Could Raphael Varane to Man Utd be the deal of the decade?

Date published: Tuesday 27th July 2021 10:31 - Editor F365

Raphael Varane Real Madrid

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The Pogba myth
This is in reply to Tunji, Lagos where he says, Paul Pogba was exceptional for Juventus.

Was he? Did you watch every game that he played in? or did you, like most others believe the hype that comes his way by his rentamouth Agent/pundits etc or did you just watch some exploits on Youtube?

The Italian league at the time was poor, basically no competition and playing for Juve all but guaranteed the title. It’s changed a little now, back then it was almost a 1 horse race.

Are you stating he was excellent by his Youtube clips because anyone can put a montage together making them look like a world beater for 5 seconds in a game.

Juve really wanted the CL and yet sold Pogba? Youtube montages don’t show the whole game, thus the whole player.

Pogba is exceptional for France. Is he? He likes to spout out that he is a world cup winner, like he did it on his own. Kleberson is a world cup winner, David Batty has more Premier League titles than Gerrard, are we saying that Batty was a better player than Gerrard, are we saying that Kleberson is a better player than Grealish?

Does he look better for France because the other players around him can pick up the slack that he is clearly useless at or just doesn’t want to do?

Pogba will be exceptional for PSG. Yes, in another league that is really quite poor and even less competitive than his time in Italy. PSG didn’t win the title last season which was a shock, once normality sets back in, nobody will stop them again. World Class players do not play in the French league in their prime. Pogba will get the freedom of the park to start with, until teams work out that all you need to do is put pressure on him and he’ll crumble into a heap.

The problem is Man Utd.

Yes, I don’t say that Utd do not have problems, they certainly do. But Pogba has done nothing to help those problems. He simply is an average player playing in an average team with a really average manager. The thing is though, if Pogba is this World Class talent that you seem to think he is, then why has he not shown any of it since he returned? World class players stand out, no matter who they play for or who they play against, there is always something extra that they have compared to the rest. Give him 20 yards of space and sure, he’ll ping a 50 yard pass, but name another pro footballer who can’t do that? He can bang one tops bins from 30 yards, yes, he can but so can some guy who plays for Exeter City, doesn’t make them world class or indeed, any good.

Pogba, the worst Man Utd signing in my lifetime and we currently have Fred, who isn’t any better. For what Utd paid for Pogba, the nonsense we get with him, the wages he picks up and the performances he dishes out, without a doubt, the worst UTD signing I can remember.
Mike (I just don’t get the Utd fans admiration for mediocrity anymore)


…There seems to be a narrative about how well Pogba plays when he’s on national duty. I’d like to draw your attention to the 90th minute of the Switzerland v France with the score 3-2 to France. He gives the ball away in the middle of the park. 20 seconds later the ball is in the France net. In those 20 seconds Pogba has jogged back about 10 steps.

Pogba is that mate of yours who will dance on the table at the bar and buy everybody a round of drinks, but will forget to drop you home after promising, so you’ll spend the night on the pavement. He’s the flat mate who cooks exotic dishes from across the world for your friends on Friday night, but gives his house key to random people he meets. In short, entertaining, but a liability.
Ved Sen, MUFC


Monday’s Mailbox: Paul Pogba and PSG are the perfect match. Pog-bye…


Give it up
The whole Pogba saga made me think of my own life and when it’s best to give up and accept something is not working. I struggled in my previous job for a lot of the time and to be frank, was too inconsistent (hindsight is great) despite the genuine hard work i put in and the efforts of my boss to help me. I was unhappy and should have left earlier.

I know there is money to be lost (and yes, Covid has massively disrupted the transfer market) but surely it would have been better to get rid of Pogba earlier and invest the money/get rid of the potential negative impact of keeping a clearly unhappy player (and his mouthy agent).

Man utd could have spent the money and revised/stabilised their tactics and avoid changing things every few months to accommodate pogba. Sounds simple but stability is key, especially given how many suitors would have Pogba. If it works elsewhere then so what? That’s life.

Having said that, credit to ole for his behaviour throughout, maybe too nice but his man management has been superb.

Tom, Leeds fan in Newcastle


Is Pogba pulling a Ramos?
First off, I’ll get there eventually, BUT, is Varane the potential deal of the decade?? Reports thus far are the deal is £34 mil plus add ons. White just cost Arsenal £50 mill – yes, part of that is based on potential, but Varane has won more Champions Leagues than Manchester United and Arsenal combined! Granted, not a clue who our starting keeper is, but that’s a hell of a back line I front. On top of that, tho AWB may not be the best attacker in the league, who cares if Sancho is excused of defensive responsibilities considering he has the best tackling full back in the division behind him??


#1 – I’d genuinely rather keep J Lingz than Pogba. The former is United through and through. He had genuine personal matters, dealt with them like a proper adult(better than most of us regarding the stigma on mental health) and proved much more consistent and effective at WHU in the same time period than the Pog’s bo!!ox

The latter – unlike the majority of what comes out of the squad these days, doesn’t seem fully committed to the club/cause. Whilst not going full Jose and calling him a virus, he seems to be one of the few that aren’t fully committed…or does he???

If you look at the squad, he is, by most reports, a great ‘glue’ player in the squad as personalities go. He came to us (Mou the manager) expecting a team build and winning…yes, won the Europa, but build?? Over Ole’s reign, we can see his progress and, with Sancho and Varane, it looks almost complete. Pogba can see the young, winning team being built and will want a part. He knows his ego will drown amongst the others at PSG and is using them as Ramos used us for a better deal

Last point, Varane to United – who wouldn’t want to jump ship as one of the youngest players in a squad to win everything, only to be faced with a complete overhaul/rebuild whilst being smacked in the face that new guy, also your new partner, just showed up and is earning significantly more than you…p!ss off

Sergio Ramos


It seems as though the signing of Rafael Varane has progressed past rumours and might actually be completed soon.
This comes on the back of the signing of Jadon Sancho last week, both fantastic bits of business if you ask me (which you didnt).

But, I can’t be the only one enjoying the delicious irony of Paul Pogba wanting to leave just as United are putting together their strongest squad in years, and might actually be better off without him.

Or possibly, they don’t even need him.

Who knew having a director of football would work so well!


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…Calvino makes it out that Pogba’s lacklustre displays are entirely the fault of United. There are some players that in order to maximize, the whole team has to be set up around them. Pogba is an example, Hazard too.

So United had to make a decision. Is Pogba the kind of player we build a team around or not? They tried that at the start but Pogba often seemed half arsed as to whether he could be bothered or not. Perhaps a tougher manager might have solved that. For France, they only need to play a few games to win a tournament so keeping him on track is a lot less effort than a full league and cup season. Even then, France couldn’t prevent lazily Pogba giving the ball away and bringing Switzerland back into the game that knocked them out.

Of course this wouldn’t be as evident until Fernandes came along. Fernandes showed just what a player can do when you have both skill and a passion to do well. He has single handedly moved United on. Occasionally Pogba would show up and get plaudits but it has been a stellar Fernandes that drive United to second place and cup finals. Unfortunately with so much on his plate, he tired at the end of the season. While Pogba, who hadn’t done much looked fresher. Perhaps Pogba’s plan all along – to star at the Euros. Unfortunately his lack of concentration showed up too. And let’s face it, Cavani’s super professional attitude since coming on board just shows up Pogba’s attitude even more.

United are better off without him. He unbalanced most teams trying to fit him in. You can’t play him without a top level DM and another midfielder willing to put in the hard yards to provide the freedom to let him ‘do his thing’ and cover from any of his mistakes or lack of concentration. It certainly puts more pressure on his team mates.

Conte got the most out of Pogba (and Hazard) by playing a 3-5-2. This provides the most cover across the middle to allow Pogba freedom. He was also willing to call Pogba out when he played poorly. Unfortunately, under Mourinho, it always becomes about Mourinho’s ego, as opposed to a purely professional and tactical perspective as with Conte. Which in the case of a player with an equally big ego, isn’t going to work. By the time Ole got him, Pogba had already decided he didn’t want to be a United.

At this point United should cash in on him, remove his negative karma, and solidify the team as they are doing. It’s not United, it’s Pogba.
Paul McDevitt


The purest type of goal
I, as like probably so many others, watch goal compilations on YouTube – there are loads of them. And it got me thinking.

What is the best or purest type of goal scored? Not what it means to the game in question, although I know that does matter, but the way it is scored.

For example:
A thunderbastard slamming onto the underside of the crossbar?
A fast counterattack, particularly from a goal mouth scramble?
A winner with seconds left on the clock?
A keeper scoring from a corner?
A player taking it from his own half and running with it unaided?

I am sure there are others, but c’mon Mailboxers, what is the perfect goal?
Mike D


Football is out there
Can anyone help explain why no one is discussing the current major tournaments/competitions happening in the world right now?

For a football website, there’s a lack of coverage of any world football outside of the UK or men’s European football.

The Gold Cup – The semifinalists are set with US vs Qatar and Mexico vs Canada. Plenty of great talent and fast-paced football to watch. Great fun for the neutrals even if it will most likely be another US/Mexico final. Those two countries are great rivals that always provide a captivating and physical game.

The Olympics – Women – For being a UK based website, why is no one talking about the women’s Great Britain team and how well they’ve started their campaign beating Japan and Chile. Japan is usually a powerhouse in women’s football, so you think this achievement would be widely regarded. The US women also got a shock defeat against Sweden and the Brazilians look strong and rampant.

The Olympics – Men – Richarlison with a hattrick for Brazil against Germany and Chris Wood with a goal for New Zealand. Plenty of great young talent to watch combined with the experience of a few veteran players. A handful of well know premier league and European stars.

Instead of talking about transfer rumors where we all know 80-90% are exactly that, just rumors (i.e. Haland, Henderson, etc.), let’s discuss actual football that is happening. Instead of complaining about the consumerism involved with pre-season tournaments/friendlies, talk about the women representing Great Britain or the young talent at show during the Olympics.

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