Mails: Arsenal fans are rather happy

Date published: Tuesday 22nd December 2015 11:04

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Peak Arsenal returns
It would be peak Arsenal to finish above Man city, Man UTD, Liverpool and Chelsea. But still come second behind Leicester.
Zak, AFRICA  (still buzzing from last night )


The real assist
That Mesut Ozil duck for Theo’s goal, inch perfect.
Ahmed El Hawary


Little Theo = big game player
Opened the scoring in last seasons FA cup final, fantastic game against Man United at the Emirates this season, broke the deadlock last night against Man City last night and had a great game overall, scored a few against Chelsea over the years including his first Arsenal goal in the League Cup final.

Can we say little Theo is a big game player yet?
Andrew Stevens


Cautiously optimistic
Stats like second at Xmas (or winning the calendar year trophy!) mean nothing, absolutely nothing. Martin Tyler told us last night that Arsenal have been second at Xmas twice before in the premier league and went on to win it both years. Does that mean they’ll win this year? No. But while factoids like that are thoroughly meaningless when it gets down to the business end of things they are rather enjoyable when things are going well.

The headline on F365 this morning is “How exactly will Arsenal mess this up“? A valid question given the past 11 years. I think they’ve done it already to be honest. It’s the same issue as always, injuries. The team fielded last night is practically the last 11 men standing. And even at that I understand Ozil and Flamini were doubts. With Arsenal you can’t expect anyone to come back when planned because I’m pretty sure they invented the word setback. The team is performing very well but I can’t see it lasting, fatigue has to set in! Happy to be proven wrong!

I’m remaining cautiously optimistic at the moment but more than anything, all Arsenal fans should just enjoy games like last night.
Seán (I bet Stewie Griffin hated that) AFC Dublin


11 Arsenal conclusions
Some thoughts from last night’s game and Arsenal’s season:

– Tactics spot on again. Who would have ever thought Arsene’s Arsenal would sit back and soak up the pressure in a big game at home. Luckily, Wenger seems to be learning from his continuous mistakes and putting the team in a position to succeed.

– Every player on the pitch put in an amazing performance. From Cech all the way through to Giroud, each player left it all on the pitch and should be extremely proud. It’s quite clear that adding world class talent such as Ozil, Sanchez, and Cech has made a big difference in class and confidence in these big games.

– When Toure scored what has to be the best nonchalantly-taken goal I’ve ever seen, my heart dropped. Not as much because of unnecessarily dropping two points, but because of everything I’d have to read and hear about Arsenal being Arsenal today. Congrats media, you win.

– Despite the fact that it should have been 4 or 5-0 by the 80th minute, the gaps behind the defense were huge, and should have be better exploited by City. Yes we defended resolutely for 80 minutes, but as anyone who’s watched football knows, it only takes ten minutes to wipe out 80 minutes of good work. The ability to defend leads is much better than in previous years, but still needs significant work.

– Aaron Ramsey has the talent to be the world’s best central midfielder. I know its a big statement with the likes of Pogba out there, but I’ll stand by it. However, his decision-making and positional intelligence can be woeful at times. For this, I hold Arsene Wenger and the coaching staff directly responsible. It is their job to make sure a player’s bad tendencies are ushered out of his game. The fact that, after years of playing, Ramsey can still blatantly ignore his defensive duties and take difficult shots when others are better positioned is down to poor coaching. Arsene, help Ramsey take the next step and become the player the whole world knows he can become.

– Luckily though, we had Mathieu Flamini. What a man. I know that David Silva has been injured and is lacking form, but had Sergio Busquets or Nemanja Matic done a number on Silva, the media would be ringing their praises. Credit where credit is due – since Flamini has stepped in for Le Coq, he has been terrific. I believe his contract is out this summer and would fully expect him to get a new one. He’s happy to think about biochemistry and clean energy on the bench while playing only when needed. Who wouldn’t want a player like that in the team?

– Laurent Koscielny could walk into any team on the planet. He might be the only defender in the world of whom that could be said. Recovery pace, excellent positioning, phenomenal ball-playing, and terrific passing. It’s a pleasure to watch him and the fact that he hasn’t bolted to Bayern/Barca/PSG is a testament to how much he loves Arsenal.

– Giroud seems to be on a personal mission to prove the entire world (including me) wrong. A big thanks to Thierry Henry for the Giroud comments from earlier this season. I think hearing such stark criticism from one of our own really got to Giroud and he’s responded magnificently.

– Mesut. Ozil.

– It’s all coming together for Wenger and Arsenal at the right time. In 2013, he signed Ozil. In 2014, Sanchez. In 2015, Cech. Combine that with the emergence of Bellerin and Coquelin, as well as the morphing of Nacho Monreal into one of the world’s best left backs, and you have the deepest Arsenal squad since the Invincibles. Add Chelsea’s implosion and the woeful inconsistency of the rest of the challengers (other than Leicester), and you get the best chance Arsenal have had to win the league in a decade. With Alexis, Wilshere, Welbeck, Rosicky, Coquelin and Cazorla to return in the second half, as well as our glorious new singing No Juan, the match day squad will only get deeper. If Wenger can’t deliver this year, he really should throw in the towel and ask SAF for retirement advice.

– I had a dream a couple nights back that Wenger wins the league, retires, and Pep takes over. Then I woke up laughing.
Ahsan, AFC


More thoughts
For the first time ever I thought Thierry Henry had something worthwhile and insightful to say in the build up. His talk and contrasting of LVG with Guardiola was really good and genuinely interesting. I’m surprised he hasn’t revealed more about what he learnt at Arsenal given how well he must know Wenger’s methods.

I haven’t seen a whole lot of him but I thought Otamendi was an immense defender. He reads the play so well, he’s got great physique and he seems perfectly capable on the ball. When he read the game to slide in and cut out Walcott in the box I was pretty surprised he got himself there. He also cut out a few pretty threatening balls to stop swift counter attacks late on. He couldn’t do it all himself and sometimes the Arsenal runners just overloaded but I was really impressed. Bellerin was the other stand out defender in my opinion, partly for how bad he made Sterling look and partly for his ability on the ball in tight spots.

Was an unfit Aguero really the better choice compared to Bony? It might be cliche but Arsenal never seem to love playing against battering rams (Drogba springs to mind) and I wonder if Bony might’ve enjoyed some success tonight. It’s hard to put it down to him but they certainly looked a lot better after he came on. Maybe his arrival forced De Bruyne and Toure to play closer to him more whereas with Aguero on the pitch perhaps they stay further apart to create more space for him to work in? I’m speculating but they’re very different attackers and it’s just one possibility.

There were three occasions in the second half where it got so exciting that I made weird noises. I literally never do that in matches when Liverpool aren’t playing (I also stopped doing it when we became sh*t again 2 years ago) so hats off to both teams for making the second half bloody excellent. I remember after Mourinho left Chelsea last time all the big games became high scoring end to end affairs so I’d love a return to that.

I think Arsenal will get the most severe mental test if they do eventually take over Leicester and sit top of the league. I think it’s probably hard to be out in front this early on unless you have a massive lead. Leicester aren’t playing with the weight of leading because they never expected to be so high up at this stage but if Arsenal were to take over it will be tough to stay out in front for three or four months. If they do manage that, regardless of the performance of their rivals, it will be the best achievement of their season.
Minty, LFC


Arsenal don’t beat big teams?
I’ve sent this email 3 times now, with a slight tweaks every time.

In the last Calendar year Arsenal have beaten.

United x2, City x2, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Bayern Munich.

We also won a cup, and the real big one, the most points in the calendar year.

There still could be some tweaks but things are pretty good.
Scott (We’ve also beaten Leicester twice)


Cech’s mate
Petr Cech on not getting his clean sheet against City:

“In this game it is far more important to win 2-1 that have a clean sheet in a 0-0 draw. I’m happy with the three points and the record can wait. If it means we win 2-1 every game until the end of the season, I will take it.”

What a legend! Thank you Jose!
Shreyas (Cech was the missing piece in the Arsenal Jigsaw) Krishna


Booing Bacary
It seems wrong to write in with a complaint after a great win against a title rival, but we need to talk about booing Bacary Sagna.

Is the fact he went to Man City on a free, after his contract expired, really sufficient justification for him to be given such a negative reception? Sagna was a player who gave his absolute prime years for Arsenal, and he came away with a paucity of honours that did not reflect his individual performance levels. More important than his ability, however, was the manner in which he played for the shirt. He didn’t agitate to leave, committed himself fully to the job at hand, came back from numerous serious injuries, and when the contract expired he moved on. Is that really not good enough for some people (or many, by the sounds of it tonight)? Are their egos so fragile, and their perspective so lacking? It was upsetting.

It’s part of a wider trend of booing that really pisses me off, to be honest. I get booing Joey Barton, John Terry, Luis Suarez, Ched Evans etc. but where does it say I have to boo a player because he played a handful of games for a team I’m contractually obliged to hate? When Watford visit the Emirates, should we expect Etienne Capoue to be given a rough reception, despite basically being so bad at Spurs that he actually made them worse when he was on the pitch?

It doesn’t even stop at club rivalries now though, does it? Raheem Sterling will be used to the reaction now, but it’s ludicrous that Arsenal fans booed him. Would they be so proud to stand up and shout “I’m happy to outsource my comprehension to the Sun and a legion of ex-Liverpool players who clearly aren’t ready to admit the 80s are over?”. Aside from the fact that that’s a weird and long sentence to shout, they’d probably like to think they’re more capable of independent, rational thought. The evidence very audibly suggests otherwise.
Will (Can’t wait for people to like their jobs to a footballer’s) O’Doherty


Toure, Ozil, Ramsey
Toure is regularly the worst midfielder in the league for 80 minutes, and one of the best for 10. Surely he’s not worth it anymore? He must be the laziest player in the country. The number of times Ramsey just waltzed past him with the ball was ridiculous. He looked almost embarrassed to be doing it.

On the flipside, Ozil put in a serious shift tonight. I know the whole “you don’t like him so mustn’t understand football” is usually a crap retort to criticism of players of Ozil’s mould, but if you can’t appreciate what he does, then why do you watch football?

Ramsey looks a reborn man back playing in the middle. Whilst we could’ve done with Santi to keep possession and see the game out tonight, Ramsey should really be seeing more time in the middle going forward. He’s got energy to burn, and will become a big threat again once he relocates his shooting boots. His runs into the box are the nuts, and his touch is getting better and better. If you can’t tell, I love the guy.
Ross AFC London


Park the bus
Boring stuff from Arsenal last night. The one other team you think you can rely on to play football.

The home team, serious title contenders, brilliant squad, 10 men behind the ball.

And please people, don’t bore me with talk of being adaptable and employing different styles. Unless you’ve got a crippling injury list or need to tighten things up a little to defend a lead, there’s no excuse for such tedium.

Long live Pellegrini and pure attacking football.

Ps. Mariner deserves an 8 year ban.
Nelson, Manchester


Pellegrini needs to go
I love Pellegrini. He’s a nice man, he’s not a Prima Donna like Mourinho, LVG, Klopp etc. He won us our second PL title and the league cup, playing some incredible football….

He needs to go at the end of the season. Sad but true. Here’s why.

1: In a normal season, our stuttering performances would not play second fiddle to a half dozen other soap operas. I know the level of difficulty in the league has upped significantly, but I am particularly concerned about how we cope against the big clubs. We can no longer view our victory over Chelsea as anything special. That leaves us with defeats to Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Juventus twice, and a draw against ‘Can’t score, wont score’ United. I’m expecting the second half of the season to be equally unfruitful.

2: I don’t buy into the idea that Mangala and Otamendi are not good enough. We have a fantastic captain and organiser of our defence in Kompany. You could argue that he is indispensable, but that is actually a lot to do with how exposed we are at the back. If we can’t play this way without Kompany, we shouldn’t play this way at all. More and more teams have figured us out and unless there’s a plan b, it’s only going to get worse. Our manager seems to have only the one string for his bow and it’s looking very frayed.

3: Pellegrini was a breath of fresh air after Mancini simply because he brought a lot of harmony to the dressing room, but the pendulum has swung the other way, and it comes across like it’s up to the players to motivate themselves. If Pellegrini thinks that will be enough then it’s pure naivety. There are only so many Milners these days.

4: Guardiola.

If I could believe that Pellegrini will adjust to these challenges, then I’d say stick with him. But I just don’t think he’s that sort of guy.


2,678 days and counting
2678 days ago Mark Hughes signed Vincent Kompany. Since that day city have spent over £100 million on defenders none of which are half as good as the Captain.

Here lies the problem with City’s development. Looking back at the dominant teams of the last twenty years United have had numerous excellent defenders Stam Vidic Rio Evra etc, Arsenal had Adams, Keown Campbell Dixon Cole etc Chelsea  Terry Carvalho Ivanovic Gallas Cole etc.

For me the best 5 defenders for City in the last 10 years are VK Zabaleta Dunne Distin Lescott  which considering we have spent well over £100m since Hughes none were signed under Mancini or Pellegrini. Mangala is the worst sportsman I have had the misfortune to witness and that includes pub and works teams. The others signed in that period not much better however Nastasic was a fans favourite but Pellegrini replaced him with lesser players

Bottom line whoever makes the decision to by City’s defenders should be replaced my someone competent pronto.



Pochettino ain’t all that? Hmm…
I can’t quite believe that I am seeing a fellow Spurs fan stating that Poch is really nothing special. After a season and a half of football, where we have decimated (not beaten but decimated) Chelsea, Arsenal and City as well as reaching a Cup Final, he’s nothing special. I feel the urge to respond to Lloyd’s list as well as add a few points of my own:

1) We bought Vertonghen’s mate. Yes we did fair enough. But who do you think sanctioned that deal given that Poch is in charge of which players come and go?  And if you don’t believe he had a say then at least you can trace the deal to one Paul Mitchell, who followed Poch from Southampton.

2) Dier was initially a CB, he was bought from Sporting as a CB. The sellers, buyers, fans, England setup and pundits saw him as a CB. He played RB last season due to lack of options. When he was played as a DM in pre-season, quite a few people did not think Dier could do the role at all. And yet he has come on leaps and bounds, who do you think is training him to play so well in that position?

3) Dembele, without a shadow of a doubt the most frustrating player I have seen at Spurs. AVB nor Sherwood were able to get the best out of him. Last season I remember he played one great game and I dared to believe he was back (can’t remember who against) then he played poorly for a few games after that and was dropped. He has since realised he is not an automatic starter and has raised his game. So which manager has given him the motivation to improve? Why not so special Pochettino! (Plus the Mason/Bentaleb got us 5th in his first season if you remeber)

Basically Lloyd seems to be saying is that on Match Day, Pochettino is not a great manager. This is ignoring all the work that he has done behind the scenes. Implementing a scouting network, bringing through exciting youth prospects such as Kane, Onomah, Pritchard (when he’s not injured) et al. Improving the performance of players such as Vertonghen, Rose, Walker, Dembele, Chadli and Lamela whilst identifying the deadweight and moving them on (looking at you Paulhinio!) I genuinely believe that Pochettino is the main reason for the feel good factor at the Lane. There is a bright future for Spurs and Pochettino is the main one pushing it. If he were to leave right now, it would be 2 steps backwards. Man United would be lucky to have him.
Richard Riley


I love my team (Spurs) but every so often I’m reminded that we have just as many melts “supporting” the club as every other team.  Now, I’m all for a frank discussion of a player or managers capabilities, but Lloyd Stiles, Vienna has gone the wrong way about it.  While I support Pochettino and think he is the right man, he can certainly be criticised for in-game management or team selection, like most managers in fact.

However, Lloyd has sublimely shown what’s really going on here; comparing Poch to Martinez, Koeman, van Gaal and AVB, while believing that Eddie Howe is the future, based only on a half-season at the top level.  I’ll let everyone who is reading join the dots on that one.

So now to the actual gripes about Pochettino’s management;

I don’t even know what the problem is about signing Alderweireld; he was one of the best CB’s in the league last season, it would be likely that he would play well with Vertonghen…nothing to complain about.  In fact shouldn’t you be giving Pochettino credit for being part of a team that identified Alderweireld as a good fit for the team?

Yes, we have a true DM in Eric Dier, a player who has played the majority of his career in the backline.  No praise for Pochettino spotting the potential of such a player to adapt to midfield?  It’s true that Dier played at RB for a lot of last season, but you may have forgotten the circumstances.  Kyle Walker was injured for a large part of the campaign and Dier was the next best option.  You may have also forgotten Dier’s rampaging runs down the wing and the number of goals he assisted due to his fine crossing ability.

Finally, onto Dembele.  For all of his Spurs career, Dembele has flattered to deceive, with just a handful of fine displays to keep people dreaming about how he could play with some consistency.  Finally he has reached that this season in an advanced attacking position; when he played deeper for Spurs he had been the same frustrating player that he has always been.  And Pochettino was meant to throw him into the team ahead of central midfielders like Mason or Bentaleb?  Players who actually performed last season and helped the team to finish fifth?  I guess if it was up to you Emmanuel Adebayor would still be first choice even if he barely moved on the pitch, and Harry Kane would be out on loan.

Anyway, best of luck following the career of Eddie Howe over the next ten years; I’ll keep an eye out for any self-congratulatory posts from you into the mailbox when Pochettino achieves success with Spurs and you say that you believed in him all along, just in case.
Darren Walsh


The managerial merry-go-round
With the January transfer window approaching, I though I would give my tuppence on the politicking in the EPL for managerial appointments.

Manchester city.

Want pep. Need Mourinho.

A lot of talk about Mourinho going to Manchester United but I think he is looking at the wrong end of Manchester. Man city would make a far better destination because Mourinho and city both share a taste for really expensive new recruits. Plus Mou’s style will get them further in Europe also, I don’t think the city fans really care much about attacking football as they do about winning trophies and for that, Jose is their man… For 2 seasons.

Players like mandala, otamendi, fernand(inh)o, Kompany. Will be resurgent under mourinho’s defensive  system and siege mentality will no doubt work on fans who have spent the better part of the last 20years looking up at their local rivals.


Manchester United.

Want Mourinho. Need Pep Guardiola (or Laurent Blanc though not available)

United fans chanting attack! attack!! says it all. Mou is just getting out of a 2 year relationship and is heartbroken. United seems to be the rebound relationship and rebound relationships rarely work out. Mou wants a club that proves that he is bigger than Chelsea and in Manchester United he has found a shiny new paramour which works wonders for his huge ego. (No female medical staff? Perfect)  United have money but they also have fans who have grown accustomed to winning with attacking football. What they will get in Mourinho is another LVG with a far worse attitude. I really can’t think of a worse Idea than hiring Mourinho for united. He is as unimaginative as Moyes (if you saw united v Chelsea 2013/2014 season when Moyes and mou were in charge and you would understand)

Pep would be better but united will have to go all out to get him and they would hate to loose a bidding war with city.



Want Pep. Need Diego Simeone.

Pep is the most sought after manager in the Europe. That alone makes him good for Chelsea. But he so not hungry enough. He has won all that there is to win and his performance in Bayern should see him want to stay and build a dynasty but he wants to continue his sojourn through the major leagues. He is not a long term manager and like Mourinho, he has never had to dig a club out of a bad run. He has no loyalty to any club bar Barcelona. He will feel Chelsea is lucky to have him and will leave with his reputation intact wether he succeeds or not. The premiership is the worlds hardest league. Pep is not as ready for it as he thinks. He will find it much harder than he imagines. I bet klopp wishes he had gone to a club with better spending power. Look what the premiership is doing to other top managers. Chelsea would be better off with Simeone. He may not want to leave his Athletico work unfinished but Athletico will need the money his move will bring. He is hungry, energetic, not without a certain low cunning. His teams don’t shy away from physical football and they are technically sound too. He is not totally unlike Mourinho but he is far better at setting up his teams to attack when goals are needed and his team makes even great teams look ordinary with their rigid setup. He makes his players better individually and collectively and can work with anything he is given with no complaints and unlike Pep, he will be loyal to a club with loyal supporters as the Stamford bridge fans have shown. If anyone can build on what we have now without changing much it’s Simeone.

Thank you for your time.
Paul from Nigeria.


Reading Rob, Bristol Gooner’s email made me feel like I was back in middle school again with his nonsensical musings about which club would be best suited to which manager.

In brief those feted years were a veritable relationship merry-go-round where the girls would get together during our lunch break and decide who was in a relationship with whom with profound reasons such as who would look cute together as a couple, popularity status, color of shoelaces etc. Come afternoon period they would gang up and repeat said reasons ad nauseum until somewhere along the grapevine Boy X would find himself “going out” with Girl Y despite not having put his hand up for the position offered in any way or form.

My point being the Premier League is not middle school, and no matter how many times you say Pretty Pep, Bad Bollocks Brendz, or Macho Man Mou’s name to yourself alone in your room at night, no matter how many times you write his name in the back of your textbooks none of those matches will ever come off. And on the off chance that any of those managers named peruse the F365 mailbox, in future please come up with reasons that read a bit better then, “but they’d look so good together” to get them on side.

Days gone bye *sigh*.

After Arsenal’s most recent result thought I’d try my luck at the mailbox. Everything’s coming up Arsene!
Greg B, AFC, Papua New Guinea (anyone want to hold hands?)


Elite players
The argument that United and van Gaal just need an elite player to become magically all better is either an elaborate excuse, or bloody stupid.

Firstly, any team apart from Barcelona would be improved by signing one of Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo etc. On a fairly basic level, any player that scores about a goal a game and can win games by themselves tends to improve pretty much any team they play in.

But building a system around such players only works at clubs where those players want to and tend to play. And United are not (and have never been) one of those club. Best and Ronaldo were developed at the club, rather than brought in. Rooney also. As Ronaldo, Suarez and Bale attest, elite players tend to move from England to Spain, not vice versa. And as the last few transfer windows, with Woodward fluttering his eyelids and throwing blank cheques at the Bernabeu and Camp Nou, demonstrate, elite players tend not to want to relocate to rainy Manchester to play with Paddy McNair and Antonio Valencia.

Moreover, van Gaal has, if memory serves, never successfully managed genuinely elite, superstar attacking talent. Rivaldo, Stoichov, di Maria, Luca Toni, van Persie et al. can all attest to LvG’s ability to fall out spectacularly with any player who doesn’t fit easily and neatly into the system. And the kind of players United are putatively in for (Neymar etc.) are all precisely this type of player with whom van Gaal falls out regularly and badly.

He may have had a significant role in the development of Overmars, Kluijvert, Iniesta, Xavi, Mueller and others, but none of these players are the kind of game-breaking virtuoso van Gaal claims to want. They’re all system players. They play defined roles in systems, and do so with an emphasis on tactical discipline.

Any manager that insists on almost total subordination of individual flair and instinct to proscribed patterns of play will neither develop, nor gain great value from, players like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Bale.

What United need is first a manager who improves the players he has, and plays a style of football that makes watching United an enjoyable experience (if we’re going to finish third or fourth, I’d rather have a laugh doing so). Secondly, some meaningful squad depth that would mean that Utd aren’t a few injuries from Varela, Borthwick-Jackson and McNair starting key CL games. And thirdly, a manager who actually wins games against newly promoted teams.
Chris MUFC


Pity for Klopp
I’m calm now. The result at Vicarage Road shooked me more than usual. It brings all the BR era emotions. Felt like bursting.

I pity Klopp. He inherited such a spineless bunch of players.

We lost due to our own self-created leadership crisis. No Gerrard, no Carra. No influential figure for the players to look up to, and nobody in the style of Keane (MenUtd) or Tony Adam (Arsenal) to barrage the clueless players, on and off the field. Hendo is playing on his own. He gave his best. But he couldn’t influence others. He’s not a natural born leader. He doesn’t look like a leader on the pitch. (I think Sakho has more charisma and passion than Hendo).

I think it is time to slowly introduce more born and bred Scousers back into the Liverpool team. Passionate Scousers will run through bricks walls for Klopp. Pride of the city.

We already have Rossiter and Flano. Our youth team is good. Get some more Scouser into the main team and let Klopp mould them.

I’ve been waiting for a life-time for us to win another league title. Waiting for 3 -4 years more won’t do me any harm.
Khairur (not a scouser) Penang


It’s Connor’s time
What a season!! Wow. And now it looks like this p*ss easy record of consecutive EPL goals is about to be broken three more times this season. Firstly by Lukaku with his 13 goals, followed by Giroud who is currently on three but should end up with 14-15 if the calculations on my Apple Newton are correct.

Then the big one; Connor Wickham is currently on one in a row and looks the business after a slow start.
Darth_Harro, (Is the new Star Wars released soon? Haven’t heard much………) Perth, WA


Usher – Burn
Good to read about Ingolstadt in the Top 10 2015 teams. Their rise may be impressive, having only formed in 2004, but don’t forget they’re only a year younger than Chelsea.
James Tong, GFC, Brighton


Pep to Dagenham
Friday’s Mediawatch
highlighted the latest guff from Harry Redknapp, in which he dismissed Pep Guardiola’s achievements at European club football’s elite by suggesting he couldn’t do any better at Dagenham & Redbridge than “the lad who’s there now”.

As the Daggers have just sacked Wayne Burnett, ‘Arry might find his Christmas wish comes true.  I’ve not seen the latest odds but I’d suggest the next D&R boss will be one of Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, or John Still.

Ed Quoththeraven

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