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Date published: Sunday 17th July 2016 10:56

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal boss has plenty to ponder

Mail and make sure we have enough to do some Monday Mailboxes.


This week in the Mailbox
The sum of the weeks Mailboxes:

Big Sam is Sh*t. No he isn’t. Yes he is. You’re opinions are sh*t. No yours are. I’m excited. I’m not excited. We will never win anything. We might win a cup.

Glad the leagues are starting up soonish. Because the summer is apparently the death of sanity.

Leigh, THFC, Stockholm
(Aware that the Mailbox is full of this kind of thing)


Laughing at Chelsea
So Conte buys Kante and Chelsea start their pre-season with a 2-0 loss. Gary Lineker was right about the whole affair being a bit c*nty. Meanwhile, the Happy One starts with a 2-0 win. Let the good times roll in Manchester (United that is)
Keg Baridi (Happy Man United fan) Nairobi, Kenya


New Arsenal formation for Wenger
So after seeing Portugal win the Euro’s with the 4-3-1-2 formation, I think Wenger should play the same formation that the team used despite playing some pretty boring stuff. But hey it must of been pretty effective for it to win a European trophy.

Just look at the first team they should play and see if there is a player that wouldn’t thrive in their position:


Bellerin Koscienly Mertesacker Monreal

Ramsey Coquelin Xhaka


Giroud Sanchez

Now if Wenger is smart and not so stubborn, this gives Ozil AND Sanchez the chance to play centrally, and considering this is the formation that managed to beat France in France in a final, he might actually have a chance of challenging for the Premier league and not getting knocked out of the second stage of the Champions League every year.

Just a tactical opinion really.


A bit Kante
So it’s happened… N’Golo has left us. For Chelsea of all teams. I’ve been through all the emotions over the past couple of days – now I’m just left feeling just empty and disappointed. What a truly special, one-off player. Chelsea you don’t know how lucky you are.

Now leicester somehow have to survive the next attempted coup…Mahrez this time. Sweet baby Jesus no.

This is the worst pre season ever. This is how saints fans must feel every year.
Jamie, Leicester


Was Vardy too scared?
Just saw Kante joined Chelsea.

How silly Jamie Vardy must feel. A player showing his loyalty to Leicester, rewarded by one of the team’s best players leaving, and with Mahrez pretty much half way out of the door.

Either Vardy didn’t see this coming OR he’s just not brave enough to play at a big club, knowing that he’s 29 and ENGLISH and will most probably be too stupid to understand the tactics at Arsenal.

Its not that I don’t have any sympathy for Vardy, I just feel he was too scared to leave Leicester.
Anon (Watford)


A different perspective on Spurs
Not written in for a while, but afraid I’m going to have to go ahead and disagree with you there, Matt. Mainly, because I don’t really see either Spurs’ end of season, nor England’s non show at Euro 2016, as a collapse in the traditional sense. And I’ll tell you for why:

Firstly, England were never really in Euro 2016. Without reopening the inquest, there was no choke; no grasping defeat from the jaws of victory; there was simply an inadequate manager and a disjointed, dysfunctional team. In every single game. So, whilst all will be incredibly disappointed, they will surely all appreciate that, and realise it was a collective underachievement. Secondly, although Spurs hilariously managed to let (yes, “let”) Arsenal sneak ahead of us without a modicum of achievement on their part, this was not like previous years – the consensus at Spurs is that we lost to ourselves, not to them. This was a side that had fought so hard, and for so long, for our first title in years, and simply did not know how to deal with the crushing disappointment of Leicester winning it. We were at no point battling Arsenal (at this particular stage), and no longer can Spurs lose battles they are not fighting; we simply stopped performing because we had nothing left to fight for, and no fight left. This is a learning curve, and a failing, but not something that proves we lack a spine like the Spurs of old (well, maybe the Spurs of any time bar last season). Indeed, this may even do them good: it was poor to have dropped off in such a way, but the gutting result of having done so will teach them all to avoid it in future.

I would guess they will all be glad to be back with one another for pre-season, and will relish the challenge of putting the end of last season to bed, and going one better (provided they’re not utterly shattered from playing approximately 427 games each last season, of course). Can’t bloody wait.


I would just like to get this nipped in bud as quickly as possible as I have seen it a people use it a few times since he has signed for Man Utd but the guys name is Mkhitaryan not Micki, mkhi or any other was you want to spell it the same as Ronaldo isn’t Ronnie it’s Ronaldo you don’t know the person so why use a nickname. It’s one of my greatest annoyances in football never mind kind corruption at Fifa, diving or Liverpool fans. How hard is it to copy and paste or you know learn to spell the name. It is the PFM school off nicknames and it should be stopped.
Jamie, or should that be Jamie’ie


Sensible returns
Thinking about sensible transfers got me on to wondering if any club legends/heroes/cult icons could make a comeback this Summer?

As a Liverpool fan I’d love Torres to come back and pretend he’d never left, however he’s just signed for Atletico, we have a boatload of strikers, yadayada, wouldn’t work.

Next on the list of ageing heroic Spaniards I’d love to return though is Alonso, who could make way at Bayern to allow Kimmich to come through, wouldn’t cost loads, admits he loves the club, and I could dream about him spraying balls at Firmino, Coutinho & Sturridge. Maybe Hendo would learn a thing or two, we’re not exactly blessed with deep lying playmakers. My only concern would be his ability to press in Klopp’s system, however I’m sure he’d be worth it.

What about other clubs? Anyone you could actually sign? Spurs must have a good few options, who would you love back?

United’s is obviously Ronaldo, who I’m sure we’d have heard more about if he was interested. Maybe next year.
KC (third on the list is Reina, why did we ever sell him?)


Current transfer market values
Age: 30
Position: Free role, midfield ideally but somewhere central is fine
Current Team: (secret)
Strengths: cracking long range shot, decent corner, not bad at passing and shouting at referees. Score the odd goal and love a chip, but hardly clinical
Pace: sometimes
Tackling ability: Paul Scholes
Turning circle: Paul Scholes
Role model: Paul Scholes
Positional discipline: Haha, no
Estimated Value in current market: £25,000,000
Guy S


Age: just turned 30, (mental age 12)
Position: centre mid
Current Team: dog shite 6 a side team somewhere in the Midlands (will not disclose incase any teammates disagree with my skill set…)
Skill Set: silky, like an expensive tie. Great touch for a big man
Estimated value: free to a good home
Richard… I mean ‘dave’… Birmingham… Bollucks


…Age: 35
Position: Rightbackish. You know when the Wales formation was shown on the telly at the Euros and both Gunter and Taylor were further up the pitch than Bale? That.
Current Team: Free agent. Former clubs include The Village Inn FC in Swindon, and Toothill JFC, also in Swindon
Skillset: Good crosser, dogged yet talentless defender, can shoot from range, genuine eye for a through-ball (really good at those)
Estimated Value in current market: £100


Age: 19
Position: Goalkeeper
Current Team: Free Agent, until recently Marling School First Team (we didn’t have any other goalkeepers more than 5 foot 5)
Skillset: Tall, wide, good reflexes. Excellent at spotting a releasing pass, terrible at executing said pass.
Estimated Value in current market: £50,000 (still got potential, is what I keep telling myself)
Estimated Value in Chinese market: Probably about £500,000 and £2,000 a week wages. I’ll pack my things.
FGR Fan (someone’s got to)

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