Man Utd must get interim manager to drop ‘rats’ for FA Cup final as Arsenal set seven-goal target

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Wayne Rooney, Gary Neville and Erik ten Hag with the Man Utd badge
It's interim Man Utd manager time, folks

Man Utd have been given four interim options for the FA Cup final because Erik ten Hag must go after that ’embarrassing’ defeat. Arsenal fans are worried.

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Erik out
Eth has to go, nothing else.. it’s so painful watching utd like this!
Hank (Mumbai)


Thank you, United
I imagine you’ll get a few of these, but at least us Spurs fans have United these days to save our blushes.

Jon, Lincoln


Over to Arsenal
As I write this Palace have just gone 4-0 up on United

Even on their best days, historically or with the current team, Arsenal have very rarely (if ever) properly destroyed opponents by seven goals or more.

However if they do not go to Old Trafford next and put seven goals minimum past that shower of sh*te, and get Ten Haag finally put out of his misery, then Arteta and the boys will need to take a very long hard look at themselves

Probably still not enough to stop City winning the title if they did. Fair play to City – they are properly great.
Rob, Bristol Gooner (Please do not take this as Arsenal arrogance / complacency, but as a reflection on how far United are plummeting)


Jamie Rumsfeld
Believe me, I have nothing nice to say about Antony, and I don’t want this to be interpreted as a defence of him or his performance against Crystal Palace in any way. But I still had to smile at Jamie Carragher’s words about him last night.

Just after Christmas in 2001 (a time when Carragher’s Liverpool were in a brilliant, open title race, and asking some serious questions of Manchester United), the US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, said the following about the world’s most wanted man:

We do know of certain knowledge that he is either in Afghanistan, or in some other country, or dead.

In tribute to Rumsfeld, it’s nice to know that Antony was either talking about the manager, or one of the other players, or someone else.
Jack, Llanelli

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Give it Neville, Butt, Robson or Rooney until the end of the season
Come on surely Ten Haag has to get sacked now? If anything, he should get sacked by the end of this working week, it’s time to go back to Ajax…

I’ve lost count how many games United have conceded 3+ goals this season, it’s mental how vulnerable the team are and yes so many injuries but ain’t an excuse, sh*t happens in life and it’s not like it’s a thin squad either. Plus why is it happening so often, there must be some form of terrible communication and common sense from Ten Haag and his back room staff to the players. I’m not surprised about the 4-0 loss to Palace last night and that’s why it’s concerning.

I don’t know who United could bring in for the last couple of games of the season to manage the club as interim, but there has got to be a former United player who would maybe want a FA Cup medal around their neck given there is at least a trophy to play for? Maybe Neville, Butt, Robson, or Rooney can come in if they actually care? I don’t think it is going to make too much difference against City, but no chance the team will beat them with Ten Haag in charge, he’s lost the dressing room and credibility now.

Talk about bloody desperate times. Any takers to become interim for a few months who have the guts to just drop a few key players for the last games of the season and propose to the club to sell these rats due to their burglary and greed?  It’s quite bad to see, and I feel for someone like Ferguson who sacrificed a lot and succeeded so much for the club.

Mind boggling how the United fans were applauding the players yesterday after the loss to Palace, way too much patience from the fan base and they should ask for money back instead. 10 players needs to leave the club this year, oh and I was right about United finishing 7th this year, may possibly be 8th now.
Rami, Dubai (Guess what, RONALDO WAS NOT THE PROBLEM!)


Take the biscuithands
When Leroy Sane equalized for 1-1 against Madrid in last week’s first leg of their European tie, there were murmurs stand-in keeper Lunin shouldn’t have been beaten at his near post.  No keeper ever should, as the old adage goes.  But mostly Lunin was granted quick reprieve as consensus formed, the sheer pace of shot and a snap delivery from Sane’s boot probably beats most keepers, including Courtois had he been between the sticks that night.

I’m no goalkeeping expert but watching Biscuithands Onana welcoming a slew of dubiously placed strikes at Selhurst on Monday night seemed a totally different display altogether, one of much sadder yet also comical proportions.  Near post, far post, down the middle, high, low or waist-height, daisy-cutting, bobbled, scuffed or true, everything Palace touched turned to gold / goals, while they also duly taught my Liverpool side a sharp lesson in seeing out any game four to the good.

Anyway it’s felt like Ten Hag employed a sieve with oven mitts to prance about United’s goalmouth all season long, and while I cannot take credit for the extremely apt Biscuithands moniker (someone else in the mailbox coined this some time ago), I do now visually hallucinate two gravy-laden mushy mitts flailing at crosses and letting in suspiciously saveable shots each time I happen to see Onana grace my telly.  De Gea’s time was certainly up, but Onana’s arrival has been such a fresh, warm, delicious treat for this league.
Eric, Los Angeles  CA  (Would you rather have Loris Karius or Biscuithands for your Sunday side)

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Pick of the bunch
As an Everton fan watching Man U I couldn’t help but think that Pickford would have saved at least 3 out of 4 of Crystal Palace’s goals. He’s had a great season of us and has absolutely won us points to keep us up over the last few years. There was an amazing double save against Chelsea a few years ago that would have seen us relegated if they’d scored.

I know he has his off games (who doesn’t) but those are getting fewer and fewer. So are the mistakes. For some reason there are still people who don’t rate him, or just don’t like him, but he blows every other English keeper out the water. Also he saved a penalty against Jorginho in a major final so can’t say he doesn’t perform at the highest level or under pressure.

Also Man U were rubbish and deserved to lose… but they did have a perfectly good goal ruled out.


Ten Hag was right
ETH was largely derided for saying Man Yoo were one of the most entertaining teams in the league.

You know what. I have to agree with him. Watching them lose consistently is VERY entertaining.

P.S I did a marathon today, going from Gravesend to Stamford Bridge in the rain, to raise money for breast cancer. This result/performance by the Mancs was just the pick me up my body needed.
James, Gravesend (CFC)


Watching Mount trudge off on 80 mins. At 4-0 to Palace.

Chefs kiss.

Remember a few weeks ago at the Bridge, at 3-2 when Man Yoo fans were singing “he left cos you’re s**t”.

How’s that working out, Cockney Reds?!
James, Gravesend (CFC)


Our expectations for you were low but holy f…
Prior to the game, I felt United would lose as I’ve watched Palace lately, and they’ve been very good. They are everything Man Utd can’t handle, but there was a chance, even if a slim one.

Seeing reports of Fernandes and Maguire being out, that chance petered out in my mind. Then seeing the line up and bench, it was just a matter of how embarrassing it would be.

But I didn’t expect it to be this bad.

Casimiro, shocking. Actually, beyond shocking. Evan’s looked like a 36 year old 5th choice cb just back from injury. AWB looked like a backup RB not fit for purpose starting at LB.

Mainoo kept up his recent poor form, as did Mount, Hojlund, Garnacho, Antony and Eriksson. The midfield combination lacked any semblance of physicality, which seemed very erroneous given the opposition. Amrabat holding, with Mainoo and Mount ahead would have been a smarter choice.

Not sure what to say about ETH that hasn’t been said already. I want to be mad at him, but the midfield change I suggested is about the only change he could make given the options. How Man Utd are left with a bench of 5 youth players is beyond me. What changes can you make in these scenarios? What effort can you pull from people who know they can’t be replaced?

All that said, very well played Palace. They got a great coach it seems, and some of their players are top level as well. Olise is everything United would hope him to be if he signed, and Eze deserves to be in Europe. Mateta is a beast, and their back line did very well.

Their January arrivals – Wharton & Munoz – looked more competent than seasoned PL pros Eriksson and Dalot. I genuinely hope their team isn’t decimated this summer as they are quality to watch.

Final word to the United fans at the end of the game. If the players had half that passion, we’d not be talking about a 4-0 loss. I hope the players learned a lesson today.
Calvino (I joked they may play their way out of Europe, and it now looks likely)


Howe’s that?
For all the talk of Newcastle and Howe failing to live up to the hype this season, I actually think finishing 6th or even 7th is a greater achievement than last year.

Following years of under investment and the rot of an ‘avoid relegation’ mentality setting in the change in direction has been astounding.  Yes we have invested a lot of money but again this talk of Saudi billions being spent on a squad is misguided.  We are slowly building a squad capable of competing on four fronts and there is still a long way to go.

Last year was amazing and if we are all honest it was a massive fluke considering our great run with injuries and so called big boys failing to deliver.  Never in our wildest dreams could we foresee that happening.  We are not equipped for champions league football…..yet.

Rather than talk of Newcastle needing to upgrade their coach, Howe should be a rightful contender for manager of the year.  Bar a dodgy penalty call and some admittedly naive game management we could have progressed out of the ‘ group of death ‘ bar an uncharacteristic brain fart by one of our most consistent players we narrowly missed out on a semi in the Carabao. Our domestic cup draws yielded only one home tie and we have had to face Man City x2, Chelsea and Man U on the way.

Our marquee signing turned out to be facing a lengthy gambling ban that definitely no one knew was coming…(cough). The man responsible for overseeing this is now on gardening leave having been enticed to the car crash that is Man U.  This may be a blessing in the end but it is still unsettling.

We have to endure the constant click bait of teams just assuming they can pick up Bruno and Isak for peanuts which is both arrogant and ignorant.  Both were bought for a combined £100m which was a bargain but if people like Darren Bent think you can have both for £150m you are in dreamland.

Finally the bloody injuries…yes I know all teams have suffered but officially we have had it the worst.  For most of the season we have been without our first choice keeper, back four, elements of our midfield and at one point both our forwards.  The fact that we are even in with a sniff of European football is a miracle and the fact we are only 4 points off Spurs (yes I know it’s only Spurs but still) is outstanding.

This season is the one where real progress has been made.  We are learning on the job and we will regroup in the summer.  Adding to a team next year that includes Tonali, Bruno, big Joelinton,  Gordon, Isak and young talents such as Livramento, Hall and Miley is an exciting prospect.
Steve NUFC. 


Soulless City
City fan here.  I’ve got to say that I read Johnny Nic’s piece on City with bemusement.

Firstly, he says:

Obviously, it’s just a conspiracy against City, just listen to the rabid fans when you say they’re boring, dear me, you’d think what people feel is important to them. They say they’re not interested in your stupidity but spend so much time and effort being defensive with you, you could be forgiven for feeling more important and that’s not true.

Er, genuinely, I’m confused.  Which ‘rabid fans’ is Johnny referring to?  I’ve been a City supporter for over fifty years, and I don’t know any fellow fan that holds any such views.  Clearly, I neither can’t, nor would presume, to speak on behalf of any other Blue but I’m also not aware of a site that promotes such ideas.  Then again, I don’t know where Johnny is getting this ‘evidence.’  Is it, perhaps, SM morons directing it at him personally?

I ask as I can’t remember, and I stand to be corrected, any such rant in the F365 mailbox from a so-called City fan?  Also, whilst I acknowledge that what we all see on here is what the duty MC decides to print, I’ll take a leap of faith and bet that F365 towers weren’t exactly inundated with ‘piss-boiled’ defensive City fans taking umbrage with Johnny’s piece.  Indeed, I would point to the lack of any responsive vitriol in this site’s comments section which regular users would hardly describe as an oasis of calm, reasoned, reflection.

Secondly, the ‘soulless’ football ‘lacking in jeopardy.’  With respect, what you are watching with City, is elite football.  Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that I’m not referring to just the players.  This City has taken 12-15 years to build and could not be done without the club hiring the best CEO, DoF, Medical staff, analytics, recruitment and selling policy, the academy et al.  If, and when, it all comes together, you get a juggernaut and that, folks, is what you’re watching now.  Fergie, and his (original) board did it time and time again and he was a genius.  Pep, on the other hand, is just a spending fraud.  Is there a correlation as to why, to this day, there are so many ABU fans out there?  Or why so many take such delight in their misery today? *


You want jeopardy?  Hire Paul Pogba or Aubameyang or Darwin Nunez and tolerate them. When Guardiola started, he won b*gger-all until he got the players in that he needed and to play the way he wanted.  Same with Klopp.  Mikel Arteta got absolute pelters until he, with the backing of his club management, had his own clear-out and put his philosophy in place.  And where are Arsenal today?

Ah but!  City have simply spent squillions and that’s the reason why they’re ‘soulless’ and ’boring.’  Of course it is.  But tell me, haven’t Chelsea just spent over a billion pounds?  And they have won what exactly?  In the same vein, how much have United spent over the last ten years in both managers and players?

Finally, may I gently point out that this ‘robotic’ and ‘jeopardy-free’ Manchester City have won the square root of absolutely ****-all this season so far.  God forbid that people are jumping the gun, eh?

Oh, and Vish (AFC) Melbourne.  Honestly, Our Kid, you need to get out more.  Also, ‘Melbourne Australia’ as opposed to ‘Melbourne. where exactly?
Mark (*As I type, it’s Palace 3 M Utd 0.  Now there’s jeopardy for you.  Or is it a club mired in incompetence and unable to catch up with the New Boys?)  MCFC.


Why not be part of the solution?
The problem with paragraphs like this:

Only Andy Johnson (eight in 2004/05) and Jamie Vardy (seven in 2015/16) have ever won more penalties in a single Premier League season than Gordon, who has won more than 13 different teams this season. He has almost definitely set up a support group on WhatsApp for Mark Flekken, Ameen Al-Dakhil, Vladimir Coufal, Kalvin Phillips and Mason Holgate, with Josh Brownhill added in due course.

is that you are condoning cheating. On almost every instance, most aptly demonstrated against west ham, with a different (ie better) ref and VAR team, he gets booked and sent off.

And along with him “winning” penalties he is the king of professional fouls and you are lauding him for it.

I dont deny he’s had a good season running around and diving in the box, but theres no need to pretend it’s something other than what it is….. Blatant cheating.
Fat Man (Gordon has a great PR team)

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