What’s going on at Liverpool? Can you fire a manager who has already resigned?

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp salutes the fans
Six games or no games left for Jurgen Klopp

The Jurgen Klopp farewell tour is not ending as Liverpool expected. Aston Villa and West Ham supporters also weigh in on their own European journeys.

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Fancy a scrap?
So the recent move by the FA to scrap the traditional FA Cup replays has certainly sparked controversy and drawn criticism from those outside of the top of the football pyramid, with some arguing that it unfairly favours the elite teams and I could not agree more.

So let’s break it down. Premier League clubs, boasting multi-million-pound squads, are now bemoaning the addition of an extra game? It’s akin to lamenting over spilled milk while you’ve got an entire dairy farm at your disposal. This move seems to further tilt the scales in favour of the top 20 clubs, one of which I am a supporter of but I cannot agree to this change at all, it raises huge concerns about fairness and equity within the competition.

The essence of the FA Cup lies in its ability to provide smaller clubs across the football pyramid with a dream and a chance to take on the giants of the game. Replays have historically offered these underdogs an opportunity to bring top-tier teams back to their own grounds or even secure lucrative away fixtures. Additionally, replays serve as a significant source of revenue for lower league teams.

The FA Cup isn’t designed to cater to the whims of the elite; it’s about embracing the magic of cup football and promoting inclusivity within the sport. If participation in the competition proves too burdensome for any Premier League club, the logical solution would be they should just opt out rather than impose their will on the rest of the footballing community.

In essence, the decision to scrap FA Cup replays appears to prioritize the interests of a select few over the integrity and spirit of the competition. It’s a move that has left me questioning the FA’s commitment to fairness and inclusivity within English football and I hope they see the error of their ways and roll back the changes.
The Admin @ At The Bridge Pod 


Klopp out
Can you fire a manager who has already resigned? This team has f***ing downed tools. And the boss has checked out.
Scott, LFC Toronto 


What’s going on at Liverpool? The critics and knives are out, only this time it seems to be amongst our own fans, myself included.

In a way it makes sense, we had such high hopes and expectations for a grand finish for our beloved coach and the wheels have fallen off the wagon, or we’ve had our wheel caps stolen by some car thieves.

We’re hurting and in pain. It wasn’t meant to be like this. Who’s to blame? Is it Nunez? He looks like there’s a psychological force field between him and the goal six yards away at times. Salah has lost it, sell him to The Saudis for whatever we can get. Jota is the only forward who can score a goal, no he can’t he’s crap too.

What is it Luis Diaz actually does again?

Szoboszlai’s for has fallen off a cliff, Endo looks knackered, MacAllister can’t to it all by himself.

Virgil is basically to blame for everything – he’s too laid back. Konate is always injured and not that good. The kids aren’t alright and maybe just maybe Klopp was never that good anyway.

What’s going on? Is all the above true to some degree? Maybe bits are but what I think is really going on is Jurgen is leaving and we can’t cope with that. We want to give him the send off of all send off and that’s making us frantic, desperate and sloppy.

It’s a break-up ladies and gentleman from the most beloved, brilliant and game changing manager we’ve experienced since Shankly. And like most break-ups it’s not going to end well, it will be messy, things will be said we don’t mean, people will get hurt, there will be disappointment.

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“This doesn’t mean more” than other clubs losing their beloved manager, to suggest that would be “classic Liverpool” but maybe it does “mean too much” to us as fans and I suspect the players as well. And maybe the pressure and expectations are just too much and things will fade out rather than explode in a firework of celebration, and maybe that’s ok.

Jurgen leaving is crap and there’s no right way to deal with grief so let’s just feel it all and remember these players are all good human beings and pretty good players truth be told so let’s leave them alone and be with them in our shared grief and give this wonderful man(ager) the send off he deserves for giving us the best days of our lives as fans
Dave LFC (maybe let’s leave the no flag protests off the agenda Spirit of Selfishness for a few weeks if that’s ok?) 


Debunking a Manchester City myth
In response to Ian H I’d like to query his statement that Liverpool have only made one bad signing – Keita – and that City can just replace any transfer mistakes.

I’ve seen the assertion many times that City can just buy a replacement if a signing doesn’t work out as they have ‘unlimited money’ etc and therefore there is no transfer jeopardy. City have the smallest squad in the Premier League, so signings do need to work, as there isn’t room in the squad to carry passengers. Under Pep there are only three examples of a signing not working – Bravo, Mendy and Phillips. And only one of them was actually replaced – Bravo with Ederson. City still haven’t signed a Left Back replacement for Mendy, even though his career was effectively over after he was injured a month after his signing in 2017. And Rodri is doing the work of two players. So under Pep there is only one example of this commonly made claim.

Just looking at the midfield at Liverpool under Klopp you have Oxlade-Chamberlain (£40M), Keita (£53), Thiago (£22M) all poor signings made on top of the existing midfielders of Milner, Wijnaldum, Fabinho and Henderson. And then all of them have been replaced with a brand-new midfielders this season.

So not only is it nonsense to say that “Liverpool do not have the financial power to simply buy a replacement”, it is also nonsense to say that is what City do. This all sounds like deflection and excuses as well as poor recruitment.
Andy D. Manchester. MCFC.


When I typically think of English football the greatest managers have often taken over unfancied clubs and reversed their fortunes and it’s that which enhances their reputations.

Ferguson and Shankly are the two obvious ones who follow this blueprint. Wenger and Klopp are also similar. And Chelsea were pretty irrelevant before Mourinho turned up. Small nod to Benitez for Istanbul.

In that respect the outlier is Guardiola. He turned up at a Man City that was already winning and made them win a bit better but also had an unlimited budget to make transfer mistakes and keep spending. They’re very good and Chelsea and Man Utd prove that money alone doesn’t bring success. His Barcelona work was pretty good in that he binned Ronaldinho and made Messi the center of the world; that can’t have been easy. That said his transfer business outside of using the La Masia talent was mostly good; trading Eto’o for Ibrahimovic did no favours but Pique and Alves were masterstroke purchases. His Bayern time is hard to class as anything other than a bit meh; they were winning the league every year so he must’ve been brought in for Europe and so mostly failed.

I do think Guardiola is a top manager but if Man City are found to have been a bit sketchy (115 charges is a lot) then his reputation in England will be permanently tarnished and people will end up saying he failed at Bayern and only won at Man City because of financial doping. They’ll conveniently put his Barcelona success down to La Masia which I think is not strictly fair either.
Minty, LFC


Emery old time
Wow. This conference league is a lot of tense fun! It’s amazing the strides the club has made and incredible we were able to attract a manager like Emery. How he has kept this lot going through injury after injury to keep fighting every game is mad.  In with a shout for champions league and in the semi finals of this competition is far and away above any expectations I had under Gerrard/Dean Smith or when we were drawing with QPR at home in the Championship.

I initially gave Lille all the credit for a high energy, constant pressing game really making us look tired. Then I read after the match they were given last weekend off by the French FA while we were going hell for leather trying to beat a title chasing team. Feels a bit… rude.

Martinez is a master craftsman of beautiful sh*thouses. I know if he didn’t play for us I’d think he was an idiot but he does and I love him to bits. He is hilarious. He got absolute dogs abuse all game from the French fans (I wonder why?) No exaggeration, every single time he touched the ball the whole stadium booed him and he basically loved it. What a guy!

As we stagger towards the end of the season, I’m hoping we have enough vs Arsenal like performances left in us to get us over line in 4th as it seems every other English team has ballsed up the chances of 5th place getting a Champions League place. Cheers guys.
Funstar (Back down to Earth when we lose to Bournemouth at home…) Andy


I’m guessing the other Villa fans were too ‘tired’ to write in this morning. So here goes:

Emi Martinez – he’s best in the World.


Turn up the Moyes
That first half last night was like nothing I’ve seen from West Ham. On the front foot, pressing Leverkusen whenever they tried to play out from the back and creating numerous chances. I can’t imagine Leverkusen have experienced a tougher 45 minutes all season and it is telling that Alonso felt the need to sub off one of the centre backs after half an hour, and then make a further two changes at half time.

We have experienced a few great European nights at the new stadium (is it still new after 8 years?) but the noise in the first half was better than anything else. It really showed what can happen when you push forward to try and win the game rather than sit passively and hope for something to happen.

Unfortunately the changes made by Alonso, coupled with our players running out of steam meant that we were unable to keep up the tempo and ultimately created few chances in the second half. When Frimpong blazed a one-on-one over the bar I did start to belief that it might just be our night, but it wasn’t to be.

One thing the game did highlight was the lack of options off the bench, and this is entirely self inflicted. With 20 minutes to go as players were tiring we needed to do something to freshen things up. The options were Ings, Cornet, Johnson and six youth team players (two of them goalkeepers). We let two players leave in January that might have been able to do something (Fornals & Benrahma) and only replaced them with Kalvin Phillips. Unfortunately Moyes’ method of sticking with the same starting XI every week and making barely any subs means that players on the fringes are desperate to leave, and when they occasionally do get a few minutes they are so out of nick that they are unable to perform.

On a separate note, I am not sure I agree with all the hand wringing about FA Cup replays. This gives lower league teams a better chance to progress to the next stage of the competition as they are far more likely to win a shoot out than a replay. The other changes with 4th 5th and 6th rounds being played on weekends with no PL fixtures gives the competition more prominence. The one change I do not like is the final being played before the league season is finished, the final should always be the last game of the domestic season.
Andy the Hammer (lump on Palace this weekend, our players are shot)


Let me rephrase
Jon, your response is appreciated and and heartfelt.

I get what you’re saying, football fans of opposition clubs as a whole are nauseating. I grew up in the 1990s, surrounded by Man United fans and I still carry trauma of that today. Thank god we didn’t have the internet back then!

What I’m asking is why would you rather Arsenal fail than Spurs succeed? The Villa and Bayern results, while rightfully entertaining for you, are very detrimental to Spurs season. Surely Champions League qualification should be the aim at all costs, even if it does mean Arsenal win a few more games? The greater financial rewards along with the increased quality of players available would surely give you the best possible opportunity to actually compete with your biggest rivals? But no, you’d rather mill around the Europa League and attract 2nd tier players if it means Arsenal win nothing. That’s definition of cutting off your nose to spite your face! It’s called ambition sweetheart!