Frank Lampard is… Liverpool Brendan Rodgers 2.0

Date published: Monday 10th August 2020 9:42

Brendan Rodgers Liverpool

Keep your mails on Frank and anything else to


Chelsea finished FOURTH
Tim Sutton is obviously anti Chelsea for some reason?
“A swimming pool full  of Russian Blood money”
“Un earned money”
What is his problem with Chelsea?
They say the table never lies, and Chelsea finished FOURTH, that makes them a TOP FOUR side, the nearest team a mere four points behind, and the second best team in London, a further three points behind them!
Yeah they were taken apart by Bayern, arguably the best team in Europe, or possibly the world at the moment, (Gary lineker’s words, not mine).
So give them a break!
I know it’s only your opinion Tim, and in my opinion you are a pillock!
Paul Ensell


Wow those were some harsh words in this morning’s mailbox. To be honest, I actually back Will Ford’s article on not being embarrassed, and I’ll bite the bait by Tim Sutton.

Firstly, did anyone actually think anything other than an absolute hammering was going to happen? The best defender and leader was missing. The best attacker was out injured (Pulisic), as well as our second best attacker (Willian) and third choice winger (Pedro). Frank has 4 out and out wingers. 3 of them were injured. A quick look at our bench should tell you just how thin the squad was.  Any team in this position would suffer, and I’m not even going to mention Jorghino because, to be entirely honest, he’d probably have done more harm than good.

It would be wrong of me to not mention the absolute class of this Bayern side. They play incredible football, have world class players and work insanely hard. That is a deadly combination. Is there a better striker/player in world football than Lewandowski? I doubt it, he would have been a shoe in for the Ballon D’or. The entire Bayern team are well drilled, and when you’ve got an absolute player like Thiago pulling the strings, you’ve got arguably the best team in the world.

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Yes Chelsea were outclassed. The reason I’m not even remotely disappointed is because you can see the work some of the players put in. The first half hour was abysmal, and we played like a deer caught in the headlights. After that, we started to improve. Hudson-odoi scored a beauty, rightly chalked off because Tammy was offside. That would have made it 2-1. We remained goalless, until a few minutes later when we scored from a goalkeeping mistake. Had Tammy been onside, we’d have been level going in at halftime. I’d have never expected that before the game. We still conceded in the second half but played much better football. Bayern’s biggest weakness is their high defensive line. Had Pulisc and Willian been on the field, we would have posed a far greater threat, and probably given them more to think about.

I genuinely believe Bayern are favourites to win this competition. Barca had a good game but can be rattled. Lyon aren’t up to the task, Juve wouldn’t have been either. City could cause problems with the pace they have up top, and PSG as well. However, I don’t see any of those defences as cable of holding back the tsunami of attacking talent Bayern have at their disposal.

Ultimately, this result was expected. A squad down to it’s bare minimum, up against the very best. There was only ever one outcome. Chelsea put up a worthy fight, in the sense that they actually tried to play, instead of setting up for damage limitation. It’s harsh to criticise lampard for being out of his depth, when you’ve thrown him into a whirlpool, limbs bound without floaters and being circled by sharks. As it stands, in his second season of management, first in the Premier League, he’s secured top 4 despite handicaps and against expectations. Reaching a final, navigating a tricky Champions League group and beating Pep, Klopp, Ole and Mourinho in the process. Give him a chance to continue developing this squad and making intelligent, promising acquisitions.
Tashen, South Africa (There’s definite progress for those willing to look. Hopefully we won’t start next season with a 40 year old in goal) 

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Reading Tim Sutton’s confident assertion that Chelsea are definitely NOT a “top four”™ club under Lampard was an interesting one. I racked my brain wondering if there could possibly be some wonderful way for a person to decide just what the top four clubs in England are, and after much lengthy research I discovered there is this thing which is apparently called the “League Table”. I know, it came as a surprise to me too. It turns out, Chelsea ARE in fact precisely the fourth best club in England, but on top of that they have these other competitions too that they call “Cups”, and upon further research it appears in the FA Cup Chelsea were the second best team in England. Additionally, in Europe Chelsea reached the same level as exactly four clubs from England, which only one progressed from, before being eliminated – though I’d rather not reminisce on the manner in which we exited either competition. There is also some Mickey Mouse competition called the EFL Cup which our second string team got knocked out of by some fluky chancers, but who cares about that.

And Lampard achieved all this with a squad who had just lost its talismanic star player and without being able to sign a single player despite wanting to change the playing style significantly from the previous manager, unlike some other teams who had been able to dip into a swimming pool filled with American blood money and spend nearly £200 million to add to their own existing squad from the previous season. As for Tim’s belief that Lampard would never be able to reach the legendary status of winning the Norwegian league like household names such as Age Hareide, Elias Pettersen, Ola By Rise, Jan Jonsson or Tor Ole Skullerud, to be fair we’ll likely never know for sure (if you have to Google to know which one of those I made up, it proves my point).

I’m assuming by Tim’s suggestion that success in the Norse league as a prerequisite of being a top manager that he may well be a fan of Manchester United and comparing Frank to a certain Mr Solskjaer which is somewhat disingenuous. Ole has been in management since 2008 managing United’s reserves and even had previous Premier League experience with Cardiff (which went slightly less well that Lampard’s first season in the league in case anyone was wondering). Frank has a grand total of two years of experience managing and I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times this season where I’ve thought he’s made mistakes or been somewhat critical of his choices, but I do believe I have seen genuine signs of change and learning from mistakes. Obviously there are defensive issues in the team which he is being rightly critiqued for not addressing, but since the restart Frank has shown he wanted to freeze Jorginho and to a certain extent Alonso out of the team due to their lack of defensive prowess until injuries have forced his hand, and has throughout the season tried multiple formations, lineups and tactics to mixed success which I think shows he is still finding his feet, learning as he goes and is willing to experiment and be flexible, as oppose to his predecessor Sarri who doggedly played the same out of form players in the same formation with broadly the same slow, plodding tactics week in week out.

If in another ten years when he reaches the same level of experience of Ole, Frank has nothing shinier to show for it than a Norwegian league title (apologies to any Norwegians out there, I really don’t mean to keep demeaning your league) then people can start comparing him less favourably but until then, please don’t compare the two.
Jaybob, London


Labelling Frank Lampard as ‘mediocre’ while suggesting that his natural level of success would be finishing in a play off position in an incredibly competitive league seems to be an odd standpoint. It is the work of seconds to name 18 Championship teams that would have settled for that level of mediocrity – Phillip Cocu certainly would have. Additionally, Chelsea did finish 4th after a 38 game season, which is unquestionably in the top four English teams, albeit on the periphery! Furthermore, beating the teams in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th since the beginning of 2020 suggests that they aren’t always ‘outclassed’ by half-decent teams whenever it matters.

Assuming Tim’s citation of management in Norway was a thinly veiled reference to Solskjaer’s success there, to suggest Lampard would not have any chance of a title tilt is completely fatuous. While Solskjaer does have the linguistic edge, assessing Lamps’ Eliteserian possibilities through a strictly managerial potential prism is a bit tricky. We simply do not have enough data or historical performance to analyse as we approach Lampard’s third season in management. That said, Chelsea’s 66 points matched Manchester United’s total and, to circle back to the idea of what constitutes a mediocre manager in the Championship, it is worth noting that Solskjaer’s season in English football’s second tier football lasted until his sacking in mid-September.

To put this season into further context, Lampard has not yet had the benefit of two whole transfer windows and his problem-positions at Chelsea are currently filled by players he did not recruit. His team included a centre-forward (34 appearances), attacking midfielder (37 appearances) and central defender (15 appearances) who all played in Championship teams finishing 5th and 6th last season (how mediocre!). Chelsea’s best player of the last decade moved to Real Madrid last summer and their best midfielder faced a lengthy absence this season. So, guiding them to 4th in the Premier League should certainly not be deemed an average managerial performance.

I egregiously predicted Chelsea to finish ninth at the beginning of the season and I doubt I was alone in expecting a turbulent season of transition and some difficult lessons for Lampard. It seemed likely that young players would be given opportunities and this could have been to the detriment of their league performance. Yes, 3rd became 4th on goal difference, and Aubameyang and Lewandowski put paid to any remaining hopes of silverware, but it could have been a lot worse. As Solskjaer is beginning to prove at United, a patient and understanding approach towards a new manager may have its benefits.
AC soon to be back in Milan


Frank Lampard is a good manager, infact none of these current great managers achieved anything without substantial financial support. Pep was third in his first season, spent a shed load to go top. Liverpool, bought alot of players to move from 4th to champions league winners to now premier league winners,the only team that seems to just throw away money is Man U. To then attack Frank Lampard, who hasn’t spent anything yet, is a bit immature in my opinion. Even comparing the top 4 in the last 2 seasons, Liverpool bought at least 300 million to support Klopp , we know city spent more than 400 to support Pep, Man U are still throwing  money away while Frank is at zero. To then pass judgement on him seems quite absurd. The game is not being won at the touchline anymore,  its recruiting and the faster some of these teams realize this, the faster they catch up.
Dave(Imagine KDB and Mo Salah costing 30 million), Somewhere


Lampard is… LFC Brendan Rodgers 2.0
– conceding lots and lots of goals: check
– buying lots of attacking players: check
– great attack: check
– unreliable GK: check
– cannot coach defense: check
– defenders who cannot defend [alonso], or got worse after Lampard came on board [rudiger]: check
– bringing thru some exciting youngsters: check
I’ll look for Frank to be found out in a year or two, Gab YNWA


Willian leaving Chelsea is a welcome news, as his exit is going to free some amount for the club and space for the younger and the new players. He being in form can only give us at best 4th position. When you check his records in Chelsea’s title winning season, they are nearer to average. Summarily, he has moved and Chelsea have to move on. I don’t think we will miss him.
VnProvidence Nsukka Nigeria. (Chelsea to get better in his absent)


So I thought I’d spice up the Monday morning mailbox with quite a different style of question, hopefully many readers jump in either via mails or comments on this, but over the weekend whilst watching a TV show that I just completly dislike it brought me to this question:

Would you rather watch your supported teams worst game they have ever played? Or watch your most detested rivals best ever game they have PLAYED? and why?

So for me, would I rather watch Chelsea lose on penalties to United in the 2008 UCL Final or watch Spurs come back against Ajax in the 2018/19 UCL Final, I’d likely choose that Spurs game becuase it was a true classic and you can’t hate Lucas Moura.
Mikey, CFC


I’ve been going to football for 50 years from my main team (Telford United) to my PL team (Arsenal).

Football is a business, always has been always will be.

In bad times people lose their jobs, just like any other business.

So get over it!!

Also Arsenal have the worst home support of any team I have ever watched.

Getting on their players backs (Eboue, Xhaka, etc).

There is no way they can score a goal like the first vs Man City, playing out the back with their home ‘support’.

They might be better off playing home games in an empty stadium!
Jas, Northampton (Cobblers!!)



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