Would this season be a success if Liverpool won one out of four from here?

Ian Watson
Jurgen Klopp reacts during Liverpool's win over Newcastle.

The Mailbox ponders how Liverpool’s season will be viewed if they don’t win any of the three remaining trophies they are going for this month.

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What qualifies as Liverpool success?
I think it’s pretty crazy that Liverpool could finish the season as FA Cup finalists, champs league finalists, runner up in the league and winner of the league cup and pretty much every fan will think of it as a failed season. Myself included.

By any other standard any two of those four achievements is a superb season for 99% of teams.

Which I guess highlights just how high Klopp has raised our expectations now.

I said after we drew with city that the title was gone. That was a must win game. My friends (also reds) said I was pessimistic and city would def drop points along the way and we would win every game. Winning every game for us at that point would mean a 14 game winning streak, one of the longest in club history. So far we’ve done that. But pep just knows how to put giant runs together and looking at the calendar at the time I couldn’t see any teams taking points off city. Still don’t.

4 games left and it’s looking ever more likely that the season will finish with city being one point above us and that game Vs city being a costly one (though really any game we dropped points is just as costly).

But I genuinely believe (as objectively as I can) that we will win a cup treble this season. Regardless of who makes it to the final it will be a very tough game with either two teams who play fast attacking football and a high tempo pressure game filled with talented players or Liverpool against a team of dark arts masters who are older than the Bible with twice the staying power.

Would other Liverpool fans be disappointed with a cup treble?

I want to say no but I know in my heart of hearts that that premier League trophy is the one we really want. I’d swap the champs league for the premier League this year for sure. I shouldn’t be disappointed, especially considering only a few years ago we almost ceased to exist. But I know that pang of regret will be there anyway…


Eye on the ball
Isaac, believe me, my eye is very much on the ball. I am making no assumptions about Liverpool winning their last 4 games. In fact in my mail on Sunday I said it was a real possibility that they wouldn’t. I am very worried about the game against Tottenham, just as I was worried about the Newcastle game, worried about the Man United game, worried about the Everton game and worried about pretty much every other game Liverpool play.

I do find the comment about the ‘ridiculous’ concern from Liverpool fans about where City could drop points slightly odd though. Isn’t that what football fans do? Are Spurs, Arsenal, Leeds, Burnley, & Everton fans not scouring the fixtures list to see where points may be won and lost? Seriously, if you’re not doing that are you even a real football fan?
Mike, LFC, London

Ronaldo Man United


Everton relegation bad for Man City
Not only would Everton’s relegation be bad for the city it would also be bad news for Manchester City. As it stands City only have the Manchester derby as the game where “form goes out of the window” but Liverpool have two, with the Merseyside derby and the rivalry with United. It is rare that Liverpool actually do the double over Everton (this season aside) and it is hard to imagine a promoted team taking points off them. With the margin between the two being so small, Everton’s relegation might make all the difference next season and (perish the thought) beyond.


Departing manager bounce
29th of April – Rangnick appointed Austria manager for next season.

2nd May, Man United play their first convincing game of Rangnick’s tenure, displaying flair, composure, and effort. It turns out these players can play, and they can defend, and score goals too.

Coincidence? Or motivation?

And if you believe it was ‘just Brentford’ consider that if United had played this way and won all the games we played against teams in the bottom half of the premiership we would have had 16 points more.

Contrary to popular opinion, this team doesn’t need surgery. It needs a spark.
Ved Sen, MUFC.


Ralf finds the formula
Man Utd finally played good football. Huge shout outs to Mata & Matic. All the others players have 100% and it showed.

Is it a coincidence Man Utd plays good football without Maguire & Rashford?

The former simply doesn’t deserve to be in a top six team, the latter is a footballer turned book writer who can’t be bothered to run on a football pitch.

If only Ralf had found this formula earlier.

Ashwin – Man Utd fan


Where did all the nicknames go?
Two things which have been rolling around in my head recently –

What ever happened to nicknames for players? It feels like they are not as prominent anymore. In the past, here in sunny and loadshedded South Africa, we had wonderful nicknames for players like Ace, Computer, and my favourite, Lucas ‘Masterpieces’ Moripe.

According to Wikipedia, Steven Gerrard is referred to as the ‘Hammer of Huyton’. I can’t recall ever singing for the ‘Hammer’. ‘Scores from forty yards’, uncountable times. Was he referred to as the Hammer at all up in England?

I know Luis Suarez went by ‘El pistolero’ but this seemed to be more widely used for him in Uruguay? Maybe Salah’s ‘Egyptian King’ moniker might currently be applicable but in truth, are nicknames still assigned? I’d love if we could start calling them James ‘the Anvil’ Milner and Joel ‘Pureclass’ Matip.

My second mental wandering I confine to brackets.

Wik, Pretoria (MCFC double odds > LFC quad odds, don’t we need more media pressure on Pep’s men?), LFC


Not Bad
That Michael Jackson gag in Winners And Losers…I’ll allow it. Just.
Jon, Lincoln