Man Utd are good for Kane, but is Kane right for Man Utd?

Date published: Tuesday 18th May 2021 8:48 - Editor F365

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What next for Kane?
So, he’s finally done it. Kane has told Levy that he wants to leave. The only question is who can afford him?

Do PSG, Madrid or Barcelona have deep enough pockets? Unlikely under their current circumstances, which probably leaves the English trio of Man Utd, City and Chelsea.

Personally, I think Chelsea makes the most sense. Ditch Giroud and Abraham and play Werner on the left with Havertz on the right.
A midfield of Kante, Mount and Ziyech and Chelsea will be fighting with Liverpool and Man City.

With Allegri looking like a distinct possibility for the Real job, I can’t help thinking Zidane might make the move to a certain brewery/bakery/mid-table side of he’s allowed to spend all of the Kane proceeds.

We have a fun summer in prospect and showroom is Wembley.


…Just seen the news, Sir Harold of Kane has reiterated his desire to leave Spurs. The usual suspects are linked with him.

I’m a Man United fan, and I was pondering would I be happy if we got him. I think I would be, as he will of course excel at United he’s a class act he would excel anywhere. In fact if I were Harry I would choose United as he would essentially be the star of the show and fully undroppable. At United he will probably break Shearers record and may be classed as the best ever in the record books. Probably not so much at say city where the rotation is always in place and of course not if he moves abroad.

However I do not think that United should buy him, our biggest strengths are in attack and in net, it’s in between those areas we are lacking. If getting Kane means we spend all transfer and salary budget then I’d say leave him to the rest. For me (clive) United would be better getting a centre half to support Maguire, an improvement upon Fred as a creative midfielder and someone who can cross on the right wing.

So in short United would be good for Kane but I do not think Kane is right for United.
Simon (Manchester)


Gossip: Spurs eye Martial, Jesus in part-exchange for Kane


He made the people happy
I have had to wait 24 hours before sending this e mail…Allison.

As a Liverpool fan married to an Evertonian it was never going to end well yesterday, watching both games together…

Liverpool v West Brom, VAR at its worst, we should have lost the game, that horrible bastard Allardyce seemed to be continuing his incredible record against us and then…the post match interview should make every fan on earth, regardless of allegiance, shed a tear…

Liverpool have been pretty sh*t all season but one of the great things about being a fan of LFC is that we seem to get a moment every year that just takes your breath away, makes you terrify your wife with the primal scream when we score in the 92nd minute…I will remember Allison’s goal until the day I die.

And that, my friends, is what it’s all about, passion, emotion, waking up at 4 am and checking the phone that it actually happened and I didn’t dream it…finishing 4th isn’t the greatest achievement on earth, making your fans happy is.

Mark Jones, LFC, Liverpool


Alisson tops Premier League winners and losers


United’s home form
Interestingly one-sided comments from Ole which, even though I’m a Utd fan, I will have to point out its frailties.

I would agree with him that Utd’s home form probably has suffered from not having fans although the first couple of losses were more due to being knackered and having no pre-season. Liverpool may also have a no fans excuse for the terrible run they had at home at a stage as Anfield has been much more of a fortress than Old Trafford has for some time.

However, what Ole fails to recognise and should be a lot more concerned about is the reverse impact on our away form. Utd are still on the second longest run of no away defeats in the top flight and still going. So, while we may have lost out to a few Old Trafford defeats we may have not had in prior seasons, the number of points we have gained on the road, especially all those wins from losing positions have very likely been made much more possible due to not having to contend with 30 or 40 thousand away fans screaming abuse humorous banter at you and your players for 90 mins.

I hope I’m wrong but last time that happened I discovered I was mistaken.
Jon, Cape Town (the only difference between government and organised crime is that one is organised)


Pogba problem?
I completely disagree with JB’s post that Pogba is playing on the left/right because he can’t play in CM, or that Ole is just forcefully shoehorning him into the team. To me, it seems fairly obvious that he’s playing in these positions because we don’t have other players to fill in. With James and Martial injured, it left us with only Rashford (playing with injuries), Greenwood (still only 19), and Cavani (34, so won’t play in every game) to fill out three forward positions. Even if those two were available, I would honestly much rather see Pogba play there instead of them anyway. Technically, Mata can play there but let’s be honest, he’s not a regular player anymore.

The other thing that confuses me is since when is being ‘explosive’ considered a requirement for playing as a holding midfielder? I mean sure, Pogba is not Kante, but he has shown several times this season that he is perfectly capable of playing that position. In fact, between mid-November and early-February, Pogba was Man United’s best player while playing in that very same position. You can go back and find plenty of mails on just how excellent Pogba was, especially in our wins against the likes of Burnley, Fulmah, and Crystal Palace. Not the fanciest of opponents, but vital points regardless. He was also involved in the goal we scored against Liverpool in the FA Cup back then. There are also plenty of not very ‘explosive’ holding midfielders who are/were excellent. I don’t think for example, anyone would describe Busquets, Pirlo, or Carrick as ‘explosive’. But, they played as holding midfielders and were very good.

To me, the reason why we continue to play with two defensive midfielders is that as a team we are not not good enough to play without two defensive midfielders. Key point here being ‘as a team’. It has nothing to do with Pogba or any other individual player. As a collective, we have a ways to go in terms of using the ball intelligently when we have it and being efficient at winning it back when we don’t. We came a long way towards getting better at both this season, but clearly there is room for improvement. Back when we were a mid-table team under Jose, and for large parts of the previous season, we never looked like a ‘team’. Always a collection of individuals each trying to do their thing. The most remarkable aspect of United’s progress this season is how much more in sync our play is compared to 15 months ago. The idea of United lacking leaders on the pitch has also died thankfully. The way forward for United is to continue along this trajectory of improvement, and become better at playing the game. Do that, and we wouldn’t ‘need’ to play with two holding midfielders every game anymore. I predict at some point we might even see a Pogba/Donny/Bruno midfield in action next season (assuming these three are at the club).
MM, Man United, India (JB also said ‘would of’ in his mail, thereby negating his entire argument instantly)


Have to say I was delighted for Leicester winning the FA Cup and shows you what an owner who cares about the fans, with a sincere plan to invest in both the facilities AND the team can do for a club.

There was a protest of Spurs fans outside the ground on Saturday, hundreds gathered to complain about our ownership. The comments made by rival fans in this morning’s mailbox are shared by us.

Some great banners were on display, listing ENIC’s crimes. At every turn, ENIC’s interest of winning trophies is proven to be completely secondary to creating something they can eventually sell for a profit. Their contempt for the fans is clear:

– Stratford
– £1bn club debt
– Most expensive ticket prices in Europe
– Throwing last season in the bin when Kane was ruled out for the season on 1 Jan.
– 9 month delay to build an NFL stadium

To be honest their contempt for EVERYBODY apart from their investment is clear. The careers spoiled, managers betrayed, managers sacked at half-time, low-ball bids, the Super League.

Whenever we get close they choose not to do anything:
– Want Tevez and Cahill, get Saha and Nelsen
– No signings for 18 months
– Pochettino’s ‘furniture’.

But no, they sack the man they got lucky with and who was loved by the fans, and deflected from investing in the obvious rebuild that was necessary. Replacing him with a man who played the most miserable football anyone has ever witnessed, only sacking him a few days ahead of what he was supposedly brought in for.

Dave, Winchester Spurs


…A few mails focussing and criticising Spurs because the media have coined a ‘big 6’ term and they are in it. That’s an odd criticism for a start.

But, it used to be the big 2 which was Arsenal and Man Utd, then the big 4 with Liverpool and Chelsea added, then when Man City started their march was extended to the big 6, probably because big 5 was more rubbish and had less matches between them. For the record, Spurs have literally been in the top 6 every year since the 2008 season, I think only Man City have done the same. Strange consistency from the least consistent side there is.

It’s meaningless though. but direct your ire at those who coined the phrase.

The Leicester story is a great one in its own right, long may it continue, has a Dortmund transfer policy feel about them. Always nice when an unfancied team upset the big boys……and the wannabe’s.
Steve. THFC


Top ten Prem disappointments who should thrive next season


Sky Sports Liverpool
First time I have emailed in but I cannot believe the bias of Sky Sports regarding Liverpool. Two decisons by the referee & VAR helped them get 3 points at the weekend.

Every Monday the Sky Sports website publishes an article on ref watch but this Monday nothing. Every half mistake this season by VAR is replayed over and over on sky sports news but when Liverpool get away with one seems a lot of silence out there.

A mailboxer recently talked about commentators influencing VAR and they have a point. 90% of pundits are ex Man United and Liverpool players who have their own agenda..

Sky Sports should just change name to Liverpool TV.


Five most important goals scored by goalkeepers…

The keeper’s up
One to add to the most important goalkeeper goals

In 1996, the Danish championship was decided by a goalkeeper goal in a 3-3 match between the two league leaders.

Brondby visited AGF in the third-last game of the season, only 1 point ahead of the hosts. The draw ensured that Brondby won the title two weeks later.

Brondby, which had been down 3-1 with 11 minutes left, sent goalkeeper Mogens Krogh up for a corner to clinch the equalizer.

What made it extra mental was that this was “only” in the 87th minute and the keeper stayed in the box after he initially failed to connect with the corner. It was only from the next cross he headed the ball into the net.

Krogh was a Brondby legend but he only got 10 Danish caps as he stood in the large shadow of one P. Schmeichel.

This was back when Brondby was a good team and the same season they knocked Liverpool out of the UEFA Cup. With Allan Nielsen (who later joined at Spurs) and John Faxe Nielsen (who had returned from Arsenal), Brondby reached the UEFA semis that year only to lose to Roma.
Christian (Allison’s was more beautiful, though), Copenhagen


Men of the people?
Still trying to stop barfing at the hypocrisy of ex-players setting up a petition to ‘regulate’ football. Don’t we already have that in the FA? The same FA that allowed Sky Sport to help form the Premier League and exit the EFL. So two of Sky’s elite pundits are foaming at the mouth at how football might have been changed if the ESL had been created after sucking at the teat of the EPL and Sky, which actually did breakaway. Stunning.

The problem is that there are too many self-interested regulators today from the FIFA, UEFA, FA and even our own government that loves a pompous soundbite after taking how many years to get to grips with Hillsborough (and who also shot down safe standing.)

What would this independent regulator be regulating? All of football? The EPL? If you’re going to lambast the big 6 for going off on a not fully formed tangent, it would behoove you to not make a big statement about regulation without some deeper understanding of how it would be set up and what it would be expected to achieve. But hey, we’ve come to expect this kind of shallow showboating from (extremely wealthy) ex-players pretending to be men of the people. Perhaps what we need is someone to regulate football pundits.
Paul (well done Leicester and Rodgers) McDevitt


F365 Says: The people’s club? Are we all Leicester City now?


Fickle Foxes
The reception Chilwell gets from Leicester fans bemuses me. They seem to really dislike him and for the life of me I don’t know why. I asked a few of their fans why and they pointed to comments he made after he left the club saying he wants to beat them in the final. Well duh. Chilwell was apparently depressed at Leicester as a result from the abuse his own fans would routinely give him. Its so strange. It got me thinking which other former players have been wrongly booed or hated. Everton fans booing Barkley for one has always confused me. They suggest he lost them 10m because he wanted to leave in January as opposed to August, when he was injured. I mean isn’t that understandable and quite common sense. As an Arsenal fan I never understand the immediate hatred shown towards Nasri either. He never forced through a move and even continued to play as he was closing in on a move to City. His reasons for leaving were entirely fair and justified. I really hope Chilwell and Barkley score against their former clubs and kiss the badge.

Chelsea Leicester F365

Did anyone else watch the two big cup finals this weekend and feel that Chelsea got the exact results that their new kit deserved! Those LSD trip inspired shirts are just shocking
Paul, London


All cameras and cardigan
Pleased to see you guys weren’t so impressed with Parker either. I got the impression he was all about the cameras and the cardigan. Thankfully this is all past tense now.
Finlay x


Praise for Ryan
After a plethora of emails over months and months on VAR, kudos to Ryan, Bermuda who has, for the first time, clearly articulated why VAR is not / should never be appropriate for a game like football where the rules were never created to be black and white, and were always intended to be ‘interpreted’ within the ‘spirit of the law’.

The whole point of VAR was to remove interpretation, and as soon as VAR was implemented rules, are having to be rewritten time and time again to try and come up with a form of words that can be black and white.

Every time interpretation is replaced with a clear black and white law, the very nature of the game and what made it fluid and beautiful is diminished.

For the good of the game get rid of VAR.
MARK T (London)


Yellow submarine rising
I was very impressed with Villarreal’s 4 nil thumping of Sevilla . Their 2 strikers Bacca and Gerard got 2 each plus their defence were tight and look fresh .
It would be funny if they beat the mighty Red Devils just because their turnover is probably less than Brentford .
As a 20th anniversary it’d be wonderful to see another 5-4 but don’t be so surprised if Yellow ends up on top of red .
Come on ! It would be really funny right ?
Peter (Pau Torres – best centre back in la liga), Andalucia

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