Gerrard slipping against Chelsea was the greatest thing to happen to Liverpool…

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Steven Gerrard is dejected after his slip costs Liverpool against Chelsea in 2014.

One Liverpool fan reckons Steven Gerrard’s slip was the best thing that could have happened, setting in motion a chain of events that has made them one of the world’s best.

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Liverpool slipping up
After the weekend’s games there have been a number of posts regarding Liverpool slipping up in the title race with a picture of Gerrard slipping in 2014 which cost Liverpool the title. When are the Liverpool haters going to realise Gerrard slipping over in 2014 was one of the greatest things ever to happen to Liverpool football club. At the time it wasn’t, it was a disaster.

Liverpool would have surely won the league if Gerrard had stayed on his feet and that would have been amazing!!!!!. Then what. Suarez (which is why Liverpool would have won the league) would have still gone to Barca. The team without him would be bang average. The Liverpool board would never sack a manager that has won the league so Rodgers would have been in charge for years with Liverpool languishing just outside the top 4 every year.

But Gerrard slipped. Suarez was sold. Liverpool were bang average. Rodgers was sacked. Liverpool appoint a German called Klopp, lets see what he can do…….
Paul – London Red


…How delicious would it be for Gerrard to be the one to finally end Liverpool’s title challenge? You might think that’s unlikely but ol Stevie G’s done it before.


Big Midweek: Spurs v Arsenal, Gerrard faces Liverpool, Leeds, City depleted in defence


Fighting a losing battle
I think we all knew the title was probably gone when we failed to turn up at The Etihad, and scraped a lucky draw. We needed to win there but were poor on the day. After that you knew City wouldn’t drop another point, it’s almost impossible for them to do so given how every other team in the league just rolls over and looks to their next match, which has a chance of being winnable.
We’ve been hanging on to coat tails and scraping wins to keep it a contest, but it was never one in reality. I’m pleased it’s done soon enough that no real damage is caused. I would have been more frustrated if we’d given too much in those PL games and not had enough left in the tank for the 2 finals.

The fact is that it’s impossible to compete with City, everyone else in the league is playing for 2nd, and with the bottomless pit if oil funds that won’t change for decades.

With Haaland set to join in the next few days, it’ll be even worse. City will get 100+ points and the other 19 clubs will battle to be the best of the rest.

In true sour grapes style, the League is rubbish anyway, who wants it? The cups are where it’s at, Lols. One final point on Pep’s “everyone supports Liverpool” tripe, I can assure you they don’t!

Maybe the neutrals that were backing us over City just wanted to see some history in the form of the Quad unicorn. Let’s face it, not like City will complete it given it involves a European trophy. 😉
Chris T. (Mostly mad that there will be no summer football thanks to a different, corrupt oil nation)


Prem or Champions League?
Which is harder to win?

In favour of the league you need to have sustained success over a long period of time these days.

Gone are the good old days of being able to lose 4 or 5 games a season and take the title with 79 points (98/99). In the last few years we’ve seen almost perfect seasons from two teams where they almost never lose and almost always win.

But…. You do have 38 games to win that league. You can even lose the games against your title rivals and still win the league, something fergie was good at. You can draw games and still get rewards. In short you can mess up a little.

In the champions League, the error margin is almost non existent, as city found out. There’s a Lot less games which means those games carry more risk. In the group stage you can maybe afford one loss or draw. Out of the group stage, there is no draw. It’s win or lose. And losing one game can mean losing the whole competition. You can’t fight to a heroic draw like the premier League and still take home a prize. It’s win or lose. Which is why less experienced teams struggle. They’re used to playing for a draw and it doesn’t give you rewards.

And the standard of competition is very high because it has the (supposed) best teams in Europe in it.

Personally I think it’s harder to win than prem league. The proof is that city walk their way to almost every premier League title casually rolling 4 or 5 goals last every opponent. But cant win the champions League. When United were cruising the league every year they too still could only win 2 champs leagues despite 10+ years dominance in England. Arsenals inability to win it despite being invincible is almost a punchline now. Even Jose dark arts Chelsea with the newly minted roubles of Roman couldn’t win it. But all of those teams won multiple premier league titles.

We want the premier League to be harder because it’s our league title but truth is…it isn’t.


Reds rebuttal
Oh Rob, Dorset. Dorset is a lovely place and you’re spoiling it for everyone with your pretty poor takes on virtually everything football. Maybe I got you triggered and it caused the red mist to descend? I’ve seen it in football pitches and I’ve seen it when someone has a keyboard to hand. Neither is pretty. I am going to do the decent thing and point out how silly all your silliness is.

Liverpool are akin to Mourinho’s Chelsea. Mate. Liverpool have some common traits in that both teams liked a 4-3-3 with inverted wingers but that’s pretty much where it ends. The pressing, the use of the fullbacks, the forcing situations instead of trying to make fewer mistakes, these teams couldn’t be further apart mate. Do you watch football?

Liverpool had an easy run to the final. Except the group of death sweetheart. You know we also got to a final beating Barcelona when they had Messi and a few other decent teams. Makes no sense as we are such a one dimensional team.

Since when did any fans turn on Jota? We bloody love him.

Klopp spent his way to success. Of course this is true you muppet. Except for Leicester tell me a team that hasn’t? The fact we did it competing with a team that spent £1bn doesn’t tarnish our win; it amplifies how brilliant it is. Man Utd have spent far more than us, how have they fared recently?

Mate. Just give your head a wobble.
Minty, LFC


…Oh Rob. Whenever I see a mail like Rob’s, it always shocks me that there are adults, actual adults (I mean, I assume he’s an adult), that speak and write like this. Liverpool are lucky? 3 cup finals, and probably a 90+ point season. All achieved by luck! Most pundits and ex-pros consider this Liverpool team to be a fantastic side. But not Rob. He knows better. Indeed their ‘true position’ was last season when they played no senior defenders for half the season. Klopp isn’t a good manager despite 4 Champions league finals (one win). 2 Bundesliga titles and a Premier league title. And Liverpool’s spending is a reason for their success, despite being 6th highest spenders in England and 15th highest in Europe since Klopp took over.

Mails like Rob’s are common amongst football fans, although they’re more often seen on twitter or in the comments section. Whenever I see arguments like that, I know the person writing it falls into one of three categories. 1) They know very little about football. 2) They’re a teenager/child. 3) They are so blinded by their own biases they are incapable of watching a football match even semi-objectively. Possibly all 3. It got me thinking about the tell-tale signs for fans such as this. If you see any of the following the person’s opinion is probably nonsense.

1) We’ll start with one of Rob’s: Luck. Highly successful teams/managers only being where they are because of luck.
2) The word ‘fraud.’ If a player or manager isn’t as good as the press make him out to be, they’re not a fraud, unless they are pretending to be something they are not. Unless you’re writing about Ali Dia, don’t use the word fraud.
3) Going in hand with that, using nicknames like ‘Fraudiala’,. Anyone adult who uses names like that is not a serious person.
4) Not writing the actual name of the club you’re talking about. E.g. anyone who writes something like ‘Chelski’, ‘LiVARpool’ ‘Woolwich’.
5) Making factual claims of players not being able to do something, like ‘Trent can’t defend’. or ‘X can’t play football’
6) Using the term ‘farmer’s league’ to talk about any professional league.
7) 99% of the time the word ‘bottled’ is used. Sometimes a team can bottle a game/match. However these days, any time a team loses or draws (including after Saturday night) we see the ‘bottle’ word. It’s nonsense. Teams can’t win every game.
8) People who make comparisons of similar players using the word ‘objectively’. E.g. ‘Trent is objectively better than Reece James (or visa versa).

I’m sure there are more. Any other completely nonsense football opinions that appear on a regular basis?
Mike, LFC, London


The two best managers in the world are sh*tposting and that is a wonderful thing


Give that man a pay rise
Someone give Dave Tickner a raise and promote him to head of opinion pieces. I’m a Liverpool fan but that was the most fun I’ve ever had reading a f365 article.

Winty still holds the record of best reporter but Tickner just lowered my blood pressure in five minutes by having some fun at a time of pressure.

I know I criticise a lot but there’s some cracking writers here that I’d like to see more from.
Simon LFC

Mikel Arteta celebrates a goal
Happy Gooner
This weekend’s results couldn’t have gone any better for us.

There’s an argument for wanting Liverpool to have beaten Spurs – but just taking points off them means a win at the Lane and we’ll hear that Champions League music at the Emirates again.

And look, things are very different from weeks ago when we had lost three in a row – which heralded the prophet of doom – Stewie writing into the mailbox to have a pop at all of us gooners for having the temerity to be optimistic about our team’s future.

The goal at the start of the season never was Champions League. It was the Europa League – mainly because ours was a squad filled with players we were trying to get rid of, new signings which may not have come off and a bunch of under 23s.

If Spurs manage to qualify for Champions League – then fair play to them – it would be a phenomenal achievement but for us, given our start to the season and that blip a few weeks ago, it would be a miracle.

Good luck to both teams on Thursday night – I sincerely hope whichever team eventually takes fourth place can make North London proud.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Perspective bias
Just thought I’d share an incident with the Mailbox that occurred at the weekend whilst watching the Arsenal/Leeds game…

Now, I’m not a Leeds fan, but I live in Leeds and I don’t want to see them go down – especially if it means Everton staying up – so I kept a close eye on the match yesterday whilst attending my son’s Annual Football Gala at the local Sports Club, where it was being shown in the bar. But I was pretty surprised when, after Luke Ayling’s crazy, indisputable moment of madness, about 25% of the watching Leeds fans began to complain vocally about the ref’s decision to show him a red card. “He got f***ing the ball, you sh*tting queer!” was one notably vociferous claim (quite charming considering they were at a Kid’s Football Gala – but that’s beside the point) obviously failing to see that the ball clearly ricocheted off Ayling’s arse as he flew a foot off the ground and scythed down his ‘victim’ like an out-of-control F1 car.

This email isn’t meant to criticize Leeds fans per se – and indeed most of those who were watching the game alongside me knew after the first replay that Ayling was a goner and accepted that a red card was completely justified. In fact, most of them were more concerned by Raphinha’s totally bonkers attempt to join his captain in an early bath in the immediate aftermath (that would have been some scene).

But it serves as an interesting reminder that, whether down to blind loyalty or just plain stupidity, perspective bias can totally delude any football fan – even when the incident in question is as cut-and-dried as they come. I doubt there has been a more clearcut red-card this season but that still doesn’t stop some fans from believing their team is being unfairly persecuted – or that the referee in question is simply a “sh*tting queer”.

And in case you are wondering, yes, every kid got a trophy and some of them learned one or two new swear words as a bonus.
Bob Stoker


Spicing up the Super Cups
How about making the Charity Shield a mini tournament at the start of the season?
The PL Champion, FA Cup winner, League cup winner and reigning Charity Shield holder all play in semi finals then final. If the Charity Shield holder is already taken up by one of the previous 3 places, run down the league table until you find one to make up the number. Play two games on Wednesday with 3pm \ 7pm kick offs and a final in Wembley on Saturday.

Same with the European Super Cup now there is a third UEFA club competition again. CL, Europa, and Europa Conference League winner along with reigning Super Cup holder. After that, look at CL runner up.
You could even designate a city as a host of the mini tournament and have travelling fans there for 4 days. Or the semis could be home and away with the final in a neutral, host city.
And make the draw completely random for the craic. No seedings.

And, to sweeten the pot more, the winner of the European Super Cup gets promoted to that Season’s upcoming Champions League!

Brian Clancy, Spurs, Vancouver.