Mails: Arsenal won’t finish in the top four

Date published: Thursday 15th September 2016 9:31

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Broken record
Tottenham Hotspur suffered defeat witnessed by a record attendance of over 85,000 fans.

Does that officially make them the biggest bunch of losers?
Jovan, London


Give Janssen a chance
Harry Kane
may be one of our own but that is not good enough. He has bulked up too much at the gym and whilst not fast over distance his quick bursts have disappeared. Janssen now deserves his chance up top on his own.

Amazing noise at the ground.

Mousa Dembele should always start if fit or even if not. BOSS.
Dave, Winchester Spurs


A happy Fox
Well that was quite a way to announce ourselves on the European stage. Beating the Belgian champions comfortably in their back yard. More than makes up for our sluggish performance at the weekend. And there were people thinking we’d be an embarrassment in the champions league!

Early days though, but we’ve got a real chance of getting out this group and getting to the knockout stage. And even if we don’t, tonight was such fun.

I believe we are the only English team with a 100% record in the champions league. Our squad is no worse than the Liverpool squad of 2005. No reason we can’t go all the way, just need to avoid Barca, Madrid, Juventus, Bayern, Man City, Dortmund and PSG. Easy
Toby (champions) Mitchell


Good lad, Ronnie
Ronaldo’s free kick today is the reason we all watch the game.
Brian (Dictated but not read) LFC


‘Arsenal to finish outside the top four’ klaxon
Is it just me or are things not right at Arsenal this season? So far every team vying for one of the top four spots look stronger than us. The game against PSG was embarrassing. They were so much better than us in every department. The worst thing about that game was that it wasn’t surprising. I didn’t sit there watching whilst thinking ‘what is happening?’. I just felt some numb kind of acceptance at our performance.

We have spent over £100m on transfers over the summer and have so far produced two good halves of football (Liverpool and Watford) whilst seemingly regressing throughout all other game time. Wenger clearly doesn’t know his best team yet, rests our new midfielder in the premier league then doesn’t play him in the champions league and persists with Alexis upfront when it clearly isn’t working.

With the top two spots looking like they will be occupied by Manchester Arsenal are left fighting with Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham. Right now I am not liking our chances and can’t see us finishing above at least three of those teams. Is this the season we finally miss out on Champions league?
Dave (Wenger has stolen my optimism) Sutton


Koeman, give us a break
Worst Headline of the day:

“Koeman feel the noise” – F365

I agree with the sentiments of the piece however. As an Evertonian, this is the most positive I’ve been about my team for years.

From the top we now have:

Moshiri (billionaire owner committed to building a new stadium and investing in the team, won’t pay over the odds for players like Brahimi, makes charitable donations that other clubs don’t contemplate), Steve Walsh (clearly the best scout in the premier league), Koeman (Straight-talking Dutchman with so much presence and 100% clear in how you can affect games NOW, not a month down the road)

Add in the players we recruited (Gana, Bolasie, Williams) plus the yoot and we are looking better than ever. All this achieved with a net spend in the transfer window thanks to Johnny big time getting his wish.

Big Luke will wake back up again this season too. He scored 3 on monday but should’ve had 8 and with the two-footed crossing ability of the incredible Bolasie, I think he may push Aguero fairly close this season.

I can almost hear the rumblings of Mr Storeys pre-ejaculate
Fat Man Scouse, EFC (Garry Barry is a freak of nature, anyone know how to clone people?)


I’m not your buddy, Guy
The mail from Guy S in Wednesday afternoon’s mailbox confirms to me once and for all what I have long suspected whenever I read one of his mailbox entries: He doesn’t actually watch Man United games.

Guy ascertains that Ibrahimovic is “a classic poacher, scoring but doing little else”. This is a player who, in addition to nabbing 50 odd goals for PSG last season, also picked up 13 assists. In my limited junior and sunday league footballing career playing centre-back, one of my biggest nightmares is playing against a striker who drops into the space between the defence and the midfield, either dragging a centre-back out of position or requiring a midfielder to drop back.

I put it to Guy S, that this is exactly what else Ibrahimovic brings: the ability to drop deep and link the play, which allows other players to flourish around him, in addition to being a fantastic goalscorer/poacher. If you want concrete proof of this, the Sky Sports post match analysis of the United-Southampton game specifically highlighted this exact aspect of Ibrahmovic’s play. By way of reference, this is exactly what Rooney doesn’t bring (anymore).

By all means, feel free to constructively criticise professional footballers, just make sure you have actually watched them play first.
James (melting in the London sun) Tooting


Retrospective Falcao fanmail
Jermaine Jenas (or ‘JJ’ as Hoddle said at half-time, puke) has just highlighted Falcao’s inability to beat a man, correctly identifying his serious knee-injury and subsequent failure to fully recover as the reason. As the camera panned to him, he did have a ‘deer in the headlights’ look on his face, and it must be said this expression was perpetual throughout his disastrous time in England (#sadnessinhiseyes?).

As a United fan, I have no fond memories of Falcao in a red shirt, other than perhaps his unveiling before he set foot on the hallowed OT turf (though he needn’t have bothered). He left ignominiously, joining Chelsea to little fanfare. Blues fans I’m certain will agree that his presence has almost been entirely forgotten, for them a second (and somehow worse) coming of El Nino. He arrived with the moniker ‘El Tigre’ but British fans will more remember him as a docile and skittish tabby cat.

It’s only just dawned on me how much his awful stint in the Premier League and indeed his new, confidence-shot demeanor has influenced my view of one of the greatest strikers to ever grace the European scene. Simply put, the man was a phenomenon; lightning fast, strong and a deadly finisher. Much like Henry and now Suarez among few others, Falcao was a scorer of great goals and a great goalscorer. He also looked like the type of chap who could rock up at your wedding in shorts & flip-flops and steal your bride with a cheeky wink, such was his confidence and swagger.

Ultimately, this is a thoroughly pointless email, but I just wanted to share my appreciation for the original Falcao. His career should be remembered for his exploits pre knee-injury, though I write this in hope rather than expectation.
Wubblepig (Mandatory Wayne Rooney inclusion – SEO sorted), Thailand.


National overhead kick day
Having read your excellent feature on the best overhead kick goals, it reminded me of a friend of mine who wanted to launch a National Overhead Kick Day. The day basically involved the attempt of overhead kicks at every opportunity.

We managed to launch this in one small corner of Leicester (which equated to one game of football) but would like to give this day the national platform it deserves. Clearly we are too lazy and lack the relevant influence to accomplish this…so over to you F365. Make this thing happen.
Jamie, LCFC

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