Now it’s Man Utd fans’ turn to wrestle with their conscience over Qatar takeover

Ian Watson
New Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag waves to fans ahead of the opening Premier League game against Brighton at Old Trafford

One Manchester United fan in the Mailbox is ready to walk away if the club becomes a Qatari sportswashing project. Also: mails on the draw with Leeds; Fred; Man City’s punishment; and Arsenal.

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Drawing the line
If this were to go ahead I cannot see myself able to support my beloved team anymore. I watch every game mostly on TV admittedly but the famous flag utd kids wife is my point of view completely. I love my club, hate the glazers and would find it to disgusted to follow my club anymore if the Qatar sport washing rulers got their hands on my club

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Fred dread
I can honestly say I’ve never in my life, watched ANYONE for an hour and half be so bad and be unanimously dogsh*t as Fred was tonight. He’s just overtaken Mrs Browns Boys as the most sh*t thing of the 21st Century.
Terry Parsnip


Sorry, Erik
As a United fan who lived through the glory years and would be disgusted by a draw or a loss I have to say under ten hag I feel like this is my United again. Sometimes it’s just not gonna be your night but you just have to accept a draw as a positive. I was very much in the Pochettino camp and was disappointed when we overlooked him but I am happy to shovel humble pie down my neck. We haven’t won anything yet but to have a manager who seems to know what he is doing not an egotistical maniac fills me with joy every morning. On the performance tonight no casemiro no control. Fred without casemiro is like Robin without Batman.
Kenneth, Dublin


Unnecessary blackout
I’ve got every TV subscription known to man and a season ticket at a premier league club and I still have to click through 20 popups for stiffy pills to watch the world’s biggest football club play a match in 2023. Seriously Premier League sort it out.

Sloppy United
United started poorly. Gnonto scores within 2 minutes because of sloppy passing. It just looked like we were not awake. Leeds’s press was causing United to hold onto the ball for too long and putting us in dangerous areas. We did grow into the half but we were still getting pressured by Leeds. Just like against Arsenal, you can see how different we look without Casemiro. Even though Sabitzer had a good half it’s not where he should be playing. Sabitzer works best as an 8 to me where he can do a bit of both attacking and defending. Fred kept going too far ahead, leaving Sabitzer to do all the defensive work. Garnacho looked like a teenager which is not his fault as he is one but I would have had Rashford on the left and played Garnacho on the right or have Sancho play there.

The second half started the exact same as the first with Leeds catching United cold. It looked like we were going to lose because of us not being ready during both kick-offs. Luckily after the introduction of Sancho and Pellistri, we started to take control of the game. Instantly we pull one back with a great cross from Dalot and Rashford scoring continuing his form. Then Sancho brings the game back level which is great to see. Hopefully, this helps the confidence of Sancho and we can finally see the form we saw of him at Dortmund. After 60 minutes the game was mostly United but we were not able to finish the job which may come back to bite us late in the season.

Overall, It was not the game I expected especially after Leeds sacked Marsch but It showed some good character from United to see us not stop especially after being two goals downs where we would have given up previously. Sabitzer had a good game and I can’t wait to see him play with Casemiro behind him as he was really given the short end of the stick as he had to play defensive mid as Fred can’t and everyone else is out. Hopefully, we go into the game at Elland Road ready to fight and can improve on this performance as we really should not be conceding two goals within the first few minutes of each kick-off against anyone let alone a team in a relegation scrap who just sacked their manager.


Sub confusion
Am I missing something – Leeds made six substitutions in the game tonight but from what I understand the Premier League maximum is five? Surely there’s a reason they were allowed to but if not is that not a massive botch by someone and potentially going to mean the result gets overturned?

(Yes, you are missing concussion subs – Ed)


Muted by Marcus
What happened to Ashwin the Manchester United fan who used to write in last season when the team was struggling solely to rant about Rashford? Every United defeat trigged an essay about how all United’s problems were about Rashford even if it was a 3-0 defeat where Rashford came off the bench for 10 minutes. I’m a Liverpool fan, and even I thought it was a pretty undignified vendetta.

And now that United is flying and Rashford can’t stop scoring, it seems we don’t hear from Ashwin too often. Weird that.
Turiyo Damascene, Kigali, Rwanda


Arsenal don’t need a helping hand
As an Arsenal fan of fifty years, I’ve really enjoyed this season so far.

It would be great if we can maintain our form and win the league on merit.

I really don’t care about what City have allegedly done; I don’t want a helping hand to assist Arsenal to win the title if we can actually do it.

Regarding docking points, I do remember being annoyed that we were docked 2 points after a punch up at Old Trafford and Utd were only docked 1 in 90/91. Still won the league by 7 points losing 1 game and conceding 18 goals. Cracking season.
Chris, Croydon

Man City boss Pep Guardiola makes a gesture
City strife
I don’t understand the charges against Manchester City, I’m sure very few of us do really. I get the overall jist, but really none of us are going to read the report, we’re going from summaries on websites. We have jobs and lives.

I have just two things to say though, first – when you sign up to a competition, you sign up to the rules, this is absolutely fundamental. People saying ‘they’re all at it’ need to grow up and realise that is not an answer. If Liverpool tried to start with 12 players, the opposition wouldn’t get away with bringing on an extra man would they? It’s not how rules work.

Second, City have not yet been found guilty of these charges but, like a striker with a reputation for diving, they sit in the worse possible position to play the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ card. They were already fined by UEFA, they already refused to cooperate with an investigation and now they are playing the persecuted victim. The club sold its soul, you can’t enjoy the riches on one hand and play the victim on the other. Why the Premier league would choose to pick on City without just cause makes no sense either, I mean that team has played some of the best football of the last decade and all the Premier League wants is to market and sell the product – they, as much as anyone – have ridden the Pep-inspired wave to being the greatest league in the world (TM) and all made a tonne of money with it.

Football finance is a mess. Let’s hope this is the start of people (owners/shareholders) actually paying attention and protecting their clubs. Because ultimately we want financial rules that guarantee jobs, community, entertainment and you know, actual football.

I fear, however, this will be a fine and we all move on with the status quo until one day a truly giant team is toppled by lack of accountability.



City did us all a favour
While I’m not into financial impropriety I’m certainly not into handing a massive wedge of backdated trophies to Liverpool, Mourinho’s United or Spuds. Spurs need an empty trophy cabinet to remain Spurs, but imagine the undying smugness of United or Liverpool having won all those competitions. City have saved us all from smuggery of the highest order, and I am grateful for it.


Not enough
According to all the people in the know (Sky Sports) it appears that the most people agree that IF found guilty of financial irregularities, City will most probably be given a points reduction in this season.

What that will actually mean is the they won’t win the league this season (may not anyway as Arsenal are in pretty good shape right now). And it also means that they won’t qualify for the champions league next season.

So effectively they will be given a ONE year Champions league ban, which is less than UEFA were trying to give them.

What kind of punishment is that? About eighty million, IF they were to win it, which they never have, that won’t even put a dent in the oil baron’s pockets.
Neil, LFC, USA