Edwards could get Brexit done and return for January window

Date published: Friday 18th September 2020 9:58

Keep those Liverpool mails coming to theeditor@football365.com…


Edwards for England. And Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Could we not ask LFC to loan Michael Edwards to Boris Johnson after the window closes? He (Edwards) could successfully negotiate Brexit and probably three or four trade deals and be back in the office for the January window.
The Jeep


Happy to Bale out
I’ve just seen on the news that Gareth Bale is due to fly in to London to sign for Tottenham, I can honesty say thank god!

For the first time in a long time it looks like Man Utd are finally starting to put all their trust behind the manager.

Bale whilst on his day is a phenomenal talent, he is old, injury prone and now unproven due his lack of playing time. Previously this screamed of a transfer to Utd as a “marque” or “statement of intent” by the club but for once it looks like they have been clever and sat this one out (could be wrong, he may of rejected Utd, we will never know either way).

I like most Utd fans think we defo need a few more signings, but they need to be young and hungry for success and above all else a team player! Wether that be Sancho or not our team does not need another repeat of the last few years signing huge names who then fail to push us to the next level.

Will we win the league next year? I doubt it, but if we continue as we are we will make strides back towards where we want to be and looking at a much brighter future with a proper plan in place of how to get there.


…What better place for a flair player who has fallen out of love with football to be than…to play under Mourinho.

Clueless how a player can watch All or Nothing and want to go to Tottenham. Seems like a miserable place. This is Sanchez all over again, Mourinho made him hate the club on day one.
Shehzad Ghias, mufc, karachi


Liverpool’s big deal
First of all, I would like to talk about the nature of the Thiago signing. This might well be the most high profile signing in Liverpool’s history after Fernando Torres. Xabi Alonso and Luis Suarez can be mentioned in the same domain but they were coming from relatively smaller teams with that big question mark of whether they would be able to perform at top level or not. Thiago is a proven world class midfielder. He could easily get into the list of top ten midfielders based on the performances over the last 6-7 years. Apart from that he has got a legit winning mentality. He is leaving a CL winning team for the sake of new challenge which tells you all about his competitive nature.
Coming towards what will he offer to liverpool? Well we all now the main attacking outlet of liverpool are the fullbacks. If you shutdown the wide areas and form a deep block, you will pretty much be able to contain liverpool or their attacking threat. Thiago opens up an entirely new attacking passageway through the middle because of his excellent passing range. Now this new attacking venture is going to have some implications.
1) You cant just give complete freedom to do his stuff. You will either have to man mark him or close him down in a timely manner. This means increased spacing and ball playing options for rest of the midfielders specially naby keita. Thiago might well kinda untap Keita’s true potential. With that increased spacing keita can make easy forward runs. Same goes for the likes of Ox and Gini.
2) With the advent of central attacking outlet, teams can no longer focus entirely on protecting the flanks. They will have to give an equal amount of attention to middle of the park too. This means TAA and Robbo will have better/increased crossing opportunities. Which in turn means Liverpool would become more and more lethal.
3) Those quick switch of plays from one flank to another and accurate long balls to Salah and Mane would create more 1 v 1 situations. Both Salah and Mane would thrive in this condition. Specially Mane whose agility and sudden change of pace could prove to be destructive.
4) Liverpool’s transition from defense to attack could be even faster. Watch out Thiago’s highlights and you will see he is excellent at absorbing pressure, creating space for himself and spreading out the ball first time. Firmino and Henderson are often seen doing this but they usually take extra two three touches before executing that final pass. First time pass means a better goal scoring opportunity.

Finally congratulations to all the pool fans out there. We are getting Thiago in possibly the most bizarre transfer window in recent times. Liverpool is a destination club for sure now. Also hats off to Edwards for pulling off such an amazing deal!! #YNWA


This mean more
It really hurts some people deep down that Liverpool are good again, why? God knows we were bad for long enough, just like man utd are getting close to 10 years of bad now, “ this means more” works both ways, because obviously it hurts man utd fans more when we win it than when Chelsea or Man City or Arsenal do.

They are so blinded by rage that they just throw whatever they can at Liverpool, football related or otherwise, relevant or irrelevant, even signing Thiago is a stick to beat us with, some even hate the city itself and it’s people,

if u want to be objective you must resign to the fact that all 20 EPL clubs are big businesses that care about money first and winning second, and they all make bad decisions sometimes, both on and off the pitch, so stop burying your heads in the sand mancs and turn your frustration onto what is your real problem, your transfer dealings have been below standard this summer, and have been for a few years (fernandes apart- what a player!).

Remember that we are spectators in it to be entertained and if our team wins it’s a big plus, I like what chelsea have done this window, I’m excited to see if Bale can cut it again at Spurs, even Newcastle pleasantly surprised us with decent first impressions from their new boys, and it’s intriguing how Arsenal have become a bit of a bogie team for us that we must overcome, it all makes for a great season of football ahead and we need entertainment more than anything these days,

So stop being jealous of all the other teams mancs (especially Liverpool) and tell your board to get it together and join everyone else for the ride,
Waleed (just fire Woodward) AlMasri


Thiago is 29 until he’s 30
This signing of thiago brings up a real pet peeve of mine. Everyone is saying he is 30 in April, just say he is 29 – we can add the extra year in 7 months time! It’s not like he is turning 30 next week. Nearly 60% of the world have their bday in the next 7 months

Rant over
David (but what an amazing signing) Morris


Real and Kean
No, there is no greater set of odious, ungrateful fans that Real Madrid. Look up the words “entitled, spoiled brats” and you’ll see a Real Madrid supporter.

On a separate note, how great were Anthony Gordon and Niels Nkounkou on Wednesday night? Evertonians were about to throw down on Twitter about who should have been MoTM. Both were worthy. I would however like to say a word on Moise Kean. He was not good last night. Not good at all. The thing you have to understand about Evertonians is that some (emphasis on “some”) wanted him hooked from the match and sold to the highest bidder before they had gotten back on to the team bus. This short sighted thinking seems to becoming unfortunately, more the norm however.

Young player had bad game = get rid asap.

I don’t understand it. The league is full of players who didn’t set the world on fire when they started but improved over time to become a valuable part of the squad. Look at DeBruyne & Lukaku (not picking on Chelsea here, those are the obvious two that come to mind.) They were shipped out pretty quick and yet turned into good players. Tom Davies has had ample playing time to show us his ability. I think he’d do well with a Championship club. I don’t think he’s shown enough to be a consistent Premier League contributor. Moise Kean? Heck, he’s played what? One or two full matches for us with several cameo minute 75 and beyond appearances and “GET RID???”

My long winded point is this. If you’re calling for 19 year old players to be shipped out because they “aren’t good enough” based on very little evidence other than one or two matches, then perhaps you don’t know football very well and kneejerk reactions are your strong suit.
TX Bill (I went for Nkounkou as my MoTM….someone at Marseille has probably lost their job this morning) EFC


Managed by Fergie, Pep and Co.
I’ve got a half decent front 6 if we can find a back 5…

CM :

Patrick Viera – Wenger (AFC) / Capello (Juve) / Mancini (Inter & City)

Xabi Alonso – Benitez (Liverpool) / Pep / Ancelotti (both Bayern) / Mourinho (Real)

Wide Players :

Arjen Robben – Pep / Ancelotti / Van Gaal (all Bayern) / Mourinho (Chelsea)

Ronaldo (not that one) – SAF (Utd) / Mourinho / Ancelotti / Benitez / Zidane (all Real) / Allegri (Juve)

Strikers :

Samuel Eto’o – Pep (Barcelona) / Mourinho (Inter)

Zlatan – Capello (Juve) / Pep (Barcelona) / Mourinho (Inter) / Allegri (Milan) / Ancelotti (PSG)

Sub :

Thierry Henry – Pep (Barcelona) / Wenger (Monaco & Arsenal)

Good luck tracking the movement and pace on that front four in its prime…


England B
While going through our options for the season, I realised that Man Utd could form an all-English 3-4-3 line up…


Maguire – Smalling – Shaw

AWB – Jones – Garner – Williams

Lingard – Greenwood – Rashford

Would be interesting to find out where England B (or C?) would finish in the league. Any other clubs capable of forming an XI from solely one country?
Sian (Sancho might get a place on the bench) in Singapore



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