Why Marcus Rashford would never last under Sir Alex after another poor performance for Man Utd…

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Marcus Rashford and Tino Livramento during Newcastle vs Manchester United.

The sooner Manchester United fans come to terms with the state of their club, the better. Also: why Marcus Rashford would have been binned by Sir Alex Ferguson by now…

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Man Utd = found out
Poor performances and slim victories can only sustain you for so long. Eventually you get found out.

It’ll probably happen to Liverpool and Arsenal in Dec/Jan. Just hope City will also prove themselves to be human.
Aidan, Lfc (I would not want to be in Spurs defence against Cyborg)


United musings
Newcastle’s workrate in Paris was absolutely phenomenal. Newcastle’s workrate last night was just as good, with basically the same players. How is that possible? Football in the end is a pretty simple sport, and if you massively out-run your opponents you’re going to win the majority of time. I’m not sure how Howe does it, or if it’s just the types of players recruited, but it’s the single reason Newcastle are doing well.

Contrast that with United, who I’d strongly wager do the least running in the league, particularly that XI. If Marcus Rashford had put in that performance under Ferguson he’d never play for United again. Or for Pep I’d imagine. A properly run football club does not let that slide.

Joelinton’s conversion is an incredibly Fergie thing to do, but even he wouldn’t have succeeded to this extent (see Smith, Alan). I can’t tell if it’s pure luck or genius, maybe a bit of both. That central midfield pair is almost certainly the best in the league.

So of course it’s ETH’s fault but how strange is that only Onana of his signings started? Who expects more from McTominay and Martial? A midfielder who can’t midfield and a striker who can’t sprint (or score goals, last week aside). This was a DDG injury from an Ole team, and it played like late-era Ole teams – awfully.

The above two points just have me scratching my head as to whether something else is happening behind the scenes. Nothing in ETH’s personality suggests to me that he would start Rashford consistently when the player is simply refusing to run. Or pass. Or control a ball.

So you have Newcastle United who basically do not lose at home against Manchester United who never beat top teams away. It was the most foregone conclusion ever, a bit like the inverse of when Fergie was around.

And yet, despite all this, the brilliantly run, beloved by media (except one assumes those remembering Kashoggi) United are a massive 2 points above the Manchester club, who are in crisis. I had a letter kindly posted earlier this season that it’s just impossible to manage Manchester United in today’s media eco-system and I maintain that.

As a (red) United fan, this purgatory of Glazer mis-management has ruined over a decade of football support now, and it’s very on point that even the potential light at the end of the tunnel is both shrinking and not seeming to get any closer.

I would never wish such a combination of ineptitude and indifference upon a fellow football fan, and just can’t wait until United is run by people that know something about football. But knowing the Glazers that will simply never happen.
Ryan, Bermuda (Rashford is more than welcome to take his fortune and go full time philanthropic now, the world would be a better place)


…If you wait until the last 5 minutes to start playing football then we deserve to get beaten.

Newcastle were decent and got the win so good luck to them, yet we could barely string a few passes together. No spark and the type of flat performance that was rightfully punished.

FFS grow a set lads and stop hiding behind individuals who are taking the blame. As Delia so tipsily enquired all those years ago, “where are you?!”. You’re supposed to be a team so stand up and be counted instead of sleepwalking through games.
Garey Vance, MUFC


Boring Man Utd have no style or creativity
So was I surprised, or should any United fan be surprised about the 1-0 loss to Newcastle last night? Absolutely not, Newcastle showed yesterday they are a real and strong team, who know how and actually want to play with each other, United simply showed the opposite.

Even when I thought Antony scored an equaliser, but hit Maguire on the way in and was disallowed for offside, it would have completely been unfair on Newcastle for an efficient and controlled performance.

Newcastle at this moment in time are twice the team United are and I hope they find a way to the second round of he Champions League because when Newcastle play to their best with a fully fit squad, they can easily challenge most teams, could even cause a surprise to the top European teams, almost beat PSG twice in the group stage too.

As for Manchester United though, they are just really boring to watch now. There isn’t any expectation for a well worked team goal to take place or a good level of chemistry to take place between the midfielders and attackers.

Rashford needs to get dropped if he doesn’t fancy play right wing, and if he doesn’t want to play there, try a bit f**king harder and prove to your manager he should be on the left or upfront. His body language was frustrating to watch yesterday, and he doesn’t seem to care about trying to score a goal or provide an assist, starting to think he’s just another Walcott, quick, good technique and half decent but that’s it.

Martial and Rashford essentially sum up United’s threat upfront, it’s average at best and if any top team doesn’t have a solid number 9 who can score 30 goals a season or a consistent CB partnership, they won’t challenge for Top 4, no chance.

From my earlier article this year, I stand by the fact United will finish 7th. 6 losses in 14 league games is simply rubbish, at this rate United will lose 14-15 league fans this season.

Mourinho lost only 5 league games in his first season at United, yes they finished 6th in the league but won two trophies that season. Ten Haag won’t a trophy last year and finished 3rd, but has he peaked? It looks like he has, and when United crash out of the Champions League against Bayern in a couple of weeks, I think a plan of action needs to take place in replacing Ten Haag this season or at the end of the season.

Watching United yesterday was and most time nowadays is the most boring part of my day, I didn’t even get giddy about United being 3-1 up against Galatasaray because I didn’t think they would hold on (and they didn’t) plus I just think Bayern are way too good for United, I see Bayern easily beating United 2-0 at home.

Call me pessimistic or negative, but the proof is in the pudding and it’s reality, United are still a Europa League level club at best and just can’t hack beating the big sides or even want to or try to. I saw a stat and United haven’t won an away game against a Top 8 side in the league since 2021…it’s 2024 in a month!!

Ole and Ten Hag well done for bringing the standards of the club so low, you have allowed the players to play how they want whenever they want! Weak man managers and poor tacticians too, no improvement at all since Mourinho left.
Rami, Manchester

Bruno Fernandes gestures during a match between Newcastle and Manchester United.


Newcastle and VAR
So yet another VAR decision goes Newcastle way in the Premier League. Studs into the ankle should have been a red, only those nasty foreign VAR types have it in for battlers Newcastle.
Andrew goonerabroad Brown


Man Utd, The Terrible
Wow. I don’t think there is ever a one-sided match between 5th and 6th Dec in Premier League history. Man Utd did nothing of note in the 75 minutes I have watched so far.

I am sure Enyimba FC of Aba would do better against this Newcastle team (decimated by injuries) than Man United are currently doing. Last week, some deluded Man Utd fans said they are better than the media are saying. How deluded they are!

No win against any top 8 team this season. Their last win away against any top 8 was 2 years ago. That is damning.

The earlier their fans realise this and know that they are no longer a top team the better for their mental health.


Man Utd fans in the Mailbox
Oh god ! so we are going to have another week full of Man Utd fans crying in the mailbox about their club and its owners.
Mubashir (Arsenal), Pakistan


Owners dictating transfers always fails
I’ve just been reading Sarah Winterburn’s commentary on SJR dictating a new transfer philosophy at Manchester United, and it made me wonder what a Big Pharma lad knows about football transfer policies.

I get that an owner has the important role of aligning a vision and ensuring the effective capital and wider support structure is in place to deliver on it, but like all good visions these should be a North Star and not a mandate.

Football professionals should run a club, and set out the strategies to deliver on the vision.  An owner isn’t the CEO, they shouldn’t have executive power and during their stewardship should only be asking ‘how do I ensure I leave this club better than I found it’.

I am sure F365s readership demographics include a number of current and prospective club owners, so if any are reading please buy the club, ensure the finances are stable and provide governance, employ and empower professionals and back off.

And maybe shake a few hands and stay off sanctions lists.


VAR and the Women’s Nations League
I’m not trying to say VAR is perfectly (or even well-) implemented, but let’s take a moment to reflect on why it was brought in.

In the women’s Nations League game between England and the Netherlands, the Netherlands went two goals up by scoring from a goal kick that should have been a corner to England, then from a goal that should have been called offside.

England won the game 3-2 in the end (Toooooooooooone), but are now second in the group on GD of +4 to +1. If those goals hasn’t been given, it would be England on top of the group with a GD of +3 to +2.

Only one of these teams will play in the Olympics next year. VAR was not available in the game.

It has many problems, and it’s being over-used for “subjective” calls, but let’s not forget why it was brought in.
Phil, Manchester

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