in his start before that he ended up colliding heads with someone on the opposition before doing it again with Maguire, having to be subbed off for treatment. At least Maguire’s big ass dome was able to take it and he stayed on.

Just because a player is good in FIFA or FM doesn’t mean he can hack it for 50+ games a year. Please get your head sorted.
N.V.M. (Most research I’ve ever done for a mail, post or you’re gonna get it on Twitter from my mom!)


Be careful what you wish for…

It struck me that if Liverpool fans got their way and players were banned for the duration of the player they injured Dean Saunders would never have played for Liverpool again having ended the career of Paul Elliott. Who by strange quirk of fate was also a centre back of immense talent.
P Didi



Harry Kane…

Not entirely but a little lost among the hilarity of my teams Sunday evening capitulation was, for at least 45 minutes, but flashes in the second half too, about as good a performance from any player for many moons.

Spurs fans have long known that Kane is far more than just a scorer of goals. In fact I have read on this very site repeated claims of his being a scorer of flukey goals or only penalties – that is a hell of lot of flukey goals, many from outside the area just to exacerbate the flukey nature his goalscoring abilities.

Kane was already displaying his capacity to play a deeper role for the past three season but has somehow become a box to box striker with pin point accuracy distribution from practically anywhere on the pitch (see his assist for Son’s goals against Saints and West Ham for variety). Now he’s throwing in last ditch goal line defending into his repertoire.

The trouble many people have with Kane is that he’s a bit boring, which is fine. I don’t really care about what he does off the pitch, so long as it’s not repeatedly parking in disabled bays, pissing in plant pots or visiting elderly ladies of night, then be boring all day long and keep being the best striker in the league by a country mile whilst you’re at it.
Dan Mallerman


Narrative first, facts second…

Another day, another dig at Spurs from f365 that is entirely narrative driven.  This time, it’s an extended piece of drivel from Raj Bains who has decided that spurs blowing 2 leads in the last second of games is because of arrogance.  What evidence is there for this exactly, as opposed to a mixture of error and bad luck?  A team with a suspect defence conceded some goals.  This happens in football.

Did Kane hit the post or Bale shoot wide rather than score (either of which would have killed the game stone dead) because of arrogance or because these things happen even to really good players?  That’s a pretty easy one to answer, unless you’ve got a word count to hit and a narrative to follow.  Yes Spurs could have defended better and taken more of their chances in both games, but they’ve also conceded two goals from free kicks that should never have been awarded to a ludicrous penalty and a 1 in a 100 worldie respectively, and with a sliver of luck they would be on 12 points.  And yes 12 and not 13, because spurs were crap against Everton and got exactly what they deserved from the game, so throwing that game in just so you can claim they ‘should’ be top is another sign of cart coming before the horse.

Rant over, at least it didn’t feature an entirely needless pop against Eric Dier, so that’s progress I suppose.
Phil, London


A strange old season…

With a view to the marathon race to the league title , this recent big loss to the current champions opens up a way more intriguing path .

The four big managers, all in a row now look like Pep, Jurgen, Carletto and Jose .
However, we can be sure that too much football will cause many other key players to fall by the wayside .
Despite this slightly sad certainty , I reckon Guardiola sniffs blood and will be coaxing his players to a neck and neck finish , which could just as likely be decided before the league´s natural end on the points per game ruling .
So, of the big -old enough and ugly enough- four I see this week are in a City , Liverpool , Everton, Spurs order in garnering the highest points per game ratio .

The race amongst the young bucks , well I would say Mikel ,Ole then Frank . Mind you, I stand by my pre-season prediction that the current chelsea manager won´t have his job for long . Nuno Old-testament Santo could be the dark, bearded horse in and around the young bucks .

After Sevilla embarrass chelsea I wonder who the top 3 in the betting to get the hot seat at stamford bridge will be ? Avram Grant , John Terry , doing well on the Med -the ginger Jose – Villas Boas ?
Peter (just as well I am not a betting man ). Andalucia


Five things…

So the 5 things Solksjaer’s failed to resolve since Paris are Utd’s defence, midfield, attack, consistency and Pogba. So… everything then!

Well except the goalie. Thank God he hasn’t had any goalkeeping issues too since that night.

Graeme, Glasgow


A defence of the defence…

James, Switzerland asks where the defence’s of the premier league have gone, and throws a sarcastic comment in about Liverpool, judging on the last “3+“ games conceding “11 goals,” a mathematical sum impossible to get to with consecutive games this season, but not the point. Are we judging defences on the 5 games of this season they’ve had, or the significantly larger body of evidence over the last few seasons, where Liverpool’s defence has been very good, even getting to back to back champions league finals with decent enough defending. Or maybe they won the champions league despite the abject defending. As for “without Van Dijk,” I’d love to see what games he’s judging that on, as the first team essentially haven’t played without him for two years (bar the clean sheet against Bayern).

I’ll let other fans stand up for their own team.
KC (don’t let facts get in the way of the agenda)



Hi there,

I don’t think TX Bill’s letter was particularly helpful or insightful, and probably wouldn’t myself have deemed it worthy of publication, but I accept that I’m not the Mailbox Compiler, who does a difficult job to the best of his/her abilities, and it’s okay for people to disagree.

However, and this is the hill I will die on, there was nothing about TX Bill’s letter that made me think. “Dammit, this mail is so good it deserves to be published TWICE! At the top AND bottom of the page in case someone misses it!”
Dara O’Reilly, London



See, the only way that (those!) TX Bill email makes sense is if Everton fans never complained about those incidents at the time which, as well all know, is about as likely as one of them driving a red car.

Or if the supposed victims of this multitude of VAR decisions last season didn’t piss and moan about them at the time.  Not only them but fans of others club who continue to beat the tedious LiVARpool drum to this day.  So any club that feels wronged can complain about it, and even if their club hasn’t been wronged and they just hate LFC, fill yer boots, moan away.  But LFC fans?  Shut the f*ck up, suck it up and move on without further comment.  Gotcha.

What was that last paragraph talking about?  Hypocrisy and self-awareness?  Oh the irony.
James Outram, Wirral


To TX Bill. Im not going to bite on your rant this morning about Liverpool getting away with stuff in derbies.(OK I will a bit. Remember Tony Cottee standing actually on the line for Stuart McCalls first equaliser on the 89 cup final? Goal still given. That was in the days before interfering with play was a thing. Liverpool still won). But please please don’t tell me you think Liverpool are an overly lucky team? Every team gets luck. Good and bad. But I am sure you’ll have plenty of examples to give us for Liverpool’s good luck so I will give you two massive examples of bad: 2013/14 season v Man City Sterling was given offside despite being two yards onside in a game Liverpool lost 2-1. A draw would have won them the title. In 2018/19 goal line technology (correctly) failed to give Liverpool a crucial goal against v Man City. This was by less than an inch-and for good measure when Stones cleared the ball off the line it went thru Salahs legs. If it had hit any part of Salah it would surely have rebounded back in. All other things being equal (and Im not naive enough to think they would have been) and Liverpool would have two more league titles and an invincible season. As for VAR decisions last season, have a check of the VAR article on ESPN which documents which teams benefitted most by VAR and deals in things like-facts. I think Liverpool were somewhere in the middle.

Have a nice day.
Derek, LFC, dublin



Just a quick one on the PPV games, Burnley and Newcastle fans have been giving £15 to local foodbanks rather than fork out for the game, in Burnley’s case they have already donated £24k which for an underfunded Lancashire mill town with a lot of poverty is quite frankly unbelievable.
Paul Murphy, Manchester


Fly high little Lola

Last year the F365 came together in solidarity to show support for a little girl they never met. It was truly humbling. Fly high little Lola.

Love to you all
Somerset Dave

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