Jurgen Klopp ‘doing it differently’ again while Darwin Nunez debates rages on…

Ian Watson
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp celebrates winning the FA Cup final in 2022.

The Mailbox reacts to Jurgen Klopp spending again on Cody Gakpo, while his last major signing provokes contrasting opinions. Also: Lampard out.

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Klopp and cash
JK 2016- “Other clubs can go out and spend more money and collect top players. I want to do it differently. I would even do it differently if I could spend that money”.
JK 2022- “I don’t know about what amount of money you need exactly but I am not against investment to be honest”.

Not wanting to antagonise here but have any reporters actually asked him about why he now thinks so differently to what he thought before? Because it looks like he was unhappy with other clubs spending money but is perfectly happy when his own club is spending money.

Just to be clear, nobody begrudges it although he might still. So the next time you see a JK, don’t feed him after midnight, don’t pour water on him and don’t show him sunlight. Just throw pound coins at him and he’ll be unhappily happy.
Garey Vance, MUFC


United embarrassed again
Liverpool have done it again revealing major flaws and incompetence in United’s approach to transfers. The difference between Man United and the big clubs of England and Europe is that the other clubs move fast on the players they identify while United drags their feet in both decision making and submitting concrete offers. How on earth did Liverpool pull off this one from under our nose especially after Nunez? Shame on everyone involved in transfer decision making, completely unfathomable. Cody Gakpo has on many occasions expressed his desire and willingness to join United. He was available for £25 million in the Summer, yet United decided to pay £85 million for Anthony, albeit Gakpo is better than Anthony and has way better statistics and results than Anthony. What was he football and financial sense in that? It is now increasingly imperative for United to find alternatives but who? We lost Haaland, the best at the time and now we have lost Gakpo, the best at the moment. We can expect United to get desperate as usual and sign another player at an unduly incredible rip-off price. Unbelievable, unfathomable and shameful.
Professor (Dr) David Achanfuo Yeboah


Darwin debate
Nunez scored no goals and made no assists and gets an entire article about how great it is that he can’t finish a chance, control a ball or make a pass reliably.

Mitrovic scored one and assisted two.

Playing for FULHAM.

That’s why the brackets.
Tim Sutton (Mitro 10 – 5 Nunez)


…I’m baffled at the stick Darwin Nunez is getting, until I pause for 2 seconds to remember a wonderful quote from American libtard cuck Jon Stewart, “The bias of the mainstream media is towards sensationalism, conflict and laziness,”

There is absolutely no problem with Darwin. None. I am absolutely delighted with him and how he’s taken the step up from Portuguese football to the Premier League.

Erling Haaland is being used by lazy pundits looking to make a splash so their agents can use the “engagement” their half-arsed, sensationalist guff gets to negotiate their next rent-a-quote rates. Liverpool have a big active, online fanbase and if you can troll us, the checks practically write themselves.

A better comparison for young Darwin (23 years) would be his compatriot Luis Suárez who, in January, 2011, also joined at age 23 from a league outside the traditional Top 5. His strike rate in his first season in the league, before which he’d had a half a season, was 1 in 3 (he padded his stats in the cups).

We all know how his last two seasons went. He was also almost a year older than Darwin.

I love him. His pace is electric and the game will slow down for him as he gets experience and he’ll bag the goals and assists. He already is, even as we can see he’s not the finished article.
Ian, LFC Hartford, CT USA


It’s on
With every passing game, I cant keep my expectations in check and now firmly believe that Arsenal can qualify for Champions League this season.
Mubashir, Gooner from Pakistan


…Wenger and Henry return to North London and “it’s just like watching Arsenal” again, to quote a fan’s message printed on a Brazil shirt during the Invincibles era. Well, mostly in the second half, anyway. Declan Rice said of Arsenal in the second half “they smothered us all over the pitch”. You could say we were all over them like White on Rice… Thanks. I’m here all week.
Simon, Norf London Gooner
P.S. Can someone explain to me why Coufal didn’t get a red for his reckless studs-up follow-through challenge on Martinelli’s planted-foot ankle? Are you telling me that he’d have to snap his leg for it to be a red? I know he got the ball but that was taking the piss.


Sour on Spurs
I know not everyone has played yet this week but clearly Man U, Chelsea and City will win over the next couple of days.

That means, along with those mentioned, Newcastle, Liverpool and Arsenal will have all won.

Whilst Spurs drew. How very Tottenham.

When your back line is a complete shambles, what you really need is your best (World Cup winning) CB at home on the lash. Then what you need is your 2nd best CB warming the bench. Then what you need is Eric Dier being Eric Dier. Then what you need is your 18th choice CB, who’s not done anything decent for a long long time (hi, Japhet), starting. Throw in Yves Bissouma who looks a shadow of his former Brighton self (in place of our go to CM, Rodrigo) and you’ve got a lovely ‘Tottenham Hotspur Christmas Special Recipe’ of a super appetising dog-shit pie. Just douse it in brandy and set it on fire.

Arsenal 10 points clear with a game in hand. Newcastle winning on the regular. The usual suspects now catching up. City yet to hit form. It does not look good.

Also, how mental is this going behind thing? 9 games in a row? It’s bonkers. Even when we’ve won this season (bar a couple of games) it’s been fairly fortuitous.

Unless we buy a new CB and 14 wing backs to replace the 14 shit wing backs we already have, we can kiss goodbye to top 4. Which means we can also kiss goodbye to Harry in the summer. And Conte. The likes of Romero, Bentancur and Kulu will probably be looking elsewhere and, surely, Son will want to realise his potential by getting – what I presume are – his lovely soft hands on one of this weird shiny things Tottenham are so opposed to obtaining.

I’m gonna go all Ivan Toney….no no, I’m not into gambling….but f*ck Tottenham.
Glen, Stratford Spur

Lampard out
There’s a saying that you can’t sack the players so….I’m afraid it’s time to move on from Frank. I like Frank. I really do and I thought he could do a job but the garbage that he has to work with and the owners and board he has to work with is a poisoned chalice. Make no mistake, some of our problems are of his own doing (in game management, sticking with players for too long, etc…) but the finger needs to be pointed squarely and directly at Farhad Moshiri and Bill Kenwright along with our board.

Managers have come and gone. Players have come and gone. The one constant? Moshiri & Kenwright. Get them out, get the board out, and we may have a fighting chance. As of now, we look like we’re in for another dreadful relegation fight and this time, I don’t think we have the players to get us out of this mess. McNeil? Maupay? Yeah, great buys. Burnley & Brighton have had us off haven’t they?

Get a manager in to stop the rot and see what he could do with this mess but I’m not hopeful.
TX Bill (what a way to lose a match) EFC


…When I was a kid I assumed that adults did their jobs because they were good at that particular job and that’s why they did it. Many, many years later I’ve learnt this to be very false.

Frank Lampard isn’t a football manager is he. He might have the job title but it really doesnt mean anything.
Will in London


Faithless in Palace
A quick one as I have other pressing matters at the moment, such as meeting up with F365’s erstwhile man in Japan.

There was a mixed message at Selhurst Park: Crystal Palace came onto the field to Insomnia by Faithless. They then proceeded to play like a team sleepwalking towards relegation.
Ed Quoththeraven


Martinez’s mind games
I’ve tried to ignore the comments from pundits about Martinez and his “antics”

His “ antics” helped his team win the World Cup.

He didn’t cheat

He used mindgames, and it worked.

And that is the crunch. England wouldn’t dare stoop to using any and all tactics to win. It would be un sportsman like. And that is why they won’t win a thing.

Do you honestly think Martinez gives a sh** about what he did ?

Anyone who criticises this ( yes, Paul Merson) is just not that bright.

I think Martinez was a total idiot. But then again I’m not sitting at home with a World Cup winners medal around my neck.
Ade (7 is coming ) Guildford

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