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Date published: Friday 7th February 2020 2:59

There’s not much Premier League football to watch this weekend so you might as well send a mail to…


Klopp following Fergie’s lead
So as the Allardychi long ball debate rages on and mailboxers note that Klopp has figured out a way to “manufacture” counter attacks, it would be remiss of me to point out that this is precisely what Fergie’s Utd did. Klopp is pretty much the closest thing to Fergie 2.0 whether Utd fans like the sound of it or not. The basics are the same as well as the emphasis on stretching then slicing through the opposition at terrifying speed, rather than Pep’s slow but sure carousel of footballing death.

Bonus points for Klopp’s ability nab the best relegated bargains and how he can throw in a player who’s not in the first team, nor ever would be, and consistently gives them the confidence to raise their level to that of the team – just like Fergie.

Klopp was my first choice to replace Fergie when he announced his retirement. Rumour has it he was invited to the club to discuss replacing Moyes but Utd failed to convince him that they were the footballing family he needed, with him noting that football was not the no. 1 priority. Enough has been written about what’s gone wrong post-Fergie that we could print each piece off, make a bonfire and burn a new hole in the O zone layer (not that we’d want to, of course). But if there was ever a sliding doors moment that put Utd on their current path of decline it was this. And what with all the briefs on how Utd are taking inspiration from Liverpool’s strategy, they bloody well know it.
Jayson, MUFC


Get Messi and Ronaldo together
You know what would be a boss move? Juventus going all out to land Messi on a free transfer.

Give him 75% media rights.

€50,000,000 a year base with addons…who the f*ck cares

Messi and Ronaldo together.

You’d sell every seat every game even if you raised prices £10.

Plus the media attention would be unceasing. Imagine the global attention lasered on Juventus.

Together they’d help Juve walk a league whose slower more tactical style is anyways more suited to aging geniuses with perfect technique.

Fingers crossed.


Three foreigners
Mark, Ajax’s email got me thinking this morning and I’ve now decided I’m 100% in favour of the reintroduction of the 3 foreigners rule. Observe:

Henderson; Wan-Bissaka, Maguire, Tuanzebe, Williams; McTominay, POGBA (or FRED), BRUNO; MARTIAL, Rashford, Greenwood. Subs: Grant, Gomes, Lingard, Shaw, James, Garner, Jones (or bring back Mike Smalling)

It’s not exactly the Invincibles or Fergie’s treble team, but it’s not a million miles off our best XI. I suspect Pogba wouldn’t count either since he came through our youth system, though that wasn’t really a “thing” back in the 90s I suppose.

It’s a great leveller. Let’s bring it back immediately and we might make the top 4…
Jonny, MUFC (tongue lodged firmly in cheek)


Formula for England glory
Regarding the England set up mentioned, I think somebody previously stumbled across a perfect formula and put it on here. So apologies if I’m stepping on any toes, but just wanted to back up this idea.

It’s along the lines of us deciding we do play 3 at the back (in my opinion only) with Gomez, Maguire and Wan-Bissaka. Yes I know he’s a full back but Southgate did it with Kyle Walker for his pace, and AWB is a massive upgrade defensively on Walker. He has the pace to thwart plus is a fantastic defender and tackler. With Maguire marshalling and Gomez on the left of the three (again, plenty of pace) we could play a pretty high line and allow Chilwell (and more importantly) TAA a much more free reign on the right side to create havoc with his passing and attacking side.

Now I’m not sure about the midfield too much, but with Chilwell and TAA providing lots of width with pace, we’d need two ‘DMCs’ / controllers. My money would be on Henderson with one of Winks / Rice. this would provide enough of a shield and allow us the opportunity to start with Grealish. He would add that bit of drive and link midfield and attack. Plus has backups in Oxlade-Chamberlain and Maddison, so plenty of options and ability to change it up during the game.

As for forwards, I guess this does leave us with a bit of a renovation work as it would be nigh on impossible to play wingbacks and then have Sterling and Rashford/Sancho ahead, occupying the same spaces?

We also have the option in game to slip back into a back four, AWB, Maguire, Gomez and Chilwell whist TAA wanders off to collect the ball and become unmarkable.

Obviously I’m not the England boss and I do not have all the answers, but it’s someone else’s idea I’m wholeheartedly behind and think could work tremendously well.
Chris (Guildford, plastic scouser)


…I see Anser, Toronto beat me to writing in about Ox with the discussion of English midfielders for Euros. I don’t follow it closely enough to know where he is in the running for making the squad, but just on pure performance, he is the most versatile of a lot of the options (Winks/Grealish/Maddison/Rice) and can be deployed pretty much anywhere to fit the need. He also scores and assists at a rate equal to or better than any of these others players, and has been pretty damn in form lately for Liverpool.

Not that I want any LFC players to play internationally, for why risk injury over something that pays them nothing, and at least for English players, is a pretty thankless call up. So I guess never mind, and I hope Southgate makes a mistake and Ox sits on the beach with his popstar girlfriend all summer long.
Jacques, Oxford


If only
To Mikey, CFC in today’s mailbox. I see your Chelsea “if we hadn’t sold certain players” and raise you a Genk if they hadn’t sold certain players:






OK maybe your Chelsea what-might-of-beans still win, but you get the point – modern footy teams are part of a supply chain … a small fish eaten by a bigger fish eaten by a bigger fish …

Baz Foster, Glasgow


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