Should ‘appalling’ Gareth Southgate be sacked or stay if England actually win the Euros?

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England boss Gareth Southgate
Gareth Southgate has had plenty of criticism at Euro 2024.

England are at the ‘should Gareth Southgate be sacked either way’ stage of Euro 2024, with Joe Gomez and left-back alongside Ezri Konsa the latest plan.

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What happens to Southgate if England win it all?
I think it’s fair to say almost everyone isn’t happy with Southgate. All I care about is good football so I didn’t even watch the game yesterday, three dire England games is all my broken heart can take right now so I watched the American office on netflix all day (it is good but completely lacks the cringe of the UK one, people are actually likeable in the American version which misses the point )

But most people aren’t me so they can’t just turn off games they don’t like when they feature your club or country , so I have a question – if England continue their seemingly never ending quest to play some of the worst football known to man but win the euros, should Mr Safegate keep his job or not? I asked my United supporting friend this yesterday and his response was no he shouldn’t keep his job because rather like Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool England are winning in spite of Gareth.

Sack or stay if he wins the euros?

Thanks for the people that asked how I’m doing , I’m only crying three or four times a day now so that’s a little more stable than crying randomly all day.

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Snake oil salesman
I mean, hats off to Gareth Southgate. He is being paid a reported £6m a year. He cleverly repackaged his image so that he dressed like a contestant on the Apprentice, and he has worked really hard on appearing to be a thinking man who brings a weight of intellect to the role.

It’s all a load of superficial b*llocks, though. There were plenty of warning signs, but it was when he cited recency bias (ie form, ffs) as a reason not to pick players, well, that was when everyone could see him for the pseud that he is.

I am sure he is a nice man, he always comes across like a decent fella, but he is an appalling football manager. I know we have to juxtapose the relative success he has with such conclusions, but to have a settled squad, full of talent playing with such a lack of cohesion is incomprehensible. And the biggest problem here is that nothing will change, because, as ever, his team is doing just enough, and that is the absolute peak of Southgate’s England.

I’m not going to join the masses making suggestions for what changes should be made, but f*** me, he has to make some, save the enforced one he has no choice about.

The worst thing that can happen next Saturday is for England to score early, because we all know what will follow. Personally, I was gutted when Bellingham scored, it is just like giving a shot of adrenaline to an animal that is clearly about to die. Pointless and cruel.
Mat (the last tournament that England were enjoyable to watch was France 1998)

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Two shots on target, two goals.

That’s about what Newcastle fans have enjoyed all season (against us) with Dubravka in nets.

Unfortunately if the Newcastle players in the other teams keep playing to type then Schar will whack one in from 30 yards in the QF.

Time for changes Gareth please – Gomez and Konsa at LB/LCB, Trent at RB, Gordon left wing. Keep Mainoo. Save Foden for impact subs. Walker and Trips are sadly done.

Let Trent push up / overlap Saka for the width on the right, with  Gordon providing the width on the left and Gomez staying back.

And can someone please apologise to Ben White.

Roger (hiding under the sofa from England since 1998), Newcastle in London


Playing Devil’s advocate, the group games were drab but we finished top and conceded very few chances. Gareth could, and did, argue that was a good foundation, and criticism was just noise.

While I seriously disagree, you could see his misguided position.

Now is different. Surely a man who has stood on a touchline, two minutes from losing his job in the most embarrassing possible way, and never being allowed to return to England, thinks, “I can’t go through that again”.  Surely that visceral feeling of utter failure will wake him from his slumber?

I live in hope (well, not quite Hope, a little village just down the road).


Drop Jude
Back. Further reflection. I have a feeling I missed the really bad bits but the bits I did see it was so obvious that we are wasting Jude, I can’t believe Southgate can’t see it? Trying to replicate what he does at Madrid means Bellingham is literally unreachable and reduces him to a moments player. It looks like he has been told to operate between the lines but whenever the back 6 gets the ball, all they can see is a wall in front of them and nothing wide. Jude should be dictating this England team not picking up scraps in between the lines and trying to work in tight spaces.

4-3-3 or what ever we are playing doesnt work. With Guehi out, Trippier ‘injured’ and the Swiss looking like they could pass through us like we are made of their favourite cheese, maybe we have a perfect opportunity to try something new. It’ll never happen but it’s fun to dream.

Pickford; Walker, Stones, Konsa/Gomez; Trent, Jude, Rice, Mainoo, Saka; Foden/Palmer; Kane

Do it Gareth!


So you’re saying there’s a chance?
These tournaments are always tough as an England fan as your heart wants to think we can win and your head gets convinced too.

We have got through so far but every game could have gone either way. It’s what utd fans have been going through the whole season. We’ve shown we’re good only in very small passages of play, giving us that hope we can actually get better.

In reality, we’re probably 50/50 to beat the swiss (or 50% chance to win), probably 40/60 (40% chance to win) a semi and then a final is a leveller so let’s call that 40/60 too (a generous 40% chance to win for england). Roll up those odds gives us an optimistic 8% chance of lifting the trophy, or a 92% chance of not winning. Seems pretty realistic to me…

Come on England!
Jon, Cape Town (so there’s a chance?)


Wanting England to lose
The moment the team was announced yesterday something just withered and died inside the England supporting part of my brain. I suddenly wanted us to lose, just so it was over.

The issues on the left in particular are so obvious and so easily solved that Southgate not solving them means he has no intention of ever doing so. This is how he wants England to play, and England will remain deeply frustrating and miserable to watch and will lose to either Switzerland or Austria.

It’s exhausting watching Foden, Bellingham and Kane all run into each other and being swamped with defenders as we leave vast attacking areas of the pitch empty.

It’s exhausting watching Walker.

It’s exhausting knowing that it doesn’t matter how bad we are, the same players in the same system will appear in the second half.

Its exhausting knowing that otherwise sane people will still look at yet another display of incompatibility and total lack of harmony between Foden and Bellingham and claim the solution isn’t to simply pick just one of our two world class 10s but to force one to play out of position.

Foden isn’t a left winger. Bellingham isn’t an 8. Playing them in the same side will not ever work because they always will show for the ball the same way, make the same run and effectively mean we play with 10 men.

All that’s needed to make England a team is a left sided forward who stretches the pitch and defence, and to keep Mainoo and Rice in midfield. Everything else is whatever. Foden or Bellingham. Palmer or Saka. TAA or Walker. Kane or Toney. It’ll all work fine so long as we aren’t forcing two central 10s into the same side.

It’s exhausting knowing that isn’t going to happen.
Tim Sutton (had my Buffon analogy published on the BBC blog)


My timeline
To prefix this mail; The mismanagement on show here is of the highest calibre. What exactly are we doing in training? Team looks clueless, and void of all ideas. Unsure of when to pass or when to run. Fearful of failure and dejected when something goes wrong. (instead of correcting the error). Unable to tackle, unable to press. Unable.

Forgettable 1st half if it wasn’t for the goal we gifted them. Plenty of poor performances, loads of badly hit crosses. No movement from any of our players.

0 shots on target at 45 mins. The whole world screaming for Gareth Safegate to make a change. Changes no-one.
0 shots on target at 60 mins. He mixes it up and makes no changes. He still thinks this group of players can turn this around,
0 shots on target at 66 mins. Forced into making a change as Trippier got injured. – this was actually his one piece of ‘hope’… He put on an attacking player Palmer, and moved Saka to left back, which proves he at least reads the media.
0 shots on target at 80 mins. Still holding on to the kitchen sink.
0 shots on target at 84 mins. Brings Eze on.. Actually plays him in his correct position. Which raises my confidence in him from 0 to 1(out of 10), but removes Mainoo, who was one of our better performers, back to 0.
0 shots on target at 90 mins. Kitchen sink is looking rusty from underuse.
0 shots on target at 90+4 mins. Throws that small side sink on, and replaces Foden with Toney. He has a massive 3 minutes to make a difference.
1 shot on target at 90+5 mins. 1 goal. Coincidence that the goal came after Foden came off?
To GS’s credit, we’ve actually finished 90 mins with a better side than we started.

ExtraTime: starts as a 3-5-2 with Eze at left wing back. Wtf?
2 shots on target at 91 mins. 2 goals. Cue the handing of possession back to Slovakia for the remainder of the game.

ExtraTime 2nd half: Replaces Kane and Bellingham with Gallagher and Konsa, and hope that we don’t go to Pens, because a 1 goal lead is easy to defend in a knockout environment.

The remainder of the half was either spent defending or shooting from distance instead of heading to the corner flag.  Game Management is obviously in the next chapter of the ‘Managment for Dummies’ handbook.

Literally have nothing good to say about that performance. We didn’t deserve to go through. And you know Southgate et al are going to use it as justification to start the game the same way next time.
Andrew CPFC (Rice was actually was decent yesterday. But Wharton and Mainoo are still the Future)


Saka potatoes
Dear MC,

I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I was the first, was I not, to suggest Saka could play at left back? In fairness, there was a degree of tongue in cheek about it and I never thought it would actually happen. Maybe the pundits read these here pages?

Anyway, England are awful. Bellingham is a dick. Switzerland will beat us, badly.

Nice weather now, at least.


Are England owed one?
Maybe… just maybe ‘the football gods’ have realised that for the last 40yrs that we have been on the unlucky list..

Maybe just maybe… they have realised that we needed changing back onto the lucky list

“Well we gave them that one at home that never crossed the line that time in ’66”.. so maybe they felt we needed to suffer some.. or alot!

Maradona (meant it)
Ronaldihno (didnt mean it)
Gazza and a backpost inch
Sol Campbells header
Rooney and the winker
Lampard – Its over the line
Kanes French pen

Am sure theres more over the years (feels like every tournament) so possibly we have just been put back on the lucky list after they forgot how long it had been and we are getting some the luck we have seemingly not had for aaaaaages

Lets be honest the reason we are still in it has nothing to do with Gareth at all.. so maybe its just uncontrollable fate!

We can but hope

Gareth clearly not a David Bowie fan is he!

“Ch ch ch ch chaaaaanges”!
Al – LFC and England (Flags up for another week… My wife is sooo happy..!)


Mailbox cherry popped
Two key takeaways for me.

Foden has contributed to the last 2 games only by ruining 2 well worked goals by being offside twice. The biggest problem I see is that he just overcomplicates the attack and gets in the way of Bellingham.

Why can’t Kyle Walker pass to Saka? The only pass I remember is the one before the offside Foden goal where Saka quickly plays the ball over to the left side. In general I can’t see what Walker offers at the moment other than pace and song throws.


The most important of all the questions
I’ve been thinking about this England conundrum at length. The old ‘winning ugly is still winning’ motif doesn’t really work for me. As a Man Utd fan I’ve seen this dreck week in week out for the last year (sorry West Ham fans – but this new depth is new to us) and yet we still have 2 cups to look at. But looking at cups doesn’t give you 90 minutes of excitement. Honestly, I think I enjoyed watching England more when we nearly did it, Frank’s Ghost Goal, Gazza’s studs being screwed in too tight, 5’5’’ Maradonna outjumping 6’0’’ Shilton – these were exciting moments. Last night I found myself not wanting to watch football and that’s the worst crime of the lot – I packed the shopping away instead. Why does my wife buy SO MANY EGGS?