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Date published: Saturday 20th June 2020 9:38

Harry Maguire Man Utd

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Harry Maguire – Man Utd’s own Andy Carroll
I am currently watching Spurs vs Manyoo. I had to control my laughter and clean up the coffee I spilt on the floor after watching Harry Maguire turn with all the speed and grace of a 3 legged Elephant as Bergwijn took the simplest of touches and jogged right past good ol’ Harry on the way to smashing the ball right through De Gea into the net. Regardless of what happens for the continuation of this game, that moment was worth the wait for the return of the Premier League alone.

I’d like to remind all the defensive Manyoo fans, that I wrote in to this mailbox a week or two after Manyoo signed Maguire, comparing him to Andy Carrol’s transfer to Liverpool. An overpaid and grossly average player that gets found out more and more every time he steps out onto the pitch. It amuses me to no end picturing the Manyoo board shelling out 85million pounds to Leicester, thinking they have just emulated Liverpool’s transfer of Van Dijk, not realizing that the Leicester hierarchy are staring at the cheque in disbelief ready to burst out into hysterics.

I was shelled with some angry and triggered manyoo fans, some incredibly trying to compare Maguire to Van Dijk (that will never not be funny). Would like to remind you all, that what Bergwijn did to Maguire, is just another moment in Maguires unenviable highlight reel of being made to look like a Championship defender by Strikers with even the slightest hint of pace.

Just wanted to say, I told you so.

On a positive note, Fernandes looks real quality. On that one I congratulate Manyoo, he seems to have an elite mentality and ability. How does it feel for your club to finally get one grossly expensive transfer right, after spending more money than Liverpool, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus in the past 5 years? All in a failed and desperate attempt to escape the clutches of the Europa league and riveting away nights on Thursday against Astana.

Looking forward to Liverpool’s game tomorrow. 2 wins to the title!!!!


Harry Maguire is the type of player who gives me confidence in my opinions about football. My thought process at the time United were going for him was ‘Really? I don’t get it but people far more qualified than I are involved here so what I do know really?’

I wrote in before to say Rojo at his best was better. If United had the kind of footballing ambition a supposed elite club are supposed to have, he’d be sold but whether people are worrying about sunk costs or he’s taken over from Rooney as a marquee English name who can’t play for shit, the fans have a few more years of watching him give away goals as he plays like he learned defending from watching the computer controlled team on FIFA put on amateur mode.

As for De Gea. He’s been finished at the top level for at least the last two seasons. Henderson should be a shoe next season but this isn’t a proper football club anymore.

At least the crushing disappointment from watching a United game after getting optimistic brings a calming sense of familiarity.
Eamonn, Dublin


Shoots of hope…
Might be the much awaited return of football but Spurs did look promising. Looking at the starting lineup one would’ve been forgiven for anticipating a defensive massacre for a side featuring Dier and Sanchez at the back protected by no pure defensive midfielder.It turned out pretty good as well. Restricted to only two good chances that fell to Rashford and Martial. Thanks to Lloris, that really didn’t matter.

Bergwijn was lively throughout, lovely run and finish by the way. Son and Lamela worked hard. Aurier and Davies did a job. Sissoko, despite looking exhausted after the hour mark, kept making important interceptions. The substitutes all played their part well including Utd’s. A fresh Pogba running at a tiring Dier resulted in what it usually should. What really disappointed me was not the penalty, it was Kane. He looked so unfit and yet again he played the full 90 minutes.

And before blaming Jose for making a point to the board, it’s happened under Pochettino as well. He needs to get fit quickly or let Son fill in for him with Fernandes on wing duty with Bergwijn. No point playing with 10 men for 90 minutes. If that penalty was awarded, I’d have lost my shit like José.

Happy to have football back!

P.S.: Bruno and Pogba will get the highlights but I thought Luke Shaw was wonderful for the whole match.
The Vocal Minority


Roy Keane
I’m already sick of Roy Keane. The hard man act is so boring.

And what is it about former United players who can’t accept that this team isn’t that good and hasn’t been for a while? We saw it with G Nev after 4-0 at Goodison and we saw it again last night. No team has a God given right to just be better than everyone. Remember they had 27 years without a title at one point themselves!
Aidan, EFC, London


16 Conclusions
Who pissed in Matt’s cornflakes?

Cheer up, it’s The Football.
Doug, Glasgow


‘Would have been fit’
Martin Tyler’s declaration at the start of the Spurs vs Utd game that, had England been playing in the Euros tonight Rashford and Kane would have been fit is the exact problem England would have faced-fit but barely able to pass the ball 5 yards and wandering around the field aimlessly!
Andrew, Banbury


With the return of football I am pleased to see the premier league getting nostalgic.

It started with having live football about to be on the bbc, but last nights game took it to a new level.

Having watched many Tottenham Hotspurs fc vs Manchester United fc games across the years I am use to seeing the strong tradition of awarding Man Utd soft penalty’s  and occasionally a deserved goal being ruled out where the ball crossed the line

In a slightly unexpected occurrence Tottenham Hotspur were allowed to score a goal, but I consoled myself with Manchester United committing lots of fouls to break up play and not being cautioned.

Imagine my delight when a Manchester Utd player threw himself to the ground when a Tottenham player slightly touched him and the referee awarded a penalty.

I was practically giddy when  the referee awarded another penalty when the Tottenham Hotspur player had not seemed to touch the Manchester United player. Then the moment was ruined when this chap apparently called Var decided it was not a penalty.

It means I must content myself with just the one soft penalty. Keep it up premier league.
Paulo (still against Var, despite the right decision being made)



Sound of sport
Following on from Simon, MUFCs email earlier today and the discussion regarding the audio experience with no fans in the stadium. I strongly recommend anyone with a free hour listening to the podcast 99% invisible episode 127 “the sound of sports”. There were a great number of surprises on this episode for me; if memory serves I think that the galloping sound of horse racing is an old recording from the 60’s that they just repeat on every race and I think something similar is true of any rowing race you hear. So football certainly isn’t the first sport to sweeten the TV experience by adding the sound effects on.

Maybe I was imagining it but I am fairly sure that when Aguero hit the side netting on Wednesday they played a distant cheer followed by some kind of light jeering which is a pretty impressive thing to recreate.

Nice one,
James Warren


How will Chelsea evolve?
While Arsenal are obviously the funniest of the Big Six owing to their gross incompetence, Chelsea have also served up some amazing moments of hilarity over the years. Some of my personal favorites include £50m Torres requiring the aid of a puddle to snap his 903 minute barren run for his first Chelsea goal, John Terry going full kit wanker after winning the UCL, and Kepa refusing to be substituted during the League Cup final.

Unfortunately, every couple of years Chelsea pull their act together and assemble a really good team. With the signings of Ziyech and Werner as well as the potential additions of Chilwell and Havertz, it is likely that they are assembling their next great squad. Consequently, we could be in for a couple of really exciting title races between City, Liverpool, and Chelsea over the next few years. United could also be competitive, but I will not be convinced until they jettison Phil Jones and replace their manager with someone who doesn’t resemble a supply teacher.

I am excited to see how Chelsea evolve. Hopefully they will fill their squad with lots of players like Drogba and Hazard who were both a pleasure to watch. However given their track record, I won’t hold my breath.
Oliver, LFC


Good day to all mailboxers, I hope you guys are doing well during this lockdown. A quick thanks to f365 for publishing my previous two mails on Werner and Havertz.

Awesome article by Will Ford on Havertz being a perfect fit for Chelsea, I couldn’t agree more. Besides being excited to see Havertz running into the box as Werner cuts in off the left, I’m also keen to see how Tammy and Mount react to these new signings.

It’s easy to say that they’re no longer good enough and will be relegated to the bench, but that may not necessarily be the case. A huge upside of making signing is that it pushes the current group of players to up their game. Fergie was an expert at this. I remember a time when Chelsea had Joe Cole, Ballack, lampard, deco, ramires and Mike. Suffice to say, there was plenty of competition. Hopefully with these new signings coming in, Mount and Tammy up their game as they try to get closer to these players. Keep in mind this was their first season in the starting 11 for a Premier league team, and they performed admirably well. I wouldn’t count them out just yet. I could even see Mount and Havertz starting together in a midfield 3. With Mount in the midfield, there’s certainly no shortage of energy, and both of them poaching around the box just promises goals. Lampard is building something truly special.
Tashen, South Africa (sign a left back and a cb and we will leave man utd in the dust)


I was slightly surprised by Matt Ford’s verdict that people who think Werner will play with rather than instead of Abraham are “kidding themselves.” I’m not disputing for a moment that Werner is the better player- he’s an elite talent without a doubt. Tammy has been brilliant this season. He’s exceeded every reasonable expectation and shown aspects to his game a lot of us didn’t think he had. He still has some shortcomings, such as his link up play and his inconsistent finishing, but he’s shown enough talent in those areas at times that you’d expect him to improve. Nonetheless, if it’s a straight pick between him and Werner, it is of course Werner every time, and it is indeed the kind of upgrade the club needs to go from top four contender to title contender.

I’ve honestly only seen Werner play a handful of times, but my understanding is that he often plays off the left or as a “second striker,” in both cases playing off a more traditional, physically imposing central striker. In that sense, I think his signing could be great news for Tammy- if they’d signed a classic number nine for a similar price, you’d worry for him more. However, he now has a chance to show he’s up to playing that central role that Schick plays at Leipzig. If he can develop a good relationship with Werner he should benefit a lot- Werner’s pace and movement draws defenders away from him and Werner racks up a lot of assists for his attacking teammates. He’ll also take some of the goalscoring burden off him so that he can focus on the other aspects of his game as well. I think the same applies for Giroud- with his brilliant link up play and the lovely touches he produces around the box, I think we could actually see a lot more of him next season than we might have expected.

If Werner does play on the left, I’m assuming Ziyech takes that right sided spot because he’s bleeding brilliant. That would mean that Tammy wouldn’t be competing with Werner, but with Giroud, Hudson Odoi and Pulisic to fill that last spot. I rate Pulisic very highly as well so he could alternatively be the third man. If they somehow sign Havertz that would complicate things somewhat as he may join the front line, but I’d expect his primary position to be in midfield, so he’d be more of a worry for Mount and, if he finally catches a break with his fitness, RLC (Barkley deserves a mention given his pre-pandemic form but realistically if Havertz arrives he’s gone). I think Tammy has shown a lot of character this season alongside a raw but very serious talent. He has another big challenge ahead but I definitely wouldn’t be writing him out of the first team just yet.
John (Would’ve been three sentences in February), Dublin


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