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Date published: Friday 20th March 2020 8:00

Gary Neville Man Utd

… but not very many. Don’t pretend you have anything else to do in isolation other than send us an email: theeditor@football365.com…

Shut up, Nev
So I get to work at 7:30 this morning to look at the referrals that have come in overnight. I’m a social worker at a front line adult social services team.

8:30 have a quick flick onto footy 365 with the first coffee of the day and then I see it…

Good old Gazza Nez (Gary Neville for those people who dont bet it)
Gaz is giving his views on Bonkers Boris and his leadership in these most difficult of circumstances pretty much criticising him for what is the biggest crisis in a generation to face this country. (Yes even bigger than brexit)

This is the same Gazza who’s great leadership skills done him really well at Valencia? Give me a break.

I’m all for people having their own opinions and expressing free speech but when you get someone in the public forum giving a shite opinion on something their clearly dont have a clue what their talking about give us all a break and do us a favour Nevz jog on and do one!

Or actually come and talk to people who are seeing the impact of this on communities first hand.

Talking about ‘decisive leadership’, Nevz you may of been a top player and a leader on the pitch but this is real life mate.
Tom (front line staff actually seeing what this thing is all about in the community).


Ending the season
“I don’t know why we seem to be only focused on whether the current season (which is 75% completed) should be voided rather than whether the new season (currently 0% completed) should be shortened in some way.” – A comment on this morning’s article by Sarah Winterburn.

I think we know why, really, don’t we? The idea that it unquestionably fairer to start the 20/21 season with the make-up of divisions and European positions being based on the outcomes of a season that ended in May 2019 – is puzzling. I understand the case for it, but how those outcomes can be more relevant in deciding who deserves their positions in a new campaign than all that has happened in the last seven months, is something I’m struggling with. Surely, if there were to be a null-and-void season, or one shortened or amended in length due to circumstance, it should be the one that hasn’t actually started yet? Even if it needed to be played over just four months, with five-a-side rules, inside a gym, shirts and skins… at least we’d be able to finish it with the rules we started it with. Give THAT season the massive asterisk…it’s an as yet hypothetical anyway – nobody’s shed blood sweat and tears in the name of it’s outcome as yet, there haven’t even been any fixtures generated by the Sky/BT super computer – so why do we care about it more than we care about this one? We seem to be saying it is more important to BEGIN a season as near to on-time as possible, rather than to finish one and reward hard work and excellent play. So the ultimate point of sport is what then, PUNCTUALITY?

I completely agree that NOBODY should be HANDED ANYTHING, including Liverpool, Leeds, West Brom etc. Calling it a season with current standings is definitely unfair and should not be considered (incidentally, I personally haven’t heard a single Liverpool supporter say they would be happy with this, even though I keep reading that this outcome would delight Liverpool fans; granted there may be a few cranks whose mails or posts make happy reading for those seeking confirmation-bias, on forums, social media sites and websites such as this, but shame on you if you’re reporting that as being the collectively held view on the red half of Merseyside). That outcome rewards teams who have yet to achieve anything concrete and punishes teams who are still in a position to achieve (a title, however mathematically unlikely in some divisions, escape of relegation, a late run leading to a European place etc). To null and void the season, however, rewards those teams who have not played well and find themselves in the position of likely losers; those who have been average enough to have nothing to play for; and those who gained Champions League spots and won promotion at the end of 2019 (for a second time; imagine this happened in 2016/17, when Leicester were the champions but flirted with the possibility of relegation for a bit of the campaign and by matchday 28 were 15th in the league after what Kasper Schmeichel called an “embarrassing title defence” – would it have been in any way fair to put THAT team back in the champions league for another pop the following season?).

I therefore disagree with the view that this is clearly the fairest outcome, which many (*non Corona-COUGH COUGH) objectively declared THE DAY action was suspended. Even if the records have to read “*season completed in February 2021 after a long suspension due to the unprecedented outbreak of a global pandemic,” the current season needs to be finished. If not, then I believe this season and the following one would be completely devalued. May as well bring back the 39th game, because it’s all meaningless now.

Just one last thing: writing this proved to be quite an effective distraction from the way things are at the moment. I mean nobody any ill-will and ultimately, wish everybody the very best at this really difficult time. I recognise that, today, this debate about null and void etc. is as meaningless as which group of millionaires is the best at a game I used to enjoy in PE. I just really can’t wait for a time when we’ll be able to pretend that these things really ARE IMPORTANT again, because it will mean this is all over. Which is why I suppose I got so lost in writing it. Take care of yourselves everybody. Let’s all look forward to that time together, eh?
Philip J. Roberts, Liverpool.


…Just cancel all the cups for next season and have 2 weeks (one weekend) off at the end of this season.


Return of an old favourite
I’ve asked before and got shut down but in times like this surely you should entertain your followers and give them something to do by bringing back what I and many friends enjoyed in your Friday quiz. Heck, you could even make it daily with having such little to report on.

Go on, you know you want to!


A busy at work but bored at home fan.
Stuey, middle of nowhere.


Funny ol’ game
Good shout from John Matrix in Thursday morning’s mailbox re: favourite football games. For me the holy trinity will always be

1) World Cup Italia 90 (Sega Megadrive) – Despite the shonky player names, quickly outdated geopolitical landscape, “tackling” mechanics and glitch that meant you could only score with a cross & header in the first half I loved this game. As part of Mega Games I, it came packaged with Sonic the Hedgehog and I spent countless hours duking it out with my older brother until a few years later when…

2) Fifa International Soccer (Sega Megadrive) …came along. With its revolutionary level of detail attention to detail and isometric viewpoint it was a huge step forward. Despite this it didn’t take itself too seriously, with its amusing goal celebrations, ability to run away from the ref (for minutes at a time and still sometimes only get a yellow) and (seemingly mandatory for a 4th gen football game) glitch whereby you could block the oppo keeper’s goal kicks and almost always be rewarded with a goal. Fast forward a few years to…

3) Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (Playstation 3) … which was when this series hit its absolute peak for me. Some purists will claim 2006 is the daddy (otherwise known as the Adriano version), but this is the sweet spot imo. I think you still had the tinpot team names at this stage (West London Blues, Merseyside Reds), definitely had the pompous Jon Champion commentary (“As coaches so often say, treat the ball as a friend”) and the little cut scenes when a foul or set piece was awarded (“What, me, ref?! No?! Pleeeeeeease”) were brilliant. For all its advances though tactics for players of limited ability such as myself still mainly involved shunting it out wide, hammering R1 and whipping it into the mixer. I mainly remember endless 4 player sessions at university where we’d use the mode which allowed you to choose a bunch of teams to pick an all star team. You could “shuffle” your selections and of course the 3 attempts rule we instigated led to some heated debates between partners over team selection before the game had even begun!
David (waaaaay to many brackets in this email)


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