Forget the sportswashing and enjoy the magnificence of Manchester City…

Date published: Tuesday 4th October 2022 10:07 - Editor F365

Manchester City celebrate Erling Haaland's goal against Manchester United.

…writes a Manchester City fan. There’s also a warning in the Mailbox for the blue side of Manchester that this won’t last forever. 

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Nothing ever lasts forever
Am I the only one that just doesn’t think City will be walking away with the title every year? I recently said on this platform that City are the most well run team in the world and I stand by that.

But there are certain rules to life. No great empire, country, team or man shall last forever. Yes, one day, just like many of the greatest empires do not exist anymore, your football club (or country) and my football club (or country) shall not exist anymore. It is inevitable. If that does not happen, then our club may just end up playing non league games. That is also inevitable.

Keep in mind that no matter how good the players at City are, there will always be more good players than they can take or find. Someone else well run and ably funded should be able to find them and build a good and competitive team as well.

At this moment, I trust Liverpool and Arsenal to do it. I feel Chelsea will do it too and Newcastle as well. It may seem odd, but there was a time two or three seasons ago when Arsenal were regarded as a poorly run club. Today, it is clear that if anything, it is the exact opposite. It may be possible that Man Utd are there right now, signing Casemiro does not fill me with confidence that they are nor is chasing Rabiot but we will have to wait and see. Potentially Man Utd will be there in 2 to 3 season’s. Players like Haaland will make City superior to everyone else. But we forget, you don’t have to be the superior team to win, just be as close as possible and I really think there are many teams who will always be that close.


Ten others who made Our League look p*ss easy in their debut season like Haaland


Cheating City
Well, Monday morning’s mailbox was fairly balanced I thought. That is, apart from those who reacted to Ian King’s article. Blimey. Touched a few nerves there, didn’t he?

For those that continue to bemoan City’s silverware because of cheat codes or an unfair financial advantage and so forth, may I gently point something out?

Being one of the richest clubs does not guarantee success. (See Manchester United or PSG or even City in the CL). If it did, we would’ve won our first PL title sooner than 2011/12.

What DOES guarantee success is a perfect storm of the following: a slick and vibrant club hierarchy and Board. An excellent recruitment policy and team. And a world class manager who can get the absolute best out of elite players. (See Liverpool). City now is the culmination of work that started in 2008.

But ignoring that, let’s imagine we could wave a magic wand and make both Manchester City and Newcastle United disappear. Abracadabra and bosh! Both are dissolved.

In that event, who would be the richest clubs in England then? What’s that you say? It would be Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea? Never!

Now personally, I believe that those who write in to F365 about sports washing and so forth do so in good faith. I only mention it as there may be others more cynical than I that might think there is an ulterior motive for some of those mails.

Just saying.
Mark (Haaland + De Bruyne + Foden = WOW!!). MCFC.


…Oh, how the bitter and the jealous, shout at the clouds, stamp their feet and demonstrate their hissy fits to all and sundry…..

……whilst I sit here and smirk at the raging impotence of them all.

This is brilliance, chaps. If you were a little more generous, you’d recognise and applaud but that competitive element just won’t let you admit it, probably not even to yourselves. That first half was, quite possibly, the best football I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of great football over the last few years. Oh, I know, people will be straight into keyboard warrior mode, “sportswashing! Infinite money! Better than us!! Blahblahblah. That’s the raging at the clouds, it sends people mad. Show me a successful club owner and all sorts of undesirable things start crawling out. We all know the stunts that the likes of Silent Stan, the Glazers and the duplicitous FSG have pulled, just gloss over them, huh? “Sportswashing!” “It’s not fair”. I mean in an article about Manchester football, we still have the Murkeyside dwellers shouting at the sky. When was football ever fair? Ever? I’m 56 and I’ve never known it to be fair. Football has always been dominated by those who had more money than others, we all know this, as cynical as it is. Jesus, even Blackburn showed us the power of money.

I’m fully aware of the background of the owners of Manchester City and, you know what, I daresay that every single reader of Football365 also knows. You keep banging your drum because the hysterical empty vessel is louder and it ain’t pretty. There’s only so much foaming at the mouth, I can watch, you know.

Just trying to help
Levenshulme Blue, Manchester 19


Stitched up
I now know how many journalists must feel when they write a considered article, only to have its point diminished by their editor.

My headline was ‘It’s happening again’ (referring to pundits choice to ignore what they see in favour of narrative) was changed to ‘Actually, Liverpool were great against Brighton’.

I am aghast and shall be considering my position as a very occasional writer to the mailbox.

Mediawatch would be ashamed.
Graham (all of the above said in jest, not that, that should need saying, but the modern world being what it is) LFC


Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson
Hold the lettuce
Is it me or does anyone else say ‘with cheese’ when a commentator mentions Emerson Royal? No. Ok.
Luke (I didn’t go to Burger King) Dublin


Tired of life
I’m just tired of seeing Phil Neville on the world cup ladder. Pls do something. Much love


Knowing the league
“They don’t know the league” , i.e. the Premier League, is a refrain we hear all the time from the British football punditry (yes, I’m talking about Graeme Souness).

I was thinking, can you simultaneously have a league that none of your foreigns know anything about, but is also, according to the PFM, the most watched, greatest league that has ever existed or will exist (© Martin Tyler) in the Universe?

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