Germany should look to Arsenal for new boss, and a 27-year grudge against Southgate…

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Germany coach Hansi Flick greets England manager Gareth Southgate.
Germany fired Hansi Flick and some feel England should axe Gareth Southgate.

The Mailbox says Germany’s managerial vacancy could lead to Arsenal losing a key figure, while one contributor hasn’t forgiven Gareth Southgate for profiting from England’s pain…

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Germany’s PM dawn
Oh dear. I knew things were bad with Germany but I didn’t realise they were this bad. Against Japan, they looked completely shambolic, disorganised, unfit and un-German (for want of a better word). Luckily they qualified as hosts, or they would really be struggling now. Flick should have got the flick after the World Cup. Usually Germany save themselves by hiring a recent ex-player who was a winner with the national team (Beckenbauer, Voller, Klinsmann), so I think it’s time for Per Mertesacker.


Not over ’96
Hearing lots of arguments for ousting Southgate recently. Conservative tactics and questionable selections among the most obvious reasons given. However, I argue that he should never have been allowed near the international set up at any level in the first place for one simple reason. The pizza advert. To profit from his own incompetence and laugh in the face of a distraught nation is unforgivable. Gareth sold out a long time ago so it’s no surprise he’s prepared to overlook Henderson’s own questionable commercial decisions.


Scholes on the left all over again
Maddison should not be shunted left really.

Let’s not do a Paul Scholes all over again here guys.
Manc from SA (Gosh England can waste an attacking CM like no one else)

Gareth Southgate shakes hands with Jordan Henderson after a match.

Dave Tickner criticises Gareth Southgate picking Jordan Henderson not so much because Henderson is coming up to retirement but because of his decision to go and play club football in a country who’s human rights record and in particular treatment of LGBT people is dodgy to say the least.

Effectively Tickner wanted Southgate to drop Henderson on moral grounds and not so much on footballing grounds. But should it really be the role of the England manager to base his team selection based on moral judgment over which country English players play their club football in based on the politics of those countries?

What if an England player went to play in the USA who’s human rights record in other countries isn’t exactly sound and who have a long history of starting wars in other countries for the pursuit of money and power? Or is it only acceptable to make a judgement on the morality of the human rights record of a country that an England footballer plays his club football in if that country is in the middle East?

And Football 365 have been broadly pro-Southgate but now are suddenly a “little bit” Southgate out because Southgate has offended Football 365’s politically progressive sensibilities by picking a player who has chosen to play his club football in a country who’s government is anti-LGBT.
Dan, London

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Is Southgate Saudi-bound?
It has been very noticeable that Southgate has been at pains to not criticise Saudi Arabian politics or repression in any way shape or form. This extends to picking a player who probably wouldn’t get a game for Peterborough United these days.

Here’s the conspiracy theory – His England contract is up next year. He has a job lined up in Saudi Arabia for stupid money and will do absolutely nothing to jeopardise a massive payday. Thus, he picks a player from a league (if we’re calling the French league a farmer’s league, can we call the Saudi league a camel herder’s league?) where the quality is debatable at best, because that pleases his future paymasters. If so, it’s shameful and will tarnish his England legacy,


That F365 article on the Saudi transfer window was saltier than the dead sea. Then why do you have your noses so firmly up City’s arse? Especially with 115 charges pending. why do you not bring up sportswashing when waxing lyrical about them and Newcastle? you’re doing sportswashing on their behalf whenever you praise City and Newcastle? you’re making money from City, admittedly less so than Henderson but profiting from sportswashing. one the less.

I guess sportswashing only really makes you angry when it leads to the best players going to Saudi. When that money brings them to England I guess you just want to focus on how amazing City and Pep are, preferring to focus on their cheating. De Bruyne is a beautiful footballer when he plays for City and sportswashes pay his wages. if he goes to Saudi overnight he’ll be a coward and an excuse for a human being. did I get that right?


United and Antony
It’s titled “Club Statement on Antony” and the subtitle is “Manchester United acknowledges the allegations made against Antony”.

Congrats, United (club, not fans). After a week’s worth of negative press and further allegations you have finally acknowledged the fact that those allegations may just quite possibly indeed be true and not totally made up. Great work.
MAW, LA Gooner