Ole out after a ‘f***ing clusterf*** of a performance’

Date published: Thursday 23rd January 2020 9:40

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Summing it up…
Watching Phil Jones chasing after a Harry Maguire clearance so that we don’t concede a corner sums this game up. Our punchline is now putting in the hard yards so that our £80m centre back doesn’t drop us in even more shit. What an absolute f**king clusterf**k of a performance this is…
Harry B


Firmly Ole out now
To anyone who still firmly believes Ole Gunner Solskjaer should get more time I say to you.

He is the one that keeps on picking Pereira.
He is the one that is presumably telling the players to stand still when attacking.
He is the one who can’t organise a defence.
He is the one that refuses to start Greenwood.
He is the one that hasn’t addressed our worrying lack of creativity.
He is the one that brings Phil Jones out of the wilderness.
He is the one that has seemingly forgotten Angel Gomes exists.
He is the one that hasn’t taught Martial how to shoot.
He is the one responsible for ensuring the team is set up to beat the opposition.
He is the one playing players with injuries making them worse.
He is the one whose satisfied with losing 2-0 to our biggest rivals.
He is out of his depth and he needs to go.

Now will someone please organise a plane with a banner or something?!
Mark Danger Endicott, MUFC


…Ole has to go, there are no two ways about it. The decision to let Fellaini, Lukaku, Sanchez and Herrera leave without replacements is on him. The decision to play Rashford while he had a stress fracture, leading to a double stress fracture, is on him. The decision to constantly play useless tripe like Lingard and Pereira is on him. The inability to coach a defence containing £130m of new players is on him. The complete lack of any tactical astuteness or attacking incisiveness is on him.

Yes, Woodward is also to blame, the Glazers are also to blame, the players are also to blame. But this manager is constantly talking about: strides made when losing to rivals; positives in defeat; players champing at the bit (and then being left on the bench); having a transfer plan, wanting the right players and right fit, yet signing nobody despite the utter dirge on the pitch – I could easily go on.

This team looks significantly less than the sum of their parts and, worse still, he has overseen a number of players’ regression: De Gea, Maguire, Lindelof, Shaw, Lingard, Martial all look worse than they did before this season. He may have been, and still should be considered, a club legend for his exploits on the pitch but he is proving to be an utter failure as the manager.

Anybody still defending him, insisting he gets more time, is either severely deluded or a fan of another team. We are closer to 19th than we are to 3rd and 11 points worse off than last season; at the current rate we are going to end up with 54 points, which is nowhere near good enough. He was an appointment made for emotional reasons, which was understandable at the time, but he has proved to be massively out his depth and continuing down this path any further would be disgracefully negligent. He has to go. End of.
Ted, Manchester


…Sack him, sack him right now. At least with Jose it was obvious they’d downed tools, this lot are actually trying and they’re utterly ridiculous!

The starting line up last night was appalling, the front 6 utterly laughable. No one will convince me that opting for Martial and co over Lukaku was ever going to be anything other than a mistake. By all means go with youth, but only if the drop off in quality is small.

I don’t support them, I don’t even like them a little bit, but this is getting beyond a joke.
Ratt Mitchie NUFC (John Carver would get them playing, it just might not be the United way)


…Whether it is tomorrow or at the end of the season, Solskjaer’s position as the manager of Manchester United is untenable, much like the elephant on top of a tree analogy used to describe Manchester United being number 1 in the table after a few games a couple of years ago.

There is nothing to suggest Solskjaer is the man to lead a Manchester United revival. This squad is incapable of winning the league and there is no world-class player in the world dying to play for Solskjaer, and that may be his greatest failing. Even the two biggest names we had in the squad moved before the season began. Conte is a bigger draw than Solskjaer.

Even at his lowest, Mourinho has an ability to pull players to the club. A world-class player is more likely to want to sign for Tottenham right now than Manchester United. It seems the only reason we get anyone anymore is because we pay a high wage hence having so many transfer disasters.

Let’s be honest, is he even in the top managers of the league? In a world where Ancelotti manages Everton, how is Manchester United stuck with Solskjaer?

Arteta looks more of a manager after being in the job for less than 10 games.
Shehzad Ghias, MUFC, Karachi



More questions than answers…
A game that once again has raised more questions than answers.

How did OGS and his assistants not setup better to counter the obvious Burnley threat and defence?

How much higher has Fernandes’s fee increased by now?

How long can Pereira and Lingard masquerade as Premier League players?

Are Burnley and their supporters happy to have the second coming of Sam Allardyce? Will he even be relevant in 5 years?

Are Liverpool really that spectacular or are they the only club, except for Leicester, that actually have their shit together?

How fat can a referee actually get before being told not to wear skin tight uniforms?

Fair play to Burnley, they beat the team put in front of them and stuck to their game plan.

The fact that the top 4 are comfortably clear of the rest is because the rest are so inconsistent and average.

Time to breathe…
Ben, Up T’North


Man United fans should opt out
Manchester United treat their fans like customers so their fans should behave like customers.

Demand and labour create wealth. We’ve been conditioned, over the last 40 years, to think we all suckle at the teat of billionaires and should be grateful for the scraps they benevolently throw in our general direction but they actually get their money from us. Money doesn’t magically appear in someone’s bank account the day they open a business.

‘Supporting the lads’ might make you feel like a ‘better fan’ but you’re still just lining the Glazers’ pockets and helping pay Woodward’s wages. Woodward has literally said, out loud, that on field performance doesn’t affect revenue generation. He has admitted they’re only in it for the cash and as long as fans, who sing about wanting him and his American buddies gone, keeping handing over their cash, why is he going to bother changing anything? Only *this month* he offered Young a contract *after* Inter came in for him. Clearly he’s STILL making it up as he goes along when it comes to planning for the football team and if he STILL doesn’t have a plan for that after publicly acknowledging sustained sporting failure for a couple of years at least as well as repeatedly leaking “talks” about a football director, he never will, because he doesn’t actually care. The fans will still buy the tickets and jerseys and click on the links. Ed will still be able to show sponsors 70,000+ people in the stadium every week.

We saw all this with Arsenal recently. The decision makers had no real incentive to get rid of Wenger because they weren’t in it for the game, they were in it for the money and their French coach helped keep a steady stream of it coming in that they could plan around. They didn’t dream of everyone talking about Arsenal being among the world’s best so they didn’t work towards that dream. Then lots of fans started boycotting the home games and a half empty Emirates was broadcast around the world several times. I doubt it was a coincidence that Wenger got the boot soon after. United fans need to start thinking about doing the same. The fans are the money. They stay away and Ed needs to think about how to get them back.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s a middle finger to the “customers” if Woodward doesn’t get rid of Ole. It would be absolute confirmation that his decisions centre around his ego and a box ticking attitude. He’s famous and he’s making sure big fat numbers are beside his name on the sales board every Friday and that’s all that matters. So I’m done. I’m not watching matches or social media videos or adding to their site traffic for the forseeable. I’m not going to pretend I won’t watch out for the scores but I’m finished spending two hours watching something that pisses me off and giving a bunch of speculators, who don’t give a shit about me and my experience, my money for the privilege.

Watching Manchester United is degrading, pointless and dumb.
Eamonn, Dublin


…I’ve always considered Manchester United my Premier League team, because as a Fulham season ticket holder since the age of 9 and growing up during the Arsenal and Chelsea golden years, I needed a football club weapon against their spoddy goons in the playground.

I think the 98/99 FA Cup semi against Arsenal with Vieras precision pass to Ryan Giggs and then the Champions League final will always be my golden memories, the sporting occasions that to you as a kid are new and unseen and will forever be the benchmark in your mind.

But now? This torpid, Alzheimer’s patient meandering through a maze stodge of a club?

With a manager that Burnley wouldn’t swap theirs for?

With uncaring owners wringing out cash?

With a CEO so stupidly arrogant, so woefully out of step with the football zeitgeist that he refuses to sanction buying a generational teenage talent tailor made to fit one of the gaping holes in the squad for relative peanuts, because he doesn’t like the power it gives his agent? Newsflash, Ed. AGENTS ALREADY HAVE THAT POWER.

Who wants to be a part of this version of Manchester United, if they don’t have to be? Who wants to bring this level of faintly necrotic shambling dross into their lives?

Who wants to buy those noodles, wear those hoodies and watch those games?

I don’t.

My seven-year-old equivalents in playgrounds now aren’t.

United are dying, and it’s just…a shame.
Tim Sutton
PS: I hope Woodward f***s up the Fernandes deal too. He’s too good for this United.


Looking at that Man United squad
Sitting down to eat my re-heated rice because I’m too depressed to cook anything of any real sustenance. My dinner is a lot like what Man United decided to serve up tonight; boring, sloppy and a little underwhelming considering what I thought I might be dining on tonight. A few thoughts, if you’ll allow me to vent:

De Gea – Probably can’t believe he is still there. With Henderson performing as he is, it’s probably best for all parties if he goes in the summer.

AWB – A little more adventurous than usual, which can only be a good thing. Not sure if he is the solution or not, but he’ll do for now.

Williams – Aside from Rashford’s form, probably the success story of the season. Sure he’s a red card waiting to happen, but I feel like the club need more fighters like him.

Maguire – Was he too slow off the mark for both of Burnley’s goals? I think so. Harsh, but true. It’s probably safe to say, but I don’t think he’s going to be our Virgil van Dijk.

Jones – Is Steve Kean still managing? He’ll take him if no-one else will, surely.

Fred – Seems to be improving. It’s either that or everything around him is getting worse. Hard to say for sure after games like that!

Matic – I swear I seen him sprint to take a throw in. SPRINT! Maybe he’s not done after all. If he wants to stick around I’d keep him.

Pereira – What does he do? Seriously!? A younger, sh*tter Lingard. He’d be quality in the Championship!

Mata – I love him. I do. And I hate to see him suffer.

James – Looks a lovely little chap., but maybe he could do with falling over a little less. If the club had an actual striker (not you, Anthony!) he’d have way more than the six assists.

Martial – Not an actual striker and he’s had enough chances. Flog him and be done with this nonsense of him as a number 9!

Shaw – If he’s willing to be back up to Williams, wonderful! If not.. well, maybe you could get a few bob for him.

Lingard – I don’t think it’s too early for him to go State-side. Becks has a new team that are still looking for a ‘star’ attraction. Those lot over there love a brand name, too.

Greenwood – Why didn’t he start? Should be given a run of starts in the team in Rashford’s absence.

As for those that didn’t feature in this turd of a performance:

Rashford – The squad should be built around him, but I have a horrible feeling there’s a transfer request coming..

Pogba – Just let him go. He blows hot and cold.. or not at all seeing as he is perennially injured.

Lindelof – I still can’t get over the ‘he can’t head the ball’ clip from earlier in the year. Sign another centre back to partner Maguire and he’ll be lovely back up.

McTominay – Shows a bit of fight, which is lovely to see. Him and Fred could be something.

The rest of the squad are either youth players who I don’t know enough about, or players that won’t change the shape of the club enough, either way, whether they stay or go in near future.

For what it’s worth, I have always been Ole in right from the start and will remain to be so. The rice didn’t kill me and there’s always my next meal that to look forward to. I might even go shopping this month.. probably won’t, though.
Bagpuss (I’m thinking pizza, although I had that recently), Abroad


No. Stick with Man United. Stick with Ole
So in case of someone waking up after a coma, you might notice that the Manchester United team is a complete mess. I kid you not, I wholeheartedly agree with you.

One week #Oleout is trending, the next week it is #Glazersout (that should be trending all the time along with #Woodwardout.

I do however see this more of a 3 year program than a 3 transfer window project.

Since a) we seriously lack in depth b) the players that we need to have backup for are not up to the task to lead us to glory.

Transfers are (depending on source) being held up on 5-10mil euros, c’mon really?

We need badly a creative midfielder. We need a proper striker, no offence to Martial and Rashford, they are better cutting in and doing cute 1-1 passes but there is a huge lacking in terms of clinical finishing, yes we have young Mason, but he needs to be allowed to grow and nurtured into this hectic schedules. Obviously Lindelöf and Maguire hasn’t been able to form a formidable defending duo. Our fullback are also very young and inexperienced, Shaw tho’ has experience, but he is fast proving to be the defensive Jesse Lingard, who btw at the age of 26 is still regarded as a young promising midfielder. There were for instance 3 good passes where his positional awareness let him totally down.

I like agree with Keano, give the man (Ole) some time, he might not be the tactical genie, but nowadays, you need a tactical guru and you need some good training. It’s a team sport for the guys in the suit department as well.

Now in the instant ‘I want to express myself’ age of Facebook and Twitter and Football365 mailbox, people seem to forget that this season the only point Liverpool has lost was against ManUtd, the same team that has played some really nice games of football and also a bunch of nightmares like today.

Please stay a true supporter, and appreciate the guys who quite often has to pull performances vastly above their abilities.

Changing the manager every two years or so doesn’t help, as we have witnessed. The board should start supporting the management and the football side of this club as well. We do not wanna end up like your team across the pond, they are the Newcastle of American football.
Mikko from Finland and no, there are no polar bears or reindeers walking in our capital


…Where to start with the Burnley match? I have no idea, for one thing I was at work, checking my phone a couple of times throughout my shift, the first time I checked, we were 1 down, I fumed at my screen and my first thought… “f***ing United!” I the finished my shift pretty pissed off by the fact I thought we may of turned a corner and that thought had been once again mugged off by an institution that I’m in love with.

Manchester United.

It’s lovely when you say it as a supporter. If you said MANCHESTER UNITED to an alien the alien would know that sounds like something grand, successful and glorious.

Not any more!

The thing that really grinds my gears with a lot of United fans is that their expectations are still so high, who expect to be winning the league, dominating teams week in week out. We shouldn’t be expecting to win things based on name alone, it’s ridiculous. Look at this group of players, our starting 11 at strongest if all were fit. Dave, Pogba, Rashford, Martial. Those 4 are world class now, they’re our sprinkle of star dust over a very very average squad. We lack quality in abundance but more importantly experience. Oh Pogba can go now. Bored!

I don’t want to bang on about the past glory days, I’m going to make a very obvious quick point.

The class of 92 came through to a squad with players that had already won things and had experience and knew what it took to win, the class of 92 learned and later carried the torch. United right now have nothing like that. Everyone who has left the squad since Sir Alex retired had won the league and some, the players of today, I think only De Gea and Jones have won the league, we have no experience, no know how, we are literally learning our trade all over again, this takes so much time, in time it will come good. We need players and let’s be honest it’s looking desperate now but we won’t panic, I do wish Mr Woodward would just stop f***ing about and pay for Fernandez, it’s taken the whole window, we’re so slow in the market, look at Inter snapping up players left right and centre, we need to act quicker and get these deals done and buy some experience too. Cavani would be a good start.

Ole is going to need way more time to get United back to where we want to be and football does happen in cycles, teams at peak level last 3,4 5 years max, where will we be if the board backed Ole, had a proper recruitment method in place and spent the money necessary. Don’t get me wrong I love the youth coming through, Brandon Williams has been exceptional and screams the belief and application we need in the squad, he’s a role model for any player in that team. Ultimately we lack quality and it will take time and trust Ole to build his side, look at the amount of players gone. We’ve only got in 3 which have been decent for us. Don’t get me wrong there are standards and losing 0-2 to Burnley falls way below them, as many other results this season. I urge United fans to be patient and lower your expectations for now, there will always be mistakes made with this squad. Liverpool are at peak level right now, if we get this right ASAP, starting after the summer window, then let’s see where we’re at.

Just popped my Mailbox cherry.
The Brawn


Relief abounds
Following the rousing Tottenham victory where bottom placed Norwich were completely outplayed and the score could have been anything, I turned my attention to the remaining match in progress.

To my great expectation United we’re not beating Burnley, but to my mild surprise they were behind. I check back a spell later to see the deficit doubled! An so it ended. No Fergie-Time fight back Ole-Hour Effort from the Red Devils turned Daisies.

Now, as I recline in my favourite chair, legs extended on the ottoman, my feet snug in slippers, I await with some glee the frothing entitlement about to pour gloriously into your mailbox from demented fans the planet over.
Dr Oyvind, Relieved


And amusement also abounds
The only big strides were being made by the thousands pouring out of Old Trafford, can’t wait for the mailbox, will all those ‘fans’ who thought MUFC were a bit unlucky on Sunday now accept just how bad things really are.

Give Ole a few more transfer windows, his £50 mil defender is getting targeted, his £80 mil Captain looks worse than anybody he was bought to replace and his £15 mil wonderkid hasn’t scored since August.
Howard (at least Moyes had Fellaini to turn to) Jones


Dear Ed…
Give Ole a 10 year deal, he’s doing a wonderful job.
Liverpool FC

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