Mails: Don’t give Jose credit for that Liverpool win

Date published: Tuesday 13th March 2018 9:27

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Pokey Stokey going down…
Every cloud has a Silva lining and all that; at least now people won’t have to do it on a cold and wet Tuesday in Stoke in order to be called world class…
Gregory Whitehead, LFC


Never being relegated is no great claim
Am I the only one who takes real umbrage with this whole ‘never been relegated’ malarkey?

Pulis has never been relegated. But he was sacked by West Brom with things looking grim, and they’re surely going down.

Robbie Savage is singing the praises of Hughes to take over at Southampton, again highlighting that Hughes has never been relegated – but he was fired from a god-awful QPR team who subsequently went down, and then a Stoke team who also look likely to drop, £40m goalkeeper and all.

Surely the consideration should be if you managed a team that went down that season, not if you were fortunate enough to be fired for being rubbish in advance?
Jonny Kay


Just remember…
After all the crowing and back slapping just remember, the gap between Manchester Utd and Liverpool is still only two points.

Utd are away at City in a couple of weeks.
Jimmy (This isn’t over yet) Spain


Don’t give Jose so much credit
I feel like Winners and Losers turned me into Regina George today in the sense that I just can’t deal. I can’t!

To quote Winners and Losers:

‘Against Liverpool, he (Mourinho) identified a weak point in the opposition, a chink in their considerable armour, and ruthlessly exposed it.’

I’m imaging that ruthless game plan talk went something along the lines of ‘Hey David, kick the goal kicks long today.’

But no, apparently it was targeting the right of Liverpool’s back line.

‘United targeted 55% of their attacks down Liverpool’s right-hand side, predicting that the combination of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Dejan Lovren would crumble under pressure. It was the perfect plan.’

So their master plan was to put marginally more attacks down the left than the right.

Really? 55% is proof of a master plan?

(Not marginally at all. The split is 55% left, 19% middle, 27% right. For comparison, the same figures for Liverpool were 32%, 39% and 29% – Ed)

United had the ball fall nicely for them, took their chances, and deservedly won it. But let’s not pretend this was Mourinho’s tactical mastery. It’s just football. He can call himself a genius all he wants, I’m just surprised you’re falling for it.

I appreciate this site because you mock papers that call a club in crisis after one loss. It goes both ways though. Managers aren’t binary; they’re not only gods or devils, so lets not pretend a couple balls over the top is some genius tactical mastery.

The game plan was the same as it was at the previous meeting. A 0-0 draw was the most likely result but United had the ball fall their way this time and sometimes that’s just the way it goes. Liverpool’s goal was a fluke too, so I’m sticking to the 0-0 look back.
David (Toronto)


Lovren v Matip
To quote, if I may :

‘…Which is crazy because he was undoubtedly Liverpool’s best centre-half last season, with the Daily Telegraph naming him in their list of 20 best defenders in the Premier League and remarking that he is ‘far more reliable than Dejan Lovren and could well be the only part of that Liverpool back four that remains a first choice for next season’. They were wrong.’ – Sarah Winterburn

‘…If Lovren must take some blame, so too must Klopp. I understand the theory in picking two physical central defenders against a striker like Lukaku, but Matip is the better player. It was the wrong call to pick Lovren, and it cost Liverpool the game.’ – Daniel Storey.

Two different writers obviously and opinions differ of course, but this does seem the kind of inconsistency Mediawatch has been known to highlight from time to time…
James, Liverpool


Who would be a steward?
I write to you in whole-hearted agreement with Johnny Nic about stewards. You are not safe!

I’ll lay some context. I am Australian and i spent a year living in Bristol on a working holiday visa, getting by on a string of shockingly underpaid part-time jobs, as backpackers tend to do.

Anyway, I took a gig as a steward for a Bristol City match. I think they were in League One at the time, but I can’t really remember. I figured, hey how hard can it be to sit around on the sidelines and twiddle my thumbs for some beer money. There probably won’t even be many people there, it’s freezing out! (objectively, it was the middle of January).

Australians do not do spectator sport quite like the English. In Australia, you go have a few beers, have a laugh with your mates and maybe cheer a little bit when your team does some sport (admittedly this can lead to some pretty average atmosphere). In England, apparently, you go to act like a pack of baying hyenas salivating at the prospect of human flesh. I remember standing in front of the seething mass of screaming and chanting away supporters preparing myself to leg it at the first sign of trouble.

I figured, hell someone else can deal with this shit. Of course, next to me was a skinny, blonde haired, fresh 18 high school kid. How do you fancy his chances of stopping some angry, bald, middle aged man half cut and in a rage cause his team did sport bad?

Point is, looking in from the outside, you are all mad and highly unsafe in or around a football stadium.

England is tops though.
Thomas Wilson


West Ham fans deserve better
So there’s a lot of shall we say ‘gripes’ to put it lightly from West Ham fans recently at the board, the players and the council/government over their current plight. The general ill will seems to be directed at them being sold the lie of investment, the dream of success altogether better days ahead. One can’t help but feel however that this is more to do with the general treatment of the fans at the new stadium/shopping complex than the football itself.

West Ham previously had a stadium and an area steeped in history. Grandfathers, fathers and grandsons alike had walked in each other’s footsteps leaving Upton Park Station, stopped off for a bit of pie n liquor and popped into the Queens or Boleyn for a cheeky pint or two before making their way in to the famous ground. All that is now gone and there’s not even a resemblance of anything fit to replace it. The West Ham experience is now exactly that, like a red letter day voucher you can walk in the footsteps of Boxing Day sale shoppers, stop off for some gourmet food at Gnev’s and grab a cheeky pint in the uber hipster pub on the corner. All of this however with the caveat that they may refuse service on matchdays. Spoiler Alert: they will refuse service.

So after being made to very much feel like an unwelcome guest fans are given the scenic route to the stadium, second class citizens even to the everyday shopper, no fanfare, no flags flying and not even a burger van they are reduced to essentially walking down a motorway to be served an ironically named burger and drink ‘deal’ in the confines of the stadium with an increasing frustration and anger that may just be allayed by a Hest ham win. Alas when that win is not forthcoming the fans’ frustrations inherently boil over.

Now I am in no way justifying the actions of the idiotic few, after all it is just a game and I’m not banging the ‘gentrification’ drum, but what I am saying is that it’s understandable why the frustration on the stands is there. They’re being treated with a level of contempt that starts from the second they leave the station to the second they leave the stands. We want your money but we don’t want you.

They deserve better.
Anthony, Kilburn


They’re not the only ones…
So you know how I was saying that West Ham’s owners were treating them so poorly; handling their fanbase like a poor downtrodden wife in an abusive marriage who would take whatever s**t they chose to dish out?

I’ve just been sent my Season Ticket renewal pack for Tottenham next year. I paid £745 this season for a seat at Wembley, broadly in line with one of the penalty areas and a fair way back up the stand. A decent view without being one of the best. Next season? if I want an equivalent view at the new White Hart Lane? £1,325.00.

Now who’s being shafted?
Father Dave, THFC, Maidstone


Studs question
Genuine question for any officials out there. Having watched the fourth official do the obligatory ‘studs check’ of an oncoming substitute:

a) are they looking for anything specific?
b) do they check every member of both starting XIs before kick off?

You never see them doing it in the tunnel and I can’t believe they would go into both dressing rooms to check all 22 players beforehand, so I’m wondering if it’s just a quirk of substitutions or there is a hidden part of pre-match officialdom that we never see?
Jamie Waller


Kit question
Just watched MOTD highlights of the weekend games.

Who gets to decide if there is a Kit clash or not?

In both the West Ham vs Burnley and WBA vs Leicester it was extremely confusing when watching on TV to distinguish between the two teams.

It makes for a bad viewing experience and surely must hinder the players as well.

The only thing worse is when teams play in a shade of Green.. e.g Sunderland away kit a season or two ago.. which clashes with the bloody pitch itself.

I would think these clubs have greater common sense but obviously not.

If you are struggling for a kit just bring back one of the psychedelic retro kits from the 90s for the day.
Hatim (Loved Juve’s pink away kit)

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