Ronaldo moving to Man City would be an act of betrayal…

Ian Watson
Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus

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Ronny’s betrayal
I feel compelled, nay, obligated to comment on the Cristiano Ronaldo to City guff; I say guff in hope rather than belief. We know all the footballing tropes on loyalty amount to a strong probability that Cristiano himself is playing footsy with Pep whilst suggestively pouting and darting his eyes to an interlude in the Eastlands bog (never happened).

As a Manchester United fan whose best footballing memories centre around a glorious slimeball Terry slip and runs inversely parallel to my very own kidnapping to the Caribbean (in principle, I’m still not over it Mum) at the tail end of the Noughties, needless to say Ronaldo forms an evidently massive part of that emotive history. Now, I don’t expect all united fans to feel precisely the same way, although the feelings will be similar.

Now, IF he signs for City, and I am giving Ronny the benefit of the doubt here, this needs to be categorised in order of sheer betrayal and temerity.

Statement: It would definitively rank above all such transfers in United’s history. This includes Tevez’s, who despite crossing the divide publicly, unashamedly, successfully and directly, did so as a result of our mistreatment and undervaluation and that mitigation enhances the cruelty but lessens the blame.

It has a similar edge to Schmeichel’s last hurrah for stature but City were so shit back then it just didn’t matter. Recent history weighs so heavily in City’s toilet bowl bleach blue, it is a real sucker punch for this transfer to even be mooted, obviously rooted in Mendes’ scaly, weaselly clutches. I would say it would scupper a statue being commissioned if he was even deserving. Its wrong on so many levels.

In Premier League terms, it ranks comfortably above Billy Gallas, Alexis Sanchez, is in a similar class to Michael Owen’s chequered history, and if completed is surpassed only by the size of Sol Campbell’s and Robin van Persie’s space hopper-sized testicles to my mind. Suggestions welcome for a Traitor XI, take it or leave it.

Maybe I’m over-thinking it.
Andrei (Ronaldo and Messi to Indian sunmmer in Paris together as Mbappe leaves? Yes please.) DK, Guess Who FC

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…Having seen the information intimating that Cristiano Ronaldo is willing and able to complete a transfer to Manchester City I have been so shocked and angered by the fact that he is considering it.

As fans, we are fairly powerless to the happenings that transpire in the football world but I always thought that Cristiano was a red. If and when he signs for City and celebrates a goal I will feel so incredibly betrayed by a man who doesn’t know me or cares about my feelings.

I feel so disconnected to football when the Messi’s of the world move to non-challenges in France and Ronaldo is willing to betray Mancunian tradition for oil money.

This mail is to say goodbye to football – it is tainted beyond the beliefs I had. Bruno Fernandes still makes me believe in it’s purity but I am incredibly jaded by the best in the sport (Ronaldo & Messi) failing to play for the good of the game.

The game is screwed and I hate it now. The soul is dead.

When I next go to Manchester I will look for a FC United Game.



…Don’t do it Cristiano.
Shehzad Ghias, MUFC, Karachi


Form a queue for Mbappe
Am I the only one thinking that someone, anyone, ok anyone apart from Liverpool, should throw £188m at PSG for Mbappe?

I know he has always wanted to go to Madrid but there is so much uncertainty in the Spanish game at the moment.
Surely City would be tempted to throw their Kane fund plus a bit extra to get Mbappe in at 22 years of age with his best years ahead of him? United could afford him, too, f*ck even let Arsenal sign him and see if he can keep them in the top half this season.

If he goes to Madrid, be it this season for £188m or next season for f*ck all it would be such a predictable and disappointing thing; just like Messi going to PSG, Ronaldo going to Juve, Hazzard going to Madrid. These moves are all dull and predictable and (Messi obviously withstanding as he hasn’t played yet) have all been a bit meh when it comes to the on the field benefits. Mbappe rocking up in the prem would be phenomenal for the league and possibly more rewarding for the player too given the state La Liga is in.

Quick side note on my fellow United fans filling their nappies over Christiano Ronaldo possibly moving to City; can’t see it happening as there appears to be a major discrepancy between what Juve want – £25m – and what City are willing to pay – f*ck all. But if a deal can be struck and he wants a final push to win another Champions League and / or Ballon d’Or it has precisely the square root of nothing to do with United or United fans. He left 12 years ago. If he wants to go and play for City to rake in a few extra quid before he flounces off to the states to finish up then fair play to him. It would be 50-50 whether he would be a massive success for them or suck the life out of them with his rather un-City like attitude on the pitch; i.e. none of that passing nonsense they thrive on.

Plus, again, would be great to see him back in the Prem at still in excellent condition at 36 years of age. Stop crying.
Mangor United, Belfast


Donny time
With how poor Matic played and with Mctominay’s surgery, surely, surely Van de Beek has to play. Either that or sell him and reinvest. For me he is the answer to United’s midfield problem.


Big Weekend: Liverpool v Chelsea, Bruce, Arsenal, Old Firm derby


Kane as a mercenary
There are comparisons being made with Ronaldo moving to Real and Bale doing the same, but the Kane to City does not hold up in that company.

There are a few teams that we would all have loved to play for when we were dreaming as wee lads. In England it would be United, Liverpool, Arsenal and yes Tottenham would have been in there for a while. Clubs with heritage, history, being not just big but with a mystique. All fans would know the names of players in every team since they started following football. They transcend the norm. And in Europe you can name them too, Real, Bayern, Barca, Juve, Inter and AC.

But not City, and not PSG.

They are still trying. They are the new kids arrived from another place trying to show off their fancy ways. They are flash with their money, like the golfer who has recently taken up the game and arrives with all the brand spanking new kit, only to top it off the first tee.

And that is what is wrong with Kane and also maybe why he wasn’t prepared to go the whole hog. There are no guarantees of winning in any team, but with any of the above teams having played for them lasts a lifetime. Going to City is, well, going to City. There are no additional perks, people won’t point at you in 30 years and say to their kids “He played for City” with the same reverence as all the other teams.

So maybe Harry it will work out…there’s Harry Kane, he played for Tottenham is still better than he played for City.


Kane scoring two goals to keep us in a competition we dont want to be in, that noone would respect us by winning, so we can inevitably make the final and lose to Jose’s Roma while ruining our league form therefore missing out on next seasons Champions League is just about as Spurs as it gets.
TGWolf(Theres only one Judas, his name is Campbell)THFC


Spurs’ depth
Following our victory over Pacos I want to discuss the strength in depth in the Spurs squad. We put out an almost entirely changed team from the weekend and we looked excellent. I believe you could put out two entirely seperate top quality 11s from our squad. I have listed them below:









Lo Celso


Both those sides contain defensive solidity, experience and potent attacking threat. Can fans of any of the other top clubs name two such strong starting 11s from their squads?

Quick note on Bryan Gil who was absolutely exceptional tonight. I’ve been mocked for being so excited about his signing in recent weeks, maybe now people will recognise what an excellent player he is.
Barry Fox

Barca mess
So pique, alba and busquets have all agreed to pay decreases and pay deferrals so that Barcelona can register Garcia, aguero and depay. My question is – why didn’t those players agree to it?

Players who have been loyal captains to both the team and institution of Barcelona are the ones who are taking a pay cut to accommodate three new players one of which is only really there for a last payday.

I applaud those players for truly acting in the interests of Barcelona and being examples for other players within that team. It does make me wonder though why didn’t Messi agree to a deferral of payment until 2022 like alba did? We know he offered a 50% pay cut but had he agreed to defer like alba he could have been registered to play for Barca this year. Perhaps the 50% cut was only offered because he knew barcelona still couldnt take it and he could then move guilt free for his final pay day at psg.

Theoretically Messi could have agreed to play for minimum wage. Not saying he should because I think that would be silly but if he wanted to stay at Barca as much as he claimed he could have done that. Instead he went to psg and bears none of the blame or guilt for moving and his rep is intact.

I don’t blame Messi for moving, who wouldn’t take a lucrative bullshit final contract in one of the least taxing leagues in Europe. I just think the narrative of him trying to be Barca hero but prevented isn’t really true and is more about stroking his ego. Just be honest. Say you want your last contract to be a banger. Truth I imagine Barca were probably happy with Messi going too, it’s well known that many players complained about Messi having too much influence on the club and so the club have never been able to properly rebuild since pep left. Now they can.


A lovely draw
Well after an hour after it started the draw finally took place, it does feel that every year the draw gets drawn out longer and longer.

Chelsea have a lovely draw if I’m honest, Juventus are not the worse side from that Pot 2 of iconic and incredible teams, hardly walkovers but still, Zenit is going to be a tough on the travelling side, especially if we have an Away game afterwards and finally Malmo, a decent side but this is a group we realistically should top.

In terms of the other groups, Liverpool’s is truly worthy of the “Group of Death” title, each game will be a must watch, Group F also looks like the “Group of Fun”, some exciting fixtures and who doesn’t want to see a Europa League Final rematch?

Oh and I wonder what the odds were of Inter, Real Madrid, and Shakhtar Donetsk in the same group for two seasons straight?
The Admin @ At The Bridge Pod


…This surely is the greatest champions league draw of all time.

CLASHICOx3 PSG City Leipzig- each are the premier ‘Artificially Cash Rich’ Club in their respective leagues. The Dream Team VS one of the greatest teams ever coached.

The Atletico Liverpool ‘rivalry’ returns. Has Klopp learnt? Is this Simeone’s year? If there’s a manager that ‘deserves’ the holy grail- it’s him. Porto- As a Chelsea fan I’d say they gave us the toughest game to date in Tuchels reign (West Brom Aside). Dark horse. And Milan could be something special with the fans and very good players. Plus they’ve all won the damn trophy. Wow.

A repeat of the Europa league final, two bery good ebeninings (while arsenal are relegation-battlers, you love to see it). And again, has Ole learnt/improved/etc. And a very good team/manager with Atlanta.

Bayern Barca is fascinating as well.

Given their respective summers, and last year of course, Madrid/Inter is fascinating. Spare a thought for poor Shakhtar. Again.

Even groups C and G, the “meh” (+Haaland) are absolutely fascinating.

Meanwhile, the champions of Europe (x2), with the best midfield in Europe, most in-form, well-piles machine facing 30 something Italian champions and two time European champions, with 8 time league winner back after a little flirt with danger. And wet cold night in Russia.

The greatest champions league group stage draw in history brought to you by Michael ‘Sexy Hands’ Essien.
Shafei, CFC


…No afternoon mailbox yesterday, so no chance for a mail I wrote about the draw to be published. In it, I wrote: “the toughest draw would probably be: Atletico, Liverpool, Leipzeg, Milan”. Swap Leipzig for Porto and that’s exactly what we’ve got. It’s certainly a tough draw for Liverpool, but I don’t buy into the “Group of Death” narrative.

Atletico are a good side, but they’re beatable. Last time Liverpool played Atletico, Liverpool were the better team, and should have seen them off. A combination of great goalkeeping and poor finishing ensured that didn’t happen. They’re 10th favourite for the competition and they shouldn’t be feared. Liverpool have never lost to Porto. The last matches we’ve played against them, we’ve battered them. Milan are not the team you’d want as the 4th seed, but Liverpool have far more quality than they do. Of course it could all go wrong, but I’d back Liverpool to win the group.

Personally, I think it’s a great draw. It’s more challenging that it could have been, but every tie should pose interest and excitement. We’ve 6 absolute belting matches between now and Christmas and I can’t wait.

As for the other English clubs, they should also qualify no bother. Man CIty’s will have 2 fun ties against PSG but qualification should be simple. City have resources that Leipzig could only dream of, and to finish below them would be a humiliation.

Chelsea have a similar situation. The Juventus game will be interesting but there is no one else in the group that will cause any problems.

United have the easiest group on paper. Yes, both teams can be tricky but in reality there is no contest. United have spent £400m in the last 3 years. Villarreal and Atalanta have spent about £120m each. They’ve also spent that money to replace first team players they’ve had to spend, something that United have not had to even consider. To finish 3rd in that group would be pathetic.

There are some fun ties ahead, but as always, there is no excuse for English sides not progress. You’re looking to be in the top 16 sides in Europe and with the resources available the English clubs, that should be no bother at all.
Mike, LFC, London


Big game bonanza
There was a time perhaps 7-8 years ago when the top 4 clubs were pulling away from the rest and almost playing in a different league by themselves. This is the time when the seeds of the ESL would have germinated. Today, this is no longer the case obviously, and there’s enough interest in the majority of games which makes them interesting even for neutrals.

Over the past few seasons the EPL has evolved the ‘big 6’ or even 7, with the Manchester clubs, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, Leicester and Arsenal. The last of whom still qualifies as a big club despite their current lean phase. This means that just between them, these clubs will play 42 games home and away over a full season. In other words, on average, every week of a typical season will see a ‘big game’. That’s an incredible feast of significant games. By contrast, Spain has realistically 6 big games in a season (3 big clubs). Italy has between 6 and 12 depending on who you count beyond the Milan clubs and Juve. Germany just has the annual ‘putting of Dortmund in its place’, by the mighty Bayern. And the Ligue 1 is a joke, and the fact that PSG managed to lose a one-horse race last year is even funnier.

I think we should take a second to celebrate this unprecedented scenario. And we’re not even counting those teams who can on their day take on the big boys. West Ham, Everton, or Leeds, for example. Despite the relentlessness of Man City and Liverpool in recent times, we are still the beneficiaries of an unending feast of ‘big games’ . Sky and BT will go hoarse because they’re going to have to get shouty very often!
Ved Sen, MUFC


Another Carabao loser
You forgot a big loser in the Carabao Cup. Matt Donohue, referee for the Everton vs. Huddersfield Town match. Yeah, I’m looking at this through blue tinted specs but that red card to Moise Kean was never a red card anywhere else on the planet. Made it worse by “only” giving a yellow card to Sorba Thomas. Naturally the “if only we had VAR in the cup” shouts came to the forefront as the red would have been over turned by a “sensible” VAR referee.
TX Bill, EFC