Mails: Begging for Mourinho out, Rodgers in

Date published: Tuesday 10th November 2015 10:54

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Louis had the answer right under his nose
Louis Van Gaal’s need for speed.

Having read LVG’s comments about United still needing speed on the flanks, one person popped into my head straight away: Wilfried Zaha.

It’s hard to shake the belief that had LVG showed greater patience with him, United would be enjoying the fruits of his speed and direct style of play. Obviously there are no certainties in football, but the flashes of brilliance down at Palace are becoming more of a sustained shining bright light of brilliance.

Perhaps more time and effort being put into a player already on the books (and a clearly very talented player at that) may have paid off handsomely this season. A front three of Lingard, Martial and Zaha with Mata/Herrera in behind sounds very sexy right about now.

Sadly, Wayne Rooney has several photos (and back-up copies (hard and soft)) of Van Gaal sitting on the toilet eating tulips, that he is using to blackmail his way into the team (the only logical explanation for his continued inclusion).
Kevin Kelly, Armagh.


Spurs are doing ruddy well
In response to Simon, Copenhagen on Spurs.

You may not be the only one who things the media are getting carried away, but I think you – and anyone who agree with you – are doing Spurs and their boss a bit of a disservice.

August is always a difficult month for teams like Spurs, trying to wheel and deal in the transfer market to compete for top four. Players are uncertain of their spot and whether they’ll be dealt or replaced by an incoming transfer. Spurs also had to deal with playing 3 matches in the US in the week prior to the start of the season.

But more to the point, the first four matches are always a struggle. Last year, Arsenal were 0-3-1 for just 6 of 12 possible points. United were 1-2-1 for just 5 of 12. So you can’t pay too much attention to August. But look what Pochettino has gotten his club to do since then:

W Sunderland (a) 0-1
W Crystal Palace (h) 1-0
W Man City (h) 4-1
D Swansea (a) 2-2
D Liverpool (h) 0-0
W Bournemouth (h) 5-1
W Aston Villa (h) 3-1
D Arsenal (a) 1-1

Thats 5-3-0 for 18 of 24 poossible points. Not bad. In fact, if you look at the table from September through today:

Arsenal have 19 points
Spurs have 18
United have 17
Leicester have 17
City have 14.

That’s a pretty impressive run for Spurs. What’s more impressive is that, in that time, Spurs have conceded just 6 goals in the PL, matched only by Arsenal, and 13 goals in all competitions (13 matches). Defense was their weakest point in the last campaign, as they were scored against 53 times – more than any club in the top 13 of the league. They also had a propensity to give up when things went against them early, contributing to some lopsided and frustrating losses.

But Pochettino has them playing very, very good football. They are tight defensively, hold together very well in the midfield thanks to Dembele, Dier, and Alli, and have improved tremendously in the final third now that Kane has found his touch again. With the emergence of Alli and Lamela, and the re-emergence of Dembele, Spurs are definitely a team to watch out for. Once Son and Chadli are fully healthy, there’s no team they can’t beat.
Jeff, THFC, Taiwan


I was thoroughly looking forward to reading about my beloved Spurs in the mornings mailbox yesterday only to find it dominated by Arsenal letters. I can only assume all Spurs fans are illiterate fools or you’re all Arsenal fans at F365 Towers. Clearly I’m going with the latter and decided to take it upon myself to big up the Lilywhites.

When Klopp was appointed Liverpool manager Sarah Winterburn joined the love in and declared they would be certainties for the top 4, a claim she again repeated last week despite Spurs’ excellent form. I’d be very surprised if many neutral in observers expect Liverpool to finish higher than us this season.

Pochettino has done a wonderful job and we’re a joy to watch at times. Dele Alli is a potential superstar, Dembele finally fully fit is showing the form all Spurs fans knew were there. I wouldn’t swap our goalie or Centre halves for any others in the league and the full backs are decent as well with great replacements if they get injured or suddenly rubbish. Options in midfield and Harry Kane scoring again makes it a great time to be a Spurs fan.

A couple of words of caution though, we are still light up top and ultimately may not score enough goals to kill teams off, Sunday being a case in point. And those short corners. Those flaming short corners! We reached the nadir against Man City when our short corner led directly to their opening goal. There was a moment in the 2nd half of the Arsenal game when the Spurs fans behind Eriksen were imploring him to put it straight into the box but he took it short again and it led to an Arsenal attack. It’s obviously coming from the manager but please please stop!

And finally, please no-one forget that we just are one injured Belgian away from a Fazio return.
David (thank you Poch, keep up the good work)


Love the lack of logic shown by Simon, Copenhagen yesterday. Although he’s right to say we need to wait a bit longer before judging this Spurs – to dismiss our form based on opponents is foolish. If it were that easy to avoid defeat against a collection of Premier League sides then why isn’t everyone on an unbeaten run? City & Arsenal slipped up against West Ham. United slipped up against Swansea. Liverpool slipped up against Palace. Chelsea have slipped up against f*cking everyone. The only team on an arguably more impressive run is Leicester – but they’ve only played one top side in Arsenal and they lost that one.
Olly Cole, THFC (oh wait, I’ve just done it as well haven’t I…)


To Simon, about let’s not get carried away with Spurs. As the cliché goes, there are no easy games in the premier league. And it’s true. So going 11 games unbeaten in the PL, the toughest league around, with the youngest squad on average is a great achievement. The one game Spurs lost, they were incredibly unlucky and dominated Man UTD for most of the game at Old Trafford. For all your comments on winning against the 3 worst sides in the league and being fortunate to thrash the league leaders Man City, Spurs are only 5 points off the top of the table. As I side earlier, with the youngest on average squad in the league. I wouldn’t say people are getting carried away, rather giving praise to a very exciting, young and hungry team. Players being developed and coming through the youth ranks, playing a good style of football. For once there doesn’t seem to be some sort of circus involved around Spurs. It’s recognition for the way they’ve started the season. Recognition they fully deserve.
Matt Giles, Norwich.


A Chelsea fan wants Rodgers in
I am a regular mailer (or like to think I am) I think I have sent about 5 or 6 mails and have only been on the mailbox once. It felt like sex. I hope I get on the mailbox because it feels nice to believe that someone who can change something will get to hear my passionate opinion or else it just feels nice having help from a site such as F365 to project some energy into the universe and have my wish granted.

Now I find myself wishing very hard that Jose mourinho will get fired or at least sold to any other club foolish enough to want him for their manager  else the next wise thing to do is get rid of him for the simple reason that he may have been the best manager that ever lived at some point but right now, he is not worth the trouble of keeping him. The signs were there from day one. When he thought I was wise to sell Juan mata. It was clear that he did it simply to prove a point. To evoke some sort of emotion control over the other players. Some would say that getting 40mil for Mata was justification but that poses the question ‘would united have bid that high if they felt it was no bargain?  Plus Chelsea do not sell their best players. Now he claims to be unhappy about the sale of petr cech to arsenal. The problem with Jose is that he feels like he should be afforded the right to create his own reality and deride everything else as folly. He thinks he is some football god who should be worshipped and adored by everyone else.  A little bit of humility would bring him back to our reality.

I always blamed Roman for being trigger happy with the past managers except  Big Phil and AVB. Every other manager including Jose the first time should have had more time. Now I find myself praying for the old trigger happy Roman. I will not delve too deep into Jose’s character or lack thereof as I’m sure that everyone knows he is a d*ck. I shall instead comforts myself in the thought that even Roman knows that this situation is a no brainier. Get rid of him. It said in the media that he wants time to reshuffle the deck and get the bad eggs out but how will that work I ask?

There are too many games between now and January. If we even manage to improve and draw every game we will be bottom of the table before any replacements can come in and make any impact. Also with Everton’s abject refusal to sell john stones and wenger’s persistence with Giroud, it’s clear that getting quality replacements are far from a certainty in every window irrespective of financial strength after all Chelsea are a struggling club at the moment and only struggling players move to struggling clubs. If we keep Jose now we will be relegated for sure. He has made Chelsea a laughing stock all for the sake of his damned ego.  I know there is merit to the claim that there are no quality managers available but Liverpool fans and Jurgen Klopp are learning that Rodgers was made a scapegoat to the transfer committee failure. After all what’s the committee for if not to tell the coach ‘hey we know you want that guy but isn’t this guy better?’

I really want Jose to get fired. And Rodgers brought in. He is not stranger to Chelsea. He will have better players than he had at Liverpool, he will have January to bolster the club while we assess the situation with Diego Simeone and also it would be wise not to take it for granted that he will join Chelsea. Finally I don’t think you can find a more motivated manager than Rodgers at the moment. He will have a lot to prove and I think with Chelsea’s squad and financial strength and lack of a transfer committee, he can work some magic and make his way back to the big leagues. He knows he won’t have a better chance. And neither will Chelsea to avoid relegation than to let go of Jose and quickly too.

One can at least hope I get into the mailbox… And hope that Roman Abramovic reads F365.
Paul ( one can at least have some help hoping) from Nigeria.


Arsenal moaning
You’d think we were on the end of another 5 goal spanking instead of…you know…the two best defensive records in the league played to a 1-1 draw.

Granted, I’m as irritated as any at Arsene’s failure to sign a player (and to hang on to the beloved but basically finished Tomas Roscky)…Arsenal’s never ending injury problems are infuriating, but there is no RB in the league that could have filled a Hector Bellerin shaped hole.

And your vendetta against Giroud is begining to seem like you just don’t like him cause he’s French. Sure, Aguerro’s awesome…when his hamstrings work. I certainly wouldn’t take Costa over him. Or current form Rooney…or Bony…or Benteke…or certainly not Harry Kane. So exactly is it that Giroud is suffering in comparison to? Yes, but that’s not the only important quality.

And please, please, please stop viewing every game through the eyes of the English national team. Your need to declare Deli Ali the man of the match is clearly a result of your England goggles. (and you did the same to Wilshire and Walcott, so this isn’t exclusively about liking Tottenham players). For non-Brits (which has to be a sizable amount of your traffic) it just comes off as exceptionally biased and more than a little sad.
Josh, Gunner in Brooklyn


Best strikeforce in the league? Pah
Bless Dale May, venture all you want you’re still bloody wrong on so many levels, If City only had Aguero then him on his own is a better strike force than Arsenal’s, United are by no means perfect but I would take Martial now over Giroud and Walcott, Liverpool with Benteke & Sturridge have a better front two. On to the central midfield and any gunner who thinks Schweinsteiger wouldn’t improve the Arsenal midfield needs their bumps feeling, club loyalty is one thing blinkered support is something else.
Paul Murphy, Manchester (Excited only 3 more Leeds Managers until Xmas)


Like everyone else, I’ve been watching The Special One’s capitulation this season with great pleasure, but reading through the mailbox just now got me thinking, this has happened before! That is: a title winning side, whose success over the last decade has been built on a rock solid defence, where said defence is now on the wane, has totally flunked the following season. I refer of course to Moyes era United.

I was always in the “Moyes inherited a poor squad” camp, so does Chelsea’s current situation support this? A good defence is vital, even for scoring goals, and Terry’s demise is not too dissimilar to the Ferdinand/Vidic partnership coming to an end.

In conclusion, the situations are the same, Chelsea are currently doing even worse than Moyes did, so that makes Moyes a better manager that Mourinho. You heard it here first folks.

Seriously though, it is good food for thought is it not?
Dan, Afc


Leaving early
Following John Nicholson’s article about leaving matches early, there’s been a few messages that rely heavily on the argument that football is just passive entertainment. Like a bad movie, if you’re not entertained you can leave. On the surface that seems fair – but I think it is a weak analogy. The 22 men on the field are not playing in a vacuum. A nervous crowd can transfer their anxiety to a player, and likewise a fired up atmosphere can lift average players to give great performances.

Fans do have the power to influence a positive outcome. It’s a small bit of influence but it is there – except when they stay silent or leave early. A bad movie will always be a bad movie. If yelling at the screen made the actors on screen give a better performance, then I might actually go see Spectre.
John, Dublin


What on earth is all the sudden talking about fans leaving a few minutes early all about?! I’m 33, and as long as I can remember you always saw some fans leave early, often around about the 85 minute mark. Simply because those people think they are going to ‘beat the rush’ and get to their car sooner and not be caught in any traffic etc.

As an aside to that, they have paid, they can leave after 10 minutes if they bloody well want to. People need to get a grip frankly.
Martin {these things are the new parentheses / brackets}, Chorley


Are you being Serb’d?
Decent email from Charlie, Somerset. Definitely agree that [most] club fans couldn’t care less about the nationality of their manager; it really does seem to be exclusive to the media who still arrogantly present their xenophobic bullsh*t as the views of the people. Charlie Wyett in particular deserves a lump of coal this Christmas after that nonsense he wrote re: Remi Garde.

As for Slaven Billic; seems clear that Hammers fans have not one fu*k to give about his nationality, but I wouldn’t call him a ‘Serb’ to his face – he’s Croatian and the two nations are not exactly bezzies. Wikipedia is your friend Charlie.
Wubblepig Twickenham


She would

Rikin (I don’t support Arsenal) – Sarah Winterburn knocking Giroud? To be honest mate, from her regular comments about his God-like looks, I think she’d love to.
Duckman (never tempted) London


Kit Kat present
Just mis-read a headline on the BBC website as ‘Viera named new York City boss’.

What a coup that would have been…
Alex, Leeds

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