When do we judge Nunez by ‘Man Utd rule’ and call him sh*t? While the Mailbox is split on Ronaldo…

Date published: Saturday 31st December 2022 7:13 - Editor F365

Cristiano Ronaldo holds up an Al-Nassr shirt

There is some reaction to Liverpool beating Leicester City but the real debate is around Cristiano Ronaldo and his move to Al-Nassr in a lean Mailbox…

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At what point do the football media in this country judge Nunez by the ‘Man United’ rule and say he’s sh*t?
The Don


Better to be lucky than good
Aidan, Lfc


Liverpool fans…
Net Spend and now goal involvements.

Flipping eck!!
Weldoninhio, BAC


Brent? And Ronaldo
I’ve heard Jürgen call Brendan Rodgers “Brent” twice in the past week.  Check the last 2 pressers.

Also, regarding Cristiano Ronaldo signing in Saudi Arabia.   This is weird as a Liverpool fan because I am defending him a bit, but his son just died 8 months ago.

Sporting wise, I wouldn’t piss on him if, sporting wise, he was on (sporting) fire.

I point this out because, obviously his bow from top level football has been timed by the pinnacle of his rival’s career, but I don’t think the press around all this has been anywhere good enough.

In any context, the death of your child should be mentioned in any criticism of your job performance, especially within the first f***ing year.  I genuinely think the treatment of Ronaldo has been,  all around,  appalling and I hope it improves.
Ian, LFC Hartford, CT USA


Should have been honest
Ronaldo felt that playing in the Europa league was below his dignity.

And by playing in the Saudi league his dignity is assuaged by the many millions he will earn. Worse than a joke
Ryan B

Dream move…
Ronaldo has paved the way for all footballers stuck unhappily at a club. Do an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan and secure a dream move. To Al Nassr.
Comedy gold.
Rob S


Rio + Ronaldo
Dear Ed,
I can’t believe I’m responding to comments from Rio Ferdinand but it’s that post-Christmas pre-going back-to-work lull so here we are.

Citing Beckham, Lampard, Rooney, Gerrard and Schweinsteiger going to the USA to “toss it off” for a swansong year in comparison to Ronaldo going to Saudia Arabia would be absolutely fair if any of them had only just demanded a transfer from their current club because they felt they were above playing in the Europa League and were demanding Champions League football.

As for every other player being told they had “earned the right” to move to an inferior league for a final payday – I’m 100% sure each of them was criticised for wasting their final few years, particularly Beckham who was still turning out for England at the time.

So again, Rio, the only thing that “stinks” about this is that you have a media career to defend and big up your mates.

Lindsay, Dublin


Economics of the transfer market…
Oh Badwolf, you usually are a fairly decent writer (apart from when discussing Liverpool).  Without going fully into the Net Spend debate as it is dull, the transfer market is two parts.  One buying players, and two selling players.  You can’t have a market without both these things happening.  So to remove 50% of the market is quite disingenuous.

When you let a player leave on a free transfer, re-sign them for £89m, then let them go for free again I can see why your logic is skewed to not include sales.   Man Utds problem is that they buy high, offer huge wages and then can’t shift their players on unless there is a huge loss involved.  Liverpool usually buy the right players at mostly decent prices, and have sold for mostly profit.  Not always, but usually.

I do agree Liverpool should be spending more, and they have been over the last couple of seasons after a couple of frugal years.  The reason for those frugal years is the club have been renovating the stadium and built a new training complex.  Maybe if Utd had done the same, instead of spending £350m extra on players they won’t get a return on, then they wouldn’t have a leaky stadium and out dated training facilities.  All these things Liverpool have done have improved the infrastructure, and haven’t prevented us from competing for titles.  Whilst we are a huge club, we still have a lower turnover than Man Utd, so even without all the infrastructure improvements at big costs we wouldn’t be able to have matched Utd’s transfer outlay.

They are just clubs that are run differently.  Liverpool consider player sales as very important, Utd don’t, so can see why their fans also don’t see it as an important aspect of the transfer market.



Gary Vance
Can’t say I’m not disappointed with Gary Vance’s email on Ten Hag v Pep. Not because of any of his reasoning, it was an interesting point he made. But because he didn’t sign off with ‘Garey Vance. Vance Refrigeration’.

Happy New Year and Up The Wolves
John, Shropshire


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