How Manchester United could ruin Liverpool by selling them ‘an inferior version of Theo Walcott’

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Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford against Liverpool
Time to start the 'Marcus Rashford to Liverpool' hype train

One Manchester United fan has laid into Marcus Rashford in an awful sales pitch for a move to Liverpool, while Chelsea supporters continue to cope.

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Klopp for PM
Lots of speculation over Klopp’s future.

Then all of a sudden, a general election is called…

Coincidence? I think not. He saw this coming and will stand as an independent. You heard it here first.

Vote Klopp! Be honest, would you back him over the main parties and candidates? Maybe this is really why Darwin Nunez was brought to the Premier League. He isn’t the striker we imagined, but he’d make a great chancellor of the exchequer.
Nostra Damn Us.


Russian roulette
It’s amazing to view the collective Chelsea fans’ reactions to the American takeover – so much anger!

I’ve read about “deep disappointment”, shame, idiocy, “ruining our club”, “making us look stupid” and the guy who repeatedly called the owners “c**ts”. I think it was probably more than one contributor actually: Chelsea chiefs called c***s and clowns as fans rage over Mauricio Pochettino sack

I am not defending Boehly, not remotely, he seems almost entirely clueless about soccer and frankly I find it all hilarious. It’s just that I am just struggling to remember similar regarding Abramovich; you know, Putin’s bestie? The guy single handedly responsible for the horrors of Ukraine and putting the world on the verge of an apocalyptic nuclear war.

Abramovich, the guy who (allegedly) ripped off an entire nation to feather his own nest, while the plebs suffered in poverty. One of the infamous oligarchs who carved up all the wealth of the Soviet Union and kept it for themselves. Then went and spent it all on yachts and football clubs and new wives.

But, I spose, he “won it all” for you. Every title is tainted. Every single one.

If Boehly is indeed a c**t, what is Abramovich? And what are you?

Stay classy lads.


Todd one out
Dear Football 365,

It was at this moment he knew he f***** up

Can anyone remember the Carabao Cup final when Pochettino inadvertently missed Todd Boehlys effort to offer a handshake?

If you know the meme “it was at this moment he knew he f***** up”

There was no way he could continue after this.
M4RCU5X15,CFC (I can’t believe I have been reading this site for over 14 years now. Thank you for your consistent hard work.)

Pochettino ‘cracked’ and the players are too ‘soft’
The reports of the players being disgusted by Poch being sacked is hilarious. Maybe they should have tried a little bit harder instead of being bloody awful for 70% of the season.

The fact they think it’s anybody’s fault but theirs is laughable. They were the ones who couldn’t beat Sheffield United, the second worst team to ever be in the premier league. Nicolas Jackson spent the first half of the season getting booked for talking back and taking pictures with only fans tramps instead of focusing on putting the ball in the net. Then there’s the legion of players out “injured” who all seem to be squeaky clean full bill of health when the season is over. Soft players who couldn’t be arsed to play and they think it’s someone else’s fault the manager got sacked; give it a bloody rest.

Poch didn’t look like he had the stones for the job by the end of the season anyway, he looked more like he was going to cry than put up a fight when he let himself be bullied by reporters. I understand now what people like Simon Jordan are talking about when they say he’s not the guy who will get you to the top, he’s too soft and doesn’t have the fight in him. Instead of showing a strong front when the going got tough he cracked under the pressure.

Only problem is the moron owners don’t want a manager who will win, they want one who will stroke their egos and lick arse to the two incompetent sporting directors they hired. It’s been downhill since they bought the club, starting with sacking Tuchel and it’s just got worse day on day ever since and it’s at the stage where a lot of fans don’t actually care who the new manager is because he won’t be there long enough to matter. Because yes men won’t win you the league and the owners won’t hire a manager who can because the top managers will call them out for being the clueless t***s they are.
Aaron CFC Ireland.


Terribly disappointed at Poch being sacked due to his likely support of retaining Conor Gallagher and Chalobah.

However, I hope and pray that Boehly and Board were indeed disappointed by the football served in the last 8-10 matches (Which I felt was the best we played in 2-3 years). I can only hope they have invested fair few millions in technical analysts with super computers crunching numbers to find us the perfect coach who can do a “Xabi” with our billion $ squad.

With Poch I am certain that we would have been in top three teams next season.. But with a new coach found by AI models , we could potentially get way better results and maybe even topple Pep.

It’s the hope that kills …..
B cfc (New managers always worked like charm for A hopefully does for B too) 

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No need to be Rash
The first major sign of Rashford’s downfall can be seen by everyone. Southgate rightfully omitted Rashford from the England provisional squad. What a humiliation for the “starboy”.

But this downfall started back in 2021 but the English media turned a blind eye to it, even Football365!

In the Europa League final 2021, Rashford’s performance was abysmal (and that’s an understatement). The next day to the final, Rashford was publishing his book and interviewing Barack Obama and Obama mentioned that Rashford was already ahead of him at the age of 23. This certainly went to his head! But the key thing here should have been: was Rashford better than Giggs, Beckham, Rooney, Ronaldo, Nani etc at the age of 23 – definitely not.

But since then Rashford has published 4 more books!

In addition, the MBE title went to Rashford’s head again. Ever since that, at the slightest of challenges/contact on the football pitch, in each match he systematically stops playing and turns his head to the referee and waves his hand in the air. He has a feeling of entitlement that given his off-field activities give him a right not to be tackled on the football pitch.

And then he turned lazy, never tracking back and always leaving his fullback exposed. Man Utd has conceded many goals because of Rashford’s laziness. But again the English media (including Football365) turned a blind eye to it.

Rangnick once said some players were mentally weak and proceeded to bench Rashford. When Rashford started his PR stunts and speculated transfer rumours and Ragnick said Rashford was free to leave Man Utd, then all of a sudden dressing room leaks started to appear. Coincidence?

And yeah about Rashford’s PR – Rashford believes his brand is bigger than Man Utd. This in itself would have got him the boot had Sir Alex been in charge!

Lately, we have been hearing that Rashford has appointed the PR person that Beckham had appointed after the 1998 World Cup. One thing he should understand is that Beckham worked extremely hard on the pitch and the fans recognise that. Rashford seems to think he does not need to work hard, his PR is enough.

Last season, his 30 goals (only 17 goals were in the league & most were in Carabao & Europa against lower opposition) masked his failings. This season the writing is on the wall. Rashford has been found out!!!!

His image of being a role model – huh disgusting. Partying in Belfast & missing training.

And when some people rightfully claimed that he is lazy on the pitch, he needs to do more, writers like Will Ford were quick to point to Rashford’s off field charity work. Mr Ford, whatever, the good work Rashford has done off the field does not matter at all when we criticise his woeful lazy performances!! Even Coventry players in the FA Cup semi final were surprised by how lazy Rashford is that they largely ignored him and focussed to mark other players. And yes, the crowd did rightfully boo the starboy.

Marcus Rashford deserves every stick that he is getting. It is his own doing. As a lifelong Man Utd fan I never want to see any Man Utd player playing for Liverpool but I would love to see Rashford go to play for Liverpool. It would be a fantastic move by Man Utd. Get some transfer fees from Liverpool, put that big wage of 350K per week off the wage bill and significantly weaken Liverpool.

Save this article for the future as well. Mark my words, in 2 to 3 seasons, Rashford will be playing for lower mid table teams. He has become an inferior version of Theo Walcott!

Ashwin (Man Utd fan)

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Was catching up on some mailboxes recently, after being away for a bit, and Jimbo’s post referring to Man City fans as patsies really caught my attention. This is a very cheap and easy claim to make, that will get you many claps on the back in the partisan world of football, especially when said club has victimised the same sets of fans for an extended period of time. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the countries that deal with the UAE:

Country                Imports            Exports (B – Billion, M – Million)
USA                        $7.5B                 $20B
EU                          $15B                  $37B
UK                          $4.5B                 $12B

And, how about what are considered the most progressive and just countries, how do they deal with the UAE:

Singapore              $14.4B               $4.6B
Swtizerland            $9.3B                 $6B
Canada                  $1B                    $2.5B
Norway                  $400M                $400m

And my own progressive country, that looks out for the citizens of the World:

Ireland                   $600M                $800M

If the governments of the world are willing to bite their tongues when it comes to the UAE, what makes City fans so abhorrent. When these countries stop trading with them, then we can talk about Man City supporters. Why should football fans be held to a different standard than the governments of the countries in which they live?

Their selective indignation indicates that maybe, just maybe, this all comes down to a case of jealous rivals, as opposed to genuine activists that are truly concerned about the well being of the UAE citizens.
Billy Boy, Dublin


Guardiola to Barcelona
The ultimate question: can Pep Guardiola win anything if he isn’t managing the richest club in the league or Lionel Messi? He’s never done it before.

If he really wants to prove himself, his old club might have a vacancy soon. They need him. He should go back there. Otherwise he’s obviously a fraud.
Jayraj (it’s not important who I support), MUFC


I need help from Stewie to explain football to me.

On Wednesday night I watched Atalanta thoroughly outplay Bayer Leverkusen in the Europa League final. This is a team that are currently 27 points behind Inter, the champions elect, in Serie A. Inter were beaten by Atletico Madrid in the round of 16 in this season’s CL and then Atletico were knocked out in the QF by Borussia Dortmund, a team that ended up 27 points behind Bayer Leverkusen in the final Bundesliga table.

Seeing as Stewie always seem to use the latest results to suit his narrative, which basically boils down to Wenger and Arsenal bashing by whichever way possible, can he please tell me if Atalanta are now the bestest team in the whole wide world and if Arsenal are in any way serious about ever winning a trophy again should be looking to buy Ademola Lookman, or is it just that Atalanta were the best team on the day and anything can happen in football?

I’m so confused. My brain is in meltdown.
Dave AFC


Mexican wavelength
Lucho Enrique, the Paris Saint Germain coach, is said to be in the market for a bunch of players to try to replace Kylian. Two of whom are the stars of Napoli’s title team, the difficult to spell Kvaratshkelia and the difficult to gauge Vic Osimhen.

Signing two players ‘on the same wavelength‘ appears to me to be pretty clever so I immediately envisaged the young French forward Olise and Eze at CPFC as a stupendous double signing. ( sorry Palace fans ) for PSG .

Bobby Robson did it with Thyssen & Muhren (more spelling pain ) as did Spurs with Villa & Osvaldo Ardiles. Any others come to mind ?

I was happily intrigued by Ben ( teacher)’s shiny new England front four – sans Harry Kane, who absolutely will not be dropped. Nevertheless, getting Cole Palmer around a central Foden with Jude and Bukayo wider would be a nightmare to play against. Nice one Ben.

Wouldn’t it be typical Woodward era United to snap up Chelsea-reject Pochettino?
Peter. (Alonso to Anfield in 12 months) Andalucia.