TAA can ‘f*ck off’ at ‘painful’ Liverpool and more mails…

Date published: Saturday 23rd January 2021 11:56 - Joe Williams

Liverpool Trent Alexander-Arnold Diogo Jota

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Boiling point
Ok so it’s been a while since i had a rant but for weeks, even pre Palace result, I’ve been getting angrier and angrier and last night just made me explode. None of what I’m saying is reactionary it’s been on my mind for a while. I’m not going to lay in to Klopp because I believe he’s doing an amazing job with obvious flaws but everyone has those even the great Pep. People will say I’m jumping the gun but I’m not. Too many of the squad aren’t up to it. The thing is is that VVD elevated everyone and held them all to account on the pitch. Yes Henderson does that but do you know what the difference is? VVD actually holds up to those standards. When Henderson berates a teammate for a bad pass he goes off and does 3. When Keane berated his teammates when he played for United it’s because he wasn’t doing the crap that players like Trent are getting away with. I have NEVER bought into Trent, not even for a second, not even when he was assisting all those goals . Unfortunately the poor guy has believed all the hype. He now thinks he’s playing fifa and just needs to pass in the general direction where he’s aiming and it’ll go to a teammate. The guy has never been able to defend, he now can’t cross or pass either so what the hell is he in the team for?? Milner would do much better. This is the problem in with the English. They see a player with a modicum of talent and overhype. If his surname was Moreno he’d be vilified. Why doesn’t he get more shit for the shocking defending that lead to the Southampton goal? Or how about all the balls he lost in that game?? Btw that Southampton error isn’t anything new. When it comes to balls over his head he’s a complete liability. Can never judge the flight of the ball. Remember the Sane goal against us at Anfield? He’s also so easy to get around. You don’t need pace. The slightest trickery and you’re around him. I don’t rate the guy at all and the icing on the cake was in injury time on the halfway like a simple 5 yard pass to a teammate went out of play. So bad.

Then there’s the front 3. Where to start. Firstly, and I’m not defending his prior performances, how can Minamino play his best ever game in a Liverpool shirt then be reduced to nothing in the next 5 games? Anyway how predictable have we become. Mané is infuriating. Constantly jokes on to the ball for too long. Just fucking pass it!! Salah. My god. He’s become soooo predictable. Any League 2 defender could read his intentions. He gets far too close to the defender and either trips over himself or runs in to the defender. It’s laughable. It’s schoolboy. Then there’s Firmino. Boy I love that guy or I did. I could forgive him for his lack of goals  because he delivered so much more, work rate, skill, great passes. Now he can’t even make the simplest pass and he couldn’t finish his dinner if it was his last supper. I’m bordering on hate now fue the guy it’s that terrible.

Less said about Gigi the better. Turns like a bus in reverse and it seems he’s  more interested in a wrestling match with the opposition players than passing and moving the ball quickly. Then there’s Hendo. Yes he’s a great leader but like I already pointed out he doesn’t lead with any skill talent. If you’re gonna give shit to someone for misplacing a pass then for the love of god don’t do the same threefold .

It’s so painful to watch at the moment and like I said this isn’t knee jerk. We were lucky in some instances last season and this season we were lucky Fulham didn’t roll us over. Palace were better until we scored the second. The league is gone from us now. I can’t see us scoring for a few games especially not against Mourinho’s bus that’ll be parked on their ground. Klopp needs to come up with other ways to win cos clearly the Trent/Robbo factor is dead. RIP Trent and fuck off.
Alex Jimenez


Klopp has made some poor decisions…
Dear Editor,

I’ve been able to witness Liverpool win the title and for that Juergen Klopp will forever be a legend in my eyes.

However, it’s disappointing that we’ve not been able to push on and build from last season. Our starting 11 is the best in the league, and one of the best in the world. It’s unfortunate that we lost VVD and Gomez through long term injuries but the way we went about dealing with the issue is difficult to comprehend, especially when you consider the following…

1. By playing Fabinho in defence (who has been exemplary as a CB), we ended up losing our edge and bite in midfield.

2. Losing Fabinho in midfield was bad enough but we were still managing ok, but then to play Hendo as a CB as well made us completely impotent in midfield.

3. Losing your two key players (Fabinho/Hendo) who are vital to the way we play has impacted the front three. It has meant that a lot of our play is in front of the opposition rather than the press and moving the ball quickly behind the opposition lines.

4. And that has also affected the full-backs, in particular Trent Alexander Arnold, bombing forward. He was never the best at defending and now doesn’t have the insurance of VVD/Hendo/Wijnaldum covering his arse whenever he went forward. This has now played a part in TAA losing his form.

5. Matip is injury prone. The whole world knows that. Rhys Williams and Nat Phillips are too inexperienced and not at the same level.

Taking point 5 specifically into consideration, it defies belief that the club has not bought in a replacement CB, even for the short term.

6. Despite the injuries, some poor VAR decisions, the LFC ship was still steady. A win against Burnley was vital and would have given some confidence to the team. But, just when you need goals, Origi (more on him later) starts and Salah is on the bench.

7. Some of our squad players are not good enough to be squad players let alone the first team. Origi will forever be immortalised for the important goals he has scored for us but ask any LFC fans and they’ll tell you that he was never really rated as a quality player.

Minamino has had enough time, and he has failed to make an impact. I hope he proves me wrong (he won’t) but the Premier League is not for him. It’s too fast and aggresive for him. Naby Keita is also on the last chance saloon. And Ox has not been the same since he came back from his latest injury set-back.

8. The front 3 are out of form. And that is because they relied on the quick pressing, pass and move from the likes of Fabinho, Hendo, Wijnaldum.

It doesn’t help that there’s no decent back-up to the front 3 (Origi, Minamino) apart from…

9. Jota. Quality signing. But I’m still flummoxed to this day as to why he was risked (along with many others) in a dead rubber against Midjyland in the CL.

10. FA Cup against Villa’s youth team. What is the reasoning behind playing so many first-teamers? Klopp has gone on and on about the short recovery time between games and yet when he had opportunities to rest key players (against Midjyland and Villa) he hasn’t taken it.

So Klopp is right. He has made some really poor decisions. And the ultimate one is not buying a replacement CB which has caused a domino effect on everything else.

The next set of games (and some real tough fixtures beckon) will show the mental strength of the team. Or not.
Nizam Dorasat, London, LFC Fan


A fair message to Liverpool fans
People keep referencing Liverpool’s recent (2 years worth) of scintilating form like its the new normal. Not going outside is the new normal, being superhuman for longer than 2 years is not the new normal.

The only way to go when you set records like Liverpool set, is backwards. Maintaining it is almost impossible. Its cruel and unusual punishment to expect the same core 11/12/13 players to maintain such form.

Relax lads.

But in saying that, you guys definitely have problems. VVD’s injury is more of an indictment of Pool’s lack of depth than anything else. You guys need to both increase the earnings of some core players to keep them, and also recruit adequate understudies to them to maintain anything resembling the dominant team of the next decade.
Kiki, Cork (Manchester United)



Hoof – The under appreciated tool
The hoof is quite possibly the most maligned move in football.

Everyone hates it and most class it as anti football. But in times of high pressing, not only is it useful it’s intentional.

See when the press is high, the point is to win the ball back order to the opponent’s goal. And first pep and his city team did this and crushed pretty much everyone. Then klopp did the same with Liverpool and we eventually won the title, but make no mistake some of those title winning matches laid the foundation for future defeat.

This season the hoof is bearing fruit. The hoof is the best defence against the high press, obvious I know. But it’s also the best attack too. A high press (especially Liverpool’s – Pep has wised up to it) leaves the back two exposed and if you have fast attackers then a hoof becomes an advantage. Without Allison Liverpool struggled to keep the ball out the net because Adrian simply couldn’t play the way Allisob does.

Klopp needs to adapt because every team has learned that not only does the hoof negates the press – it also gives good opportunities to score. Fewer opportunities – but better.

In his first year klopp played all out attack and press and did alright, playing staff meant he coultn win anything. Year two the better playing staff got us much closer but we couldn’t go all out attack and press all the time. Year three he adapted and started exploit weaknesses in wide areas to cut inside.

Now every team plays narrow hoof, which beats the wide press. Klopp again has to reinvent Liverpool because his current tactics won’t work.


Ved sen’s tired heavy metal reference (from 2013) has struck the wrong chord, angry white music is but one of Klopp’s musical preferences -as he’s matured his interests have broadened and the record collection covers a few genres,

Years after his quote at Dortmund, the world and its wife predicted Klopp and his boys would plummet down the charts when Zeljko Buvac, aka Klopp’s brain, departed after 17 years working together (I can’t find any mention of either citing artistic differences for their split). Dutch eurodance guru Pepijn Lijnders stepped up and took a more prominent role in production, resulting in a much more harmonious and melodic output from an ensemble which went on to record a number of platinum award winning hits.

Recent live performances have been a little loose and certainly off key, like shite jazz. But played by undoubtedly good musicians whose talent and years of rehearsing make stringing together some nice new tracks in the (near!?) future a strong likelihood. Maybe even another world tour.

Or is long covid to footballers as heroin is to musicians?
P. (would the singing fat lady fit in here?) LFC

Ps. Ole is a PE teacher and was only ever in music class as a substitute when the music teacher was out sick.


Merson aversion
An excellent suggestion by Merson that Chelsea should hire Harry Redknapp to assist the out-of-his-depth Frank (English Premium) Lampard to do his job properly. My neighbour has a similar problem. He’s a newly married man. Not very experienced in the sack. So he normally invites me to his bedroom to give him some pointers…
Klopp Found Out (Loving my consultancy job)


Goal celebrations
Apologies if someone has already stated this, but surely this whole goal celebration issue is not so hard to solve.

It feels like asking the players to maintain social distancing whilst celebrating, but being ok with goal mouth scrambles, corners, etc – suggests that the issue is how it looks to the watching public. Ok, fair enough I can accept that line of logic.

But isn’t there a really simple solution… have the tv coverage not show the celebration! Show a reply, show a close-up of either manager, show the disappointed goalie – just don’t show the players celebrating.

Seems like an easy solution, unless I’m missing something.

RA in CH


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