Liverpool and Klopp should be ashamed of their Bellingham lies – the transfer spin is pathetic

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Liverpool have spun their favourite transfer line once too often for one fan. Jude Bellingham was there for the taking and they let Real Madrid have him.

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Happy Fixtures Day
I wait with baited breath to see if Liverpool get their usual chance to warm up and play loads of games before meeting all of the Top 6 at home after they have found form. For example, United were made to play 11 of their home fixtures against other Top 6 sides in the early part of the season yet in the same period Liverpool were given 18 games against the Top 6, with 13 of them being away so they could play the home fixtures when they were up to speed

Stinks of bias to me as there is no way teams could drop points to others outside the Top 6 for example Fulham or Palace in the early games of the season

This playing each other twice a season really needs looking at
King Ralph, MUFC (Just sell us…just not to that bidder)


In his attempt to get in early about fixtures being unfair, Klopp, i mean Bobby Bear, seems to forget united lost to Palace and Brighton in two of the last 3 seasons [and a rivalry game with Leeds between], so cushy as it might have been on paper, it didn’t play out that way.

And not getting any of the top 6 in last 9 years on opening day? Chelsea would like a word.

Funny though, almost like its a good thing to get a big game out of the way immediately and hit the ground running, and even a loss isn’t too bad as you’ve 37 more games to make it up, was sure that was why Liverpool were getting them. Ah well, what do i know, i’m no super computer.
Anthony, Dublin


Interesting theory from Bobby Bear – worth pointing out bears are naturally very adept at fishing – but rather than ask why pick an arbitrary number of 7 games or even check the fixtures of the other 6 teams to prove this right or wrong, I have another angle on it.

I would rather have my toughest fixtures in the first month of the season as teams generally aren’t in their groove, with new signings not bedded in. Furthermore, a lot of teams haven’t nailed down their squads yet with the transfer window still open, and normally the bigger teams improve their squad as the window goes on. Put simply, there’s likely to be more chance of an upset.

Finally, not playing any of the bigger teams in the first couple of months is likely to lead to a run of tougher fixtures at some stage, as there is less chance of them being spread out. Just look at this season for Utd – in Sept into Oct our run of fixtures was Arsenal, City, Everton, Newcastle, Spurs then Chelsea. First half of season before we had a run of Liverpool, Spurs, City, Watford, Chelsea then Arsenal.

So yeah Bobby, don that tinfoil hat on our behalf and ask for a bit of a spread of tough fixtures – give us City and Liverpool away in the first few weeks please.
Garey Vance, MUFC


Liverpool lies
Right, that’s me done with LFC.

(I should apologise in advance for this rant I spose! But you don’t have to read it)

My LFC Season tickets of 26 years have just been handed back to the club.

I’ll be back only once FSG and Klopp have gone.

“This”, “means more” at LFC only does so because we are so passionate about the club as LFC fans that we believe any old sh*te the club throws at us by way of media spin. Jurgen is just as bad. I’m no longer prepared to be that gullable.

Last season was horrific. Awful. At times embarrassing. And we need to bounce back massively this year because such a fall from grace should have been enough for Jurgen to have been politely shown the door (with the clubs best wishes and huge love and gratitude forever)
But instead we were sold the sh*te that we were going all out for Bellingham this year. Even with a few “talks with family members have started” thrown in for good measure

Then, we walk away from Bellingham due to the usual “sensible sustainable player investment” sh*te we usually get. And usually fall for.

Then Bellingham goes to Madrid for about 40% less than we thought. More importantly, for a fee number not at all out of whack with previous investments LFC have made

So we’ve been spun the usual sh*te we always get. And I’m done.

I should say that Mac Allister looks a v good player to me. But a Bellingham he is not. Nor will the Mac Allister plus 2 other 30-50m players we will get in before next season collectively be either.

Thanks for reading. I also put this in a letter to the club I sent this morning returning my season tickets.

Goodbye LFC – I will miss the passion, but not the constant lies I keep being sold.
Paul, Wirral


The sh*t hits the City fans
Okay so I have left it a few days before I put my two penneth forward regarding City, so here goes.

Listening to City fans going through mental contortions to justify their 115 charges is quite an eye opener, by all means enjoy winning the treble whilst playing some excellent football but as fans of other clubs will tell you the caveat is that they were won by cheating the system.

The cries of “Yeah but United spent loads too” really don’t mean shit you see United actually are a big club who make loads of money even when the American parasites run us like their own personal piggy bank, City on the other hand no matter what the latest figures tell us are a lot smaller and without creative accountancy which would make Jimmy Carr blush would be nowhere near the spending capabilities of United, Arsenal and Liverpool,

So in short you are basically a false construct, a rich mans Champ Manager wet dream, I know it’s not the fans fault that their club was bought by a man who wanted his toy to be the best so went about it by nefarious means, what City fans need to do is hold their collective hands up and say “Yeah we know we are a bit dodgy but we don’t care” rather than trying to defend the indefensible – own your cheating.

Lastly the press F365 included need to take their tongues from City behinds and call them for what they are, Daniel Story writing a piece on how wonderful City are and another on if Qatar take over United it would be the end of football, hypocrisy at its finest.
Paul Murphy, Manchester (Which is incidentally still red)


The world has changed, and it is never anyone’s actual fault, and everyone is the victim – at least the way the news or pundits would tell you.

So poor Ivan Toney. He is probably a nice guy but now he is complaining that ‘they’ prevented him from going to the World Cup and took soooo long to charge him, and are impacting his mental health by not letting him train with his team for the first half of his sentence. Remind me again, how long was he gambling? Talk about head in the sand. No, Ivan, it’s your fault. Pure and simple.

READ MOREThe regrettable Ivan Toney case is a reminder of football’s growing gambling problem

One pundit even mentioned there should be training? For what. The law is clear – Thou Shalt Not Gamble – and certainly not on your own team. Look, EPL players are well-paid. He can afford a psychiatrist if he needs mental health, he won’t be confined to his home, he can shop and party, go to cafes and restaurants, etc. It’s not like a player receiving an injury that requires surgery and keeps them out for a year and away from the team for ages – often not through their own fault. If you were that concerned, you could have got help earlier. But please, let’s stop pretending he is a victim of this.

Then City fans, fans who proclaim in one breath that City is the bestest run team in the world, and it isn’t just about the financial doping, are now on the ‘it was just an admin error’ bandwagon. Seriously. Which is it? Again, these statements are worded as if City is the victim of overzealous prosecutions on ‘admin errors.’ They are not. The charge breakdown may show some items that appear minor but point to the systemic and systematic approach to cheating that knowingly took place. Remember, this is the team whose net spend since 2008 was $1.5B, which incidentally was $1B more than the team who pushed them hardest most recently, Liverpool. Think about that while talking about ‘clerical errors.’
Paul McDevitt


Enemy of the state
Andy D, I utterly despise what we’ve become. I feel far less affection for the club than ever before; we’ve been a gauche, corporate whore for the last decade who only now seem to be on the right track with ten Hag.

Now I won’t for one second claim United fans are better than City’s, because I’ve seen the near universal hunger for Qatar online. That’s not me, nor my Manchester based United friends, though. F**k that. I don’t want to be state owned. I can’t support that. I will walk away and make Altrincham my only team rather than my second team.

I just can’t do it. To quote Doug Stanhope “it’d be like going into a casino and cheering for the house”.
Lewis, Busby Way

Man utd takeover


Intellectual dishonesty
I’ve alluded to it previously, unlike most Liverpool fans, I have always been quite fond of Manchester City. I thought it was hilarious and convenient that while Liverpool was not in a position to do anything about United’s dominance (which has always been supported by the club’s financial/commercial power), their local rival would be taken over by a series of billionaire owners who would turn United into the poor neighbors harkening back to their “history”. I have also always been quite fond of Pep Guardiola/Barcelona. I supported Liverpool without any hope or expectation that we would ever win another league title, and wasn’t even particularly confident we would find our way back into the Champions League. When City and Guardiola joined forces in 2016, I wasn’t thinking “oh no, this will make things tough for Liverpool”, I was thinking “oh good, this will produce spectacular football, and will hopefully prevent United/Mourinho/Chelsea from winning anything either”.

I could in hindsight be bitter about the titles Pep/City prevented Klopp/Liverpool from winning, but if anything it makes me prouder of the league and European Cup titles won. Dare I say it, Guardiola/City’s presence led to Liverpool’s titles… Meaning More. Hell, Pep/City made the two second-place near-miss finishes feel like an accomplishment.

All this is to say that I have no bias against Manchester City and no reason to side with UEFA/the PL on the FFP allegations – I do not think that any titles will be granted to clubs-who-finished-2nd-behind-City, and I certainly wouldn’t want Liverpool to benefit from this happening. However, I also have no bias towards Manchester City, and no reason to disbelieve them. It’s just my opinion; I am no expert and I do not have any inside information, but when I read (in detail) the allegation made by the Spiegel, and when I read as much as is available about the Premier League’s charges against City, I don’t see trumped-up charges against an innocent club being framed. What I have seen is very plausible and believable. If anything, the idea that this is all fabricated seems extremely fanciful to me.

Yesterday morning, Richard, Manchester provided a perfect example of the ludicrous head-in-sand denialism which some Manchester City fans seem to be very committed to, with regard to these one hundred and fifteen (115) FFP charges against them. Richard claims “according to Der Spiegal the problem was that City tried to circumnavigate FFP by hiding payments to Mancini via a third party. Except of course FFP wasn’t a thing then so would have been a weird thing to do. We could have paid Mancini a billion quid a week and not been in breach of rules that didn’t exist at the time”.

I’m not sure if Richard thinks that we weren’t around at the time, and/or if Richard doesn’t think this information is available if you Google it, but FFP was agreed to in September 2009 + Mancini became Manager in December 2009. Further, FFP had been in discussion for years prior, it’s not like it was suddenly announced out of thin air (like a Liverpool transfer signing, smirk). It’s b***s*** like this from City fans in the Mailbox about the 115 charges which really grinds my gears. It is intellectually dishonest and I hope they themselves are aware of it. It is very transparent from the outside and very clear to those reading what you write. Mark, MCFC was guilty of this last week and James Outram rightfully called him out on it.

The 115 charges are not entirely, or even primarily, about Mancini’s shadow contract. They are also about providing false accounts/statements/documentation/evidence. The Mancini story is just the easiest-to-digest/discuss part, unless I am mistaken. Perhaps I’m just being too ‘Swiss’ about this, but providing false evidence/documentation about your financials seems like a Very Big F****** Deal to me.
Oliver Dziggel, Geneva Switzerland 


…and UEFA cannot organise finals
Also just wanted to quickly write in and make clear that I very much sincerely sympathize with the sh*tty experience Andy D and Tom had in Istanbul. Like I said, I have been to two finals myself and can relate. I came to the same conclusion Tom came to, i.e. “I probably won’t be doing that again”.

At the same time, I feel it was fair for me to point out the difference between the situation in Paris last year and the situations which play out seemingly every-single-time-UEFA-hosts-a-damn-football-match-anywhere. Paris 2022 is described as a “near-miss” in terms of people dying from crowd mismanagement. This does’t make the situations in other UEFA finals acceptable, it just means it doesn’t really seem to be an appropriate comparison to make in this instance (unless Saturday was in fact much worse than I have seen described thus far).
Oliver Dziggel, Geneva Switzerland 


Mood lighting
Have to issue a correction on your Premier League moods table.

My season ended with a 6-hour journey on a coach with a busted toilet*, arriving at Old Trafford just in time to hit traffic from Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay and Elton f***ing John.

On Saturday, a wonderfully timed getaway weekend in Dublin was interrupted by the other game and my Guinness induced, 5-minute screaming fit at Lukaku at first amused but then seriously troubled the locals. Coming back, blue flags seem to have popped up all across South Manchester, even outside houses where the kids still kick a ball about in Rashford and Ronaldo shirts.

Just this morning, Apple News hit me with four stories about Sheikh Jassim, accompanied by that one (definitely AI created) image of him. Every day it seems that he’s bringing Mbappe and state ownership closer to our door, whether he actually exists or not. I’m now a bizarre cheerleader for capitalism, hoping “Sir Jim” can get enough PE firms on board to lead us to the heady heights he’s achieved with Nice.

In my 30+ years following the club this feels like rock bottom so I would like to formally request we bypass at least Liverpool where their only real disappointment this season – after realising Klopp had gone full Klopp – was that Everton stayed up again.

*the smell will haunt me forever.
Simon MUFC


Blimey, I don’t know what Liverpool supporters you’ve been talking to.

18th in the mood table? Below *Everton*? Hmmmm, let me think.


Yeah, last season was a shitshow in comparison to recent years. But we still came 5th and qualified for Europe. Quite a few clubs would like to have a season that bad.

It’s only a season since we almost won literally everything and still did win both domestic cups. We have actually won the absolute lot in the last 5 seasons. So it’ll take more than one pony effort for my mood to plunge that badly thank you very much.

Sure plenty of teams had good years compared to expectations. But we’ve just come off a 30 year title drought, we’ve felt an awful lot worse than this for an awful lot longer.

And we did beat United 7-0 – which is a massive mood enhancer in anyone’s books.
James, Liverpool 


Graeme crackers
I suppose it’s my fault for leaving the merest iota of ambiguity about what I said about Souness, but it is telling that those who moaned about me saying that old school hardmen have no place in the modern game missed the bit about him being a vital component of that Liverpool team. My point being is that old school hardmen would spend more time suspended than they would playing now that the rules have changed so much in order to protect players from overly aggressive fouling.

I am sure I saw something where a modern referee watched the Chelsea/Leeds FA Cup final in 70 and declared he would have sent off ten players or so under current rules, and that was a good few years ago.

Those type of players are a throwback to a long gone era.

Now does someone want to defend him for nearly starting a riot by planting a flag in the centre circle in Turkey? Actually, I thought he got a hard time about the “man’s game” comment, bearing in mind he was watching men play a game, but maybe I am an old school throwback too.
Matthew (I actually miss old school hardmen. I’d rather watch them than idiots who scream when they strain an eye lash)