There are ‘at least 50 midfielders’ better for Man Utd than Frenkie De Jong…

Date published: Tuesday 5th July 2022 5:45 - Editor F365

Frenkie De Jong in action for Barcelona.

Man Utd fans in the Mailbox won’t be sad to see Cristiano Ronaldo sling his hook. Another can’t fathom why United are ‘stalking’ Frenkie De Jong.

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Ta-ra, Ronnie
If Ronaldo wants to up and leave, let him go and enjoy his dalliance with the UCL. If he thinks his sh*t don’t smell and he’s too good for Europa nights in the doldrums of European football, he can f*ck off.

He doesn’t press, he stands in the middle of the pitch waiting for the ball and when Rashers doesn’t pass to him, he throws a hissy fit. He makes the team worse while being the best player on it, how’s that even possible? We should cut our losses and sell Ronaldo now because he’ll be like a millstone around ten Hag’s neck. His wages alone could pay two or three quality players who are looking to step up into the big league. What we don’t need is a player/manager in the shape of Ronaldo because the team will be set up to accommodate his shortcomings; which in this case are his 37-year-old legs that are begging for retirement, respite, and rest, the three Rs if you will. Now I’m blathering…


…The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo was the biggest mistake Manchester United made since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Everyone sees the goals he scores and the matches he helped us win. People only see what he does for himself, and not how he affects the team.

While he shone, everyone became worse. Yes, EVERYONE. The team became less than the sum of their parts.

The team scored fewer goals (57 against 73 in the previous season) and conceded more (57 against 44). Won fewer (16 against 21) and lost more (12 against 6). The only difference between the two seasons was Ronaldo. Except you believe a team good enough to finish second in the previous season, suddenly goes bad. Collectively. That is statistical impossibly.

Ronaldo sees every team he plays for, as a tool to achieve his personal goals, which is to constantly improve his admittedly ridiculous stats. The team winning is a coincidental by-product. Once a team is no longer a useful tool, he ditches the team.

Manchester United might win something next season (don’t laugh), but they won’t be in the champions league. So Ronaldo will not be able to extend his UCL scoring record. Since United cannot be used as a tool in that regard, we’ve become useless to him.

That’s why he’s leaving. I say let him go. Please. Thank you.
Tunji, Lagos.


…I was always concerned that CR7 coming back would hamper United, and so it proved. Now he wants to be gone, I say let him go. Get 20 million pounds, save his salary, and thank him for the memories.

Cristiano Ronaldo next? Top ten players who went on strike to force a move


Damning on De Jong
Does anyone really think De Jong is any good? Or even an inch better than the failure that is VDB ?? I am just pissed off by this stalkerish behavior by United. Sure he is better than our current midfield, but so are at least 50-60 midfielders across the world. Just throw a stone at the top 100 midfielders in a random list, and get a decent one in and move on with business. We shouldn’t be so desperate as to take all this nonsense from a clown like Laporte. Just move on, leave Barca to their financial mess and buy another better midfielder for half the price.

Meanwhile Barca are making eyes are 20 new players while not having enough money to buy a bag of crisps. Let them drown!

I’d rather have bought Bissouma & a 40m midfielder than anyone from this clown car of a club.

De Jong aint sh*t.



Summer of woe
So, to summarize Uniteds summer so far,

1. Chase midfield player all summer who wants to stay at his current team, who incidendally have no intention to sell.

2. Drag out the signing of a new left back, which would add to the 3 first team already at the club.

3. Seemingly only look to sign players from the Eredivise.

4. Work on only 1 deal at a time, so when that goes tits up the club is still on the back foot.

5. Now that the star striker wants to leave, dig heels in and watch all your main rivals sign a new centre forward.

6. For a squad in need of major surgery, and who is jetting off on a pre season tour shortly with no new signings for the manager to work with, this seems a bit reckless.

How’s your summer going?

Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard.

What constitutes success for Villa?
There seems to be a growing consensus amongst Premier League supporters and pundits this season that Newcastle United need to finish in the European places next season on account of their spending, with Ian King’s article on Friday similar the latest to pop up this pre-season. Rather than delve into my thoughts on that matter I figured I’d make a stab at a similar thought piece on Aston Villa, another nouveau riche Premier League side who have seemingly flown under the radar for a few years now.

First up, just to set the scene for those who aren’t fully aware, some figures (courtesy of so take them with a pinch of salt); in their three full seasons back in the Premier League Villa have spent £143m, £91m and £114m, raking back £120m (almost all of which being from the Grealish sale). They currently have a starting 11 that, John McGinn & Douglas Luiz aside, all cost £20-30m, with a few rotation players falling into that category as well. Furthermore, their business this summer points to a desire for immediate results; Diego Carlos and Phillipe Coutinho are not going to provide any resale value at 29 and 30 respectively and are going straight into the starting 11.

For all of the expense listed you’d assume the board are looking for a vast improvement on last seasons finish of 14th. Finish top 7 and give Villa their first European campaign in a decade and the board have grounds to pull in more attractive sponsorship and maintain the current transfer model, with a platform to squeeze into the big 6. Another mid table finish could be catastrophic though, given the FFP implications; Everton’s lavish spending during the first few years of Moshiri yielded a lower net spend than Villa yet they still had to resort to desperate measures last year to avoid sanctions. How much longer can Villa realistically get by on bottom half finishes while splashing 9 figure sums each year?

Villa now have arguably the strongest starting 11 outside the top 6 on paper, with no obvious weaknesses and a significant number of their players hitting their peak years simultaneously. Add in the free hit he had last year to bed in a style of play alongside the wider implications of another season of relative failure and I’d argue that Steven Gerrard is one of the managers under the most pressure coming into this season.
Kevin, Nottingham


Silver lining
As a United supporter, the one good thing to come out of this inevitable transfer torture is to see all the ITKs red faced.

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