Liverpool need Manchester United to be great again…

Date published: Friday 24th January 2020 9:05

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Liverpool are good
So, in the Premier League, this Liverpool team….

Have lost 1 of their last 62 matches
Are unbeaten in their last 40
Have won 31 of the last 32
Have won their last 14 straight

And in their last 6, they’ve just beaten the teams in 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th (twice) and 8th by an aggregate score of 12-1.

It’s unlikely that they’ll go unbeaten, or set a record points tally without anyone pushing them, but I’m 43 and this is the most stunning display of dominance I’ve seen from any team.
Barry (NY, NY)


My thoughts during the Wolves game:

80 minutes: I’m hoping I can send a post-match email about feeling lucky to take a point. Wolves were great and deserved all 3. Worried about a small chink in the armour.

94: Me of little faith.
Aidan, Lfc (100: This is all too good; did I make a deal with the matrix?)


Another lucky win for Liverpool. More possession, more corners, more shots, twice as many shots on target and yet somehow they overcame such difficulties to win the game.

Wolves were good but let’s not call it lucky just because Alisson made a couple of saves.
Josh, LFC


Hi folks,

It’s been a while, but I thought to think;

Liverpool are a sports car with no brake, and, crucially, no rearview mirrors. It’s delightful. I do believe I know where the trophy’s going.

Wolves were amazing. Did not shirk from any tackle, and harried their counterparts on the pitch. I do believe you’re a good bet for the Europa League this year, and like Leeds, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for you(c.Mick McCarthy), now I think you’re ready for the step up.

That was a very evenly matched game until, once again, Bobby Firmino saw through the length of a fly’s eye and took his shot. Great bloody game.
Culk The Elder


Imagine a world where Liverpool finish the 2019-20 PL season unbeaten, and with 101 points- while retaining the Champions League. They would:

1) Knock MUFC off their perch by becoming the most successful English club .. WHILE..

2) Confining City’s points record to the dustbin .. WHILE..

3) Winning for the 7th time, and retaining, the trophy City most covet (and have never won even once) .. AND..

4) Matching and outstripping Arsenal’s Invincibles (more wins, more points)

Just for fun, I could throw in an FA Cup win, which would equal the ManU treble, but with a better league performance. Maybe I’m getting a bit greedy now, and should stop.

There is actually a serious point to all this dreaming and jollity; less than 5 years ago, LFC were complete also-rans and being stuffed 6-1 by Stoke. So maybe all the OTT fans and pundits wailing about ManU needing 20 years and 97 transfer windows to sort things out need to rein it in a bit.

Dave J


Lawro laughs
Given Liverpool’s remarkable run, might this be one and only season that Lawro actually predicts fewer victories for the reds than they actually have? Surely even he has had them down for a couple of draws in the last 23 games?


Having noticed that F365’s love for Lawro and his predictions seems to have diminished over the last few months, I decided to check in on him and see how his predicted table looks. Curiously his predictions see Man City 18 points better off on top spot with 69 points out of a possible 72 and Liverpool 4 points worse off on 63 out of 69. Tottenham however ‘should’ be in 3rd place with a whopping 22 points more.

So, Spurs fans? You may have José, but at least you have that.
Greg (I haven’t checked, but I’m guessing the 3 points Man City didn’t get were against Liverpool…) Taunton


Liverpool need a great Manchester United
I’m a Liverpool fan.  We need Manchester United to be a great team again because it makes the sport so much more fun and interesting and better.  I have been reading all their fans write in with doom and gloom, and sure it makes me smile a little bit, but only because I know where they are now.

We had Hicks and Gillette and it was truly awful. How they took glee in our suffering then. But, here’s the thing. We need them. They are the Sauron to our Frodo, the Einhorn to our Finkle, the Garfunkel to our Simon, the every to our thing. We exist because they exist. Our joys are maximized because we know it increases their suffering. That’s football. It’s something you take seriously, but know it isn’t serious.

So to all the Manchester United fans, just know that better days lay ahead. It may be difficult to see, but a day will come when the Glazers move on and your club is yours again. Woodword won’t last and Ole will sink or swim (I happen to think he’s doing fine and his tactics will become fashionable again). I think rock bottom is still a ways away based on Liverpool after their last title, but you’ll have some great ups and downs as you climb back up to where you think you belong. Enjoy the ride and don’t compare yourself to others who don’t seem to lose a game because you will go on losing streaks where you can’t understand how it came to this. You will have cup runs and false dawns and title pushes with flawed squads. You will be back eventually I’m sure, but until then, remember this period because it will make what comes next even sweeter.

At least that’s how I feel watching Liverpool this season.

I didn’t begrudge you all your success in the nineties and noughties and I know you don’t really begrudge me mine now. It’s a lovely sport and we’re lucky to have it in these dark times. Even with the money and the greed and the ineptitude and the politics, it’s still the beautiful game we grew up loving and playing and caring about. Not even John Nic could kill the joy I get sitting down like I am now to watch Liverpool play Wolves. I’ll watch and even if we lose I’ll remember I’m part of something bigger than myself supporting this great club.
Niall, Denver


This is on Ole, not the Glazers
Dear Mailbox Compiler,

Can someone enlighten me? Man Utd’s squad costs more than £100m more than Liverpool’s. Their wage bill is one of the highest, if not the highest, in the PL. Yet the fans have turned against the owners??? Is it because it’s easy for the fans to turn against the owners rather than actually the people who are really at fault?

The owners have provided the funds but that has been invested poorly by those who are responsible for recruitment, and that includes the manager.  Man Utd, even with their current squad, should not be losing games against the likes of Burnley, Bournemouth, Watford etc. That’s down to the manager. A manager who is inept and limited, and definitely not up to the standards expected of a club of Utd’s stature.

But hey, keep blaming the owners. That seems to be the easy option at the moment.
Nizam Dorasat, LFC fan.


Dear Ed,

Pherain, JHB asks “why is fergie exempt?”

I can’t concur with Pherain that the demise of Manchester United was actually engineered by Sir Alex Ferguson to accentuate his own achievements but I have absolutely no doubt that Ferguson would not have walked away had he felt another Premier League title or European Cup was there for the taking.

The cold reality that his congregation must face is that Fergie bled the job for as much as he could possibly personally achieve whilst simultaneously refusing to criticise the ownership, all the while knowing exactly the poison that lay within the seeds being sown.

He was many things Sir Alex but one of them was not a fool, he packed his things and left town as soon as he knew the coming harvest was bound to be barren. David Gill was no idiot either, he wasn’t hanging around after the feast to count how many pennies the glazers would pitch in the begging bowl to help chart a course through the detritus without the main man at the helm.

Solskjaer has no collateral to empower him to stand up to the Glazers, Ferguson had bucket loads. Had he loved the club as much as his acolytes would have you believe Fergie would have led the fans in protest against the parasitic owners.  As it is, his willingness to ignore the impending plight of the club in order to extract the last possible burnishing of his own reputation means that Sir Alex Ferguson’s legacy is what you see now before you, on the rocks, amid the wreckage of Manchester United.
Steve, Anfield.


Fergie was never more than an employee – regardless of status and achievements.

If he gave sh*t advice on getting Moyes or whatever, it’s not his fault but that of owners Glazers (under guidance of Woodward) that it was taken seriously rather than dismissed as it should have been.

As for “left a thin squad…even though they won PL in his last season”, fuck me.

It’s not the (existing) manager’s responsibility to ensure his replacement has everything he (maybe might do) wants – especially when you’re leaving him a f**king championship winning team.

The major reason the position of DOF exists is to ensure there’s a long term plan regardless of how a manager works out – and Utd are many years into avoiding this obvious reality (presumably) due to Woodward’s ego.

What’s happened post Fergie is 100% fault of owners and their most senior and trusted subordinates (Woodward, end list).

The lad in earlier mailbox (sorry, too drunk to go back and namecheck you) who admitted he never expected this kind of collapse cos the financial/cultural gulf enjoyed by Fergie Man Utd was so much greater than that of ’80s Liverpool was right in his gut feeling – under semi competent ownership it would never have been possible anymore than Real or Barcelona falling into such a slump would be.

As it is, there’s a genuine risk Utd fall into a long term (or even permanent tbh) competitive slump and very quickly having to cut budgets. Bear in mind they’ve only won 2 European Cups more than likes of Celtic, Steaua Bucharest and Feyenoord (and were equal to them pre Fergie) and are only equal with Conte’s PL Reject XI Inter Milan.

They are not and never have been true continental titans – they were only briefly (under Fergie) ever in same league as Real/Barca etc from late ’90s to late ’00s..
Calum, Scotland


Next up on ABU365…
To the idiots slagging off Solskjaer (and I’m including the F365 writing staff in this) as if losing to Burnley is the final straw, what do you think has changed?

Have the injuries to McTominay and Rashford suddenly cleared? Has Pogba stopped sulking and decided to play for the club that pays him an embarrassing sum every week regardless? Have we dug down the Old Trafford sofa and found those replacements for Lukaku, Sanchez, Herrera, Fellaini and Smalling we should have organised before the start of the season?

No? Ok, well how about attainable targets we can bring in this month? Oh, we appear to have pulled out of the Bruno Fernandes deal. Again. Surely though there’s now a DoF in place to stop these kind of things from happening in future? No… So we’re still having to select the likes of Pereira, Lingard, Jones, Shaw and Martial, even though they proved they’re not up to the task earlier in the season? Maybe playing them more is the missing ingredient for success after all. No? Hmm. It’s almost like nothing has changed at all.

The reason fans are saying this goes far beyond the manager is because it does go far beyond the manager. Woodward and the Glazers have failed Solskjaer in the most cowardly and pathetic way possible. When no new players are delivered and a knackered and underperforming squad finishes around 8th, when the screams for Ole’s resignation become even too deafening for Woodward, Solskjaer will be sacked. Where is his next job coming from? Ole is a f**king legend. The man who won us The Treble was asked to come in and steady the ship after Mourinho had capsized it and ended up sacrificing his reputation and career to be a (short) chapter in a book called How The Glazers Destroyed Manchester United. If you call yourself a fan and think Ole’s to blame for this mess then you’ve had your head turned by sites like this.

Specifically to the writers at ABU365, I say carry on. Carry on generating clicks with your daily Solskjaer pieces. Carry on crowbarring jibes at his expense in nearly every article on subjects that are nothing to do with him or the club. Carry on acting like close to a billion pounds being drained from the club by the Glazers is merely circumstantial. I don’t ever recall a manager being targeted on here to this extent but it’s common knowledge that the site has nose-dived under ‘Winty.’ [MC – if that is her *real* nickname].

And people used to think Pete Gill was bad.
William Douglas Foster, Stretford


I’d like to congratulate Tranmere Rovers on reaching the 5th round of the FA Cup.
Mark Danger Endicott, MUFC


Chelsea dagger
There seems to be a bit of pessimism from F365 and some fellow fans in the Mailbox about the state of Chelsea and Lampard’s inability to solve problems on the pitch, which have been obvious for a while now. That opening day humping against Man United was regarded by many at the time as a bit of a bad day at the office. Chelsea saw a lot of the ball, created and missed a few presentable chances, and conceded almost every shot on target from the opponents. Five months later and the match report is the same. The criticism is fair, however, I’m (still) confident they can turn it around. Whether that happens this season or next remains to be seen.

Before the season kicked off, I would have bitten your hand off if you had offered Chelsea finishing in the top six, getting out of a tough Champions League group, and a good cup run. They still look good value for money on acheiving those objectives although there’s still a long way to go. I’m fully expecting a drubbing against Bayern Munich in February but given the fact Chelsea weren’t expected to go far in the competition, I think the game will serve as a great distraction from domestic issues. It’s a chance to go toe to toe with a European giant over two legs, where the performance is the most important thing and any kind of result is a bonus. I’m sure Lampard and Chelsea won’t be looking at it in such a laid back way as this armchair fan, and it could well be another Spurs 2 Bayern 7 (haha), which destroys the team’s confidence and leads to a string of poor(er) results in the league resulting in them finishing 14th. That’s an email for another day though.

Also, what were the odds on the two Spanish right back club captains getting the goals towards the end of that game? And then you realise they don’t even play for Spain!
Juanito (VAR for 2009 not 2005, of course it was penalty and a red card)


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