Thiago signing proves Liverpool aren’t going away anytime soon…

Date published: Thursday 17th September 2020 2:34

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Thiago thrill
Absolutely thrilled with the Thiago signing… I think this is a intention by Klopp to change our style of play especially against those teams that sit deep… Teams have been able to sort of work out our front 3 which has seen a reduction in goals scored in the last 3 season… There were some tight games last season… Looking forward to see how Thiagos passing helps us to get in behind those tight defences…big respect to Klopp… He does sign players as well… But he also backs up what he says with proper coaching.
Donp LFC


With the news that Liverpool are finalising a deal for Thiago, there were a lot of very worried fans of opposing sides in the comments section today.

Liverpool aren’t going away anytime soon, best get used to it.

With Utd sniffing around him too, I guess This Really Does Mean More.
James (He is going to compliment our industrious midfield perfectly)


Bale & Levy
A few reasonable points this morning, as my mates and I are often at pains to say; who fucking knows?

Bale might well turn up and become the player he was, perhaps not the 2013 Bale but even one who’s nearer that than further is incredible player. What Bale does isn’t just on the pitch but it’s what the club and supporters, or most of, really want; a reason to be excited again (for those who watch us that is a rarity).

The real signing of significance is Regulion – call me a hipster – but he is the player who totally changes our options. We can go 343, 532/352 and suddenly we don’t look like a team that are easy to contain.

That said, we have a midfield that lacks creativity (until Lo Celso and Ndombele are fit/can play together) and centre backs who lack pace – maybe it’ll be a case of scoring more than conceding and seeing a tonne of goals…then I remember Mourinho and realise we’ll keep losing 1-0 once Bale, Son and Kane get injured in the Carabao cup.
Dan Mallerman


Calm down, calm down
Can we all just chill for a moment, please.

I know everyone wants new shiny players, the grass always does look greener on the other side and we all want our club to sign that one player who will ‘take the team to the next level’. We ideally want that player to have ‘been a fan of the club since he was a boy’ over the player who simply ‘wants to be part of the project’ – because we secretly know that means he came for the money and will likely agitate for a move away in a summer or two.

I am not a fan of Ed Woodward. I am not a fan of Daniel Levy – but fans screaming at them to ‘get the deal done’ is the most insane waste of energy since the Proclaimers marched that extra 500 miles more than they actually had to to end up at your door.

There are so many moving parts to a deal. There is so much at stake and there are so many egos involved that with all the will in the world, they take time to sort out and range in timescale from 24 hours to 24 months- and try to ignore the fluff of the tabloids, as intoxicating as it can appear sometimes.

My advice would be to take up a hobby to pass the time until deadline day; maybe record your own fake crowd noise to include chants from your team to personalise this ‘new normal’ we’re all in nowaday? I am personally working on one at the moment which tries to incorporate a reference to Scott McTominay looking like the archetypal bully character in any 90’s Nickelodeon High School teen drama, it’s proving tricky, but maybe if I manage to use the melody from a Proclaimers track it just might work.
James, Brixton, UTFR


Woodward or Levy?
This morning has nicely illustrated who it’s better to have; Levy.

Spurs are close to signing both Bale and Reguilón, and Liverpool have just signed one of the world’s best midfielders for £25 million.

Woodward is still nowhere to be seen, but he’s probably in some kind of Scrooge McDuck like vault counting coppers while complaining that there’s no value in the transfer market and insisting that clubs shouldn’t hold out for what they think their players are worth.

Make no mistake, Man Utd have essentially gone backwards this summer. The team that scraped to third last season, by goal difference has made one signing. The team that came third has added to their squad in all areas, and the team that walked to the league has added to their team. Meanwhile we haven’t even shifted Smalling, Rojo, Lingard or Perreira off our books.

Woodward is an absolute embarrassment; I don’t rate Ole as a manager, I have never thought he was good enough but f*** me, he’s being set up for a fall. Man Utd needed a new CB, a new CM in the Carrick/Matic mould, and a new winger. We’ll see where van de Beek ends up playing but he doesn’t strike me as someone who is going to sit and cover. When Ole fails to compete, he’ll get the blame, even though clearly Woodward has sabotaged the season already. It wouldn’t surprise me at this point if the reason Ole was hired was so Woodward could save a few more coppers and have a Utd legend shield him from criticism.

Say what you want about Levy, he always gets a good deal when Spurs sell their players and Spurs never seem to have transfer sagas that last all window, only for Spurs to pay exactly what was asked at the beginning of the window. Spurs are a well run club, and have been for years – this is how they’ve managed to get into the ‘big 6’ without having sugar daddy investors. Comparing Levy and Woodward is like comparing a Weber barbecue to a disposable one with the charcoals in a foil tray.
Daniel (resigned to mid-table) Cambridge


Ungrateful fans…
Can I just ask, is there a more entitled or unappreciative fan base than Real Madrid?

Gareth Bale won them 4 CL, 2 Super Cups, 3 World Club Cups, 2 la liga titles and he is binned off by Real Madrid like he is some bad smell. Their fans are all crowing on social media about getting rid of dead weight, and all I can think is, you ungrateful turds.
John Matrix AFC


Can anyone get the trifecta?
Was having a conversation with my brother the other day, and we were trying to work out which player(s) have been managed by most of the best managers in the game.

The trifecta would be SAF, Pep & Mourinho, but honourable mentions go to Klopp, Ancelotti, Wenger, Simeone Poch, and whoever else you can think of. Without googling, we got;

Gerard Pique (Pep & SAF)
Ilkay Gundogan (Pep & Klopp)
Fabian Delph (Ancelotti & Pep)
Alexis Sanchez (Wenger, Pep & Mourinho)
Samuel Eto’o (Pep & Mourinho)
Cesc Fabregas (Pep, Wenger & Mourinho)

Can anyone get the trifecta?
Neill, Ireland


Smalling to Roma would’ve been perfect…
Dear Editor,

This one is different and I will try to keep it short (I hope). All I can say with the current transfer situation is, we are seeing some prime Ed Woodward at work here. That level of ineptitude and delusion that players and clubs will drop everything to do business with us had been dialed back last year but looks like it’s back again. Never since SAF left, we’ve been this close to becoming a decent version of our earlier self than this season but the powers to be with Eddy up front are faffing it to new levels. I’ll not go into individual transfers but one, Smalling to Roma would’ve been perfect for all parties involved but for a reported 4 mil the deal was not done. Now we’re left with a CB who possibly is the closest of a successful defender post SAF era sulking on the bench. Pissed that for a mere 4 mil we didn’t give him his wish and for someone with the years of service he put in, that must’ve sure stung him.

That 16 million would’ve gone some way in shoring up the player that we really need and covet but looks like its not going to happen or we can wait until this weekend when Palace smoke us for the second year in a row and then the panic button will be hit to bring in the 2020 version of Falcao/Di Maria/any of the other useless players we wasted money on.

Thank you,
AVM (TL;DR: Yawn, United will do some panic buying after losing a game) Phoenix



Havertz patience, but not really
Has Electric Lemonade simultaneously called for patience with Havertz while saying he’s already better than Zidane and will become better than Henry & De Bruyne??

James, Kent


Morning routine…
Grab cup of coffee

Grab a sandwich

Go to Football365

Open Mailbox

Read the phrase “mutual masturbation”

Close laptop

Cry silent tears.
Ray Noori, CFC


Community assets
Rich makes a good point off the back of John Nic’s piece on the demise of the Macc Lads, but the community asset protection is not all it’s cracked up to be.

We have a pub near us in Sheffield called the Plough – opposite the Hallam FC ground – where the rules of the game were first drawn up in the 1800’s. Hallowed ground. The pub owners have been trying to dump the place for years until eventually a shyster developer got hold of it and has systematically destroyed the place through neglect and professional vandalism whilst his planning application is repeatedly turned down/delayed. The pub has been granted community asset status – it should be a World Heritage site – but this has not stopped the gradual decay and destruction of the place.

Not up there with the Bale/Sancho zeitgeist, but worthy of comment as part of our (footy) worlds history is allowed to be flushed down the crapper. Along with Macclesfield Town.
Bladey Mick (football – it’s a tragedy isn’t it….)


Most hated players…

Emmanuel Adebayor

That is all
Exiled Gooner


Who likes Michael Owen?
Just a quick one to Mikey, CFC in relation to Owen Hargreaves, as a United fan it was more than just the fact he moved to City that put him in the bad books. Lets not forget he started spouting off saying United were treating him like a guinea pig for his knee injuries too.

Personally liked Michael Owen at United, was a threat when he had the ball. Hated him at Liverpool and England, but i’m Irish. Indifferent towards him at Madrid, Newcastle and Stoke [had forgotten he was even at Stoke TBH]. Although i did the Madrid stadium tour and pretty sure they were displaying Michael Owen’s golden boot that he did not win with Madrid.
Anthony, Zlatan in Tallaght?, Dublin



As someone who had listed in the mailbox Michael Owen among ‘successful flops’ I thought i’d expand upon this by replying to Mikey’s request to know about attitudes toward him from fans of clubs he played for.

Firstly, I think it’s important to say that there isn’t any real, widespread hatred to Owen from Liverpool fans, it’s more just ambivalence, and also the feeling that he just seems a bit of a knob. You know, not a horrendous person, just a bit of a knob.

I’d agree that from a non-Liverpool distance this might seem hugely ungrateful, given his performances in big games (I was behind the goal for both goals in the 2001 Cup Final, a magical a few minutes) and how he carried a largely average side on his very young shoulders for periods of seasons.

I think you can divide the examination of the issue into his Liverpool career and his post-Liverpool career. When at Liverpool there was always the comparison with Robbie Fowler, one of the most scouse of scousers to play for the club, he was always Liverpool’s Robbie Fowler, whilst Owen in a little over a year after his club debut had become ‘England’s Michael Owen’. Paradoxically by the time Fowler was in decline and regularly on the bench no one disagreed with this, as it was clear Owen had become the higher performing, more effective player. But what always remained was the feeling Fowler was the more mercurial, throwback romantic player, Owen the cold, clinical uber modern footballer. And you know how Liverpool fans feel about the past!

What also set Owen as a man apart was that Balon D’or win in 2001, it came at a time before social media, and at that time LFC’s marketing of itself was dreadful, so there was no real sense of reflective glory for the club. Despite the thrilling cup final wins he participated in, he never spearheaded the team to a serious / brave challenge for either of the games’ big prizes. Which, unexpectedly, the club managed to do the very season Owen left.

So yes, fans were peeved with Owen when decided he was off to Real, but in truth the series of events after that meant he was forgotten about very quickly. Istanbul, Rafa making us a consistently better side, another dramatic cup final win in Cardiff, then another very strong showing in the Champions League.

However during those three seasons neither Djibril Cisse or Milan Baros had outperformed Owen’s efforts in a Liverpool shirt, but then along came Fernando Torres, and Owen faded even further in the memory. Alongside this he became a perennial substitute at Real (I believe he had a very good minutes to goals ratio, but people only really remember one goal in El Clasico)  and post-EURO 2004 his England career tailed off as he failed to score in the 2006 World Cup and England were humiliated in the EURO 2008 qualifiers.

It was only when he eventually popped up at United that feelings of any sort toward him cropped up again. But as well as Torres, subsequently the likes of Suarez (and Sturridge for one season), Salah and Mane have put Owen’s contribution into perspective, and the shade. Now to be fair to Owen those just mentioned played in more attacking teams (Houllier’s tactics were conservative in the main) and under better managers. But the fact remains Owen never broke the 20 league goals in a season for Liverpool, as all the above have and in fact all of them are better all round players, and in Salah and Mane’s case they’ve delivered the big prizes.

I’ll always be thankful to Owen for some great individual games, but honestly, his place in Liverpool’s pantheon is about where he deserves to be, because to us what he did for the national team at the same time counted for very little.


PS – i’ve never read a biography of either Rafa or Owen, so i’m unaware of whether or not Rafa truly fancied Owen as a player so was happy to get rid in 2004, or if subsequently Owen was truly desperate to return after one season at Real, but Liverpool wouldn’t pay the money, when he chose to go to Newcastle.


Laud me, Steady…
Saw Matt Stead’s laughable article about Grealish lauding him for “staying” at Villa. Here’s the thing though, no one else wanted him. I’m sure Jack is very ambitious, so am I. Unfortunately for both of us, no one better than Villa had any interest in us bar paper talk for Jack.

I await Matts next article about me, lauding me for “staying” in my job because I like having money for beer at the net of the week. Hahahahaha.
Weldoninhio, Dublin


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