The Liverpool unbearables are here to shove your asterisks…

Date published: Friday 26th June 2020 9:49 - Matthew Stead


If you sent in thoughts to but they don’t feature in this Mailbox, they’ll be in this afternoon’s. We had quite a few from a drunk Liverpool fan or two…


It’s. Their. Year
After all the piss taking, false dawns, mismanagement, near misses and slip ups. As Liverpool fans waking up this morning, we can all say in unison and without fear of contradiction:

Derek, LFC, Dublin


I’d best send this before I get too pissed and too emotional. Spoiler, I’m already pissed and emotional.

I’m so made up for the team, squad, management, training staff, medical staff and everyone associated with the club. As JN pointed out the other day everyone plays their part and at Liverpool they have been doing an exemplary job for the past couple of seasons.

This group of players though. F*cking hell what belief, what determination, what skill, what relentlessness. They deserve this so much and I’m so proud to be a supporter of this team. So proud.

Up the f*cking reds.
James Outram, Wirral


Get in !!!!!
Steve LFC



Some conclusions:



Drink it in
2008/09 was the first “nearly” season which I properly lived and breathed. I started the season living in New York working my first graduate job and waking up at 7am to watch early kick offs with a guy who I barely knew. We eventually ended up living together in London and he’s still one of the first people to make my phone buzz during Liverpool games.

2013/14 on the pitch was surreal, incredible and then awful. I was working two jobs; trying to set up a new business and teaching at the same time to keep some sort of income. I was also in the process of writing a textbook which added a bit of extra pressure and it meant I was working 8am-9pm 7 days a week for nearly a full calendar year. The reds that season represented my time to switch off; I would work on the weekends until 5 minutes before kick off then settle into the games. I somehow convinced myself that we were winning because of my pre-match weekend routine of waking up early and working. In fairness Phillipe Coutinho was one of my customers at the time so you never know!

And now- The most memorable season of all. Life is pretty good. We all recognise football as a bit of escapism but it can also be much more than that. It can forge new friendships, it can bring families together and it can even become the signpost in life that someone works around to keep motivated when things are challenging.

I hope this season gives the people who need it the happiness I found in seasons past. My end result, from a football perspective, never quite worked out but everything that surrounded the game ended up alright. All the best parts of the game carry on well past the season’s end.

This team is the greatest I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Take a deep breath and savour the moment. It’s fleeting and if you don’t stop for a second it passes you by at the speed of life.
Minty, LFC


It wasn’t meant to be like this
I always assumed that if Liverpool were going to win a title it would be some crazy last minute, nail-biting, 4-3 comeback-on -the-last-day-of-the season kind of thing. Instead, it happened at another ground following the most dominant season in Premier League history with no drama and not a nail bitten.

We didn’t get THAT moment but we got these moments: Salah’s header in the 3-1 against City (when I first thought we might do it), Trent’s Carlos Alberto-esque finish against Leiceister (when I first thought we were probably going to to do it), and finally Salah’s late goal against United (when I knew we’d done it).

It wasn’t a season that was going to be decided by fine margins (like last year), it was a season of utter dominance which was always going to end with a full stop rather than an exclamation mark. And while we’re on punctuation,  anyone suggesting placing an asterisk against probably the least asterisky title in history knows exactly where they can place that asterisk.

There’s nothing left to say about how good this team is, and they deserve the prolonged victory lap for the rest of this season and belated celebration at Anfield, whenever that may be.

While the rest of the season is a great chance for Klopp to give the youngsters a proper run-out, he does now face a rather strange problem. Given the way things have fallen, there will now be a 6 month stretch (March – September)  during which the squad will only have played two ‘competitive’, meaningful matches. I’m sure he’ll figure it out.
R. Harris, LFCNY, Andy Robertson will be on Irn-Brus tomorrow. 


That’s for you, Paul
Suspect you may get a few emails like this, but here’s another one anyway.

One of my best friends died recently, not even 50 and in good shape and enjoying life.  Last time I saw him was when we played (and lost to) Atletico.  We discussed how much we were looking forward to finally winning the league after all this time.  Official cause of death was Coronavirus.

I’ve never really indulged much in social media and never got involved in twitter spats.  But due to lockdown or whatever I found myself spending (or wasting) more time reading comments and getting involved and becoming increasingly infuriated.

To all those people who have ever commented or tweeted Void Football.  Protect the NHS.  Save Lives or similar, please just f*** off you vile, despicable b*stards.

Anyone with half a brain knows life is more important than football, it doesn’t need to be stated and you don’t need to keep reeling out Shankly’s quote to highlight how stupid it is (it was never meant to be taken literally or seriously).  Taking a supposed moral high ground to try and mask the fact you were desperate for Liverpool to be denied a deserved league title was absolutely disgusting.

But as another great man recently said, football is the most important of the least important things.  Rightly or wrongly it can make us feel sheer elation and joy like little else, it can bring people together, it can make me phone my mate tonight who I haven’t spoken to in months and have an hour and a half conversation with about football and life in general.

So I was desperate for football to come back.  Even though I’d lost a great friend and a great man in all of this and some were saying the league should be abandoned, I really wanted this moment and this time and for this team to be rewarded and to be able to say “Yes! We’ve fucking done it!”

This is for you then Paul mate, we’ve done it and with an absolutely phenomenal team.  No asterisk required, no ppg and with seven games to spare.  I just wish I could send you a text about it or arrange to meet up in the future for a beer to celebrate it.
Chris D


…and dad
We are the Champions. My old man will be smiling up there. This is for you dad xx
David lfc 


I’m not here to have a go at other fans or be smug about the title win.

All I want to discuss is how emotional I am at seeing my team get to the mountain top. There have been amazing moments, (Istanbul, The Gerrard Final, Madrid last year) but the Premier League title was tantilisingly always out of reach. My blood still goes cold on watching past highlights of the Premier League about Macheda coming on against Aston Villa or Gerrard collecting a simple pass in the dying moments of the first half against Chelsea. Even the millimetres of Stones somehow clearing the ball away from Salah last year still baffles me. You feel that you will never get there.

You take a lot of grief from other fans (mostly Utd fans, not having a go, that’s the rivalry) who have achieved this, you recognise that there are other teams who are strughling majorly and you should be happy with Liverpool’s moderate success. And yet…

I don’t think anyone can argue that football pales into perspective with the Global pandemic. Still though, a sense of normality with football returning was huge. Even with fans missing from stadiums, there is a genuine sense of hope emerging again.

The fear of a null and void season was there but the wait is over and Im genuinely emotional. Im away from family that i should be celebrating with but it will be all the sweeter when we get together. As a Liverpool fan, I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs but I recognise that these are amazing days, days that I will tell my newborn son about in the future and for that I’m eternally grateful. Hopefully he doesn’t have such a long wait for a title from Liverpool again!

But for now, Im sitting back with a whiskey and smiling with delight. Football is an amazing thing!

Kind Regards,
Miguel Sanchez, LFC, Eire


Right in the feels
There are no words to express what I feel, because I don’t know what to feel.

Suspect it might be like the 7 stages of grief where you begin with shock/disbelief and end up having loads of pints.
Aidan, Lfc )


Anti-climax? Pah!

– Knowing the title was won as far back as December
– Crashing out of Europe despite a near perfect performance
– Having no chasing team to squeak the bum
– Not getting the chance to finally claim the title by beating your closest rivals in their own patch
– Having to finally lift the title in an empty stadium due to a global pandemic
– Not having all my fellow supporters around to help celebrate the best team the PL has seen!!!

Anti-climax……. you are having a laugh!!!
C’mon the Pool
Brian, LFC, Dublin xxxxx


I completely understand opposition fans not being happy today, I have been there many times but I hope there is a small part in their humanity that’s understands how Liverpool fans feel today. I wrote a few months ago about the passing of my father and how much he meant to me as a dad and someone who connected me to my football club. I am not going to lie, I shed a few tears last night thinking of him especially as I have only recently been allowed to visit his grave.

I logged on tonite and to my surprise I saw comments from even the biggest trolls on this site who were congratulating liverpool, and not in a backhanded way way but a genuine one. It restores a bit of faith in humanity, I don’t expect it to change anything but I think it’s because they love their club that much that they can understand how it feels for us tonite. There are people I know who don’t remember doing this before, I do, but my younger brothers don’t remember it and their excitement is comparable to what Leicester must have felt a few years ago.

I know there are a lot of n*bhead fans who will want to rub people’s noses in it and maybe I will join in aswell at times but if you are a half decent human maybe you might allow us a day to enjoy this. I congratulated city last year, I congratulated Chelsea for being the first london European champs…..I even congratulated Utd when they won their last CL. It’s not because I dislike them any less but I understand how difficult it is to achieve and I hope for a few hours most fans out there can accept what Liverpool have achieved this season.

In a few days go back to saying it was because of Covid or VAR or because we play like Wimbledon if you like but for those who are bigger than that, you are a credit to your team and I thank you.
Graham Kirk (Sunny Manchester)


FAO: everyone else
Go on, United fans… Say it! Say football started in the 1990s, so actually you have a lot more “premier” league titles than us. [Containing smirk]

Go on… Arsenal fans, remind us we weren’t invincible, despite the huge points difference [chuckle]

City followers… Say it. Say that even if we beat your record points tally it won’t count, as it’s not a real season. [Laughing openly]

Chelsea, tell us you’ll be back next season, Leicester, please please tell us we ‘only have as many titles as you’ [HAHAHAHAHA]…

Say it! Please, all say it. Because we know it’s coming from a place of hurt, that the title was just won… And it wasn’t by you.

Go on. Make us laugh!
Dom, Dublin

PS: United fans. Make us laugh extra hard by saying you’ve turned a corner, and Ollie is the right guy. Go on, Please! Just once, for us…



Mentality monsters
Let this be a lesson to other teams. Liverpool simply DO NOT lose 31 years in a row.
Big D, Luxembourg


Right here
Two rounds in from the restart, just wondering where that lad is that thought Liverpool could still chuck this.
Rob. Brighton.


Turns out Eamonn, Dublin was close in his prediction. Liverpool almost f##ked it up. Just the 7 games to spare then eh?

Well done Liverpool, you smashed it. Worthy champions. Enjoy the socially distanced street carnival x
Alay, Brighton Gooner


Has anyone seen Eamonn?? Where are you Eamonn???? I’m worried about you Eamonn.
Seán (LFC Champions) Dublin


Bring on Mars (a)
Tell everyone we’re the Champions of England, Europe & the World! We’re gunning for you, aliens in the universe .. woo hoo!!!

JK is King!
Veni (YNWA! Singapore)


The opposite view
I have been reading your fine site multiple times a day for over 15 years.I have contributed many times for the mail box.

But this is goodbye.

I may be back, but not soon.

Its going to be unbearable.


Congratulations to Liverpool. It doesn’t hurt to say it either as a Man United fan. It obviously should, but it doesn’t. By far the best team, the play has been breathtaking at times. You even have a manager who is difficult not to like.

I won’t mind if this isn’t posted as it’s only fair to hand the mailbox over to their fans (I just thought I’d nip in quick, whilst they’re downing a few tinnies).

I suppose another 30 year wait is too much to ask for though?

Thought so.
Suresh (remembering the good old days when United used to win the league – sigh).


Well, if this gets printed then I won’t know anything about it as I’ll be side-stepping Friday’s mailboxes.

That said, and without the slightest trace of sarcasm, I’d like to say well played Liverpool.  You are the deserved and stand-out Champions this season.

Congratulations and enjoy.
Mark MCFC.


Congrats to Liverpool, well deserved. You can borrow our trophy for a season.

Forgive me if I turn off my phone for four months.
Garey Vance, MUFC


Proper Football Club. Proper Fans. Well deserved.
From a Villa Fan


16 Conclusions?!?!?!?!
Good job and all the usual kiss asseries, but where the f**k is the 16 Conclusions from an actual big match last night?
Solo (Can you tell I don’t care about Liverpool?)


Also where’s 16 conclusions? I woke up early in anticipation of that shizz

I love and appreciate everything you do and the spoilt child tone is a jokey reflection of that

MC – 1) we were understaffed as it was before a global pandemic broke out, 2) Seb was working on Thursday evening and has already done three sets of Conclusions in a week, 3) they’re quite difficult, 4) read this instead.


Christian belief
Sharky, tell me your thoughts on Pulisic now?
Adam, Midlands


Has anybody noticed what a great first season Pusilic has had? He has scored 7 goals in 13 starts and 5 sub appearances. For a 21 year old in his first season in England that is a very tidy return! Hopefully he pushes on and reaches double figures for his debut season. Looking forward to seeing how good he is next season in our improved front line!

Also how come United vs Sheffield got 16 conclusions but chelsea vs City didn’t? Guessing most of your readers are united fans but still 2 v 3 should get an article on the game.
Marcus in Oz


Chelsea smile
We did it for Leicester City and now for Liverpool, our result resulting in the Premier League champions being crowned, of course in all seriousness Liverpool were always lifting the title this season, congratulations to them and their fans, they certainly have waited long enough for this moment enjoy it, savour it and take it all in!

Now a quick comment on Chelsea, incredible result for us in the Champions League race, top performance from the team and a huge moment for Frank Lampard, we have a 5 point gap between ourselves and 5th place, we are also 1 point behind 3rd placed Leicester, realistically 3rd place is a very real possibility and Leicester could easily drop out based on the form of ourselves and Manchester United, time will tell.
Mikey, CFC


Dear BT

Please add a feature where you can mute the commentators banging on about Liverpool during a match not involving Liverpool.
Bluey CFC London


Dear Kenny

Put your phone on silent mode for the love of god
Bluey CFC London


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