Mails: Death threats? Granit Xhaka and the sad f***s…

Date published: Friday 1st November 2019 9:45

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Booing fine…but go home and forget that sh*t
Every fan has every right to boo every player including their own if over a number of months said players form is crap, costs games, is damaging the team’s chances no matter what position they play in, dumb fouls, dumb penalties (you know who you are Mustafi and Xhaka).

We pay our money (80 quid or more a pop) and have a right to express our opinions by at the very minimum booing and jeering – stop being precious. I hate that watching football has become a middle class/tourists past time – and get all judgmental when what has always happened (I remember seeing Les Strong – late 1970’s – playing for Fulham when I was a kid and every one booed him cause he was crap – this is not a new phenomenon if you know your history of football – build and bridge and get over it people – we have a right to express ourselves!).

But remember – IT IS ONLY A GAME – it’s not real and if you think it is then seek help! I love Arsenal – supported them since I was seven (I am now a young 52) – but no matter who does what and how bad it is – once I leave the ground or turn the TV off/over that’s it, emotion gone and move onto the next thing I was going to do. You don’t care more if you mope around (did you know – and this is disgusting – when certain teams and demographic of supporter – lose a game – Domestic Violence increase 10 fold – the sad fuc*s who do that need to stop watching football if it screws you that much – leave and don’t come back!)

Where that expression should not be taken is outside after the game on social media (and If I see one more c*nt while at a LIVE game watching the match through their phone and blocking everyone else’s view due to their big stupid phone being in the way I will be forced to let them know that there are 5000 sources to see the game and your little FOMO post on social media to prove you was there is a complete waste of fuc*ing time you sad social media slaves).

I mean really – after you walk out of the game LET IT GO – IT’S UNHEALTHY TO DO WHAT YOU ARE DOING – GET A LIFE – do you really think footballer’s give a sh*t after they go home, do me a favour – yet again – if you knew football and spent less time in the virtual wa*k world of social media you would know this. I remember going to night clubs in London when footballers would turn up after losing a game badly – they were not depressed, they were not thinking ‘oh dear I did not perform very well today so I should mope around until the next game and do better – oh FFS – like any other job they go home, and try to forget a bad day – they are taught to do this and it is the only way you can be a success in any work environment, unless of course you want to be a mopey bastar* – then that’s you and not the thing.

You bunch of *anks who live on social media and send death threats to Xhaka’s wife – WTF – bet you wouldn’t say anything to Xhaka if you had the chance, he would kick the sh*t out of you. I hate what he done as AFC captain but I can understand him from a personal perspective – he is a person and it seems a passionate person (worst type for a captain but that’s another argument) – and he reacted – this was my take – he is being f*cked by Emery, everyone at first cheered cause Emery finally was making a positive sub (off form midfielder off – the new Neymar on, no pressure Saka 🙂 – Xhaka thought people were cheering because he was going off (Not true) – he gets the raving hump and starts to trudge – then the boos start (come on Xhaka – it’s not about you) – he gets antsy cause he is a bit fiery – then the crowd bite and really get on it (that’s fine – both expressing themselves – isn’t that what communication is about?) – he cups ear, slows down even more – getting glares now from team mates – crowd go ballistic -then he is off and throws the last bit of the tantrum with the shirt – over – now move on.

As Arsenal captain he should have known better and proves he is not a real captain as under pressure he always, always cracks – so no I don’t want him as captain (never did – that was Emery’s fault as well – grow some balls man and select the captain then this would not have happened). He should apologise (to the team and the fans) and if he doesn’t sell him – we are the fans and we ensure these players have the amazing lives they do by getting TV companies to pay billions for the right to screen the game – no fans= no TV revenue = no amazing life style and associated benefits. But if he does the apologies then give the guy another chance. He is human and who of us hasn’t fuc*ed it occasionally but we get another chance usually – don’t be so judgmental – you know he also had a kid recently – that fuc*s everyone up for a long time 🙂 – so if he does the right thing give him a break.
Joe (Love Arsenal no matter what they do – Fuc* VAR – they robbed us a victory – a decision made by a var ref that has NEVER been trusted to ref in the Premier League – yet he is trusted to take the decision away from the actual ref who was there – it makes no sense – Martin Atkinson you are a no balled pleb!)


Just disgusting
Reading this morning that Xhaka has suffered from absolutely disgusting comments from so called ‘fans’, the death threats, the threats against his family etc, it’s truly disgusting, no one deserves to suffer such abuse and I hope that Twitter and other social media platforms work with the police to track down these individuals and prosecute them in the right manner.
Mikey, CFC


Peeves about the modern game
There’s a lot to hate about the modern game but these are just some pet hates.

1) Why don’t media outlets call the competition the League Cup. I understand Carabao sponsor it at the moment. Why does that matter to you guys?

2) League Cup suddenly becoming flavour of the month. It’s a great competition. Games have always run a lot more old school with refs letting marginal decisions go and tackles generally to fly. Anyone remember the Chelsea Liverpool 2 legged semi (ooh err) a few years ago? Also I didn’t read one mention of VAR in yesterday’s mailbox. Coincidence?

3) People getting their knickers in a twist about Roy Keane. Overpaid prima donnas need to be called out for the turgid tripe they usually serve up, and Keane tells it how it is. If you don’t like it switch to another channel, or talk to friends about the match you just watched.

4) BBC text updates claiming ‘GAME ON’ after the first goal or an equalising goal in a game. Nah mate, the game was on at kick off.

Cheers. Enjoy another VAR filled fun footy weekend. And f*ck the rugby 4 nation cup. I can’t believe that sh*t is still on.
Baz, Dublin


All hail Scott McTominay!
Scott McTominay with another commanding display in the center of the park. Quietly establishing himself as one of the first names on the team sheet. Not only improving with leaps and bounds, but bringing an amazing desire and passion to the game that has been lacking from the Old Trafford dressing room. Future captain.
Yash, MUFC (Thank you Jose)


Jose Mourinho: The Hovering One
Mourinho is exactly what I call a vulture manager.

Every time a managerial term is dying, he will hover around, be ‘seen’ in the home stadium, leaks to the press he is interested and frankly, it’s disgusting.

He did it during the dying days of Pellegrini at Real Madrid, the hung around like a bad smell during LVG’s end of run. Now he is at it again at Arsenal.

Emery is not even two seasons old, stumbling a bit as he finds his players are not good enough, and already Mou is up to his old scavenging tricks, be seen at the stadiums, feeding info to the press that he might be interested in the Arsenal job.

And to top it all, a lot of Arsenal fans are supporting ‘Mourinho in!’ Dignity is out the window, pride in the club gets dragged through the mud. Don’t forget these are the same fans that got rid of a legend, a League winner and Champions League qualifier for 20 straight seasons.

Mourinho used to be the bright second coming, now, the club that hires him befits his bottom-feeding persona.
Vinnie Pee


To be fair to Manchester United…
As much as I love seeing mails kicking United, I have seen several mails comparing Klopp and Pochettino’s attitude to cups to United pulling out of the FA Cup in 99/00.

Yes, in order to play in the inaugural Club World Cup in Brazil, United did not play in the FA Cup. But they did not play a second strength team because they considered the cup beneath them or a distraction to the league. They were “asked” by the FA to play the tournament to help support a bid for 2006 World Cup.

I have never really understood managers that devalued cups. Winning the league cup in February gives players a boost, winning mentality and confidence going into the business end of the league. Not playing your strongest teams or saying you are focusing on the league sends the message to the players that you don’t have confidence in them.
Blue Chelsea Blue


What’s going on at Derby?
Derby players are on a team bonding session one night. Some players decide to extend the night and continue drinking. Two of them decide to drive their own cars home despite the fact the club had provided transport for all. Another player takes a lift from one of them. On the way home they are involved in an accident. The two drivers decide to do a runner leaving the unconscious passenger in the car but return later. As a result of the crash the passenger picks up a serious injury which will keep him out of football for 12 to 18 months. The two drivers are convicted of drink driving and given community service. The passenger is sacked by his club while the two drivers receive six weeks fine. The fact hat Richard Keogh is 33 and still has contract until mid 2020 and the two players who actually were convicted of a crime are in their mid 20’s and still considered an asset has nothing to do with Derby’s “brave” stance on this matter. What a bunch of hypocrites.\
Ken, Cork, Ireland

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