Might Harry Kane smash Shearer’s record while wearing his No.9 shirt at Newcastle?

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Harry Kane is chasing Alan Shearer's Premier League goalscoring record.
Harry Kane is chasing Alan Shearer's Premier League goalscoring record.

The Mailbox floats the prospect of Harry Kane taking Alan Shearer’s record and his shirt. Also: some theories over what is really going on at Man Utd; Daniel Farke at Leeds; and more…

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Kane 3:16
Harry Kane said he had a “gentleman’s agreement” with Levy when walking around a park in that weird interview he did with Neville trying to get his move to City . We all know how that turned out . I think Kane is getting his own back, telling Levy what he wants to hear and will then proceed to flick him the bird, kick him in the midriff and Stone Cold Stunner him next summer.

Will probably go to City or Newcastle when his contract expires and he is free from that seven year contract he signed . If it is the latter… what better place to smash Shearer’s record . He would lose the love of Spurs fans but become an instant legend with the Geordies. I hear they like their strikers up there.

Or his brother Charlie Kane will convince him to sign a lifetime contract and Levy will own his soul for life. No trophies but he will have a statue of course.
Ben (Kane 3:16 says I just whooped your ass!) Howarth


Man Utd theories
Maybe it’s the lack of football, but my mind has wandered and come up with a few theories on what’s really going on at United. They may be far fetched, but maybe not. And I’m usually right so here goes:

1) FFP has nothing to do with United’s unwillingness to spend.
‘Nothing’ might be an exaggeration here, and I’ll admit I’m making some very broad and uneducated assumptions, but does it not seem a bit too convenient that it’s suddenly become an issue now that the Glazers are looking to sell?
Yes, we have spent a lot of money over the last few years. But very few clubs match United in terms of their commercial revenue, yet there are some (a select few, I know) who seem to be able to spend away without running into the same issue. Bar City, but it’s taken years and they’ll likely just pay half a Gvardiol worth of cash and be done with it.
I don’t see many owners out there who would spend freely while in the midst of a sale, let alone the bald parasites who are currently running ours. I’m not sure why we’re consistently being fed the same line, implying that FFP is the only factor here.

2) The Mason Greenwood issue is a problem being deliberately left for the new owners.
An assumption based on the fact that the Glazers are essentially everyone else at United’s bosses, and have to take some responsibility here.
But apart from being a famously unprepared and indecisive club, surely this is the only reason this whole thing is taking so long?
Billionaires tend to see right and wrong as a bit of a grey area, and I don’t think the Glazers particularly care about what Greenwood has done on a personal level. Public perception though? Possibly more of a concern for them. Maybe not. Either way, if they can delay this one until the sale goes through, that’s one less tough decision they have to make. Which brings me nicely to my next point…

3) Mason Greenwood could well lead the line for United next season.
A big jump here, and maybe not in the first games. This is especially likely if a certain ‘life long United fan’ (I’d love to hear his analysis of the Europa league game vs Omonoia last season) from a certain country takes charge. A country in which women are still at best inadequately treated when it comes to issues such as (but definitely not limited to) domestic abuse.
Can you really see the sheikh chucking him out of the team in his real life game of football manager?
I know not all Qataris are bad people and ‘it’s a different culture’ and all that but… well you see my point.
They’ll also be well aware that by the time he turns 24 with a couple of good seasons under his belt, the news cycle will have forgotten all about this whole saga. After all, there is a recently deceased and legendary basketball player who is remembered as just that.
This is all based on the assumption that the Glazers leave one last turd for us by dicking around with the sale long enough that we don’t sign a striker this summer. You know it’s going to happen…

Another fun summer for United fans. Poor us, I know. Still sucks though.


Farke fanfare
Excited for Daniel Farke at Leeds. To quote the PFMs he “knows the division”, seems a good man manager and has experience of getting promoted. I’m also looking forward to the headlines:

“Farke’s Sake” – Leeds get a frustrating result

“Daniel into the Lion’s Den” – Leeds visit Millwall

“Farke Off” – he gets sent to the stands or has a tiff with someone

“Dan the Man” – he gets us promoted.

I just want some stability and some fun again.


Carry on, Coleman
Seamus Coleman has signed on for one more year at Everton. Rest assured, when he retires, he WILL be considered an Everton legend.

Won bugger all mind you.
TX Bill (can someone ring Everton up and let them know we STILL need a striker) EFC


Not cricket
I’m a little late to the party on this one (not especially unusual…) but it’s taken this long for me to come to a conclusion. This is also not entirely about football, so we’ll see.
I’ve been mulling over the Jonny Bairstow stumping at Lords last week, and trying to come up with a comparable situation in another sport. The suggestion is that Bairstow left his crease since he thought the over was complete, and in that regard cricket is very different to most other sports. Football, Rugby, Basketball, Ice Hockey and NFL football all have referees with whistles on the field. It’s very clear whether play has started or stopped, and nobody has any excuse not to know that the play was “live”. “Play to the whistle” is what we’re all taught as children, if the referee hasn’t blown his whistle then the play continues. Baseball is slightly different in that there are no whistles, but players can request time out. When granted this allows a batter to leave the batters box without fear of missing a pitch, and a runner to step off the base without worrying about being tagged out. It all seems a little more nebulous in cricket, and so we end up with debates about “the spirit of the game”, and the ultimate irony “that’s not cricket”.
I’ve eventually come up with what I think is a corresponding example from football. In 1999 Arsenal played Sheffield United in the FA cup, and towards the end of the match the scores were tied at 1-1. Sheffield goalie Alan Kelly kicked the ball into touch to stop play, and allow one of his teammates to receive treatment. Ray Parlour took the resulting throw in and attempted to return the ball to Sheffield, but Kanu and Overmars apparently weren’t on the same page. Kanu latched on to the throw catching the Sheffield defenders out, and squared to Overmars who scored. Completely legal, and within the laws of the game. The goal stood as no rules had been broken.
However… Arsenal said they didn’t want to win that way and offered a rematch, which was duly played 10 days later. While the result was removed from the record books it was effectively as though the match had ended in a tie.
In 2019 in a match between Leeds United and Aston Villa… sorry, did I suggest I only had one example? This time Leeds scored while a Villa player was down injured, and Manager Marcelo Bielsa ordered his team to give up an uncontested goal. The result mathematically eliminated Leeds from automatic promotion to the Premier League, and they lost in the playoffs to Derby County.
Marais Erasmus was seemingly correct in calling Jonny Bairstow out, but he was not required to. In the two football examples the referee was obligated to call a goal since no rules had been broken. In cricket the fielding team is required to appeal, and could also have withdrawn the appeal.
There are numerous examples of cheating in football, “the hand of God”, Rivaldo pretending to have been hit in the face, feigned injuries and dives beyond number, but those are all individual acts. Who would have thought that when a measured team decision was required football could be more “sportsmanlike” than cricket.
Andrew (Certain the Elland Road faithful will give Australia a warm welcome), Canada

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Granit Xhaka after a match at the Emirates.

Late review
Realised I didn’t do my usual season review so even though its a bit late thought I’d throw it out there.

From last years review (C+):
“Expectations for next season: Top 4, a cup Final. Regardless of what happens elsewhere Arteta needs this to prove they are still going the right way.”

Results & Expectations (C- last season):
Can’t say it’s not still going in the right direction. Apart from “the bottle” period, results were excellent although losing to Sporting was a low point. Still, a second place finish is definetly progress. B+

Transfer Windows (B- last season) :
Jesus and Zinny in Summer and Trossard in January were excellent signings. Jorginho was decent and Kiwior and Viera need time to judge. Still a lot to be desired though from an outgoings point of view. Binus points for new contracts for key players. A-

Manager (C-):
Managers style and tactics clearly rubbing off and working on the players but still intensly stubborn about using his full squad. Difficult to defend him for not his squad anymore when a good chunk of it is. Add rotation in and he will be well on his way. B+

Player of the season: Saka, because he’s the wonderboy

Goal of the season: has to be Partey against S***

Overall, a really positive season, giving us a B+, loads of progress and now one of the top teams in the Prem. Based on what happened this season and deals we are looking to get done, has to be title challenge and a trophy or late stage champions league this year.
Rob A (5 way title challenge with City, Arsenal, Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea incoming) AFC


Mini leagues
I read the piece on what prem teams can expect or hope for next season, we often read bits & pieces on a league within a league and some part of my brain for the new season has compartmentalised the top twenty clubs .

So there is a mini league 1. where four clubs :- Liverpool, Arsenal , Man United and Newcastle United will all be desperately striving to make improvements on last season . All have a fixture heavy year ahead of them and leading in to the Duetchland ‘24 competition, to which I hope to take my sons , many an England player from this mini league will have nigh on 60 games in their exhausted legs . The two biggest questions from this group are whether the Arsenal keeper can become England’s number one and who might displace slabhead in the England defence. ( Ben White ? )
You could suggest that Saka is the most likely to suffer burn-out as I cannot see a natural replacement for him in Arsenal’s squad ( yet).
Even so I’m looking forward to some very good performances across these four.

On to mini league 2. So called as it has only two teams in it . As the F365 piece mentions , both with new managers , neither with European fixtures , both from London . Tottenham Hotspur & Chelsea .
I suppose Chillwell , Reece James and Kane are the key England figures here , perhaps Sterling, but he seems to be a reserve going forward .

Mini league 3 is an oddity , 3 new and successful Spanish / Italian coaches :-
Aston Villa, Wolves and Brighton. I’m sure all three will be taking points off ‘ bigger teams ‘ throughout the year , Ollie Watkins may place himself as the number one in the ‘if Kane is crocked’ scenario .
A centre back from Brighton could get into England’s defence perhaps .
Now for mini league 4 ( are you bored yet ?)
Capital south west & east :- Palace , Fulham , West Ham and Brentford, again , no surprise when points are nicked from bigger teams , last season it seemed every round of matches had a London derby and this is set to continue. West Ham have the biggest stadium in this group but who has the best manager ?
Nearly finished. The relegation mini league contains :- Forest , Everton & Bournemouth plus the three promoted teams .
And finally , ‘in a league of their own’ competing against themselves are Man City .
Losing Gundogan is a blow for sure , on the upside , at least for England , is that rotating will leave the likes of Foden , Stones , Walker and Grealish not in the red zone . Maybe Kalvin Philips will stay and given the stress on Declan Rice, who will surely play every single minute, could yet be a surprise England starter .
Right , time for the first baby , very chilled beer (lager) of the day .
Peter (hoping for a Spain v England u21 final) Andalucia – 105 Fahrenheit.

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