Mails: Diego Costa is sh*thouse and scrotum

Date published: Saturday 19th September 2015 5:51

Diego Costa: Charged by FA

We’re not sure we have ever done a Saturday Mailbox before but some things call for special service – Diego Costa being an absolute **** is one of them…

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Diego Costa: The Fanmail
That Costa really is a petulant piece of something.
Matt, Manchester


…Diego Costa. What. A. Sh*thouse.
Gomez, MCFC


…What a scrotum he really is.
Amir (Not an Arsenal fan)


…Outside of football I can imagine if Diego Costa ever bumped into someone or danced the panic tango (that thing in the street where you both go the same way, then the other, then the same way again before awkwardly walking round each other eyes averted), then he’d grab their face, push them in the head, front up to them, probably get some of this friends to surround a passer-by wearing black screaming in their face at the outrage of it all, before elbowing some kid and walking away scot-free while all around him lie in pain and confusion.

I’m guessing Mike Dean’s only daughter is still being held in that abattoir basement with occasional videos of her looking bedraggled sent over to his office in unmarked brown envelopes.

Well done Mourinho, you old cad, you have managed to make Chelsea the most detestable side in the country once more.
Alay (sour grapes are when you lose fair and square, this is more like bitter raisins), angry N15 Gooner


…Not an Arsenal fan but for me I can’t take much more of Diego Costa. What does he have on the referees? How does he stay on the pitch long enough to get Gabriel sent off? Despicable footballer making a joke of football. Clueless refereeing.


Too Ugly To Be A Villain
I’m sure the mails about the conduct on the pitch of Diego Costa will come pouring in, and I for one would hope he finally starts picking up some proper censure post-match for his behaviour, but I was more interested in the BT commentator referring to him as “looking like a villain from a Spaghetti Western”. Even with a poncho and rotten cigar in his mouth, Eli Wallach is still way better looking.
Jay Tea


Making It About Liverpool…Of Course
Can’t believe Costa was so intent starting a bar fight. How the flying f**K did Costa stay back? Luis Suarez is an absolute angel.
Tag (can we buy Costa in January?) LFC


Mike Dean: The Fanmail
This is 85 minutes into the Chelsea game. Is there a way to stop Mike Dean from officiating football games? On an unrelated note, I’m actually quite proud of this Arsenal side. Yes, we’ve lost this, but I’m proud to be a Gooner right now.

Chelsea really are a classless excuse for a club. I’d be ashamed to have Costa at my club, but Mike Dean, wow. Just wow. The words I have to say are probably unprintable, so I’ll stop.
Gbenekama Gideon


Arsenal: The Fanmail
Arsenal have gotten utterly predictable over the past decade; the lack of leadership, the misfortune and, ultimately, the defeats.

Over the past decade, we’ve gone from being the team that nobody, even in their prime, would like to play to one that everybody, irrespective of their own crises, would fancy playing against.

I could’ve been watching the Carling Cup final from nearly a decade ago and not known the difference. The stagnation is infuriating.

That decision not to strengthen in the summer, especially with the injuries and suspensions to supplement the lack of top-notch quality, is nothing short of criminal misjudgement.

Oh well, only 32 more games to go.


Going Off Groundhog Day
I bet you don’t even write Arsenal articles anymore, you just have 3-4 templates, and you just switch out the nouns.

I also realise you’ve probably been receiving the same emails about Arsenal for 11 years, only with different nouns. Well, except for Wenger. Make of that what you will.

Though I have to say his post-match comments make him seem like loser. A couple of years ago you published one of my emails (never forget my 15 minutes!) in which I wrote that although Wenger keeps going on about how his team ‘learns’ from their experiences, there doesn’t seem to be any actual evidence for it. I guess a couple of years down the line we’re still waiting for lesson one to sink in.
David (I used to love Groundhog Day, but can’t watch it anymore, too painful), AFC


…I missed the Chelsea vs Arsenal game, and indeed the entire day, with a debilitating hangover, but I’m told Chelsea won 2-0. I was also told that the sun rose and, several hours later, that it went down again.
Matt Hennessey


If Only Rugby Was Any Good…
It’s game like this (Chelsea v Arsenal) that make you despair at football. It makes you question why you bother spending the time and money investing in something so lacking in quality, lacking in any form of moral substance. If rugby wasn’t so sh*t I’d be off.

Just disappointed by the whole affair.
Laurie Bentley


The Big Question
Watching the madness of the Chelsea vs Arsenal match I’m left with one important question:

Where did Ivanovic’s bald spot go?
Jason Galllagher, Montreal, Canada


Thanks For The Money, Arsene
I’m going to change tack and say that Arsene Wenger, I love you. I stuck £50 on 2-0 Chelski win. It’s like printing money! The most predictable fixture in English football Jose v Arsene. Yawn. Degsy must be on crack with them predictions! Still, as expected just when Jose needs the confidence boost he luckily gets to face Wenger: the ultimate confidence booster!
Stewie Griffin (Annual three-point donation at The Bridge!)

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