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Pickford should be sidelined with Van Dijk

As we continue to wait to see if Pickford actually receives any punishment for his hit and run attack on VVD, I’d like to propose a new rule to stave off this kind of assault in the future.

The rule being that if you injure another player, you’re not allowed to kick a ball again until they can too.

And I’m not talking about the day to day business. Solid tackles where someone falls awkwardly, or unfortunate tangling of legs.

I’m talking about missing the ball entirely, connecting with the opposition’s body, and causing a serious injury to that body part.

Pickford could sit the rest of this season out just like VVD, and think about what he’s done.

My only reservation here is that it might force Everton to shell out for a new keeper in January and actually make them even better than they are now.

I guess we just can’t win this one.
Ryan C, LFC


…Pickford and Richarlison shouldn’t be allowed to play until Virgil and Thiago are fit again.
Red Rob, NYC


…Just my two cents, but if Pickford was anything but English, he would of seen red. A very typical “free pass” for an English International both from the ref and the “ex Pros” across all the TV channels.

In other news David Moyes is flying at the moment and I for one am delighted for him.


Play on, Pickford

I’m a tad confused reading that Pickford’s potential post match ban will benefit other teams.

Given the, often deserved, stick he seems to get every game, the fact someone else will be in goal, surely it is Everton who will benefit.

Ged Biglin.

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More derby fallout

I see Ian, EFC really digs into the minutiae of Saturday’s derby in order to justify his six and one, same for both sides, ‘get over it’ opinion. Thing is Ian, I know Everton are desperate to get back to their position of the 1980s but you should be aware that in the 21st century top level football matches are covered with a multitude of camera angles and replays.

Robertson did have a little lunge at Allen, but as anyone who watched the game saw this was instantaneous as he fell after a cynical, off the ball, shove in the back by Mina who escaped a yellow card for it.

I can’t actually recall Mane kicking out at Mina, but for his booking both he and Digne jump up for the ball and it’s Digne who touches it but then follows into Mane’s leg studs first. But unlike Everton’s players attitude to the ref all game Mane simply pointed once to his leg to the ref, then shrugged in acceptance at his yellow.

TAA had a ‘massive’ handful of Richarlison’s shirt? If he did it’s not obvious on the replays, I’ll tell you what was obvious on the replays though, the fact that Keane has a generous handful of Fabinho’s shirt just before he outjumps him for the equaliser.

I’m only pointing these things out because of the need for balance you understand, as Ian set the example of really getting us into ‘everything’ that was missed.

And as far your VVD / karma ‘point’, defender does to two run of the mill, top flight football fouls = possibly missing the rest of the season from a disgraceful, unpunished foul. I’d get really angry, but some of us know SOME Evertonians are capable of far worse statements.

Lastly, as previously mentioned, Everton are making a concerted effort to get themselves permanently back amongst the hierarchy, and they currently sit atop the league after 5 games. Well, let’s say later this season in, for instance, the Manchester derby Laporte and De Bruyne are put out of the game for months (as is the speculation re: VVD and Thiago at time of typing) by two blatant, reckless red card tackles from United, do you think that would just go unmentioned, uncommented upon and no one would complain?

If you want to wrestle with the big boys you can’t just still sit in the corner and claim to be harmless, innocent little Everton when your players clearly overstep the mark.
Cheers, Rob.


…At the risk of sounding repetitive… which I undoubtedly will… just some thoughts on the Merseyside derby. It’s delicious watching the outrage and affrontery of these Liverpool fans who can’t cope with the fact that a few key decisions have gone against them. It’s that unconscious bias that they’ve been happily lapping up for the last 20 years through refs and the media that means they can’t cope when it doesn’t go their way. Applies to a certain other team in red too.

Anyway. No one likes to see players getting injured but it is an occupational hazard. When Son broke Gomes’ leg last season with a horror challenge… the media outpouring of sympathy towards SON and how bad he felt was quite something to behold. And where this narrative about Richarlison being dirty comes from I don’t know. He spends 90 mins of every game being kicked around the pitch and usually with no retaliation. The guy has apologised and I for one didn’t see anything malicious or cynical in the challenge… just horrendous timing and misplaced passion. Same with Pickford. He was going for the ball. Stupidly and recklessly and he probably should have been sent off. But he didn’t target VVD or attempt to take him out the game. Everyone just needs to calm down.

Anyone who thinks Everton went out to kick Liverpool around obviously didn’t watch the game. It was full of hard tackles and cynical fouls by both teams. Liverpool huffed and puffed without creating vast amounts of clear cut chances… they were probably the better team to be fair but it wasn’t like they dominated. We could have won it at the end. (Imagine the mailbox if that had happened)

RE: VAR… The mail about the difference between accuracy and precision was spot on. As an engineer I know you can be very precise but wildly inaccurate depending on the quality of your input etc. I feel that offside is impossible to call with the level of tech we have. And if you are going to rule that that level of precision… the accuracy has to be there to back it up… it’s hard to argue that’s the case right now. Better to leave offside to the assistant ref and keep VAR for mad handballs and phantom penalties
James EFC


EVARton…..Good one. VAR lost the plot – I’ll come back to that – Blues fans moaning cause Liverpool fans moaned. Look there should’ve been two red cards and five goals. After that mauling from the Villains (They deserved to win… with some luck) I wanted to see the team give a good performance and, largely I think they did and I think the defeat to Villa might just give us the kick up the… It’s the hope that kills. Any way back to VAR. First I am pro VAR, but for one thing only. Clear and Obvious! Nothing else! We are swapping a subjective on-field referee for a subjective studio-based referee. If you leave all on field decisions to the person in the middle and two linos – ALL subjective decisions. We get back to Clear and Obvious. Clear and obvious would NOT be an armpit, t-shirt sleeve, big toe or whatever for offside, it would be clear and obvious like the whole body is beyond the defender anything tighter should be left to the on field officials, most they’ll get right (hopefully) and some wrong, but surely that is acceptable, you can’t blame a lino for getting a tight call wrong (well not for long anyway!). CLEAR and OBVIOUS! A Martial v Lamella (If one goes they should both go) Some foul play off the ball where the referee hasn’t seen it. Clear and obvious! Stockley Park is doing exactly what it said it wouldn’t do. Re-refereeing the game! If they let the referee call the shots and ONLY assist with Clear and Obvious errors, then VAR is good, if not, what is the point of the ref!



…I’m a Liverpool fan and a few of my emails have made it to the site.

I was a little annoyed about the decisions in th merseyside derby because they were really very dumb.

But let’s not have sour grapes. The emails saying Everton acted like thugs and brutalised us is not fair. There were some bad challenges but that wasn’t representative of the entire game. Largely they played well, I’d still have thought we deserved to win but nobody should be saying Everton didn’t play well, because they did.

I’ve been a Liverpool fan long enough to have seen what a real brutal derby looks like and aside from Pickford and richarlison, this wasn’t one really.
P.S Thiago looked twice the player everyone said he was and most of the time darted and weaved around some of the more physical play proving you don’t need to be physical to perform well in a physical game


…I’m a Liverpool fan and I understand that some of my fellow supporters feel less than happy after Saturday’s game. But me? I don’t feel cheated at all. Horrrendously dirty tackles, sublime footballing skills, controversial refereeing decisions and in the end, a draw. That’s the kind of Merseyside Derby I grew up with. Long may they continue.


Hands across Merseyside

Lots of vitriol between us and the Kopites this weekend, and I’m sure it will continue… But I think we were all united in laughing at David Moyes causing a Jose Mourinho meltdown

Matt, EFC, London


You’ve gotta laugh

I wasn’t watching the football today as my better half insisted we do our bit for the local pub by heading over for late afternoon Sunday roast. But I did have half an eye on the scoreline between my boys at WHL and really quite enjoyed seeing the scoreline rack up to a comfortable early lead.

And then we walked home with about ten minutes to go and I’ve just seen that *somehow* it has ended up three each!!! Wowzers.

In any other season, I reckon I’d have been doing my nut – calling for the sacking of a manager that I’ve never been confident as a good fit for the club or for Davison Sanchez to be dropped and replaced with someone more useful, like a geriatric Gary Mabbutt. I dunno.

But right now, with the world in such utter chaos and the premier league so universally batshit mental, i think it’s both hilariously brilliant and brilliantly hilarious. It’s just pure, unpredictable entertainment. And isn’t that what we all need right now???

When has a Jose Mourinho side ever relinquished a three goal advantage or Manchester United conceded six or reigning champions conceded seven to a side tipped for relegation? I could probably google it, but I don’t really care. Covid, for all its ills, has become the agent of chaos we all needed in the Premier league. I wouldn’t rule out ANY of last season’s top 12 as potential title contenders. And that’s great.

If we could just find a common sense alternative to “Project Big Bollocks” or whatever it’s called, this would be an absolute golden age for football fans, even if it does mean watching “your” side slip up along the way.
Chris Bridgeman, Kingston upon Thames

F365 Says: Spurs have peaked and distilled Spursiness to its very essence


Spurs’ collapse worse than Liverpool’s

I may open pandora’s box with this, but here it goes. Which one is worse: losing 7-2 like liverpool against Villa or tottenham’s self-destruction to draw 3-3 against west ham??

My take is Liverpool’s more embarrasing on paper due to the massive scoreline being Champions but tottenham being tottenham doing tottenham things is more damaging. You can say that liverpool suffered 4 goals scored off deflections which is a statistical aberration in itself to save face.

But there’s something else to being comfortably superior, vastly overplaying an adversary at home turf, 3-0 up after 15 minutes until the 82nd minute wasting chances almost for fun and yet somehow find yourself 3-3 at the final whistle. Against a team managed by, of all people, David Moyes.
Raúl H. García (Welcome to the 3-0 comeback club West Ham!) LFC YNWA-1892


The Bale effect

3-0 to 3-3. Lovely to see the Bale effect immediately, and Mourinho backing up F365’s not knee-jerk at all conclusion that he still has it.

Man Utd still an anomaly?
Chris Armitage (Happy Northern Gooner)


Not cool, Sergio

With the interlull finally over we could all rejoice at the Premier League returning and giving us a weekend full of meaningful football. Once again, plenty of goals and plenty of talking points. Such as: Pickford, with his “don’t panic Mr Mannering I’m in charge!” brand of goalkeeping. The offside rule needing revising with VAR in place. Incompetent/corrupt VAR operatives (not just saying that because I had money on Liverpool to win 3-2). No penalty for jumping with raised studs at head height. £80 million Maguire actually heading a ball correctly. VVD likely out for the season. The return of Aguero. The return of Bale. Tottenham being Tottenham… On the return of Aguero, first of all, thank you F365 for bringing the story up. I was grateful that MotD brought it up too. And, AND, when The Sun (The f***ing Sun) calls you out on the uninvited and condescending handling of a woman you know you have egg on your face. When the City striker clasped his hand on the official’s shoulder (and mighty close to her neck) I immediately shouted at the TV demanding at least a yellow card. Even though the lineswoman clearly reached to throw his hand away no punishment was given. My girlfriend was livid. But, she didn’t say too much about it. That is, until Pep’s press conference later that evening. When questioned about the incident I read his brushing aside of the matter as his “with the press I will defend you until the end but in here I will f***ing tell you how it is” management gimmick. My girlfriend snapped: “THAT’S NOT OKAY! That’s NOT okay!” You see, and forgive me if I’m preaching to the choir, but, by not condemning Aguero’s actions we have one of the top figures in English football giving the all-clear to perpetuating misogyny and gate-keeping in our sport. And in the same weekend we celebrate records being broken in the women’s top flight, too (see Miedema). I’m sad and angry to hear that there won’t be any retroactive punishment for the striker. And everybody knows he wouldn’t have done it to a male official. I shouldn’t have to give a female perspective to illustrate how wrong it was, and I genuinely felt bad that I couldn’t relate. Still, it’s disgusting, and it makes me so angry I could spit.
Simon, Norf London Gooner


Up the Villa

I don’t know when it’s going to end, quite possibly this Friday, but after the few seasons at the end of Lerners reign, the club being close to going under altogether before another take over and years and years of our best players leaving for better things, it feels good to be a Villa supporter right now.

Paul (Conor Byrne is not allowed become our Mailbox spokesman now that we are doing well again!) O’Sullivan


Sunday League stuff

I used to think there were loads of goals in my Sunday league as we were a bit rubbish at defending. Now I realised it’s just the lack of crowds
David (How was Mane offside?) Morris