Ratcliffe should get Manchester United players to vote on next manager to sort ‘mess’

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Manchester United co-owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe, manager Erik ten Hag and captain Bruno Fernandes
Should Bruno Fernandes vote on Manchester United's next manager?

It is ‘strange’ to see Manchester United fans excusing and then celebrating the continuation of mediocrity. Sir Jim Ratcliffe should hold a player vote.

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Another day, another hit piece on Ten Hag.

Closest is Brendan? I must have missed the part where Rodgers won two trophies with Liverpool? Or maybe the part where he got fired after winning an FA Cup, Europa or some other thing right? Brendan is more Ole than ETH surely.

You lot must be furious that perennial loser and F365 favorite Mauricio Poch isn’t even getting interview calls anymore & Ten Hag managed to win the FA Cup and keep his job at one of the biggest clubs in the world. There was an uproar when recent Champions League winners and 1 billion spenders Chelsea fired their manager for finishing 6th, with articles talking about how stupid that is & shows the inability of the owners.

Its f***ing HILAROUS! You talk about the Manchester United fanbase being SPLIT?? I don’t know a SINGLE FAN who wants Ten Hag out after winning the FA Cup. Not one. Some maybe wouldn’t mind another manager (even I would take Pep, Klopp & Ancelotti over ETH), but most are more than happy to give ETH his dues after he won us 2 trophies in 2 years. There are no #EricOut trends or boards at events, there is no protest march against the manager, there is no call for his head anymore. Even on toxic twitter, most fans are more than happy to keep him which is unexpected.

Ending the article by calling for his head in November is the funniest point. Where are the articles calling for Arteta’s head (4 years without a trophy)?? Please rename your website Agenda365 and write your editorials accordingly. You are no better than the Daily Mirror or The Sun.



Make it make sense
There is a decent argument to be made either way about United’s apparent decision to retain Ten Hag, and I am sure that the next mailbox will be full of opinions on it. But it is being reported that negotiations have started to extend his contract (currently one year left). Where is the logic in that?

A few weeks ago it was expected that he would be binned, and it appears that the FA Cup win may have saved him, but that’s just one game, and the doubts must still be there. Why not see how the season starts before thinking about extending his contract? Extend it by two/three years and if he should fail – a distinct possibility, even Badwolf must accept that – it will cost a fortune to get rid of him.

I can’t see the logic here at all, and to me it looks like further evidence that the management of the club as a whole is still in a mess.

Any theories that explain the thinking here because it makes no sense to me?


The Manchester United Paradox
So, we aren’t to take the view of crazy partisan fans on the internet about Erik Ten Hag. As espoused by the crazy partisan fans on the internet.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, for anyone who lived through the near-three decades of Ferguson dominance, seeing United fans “happy” with a couple domestic cups and ever-decreasing form and saying “our poor manager couldn’t do nothing with the squad he was left with, leave him alone” is a strange day indeed.
The Ever-Appreciated Harold Erik Hooler

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Let the players vote
If Ratcliffe is serious about Manchester United his top priority is to get rid of ETH.  That man is disastrous to say the least in his selection of team players, game plan and team spirit.

I have been a MU fan ever since I can remember and am disappointed at what has been happening with MU. Why not get the whole team together, lay out the manager choices that Ratcliffe has in mind and let the players vote, the most manager votes should be Ratcliffe’s choice.  Sad to see such a beautiful club and team always being snubbed.

One United Man United, always.

All the way from sunny South Africa.
Fatima Brites


Red Eagles
In a move that should surprise no-one who is aware of the talent and expertise within the Ineos Group, Manchester United have this afternoon unveiled their latest signing; The entire Crystal Palace first eleven.
Niallio, Dublin 


PSR effect
I’ve been reading many comments and mails recently about PSR/FFP and how it only favours the big clubs and needs to be scrapped etc and it made me think about how they benefit:


Man Utd


Man utd

The only constant is City… Are they the only beneficiaries of PSR? Or are they the only constant due to not following PSR?

Whatever way you look at it, no other clubs are benefitting year on year from PSR and it is clearly levelling the playing field somewhat given the make up of the top 4.

Take City out of the table and i doubt the top 4 has varied as much in 25 years.

Maybe it is doing exactly as it should and we should acknowledge that.


The Mailbox name-chain game
Too easy.

John Collins
Collins John
John Collins
Collins John
John Collins
Collins John
John Collins
Collins John


For the Mailbox Chain Name Game, I can offer a first attempt at a triple.

Franny Lee Grant Holt

What do I win?
Douglas Foxtrot


Justice for Jordan
Sorry a bit late on this one but dear Lord what was Dave LFC on about.  “Not going to win with Pickford/Ramsdale?”  Clearly hasn’t watched Pickford for Everton OR England and is still hanging on to the lazy media trope from three or four years ago.

Not content with that, he continues with “I would play Declan Rice at the back.” Are you kidding me?  If only England had a young center back who was superb for his club this season (and will most certainly be moving on in a club record transfer deal at some point) that Southgate could have called upon to remedy this “situation” of England’s central defense.

Yeah, Southgate didn’t call on Branthwaite (or Quansah for that matter) and that was completely understandable considering the experienced internationals that he did have to call upon.  But Declan Rice at CB over every one of England’s other options would be foolish at best and pure suicide at worst.  Not only that, but the suggestion also takes Rice away from where he brings the most value to that team so a double whammy that.

I’m not English but I am pulling for England this summer and would love to see them bring home the trophy.  Anyone but Pickford between the posts and Rice at his normal position would almost certainly keep that from happening.
TX Bill (USA 1-5 Colombia…we really aren’t that bad but hoo boy, what a stinker) EFC


Wholesale changes
I’ve just been looking at a first knockout opponent for England and, if I am correct, the third placed team of Austria, France and Holland could accumulate most points / goals to be this last 16 opponent.

Clearly Austria would historically be the less sphincter-wrinkling , but they are damned difficult these days. Hence I shall be watching group C from the start.

As for England, I was hoping that they’d be training to bring on 4 that would rachet up the pressure on the opponent’s defence around the sixty minute mark. Much in the way Liverpool were doing in the first half of the season.

So many good forward players – well  train two systems and bring four attacking subs on to ask questions of tired legs.

For an example Eze on for Bellingham, Saka on for Palmer . TAA on for the right back, perhaps Konza. And one more, I don’t know, like Ivan for Harry. Or move Jude to a false 9 then take Kane off. Just, you know, tactical acumen.

I like the idea of Rice next to Stones but then that leaves a huge Rice shaped hole ahead doesn’t it .
Peter ( all the games on terrestrial TV here , is that the same in England ? ) Andalucia.


I hate Roberto Martinez
Does anyone else have an irrational hatred of someone that no one else seems to share?

I don’t mean fans hating their rivals or managers players but the type of irrational burning hatred that makes you want to unmask your chosen one the fraud he is?

Ok maybe it’s just me. I’ll admit I don’t follow international football too closely and so had missed that Roberto Martinez is now the Portuguese manager.

How in the name of God is he still working at the top level of the game. I keep on thing I’ve missed something with him but a quick fact check revealed his honours to be:

He won a league one championship with Swansea
He prevented Wigan being related three times (yes really) and in winning the FA cup got them relegated.
He dropped Everton from 5th to 12th in the league.
He managed the greatest generation of Belgium players their or most country’s will ever see for 6 years and came third in the World Cup once.
And now he is manager of Portugal.

How is this man getting away with it. I really feel like I’m going insane with him, do people really think he is any good. All I see is a manager with a record of one FA cup win who gets on week with the media who has underachieved at every club or team he has managed. Honestly, what does he do in interviews? If you could bottle whatever it is I’d be rubbing a Fortune 500 company next year.
Dave LFC 

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