Mails: Are Stoke the right fit for Rodgers?

Date published: Tuesday 6th October 2015 10:05

Why Klopp would want the Liverpool job, is Stoke the right fit for Rodgers, Harry Redknapp as interim manager and a massive open letter to Jose Mourinho…


Why Klopp would want it…
A few people have been wondering why Klopp would want to go to Liverpool, where the league is more competitive than Germany and also there’s been a few mentions that Liverpool is a poisoned chalice. Both arguments have merits but I think you’re looking at this the wrong way round.

First of all, Klopp didn’t inherit the second best team in the German league (or first best when they won the league), he built that team. It took a few years from him taking over to them winning the league but in many respects it must be harder to build a team capable of beating big bad Bayern when they do pinch your players the minute it suits them to do so. Benitez did similarly amazing work with Valencia, with both managers having a strong appreciation that having worse players or an inferior squad didn’t mean you couldn’t out perform. In both cases, you have to accept that their egos might just be big enough to handle the pressure and unrealistic expectations of the fans. He might also know within himself that he has the talent to get more out of the players he’s seen on TV than they are currently producing. In fairness I think nearly anyone could get more out of this team if they hired a half decent defensive coach and stopped playing Dejan Lovren whenever he is fit.

The Liverpool job might be a poisoned chalice, but if Klopp were to rise to the challenge and do something incredible then he’d be a demi God around Liverpool. The last manager that achieved that sort of status around our way was Rafa, and he hasn’t done too badly for himself since he left the club. If he does fail to exceed expectations, our average final position has been around 6th and he can always say that he didn’t have the appropriate tools to do the things he wanted. Seems like a win win situation to me.

Plus I reckon he’ll get a big load of wonga thrown his way. Who doesn’t like fancy that.
Minty, LFC


Is Stoke the right fit for Rodgers?
Looking at it objectively, if the Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United or Arsenal jobs were to come up soon, I can’t see him being considered for any of them on the grounds of perceived underachievement – especially if Klopp, Ancellotti or A.N. Other come in and do a cracking job with that squad.

Looking at the next level of teams, Everton’s obviously out and I can’t see Rodgers being Daniel Levy’s cuppa at Spurs either. Koeman’s doing a good enough job at Saints, and whilst his record with younger players may appeal to the Southampton heirarchy if the unexpected occurred, I still can’t see that being a happy marriage. Palace won’t be getting rid of Pardew any time soon, Swansea are pretty happy with Gary Monk and anyway, I can’t help but think that Brendan would consider all of the above to be below him.

The only vague possibility I can imagine (which I still consider to be highly unlikely) is Stoke City. There’s a slim chance they’ll get rid of Sparky if they don’t pick up, and the (sole) appeal to Brendan might be the presence of so many former Barca players who might be willing to embrace ‘death by football’ for a year or so to try and earn themselves a move somewhere.

So being realistic… is there another Premier League job for Rodgers? I can’t see it right now.
Alex, Leeds


We don’t think this is a joke
Today while day dreaming about Liverpool’s next manager, I realized that if Liverpool don’t manage to attract Klopp or Ancelotti, my next choice would be hiring Redknapp as interim manager until the end of the season (with no option of him staying on.)

I imagine I am probably alone, but was curious to ask the Mailbox whether any other Liverpool fans feel similarly.
Oliver Dziggel, Geneva Switzerland

Rodgers: Not even original
I enjoyed your top twenty, but as far as originality goes even the one some people gave him credit for “building an aeroplane while it’s flying” isn’t his either – see the following from 2013…

Phil Aldridge


Shankly and Rodgers
I think most Liverpool fans felt a weird combination of relief and sadness at Brendan’s dismissal. It was clearly getting hopeless but memories of the ridiculous football of 13/14 will never fade.

Now, having time to reflect, I think there are two key issues Rodgers failed to overcome. Both, I think can be summed up nicely in a couple of Shankly quotes.

1) “Football is a simple game based on the giving and taking of passes, of controlling the ball and of making yourself available to receive a pass. It is terribly simple.”

It became more and more clear that when things got difficult, Rodgers tried to solve things with increasingly complicated football. Liverpool, in the end, forgot how to do the basics – stop the ball from going in their own net and put the ball in the opponents net.

2) “A football team is like a piano. You need eight men to carry it and three who can play the damn thing.”

In 13/14 Rodgers had the 3 men to play the damn thing (Suarez, Sturridge & Gerrard – the 3 pianists, if you will). Sterling and Coutinho stepped up when needed too. The team now looks bereft of players capable of making the team play. Sturridge has been injured and Coutinho too inconsistent. Even with them firing, it’s simply not enough.

The first issue can be laid firmly at the feet of Rodgers. It’s good to have ideas and talk of philosophy but if your team ain’t doing the basics then it’s futile. In the last year and a half, Rodgers flapped around changing things up but failed to solve some simple problems.

The second, I believe, sits with FSG and the transfer committee. Changing the manager might get 11 men carrying the piano but that’s never going to get us challenging for the title, or even close.
Sam (wishing for more pianists), Belfast


A battle between Carlo and Jurgen
Firstly, I am stuck in an internal battle over Ancelotti and Klopp. On the one hand, we have a manager who has won a number of trophies, including in the premier league, and managed some of the best players in the world. Like Wenger, Ferguson or Jose, he would be an attraction to a club that otherwise can’t attract players “because of its geographical location”.

On the other hand is a manager who has character, a real enthusiasm and one of the best transfer legacies ever created (Hummels 4m, Subotic 4m, Bender 1.5m, Großkreutz free, Lewandoski 4.5m, Piszczek free, Gundogan 5m, Perisic 5m, all in euros in less).

However, does Liverpool structure allow people like Klopp to make these transfers? Did Klopp make all these transfers himself in the first place? We don’t know really…

I’m leaning more towards Klopp but how often will a club like Liverpool (in their current state, don’t bring up history please) get a chance at someone like Ancelotti?

Secondly, Chelsea have gotten increasingly worse since Eva left. That can’t be a coincidence.
Rob A, AFC


A massive open letter to Mourinho
Please be kind enough to publish this open letter to Jose Mourinho:

Hello Jose,

I am trying to figure out why you wanted to remove the friendly doctor from the sideline. I heard through the grapevine that the referee association was inspired by the Arsenal fans decision to petition that Mike Dean not be allowed to referee any more Arsenal matches this season. They are rounding up signatures to petition to reinstate Eva at the Chelsea sidelines. They are threatening to keep not showing yellow cards to the players that are roughing up Hazard. They are also claiming that you have given that type of behavior your approval by throwing a tantrum when Eva went to attend to him (Hazard). He needs to toughen up you said, or, something like that.

The whole world keeps waiting for your public apology, because let’s face it; everyone in the whole world including you knows that you were in the wrong. Once the referee had given his signal, the medical staff needs to go on the field.

You can always blame the run of bad luck on witch craft. If you were the Cardinal of the church of Mourinho as someone suggested in these pages and we were living about 300 years ago you would have burned the young woman at the stakes.

But, we are not. Your team has been devoid of ideas for some time now. The main idea has been to give the ball to Hazard and let him create while everyone else is watching. You do not seem to be spending any time on the training ground working with your team on breaking down your opponent. You are spending too much time preoccupied with Wenger and why he is never under threat of the sack. It may be news to you but Wenger’s teams play Champagne football and people tend to like that. You may phone you old friend Van Gaal to let you know whether he enjoyed watching Arsenal play last Sunday. He had a very good seat.

You are also abusing your players. It is not Matic’s fault that John Terry and Gary Cahill are incredibly slow. Matic did a great job covering for them and their stupid mistakes last year but he seems to not be able to do it anymore. Why do you always have to sub Willian out? You seem to have this great idea of substituting the player most likely to get a goal every single time. Zuma has been able to do well while in there. However, I need to point out that Terry and Zuma are a better partnership. Cahill does a really good impersonation of the chicken with head cut-off whenever defending one-on-one. About Ivanovic? Everyone has forgotten that he was signed as a center half and he did a decent job covering as a full back. But, he never had the blazing speed to be a fullback especially since he gets no cover.

I have a personal message form Hodgson too. He says stop threatening that you are going to play Loftus-Cheek and play the boy. England will be indebted to you. He needs to play to make the 2016 Euro team. He seems to be better than what you have available at that position right now. And he can pass backwards as well as Mikel. I have to note here that is your favorite pass.

That’s all I have for now. Remember, everyone is trying to point out that you have a defensive problem. But what I am suggesting is that you have a problem creating scoring opportunities. You have the players in house to fix your defensive problems.

Good Luck and all of us Chelsea supporters are behind you, always eager to push you off the cliff if Klopp is still available.
Paul Michaels


It is a really good piece
Excellent pieces by both John Nicholson and Daniel Storey and an absolutely brilliant article by Neil Atkinson of the Anfield Wrap for those interested (sorry, are we allowed to give credit to writers outside of F365?).

As Neil so eloquently puts it, ‘remember not the hard fact of the 3-3 draw, your side losing a three goal lead, but instead remember that they were trying to score ten.’ Brendan was probably a delusional fool. But his greatest trick was in convincing us that his delusions could be real. And at least for one glorious season we were hooked.

Ultimately, Brendan had to go right now. The Chelsea job will soon be available and that’s hard to compete against.
RV, LFC, India


The new TV deal: Help or hindrance?
Just a small yet vital point concerning the impact of the huge TV deal.

It could be argued that perhaps it has been less of a help and more of a hindrance to clubs such as Liverpool or Tottenham as it is has not given them the resources to challenge the super-rich Top 4 and has vastly boosted the clubs below them.

Teams in the purgatory of the EUROPA cup are trapped in an endless catch-22: Can’t attract Champions League players so buy players with Champions League potential and when that potential is realised, Champions League clubs buy them.

This is not a defence of Rodgers, or AVB, but just what exactly are these managers expected to do when no other manager has consistently been able to achieve what is asked of them – on a lower budget annually outperform the super clubs?

Great site; keep up the good work,


Give the lovely man some love
I understand why Monday’s mailbox was full of Brenda getting sacked and Man Utd’s no show at Arsenal…..but can we all just take a minute to admire Sergio Aguero’s finishing masterclass v Newcastle.

Best centre forward in the world bar none. Thank you.
Paul, Manchester


Garth Crooks’ all-time XI
I thought I’d have a go at a ‘Garth Crooks all time XI’.

Di Stefano





Plenty of creativity and a shit load of goals, complete with honorary defender played slightly out of position. Luis Suarez’s World Cup quarter final save in 2010 got him a place in goal.
Jamie, Boro


Mediawatch: Bullying
Now Rodgers has gone, Mediawatch has to go and bully Garth Crooks team organised team selection and un-matchable quotes on players.

Sanchez as your defensive full back.. He’s a little terrier he is! De Bruyne as your DMC – that’s where a top midfielder plays!

Shame on you.


“United wore black as if to commemorate the passing of his first touch, and it was a sombre affair.” Classic.
Sfiso Kunene, Durban

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