Mails: £100m for Pogba? Are you kidding?

Date published: Monday 11th July 2016 9:44

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Cristiano Ronaldo – Captain, Leader, Legend, Manager and TAXPAYER..
Navaneeth MUFC, NYC


Knee deep

Can anyone explain this?
John Blakeway


Oh, Paul
You know, for 100 Million, one would think he’d have done something noticeable tonight.
Eric Breitman, NYC.


Well played Portugal. Well played indeed. Despite what most are saying, France were pretty average throughout the tournament except for perhaps one half against Iceland. So Portugal deserved it as much if not more. The French coach has got some explaining to do especially after his tournament long love-in with the distinctly crap Gignac, whilst Martial sat on the bench all though.

A team won and a bunch of individuals lost. A team whose resolve hardened even more after they lost their captain and talisman to a proper hatchet job from the French. Every player rose to the occasion and thoroughly deserved to win.

Pogba went missing again and no f***ing way he should be worth £100m. I’d rather have one of the other excellent Portuguese or French players at my club than him at that price point.

And coming to Ronaldo, boy don’t I love him for the sheer box office he brings everywhere he appears. Captain, talisman, best in the world, tragic/comedy anti-hero, and now assistant manager. Mark my words, that man will one day become a terrific manager. He has the drive, intensity and positivity from Sir Alex combined with the narcissism, ego and win at all costs attitude from Jose.
Rahber, India


Would United”s 100m be better spent on Sissoko?


Portugal were better without Ronaldo
Because it’s 7.30am Monday and I’ve already had enough of work for this week.

*The game was, in its own way, rather absorbing. The fact nothing was really happening for most of it made it more likely it would be settled by a moment of brilliance. It nearly happened with the Antoine Griezmann header, or when the frame of the goal was rattled, but did happen when Eder was able to make a tiny bit of space for himself.

*Eder came on and immediately made a nuisance of himself, occupying both centre-backs with his uncomplicated target man play. I thought at the time he’d come on a bit too late, as Portugal’s attackers were starting to look like they were too tired to take full advantage of his lay-offs.

*Devil’s advocate time: Portugal were a better team without their best player. This is not to say Cristiano Ronaldo should not play international football, but his enforced absence forced Portugal’s other main players to take on more responsibility – there were other teams in the tournament who would have greeted the withdrawal through injury of their star player and captain with a collective “well what the f##k do we do now?”, but the Portuguese players just got on with the job.

*As much as I admire Ronaldo the player, I do find Ronaldo the public persona immensely irritating. However, only people with a headstone where their heart used to be would not have felt any sympathy for him at his having to miss out through injury. He is someone who doesn’t hide his emotions and his distress was clear to see.

That said, I did think it would have been funny had Portugal’s winning goal been scored from a direct free kick.

*That handball decision was a bit odd, wasn’t it?

*France were, in some ways, unfortunate to be on the losing side, but failed to truly seize control of the game once Ronaldo went off. However, as Daniel Storey pointed out, the only French player willing to run at Portuguese defenders was Moussa Sissoko. This led to a rerun of the usual “what do Newcastle fans make of this” commentary, which was debunked in the mailbox last week. This in itself was beaten only by Danny Murphy pointing out that “you have to carry Ronaldo a bit defensively”. Firstly, that’s a bit rich coming from him, and secondly, while I can’t claim to remember every minute of every Portugal game, Ronaldo’s heading ability means he does get back to do his fair share at set pieces.
The literary Ed Quoththeraven


Silly France
To those who wrote off Portugal cos they were too poor they came 3rd in the weakest group of the tournament. To those who called for the trophy to be handed to France after beating Iceland. To those who said France deserved the trophy before even a ball had been kicked. Really? Is that all it takes to win? You want anything in life you gotta work hard and earn it. ‎Portugal earned it and so are European Champions. Yo Let that sink in.

So happy for Portugal who managed to match the French Bullies bone for bone and man for man. Portugal showed great team spirit and Rui Patricio just couldn’t be beaten on the night. When he was eventually beaten Gignac still managed to hit the post. Eder too was fantastic. Competed for everything in the air. Won a couple of fouls and was a menace all night. Eventually scored the only goal with a banger. And Ronaldo didn’t even get to complete half an hour of the match. Who needs Ronaldo when you’ve got ‘Eder9’.

MOTM goes to the Portuguese goalie Rui Patricio who was in inspired form. Absolutely kept Portugal in the game with his saves.

France faded badly towards the end of the game. You can’t spend the whole game being that physical.
Smith (so disappointed in Deschamps. Chose the wrong time to bring in Martial)


Fonte of knowledge
This may well get lost in all the other Euro mails! But as a Saints fan I was so happy with the result last night – mainly for Jose Fonte, and to a slightly lesser extent Cedric Saores.

Fonte joined Southampton in 2010 from Crystal Palace (who were at the time in the league above), and this was when Southampton were in League 1 and in a real mess. He has been at the heart of the team since – getting us all the way up to 6th this season.

He is often overlooked for credit as the more glamours centre back partner usually gets more of the credit and attention, first Lovren, then Alderweireld, now Van Dijk, but he has always been there with them, and has seemed incredibly loyal to the club throughout this stay – rightly made club captain this season.

Great to see him get his break with the international team – slotting in quietly next to Pepe and not looking at all out of place, and keeping one of the tightest defences in the tournament!
Nat – Saints


José Fonte honours:
2010 Johnstone’s Paint Trophy
2016 European Championship
Football is mental.
Stu, Southampton


More final conclusions
* The hero will be Ronaldo or Greizmann Pogba wil take the final no it will be the little magician payed maybe it will be Nani or Renato Sanches perhaps …… Eder WTAF.

* For those who are going to whine about a third place team or a team who did not winning any of their group games winning the trophy …. The Italian team from 1982 and 1994 as wells Argentina from 1990 say Hi

* On a similar theme this “lucky team ” have lost a classic against france in 1984 watched Karel Poborsky chip them in 96 been two minutes from penalties in 2000,been taken out by that Greek team in 2004 lost to the best team of an era in 2012 having dragged them to penalties … they where due some

* Getting Injured in the first 15 minutes remonstrating and cajoling his teammates when extra time started …. it was always going to be about Ronaldo wasn’t it.

* Portugal dare I say it probably played better after Ronaldo went off they held the ball a bit more and actually improved in possession

* France actually didn’t have enough clear cut chances there was the Greizmann header and Gignac hitting the post her than that not a lot

* Giroud is kind of slow isn’t he by the time the mailbox is created (tomorrow he may have left the pitch

* Not a lot has been said about Nani in this tournament he’s taken great responsibility harassed harangued held the ball up well in the final I actually saw him defending he’s shown great maturity.

* I feel for the likes of Evra and possibly Payet this maybe their last chance at international football .As for Portugal it’s probably the beginning of the end of their 2nd Golden Generation (I expect the bulk of the defense to retire after this). France will be back stronger by the next world cup though

It was really a team performance from Portugal Rui Patricio made great saves Willy Carvalho who I was surprised to see replace Danilo was magnificent and the entire defense gave a masterclass

* The guard of honour was a nice gesture

* How long before Messi has a change of heart and returns to the Argentine squad

* Eder no seriously WTAF


Systems schmystems
Leicester City win the Premier League with a team of cast offs and no hopers – May 2016

“Systems win you nothing, Football players win you games.” – Roy Hodgson, May 2016

Ronaldo-less Portugal 1
All-Star France 0 – June 2016

I’ll just leave that there.
Lee (Beast Mode On) Hagger, WWFC

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