Mails: FA Cup reaction from Lincoln, Leicester, Chelsea

Date published: Sunday 19th February 2017 7:55

Keep that FA Cup reaction coming to…


A Lincoln fan on top of the world
I just wanted to put a shout out to Lincoln City and the travelling fans. With five minutes to go I was hoping to get Burnley back to Sincil Bank now it’s one more win until Wembley!

One small black cloud on the day. Is there a more odious little man in football than that cheating scumbag Joey Barton?
Gwarrior LCFC (Go Imps!)


Oh Joey
I know there’s a lot more to it, but Joey Barton‘s antics just inspired Lincoln City to glory.
Dave, Winchester


A really sad Leicester fan
Out of the cup to ten man Millwall, outclassed by a team destined for relegation most the season and surely about to be embarrassed in the Champions League. Not been a good 2017 for us.

Oh well. Just makes it even more unbelievable what we achieved last season. We’ll most likely be relegated and the title winning team disassembled (that’s if we can find a buyer…). Last season will never be topped for us and will be something to tell the grandkids about. Little Leicester conquered the premier league.

I imagine all teams in the league except Chelsea and the Manchester clubs would accept a deal whereby they win the league one season followed by relegation the next. Might be wrong on Arsenal. But the other 15 clubs all would.

Now to go back to the Championship. More games, hopefully more wins, anyone can beat anyone, mostly 3pm Saturday kick offs, less media scrutiny, less glory hunters, more local derbies and cheaper tickets. It’s not all bad.
Toby (Time to put the 15/16 season DVD on) Mitchell


The ideal quarter-final draw
Man United versus Lincoln City. What’s that? Blackburn to beat Man United? You’re having a laugh….

Tottenham versus Arsenal, assuming both go through against Fulham and Sutton. What’s that? A Fulham versus Sutton United quarter final? Now you’re talking 🙂

Man City/Huddersfield versus Chelsea – I just had to put the big bad dog against the poodle (go figure).

Millwall versus Middlesbrough – Frankly, I couldn’t give a rat’s arse who goes through here…
Keg Baridi


Don’t underestimate the brilliance of Bale
I watched Bale’s mercurial goal vs Espanyol thinking about how great must it be to play for Madrid during winning years. Of course you’d say, such thing applies to every and all teams. But you know Real Madrid is different, it’s the pinnacle of world club football. That’s the top of the pyramid.

He’s won two European Cups and is set on winning more. He’s managed by Zidane for the love of God, elected the best European player of the past 50 years in the UEFA Golden Jubilee Poll in 2004. He’s now adored by the most fickle, conceited, unnerving, jeering-prone, obsessed-with-and-accustomed-to-victory fanbase in the world. Now that’s something…

And this happened because the Welshman wanted to venture beyond his comfort zone. He wanted and knew he could excel with the best and against the best (Messi & co.), learn a new language, live in a different country, adapting to a new culture.
Raúl H. García


Still not sure why people send emails in after 15 minutes of a match, but…
The game is off to a bright start from wolves and they look the better side… They’ve studied our deficiencies very well…

– I love John Terry (the player) and I think he’s been a fantastic servant for the club… Which makes it so hard to see him struggling to keep up. The Wolves press has put him under great pressure and well he’s being exploited…. Hope we can give him a retirement present?

– Fantastic stuff from Wolves on the wing, doubling up on the wing back. Working their ass off and it nearly pays off as they strike the post inside five or so minutes.

– Chelsea’s weakness to crosses was something they clearly studied. It worked to an extent. The defense looked rather uncertain and once again nobody was able to stop the balls coming in… With all due respect, we should’ve been beaten and would’ve been by a better team.

– Chalobah looks a decent player. Alongside cesc, he was overworked but dealt with threats very well. In the second half, with a one goal lead only, he brilliantly tackled a wolves forward. An actual Chelsea youngster getting minutes; I love it.

– Disappointed to not see Michy start but kudos to Conte for recognising (correctly) the threat an unassuming Wolves side posed. Costa ended his mini drought which should help his confidence.

– Overall a poor start. Decent recovery and a shaky win. We avoided the upset (and the replay!) Which is nice. I don’t care what others think, the FA cup is nice. And I would love it if Chelsea could win it.
Sood CFC (LINCOLN did what the Premier League Leaders couldn’t do; Turf Moor hath fallen)


Ban musical instruments from grounds
Can anybody tell me why drums are allowed in English football grounds? Or any musical instruments come to think of it. It started with the embarrassing ‘band’ at England games and now it’s endemic.

I mean, even in Yorkshire at bloody Huddersfield. I thought I’d catch the End of the Terriers – City match and all you could bloomin hear is a nutter banging his bleeding drum. Why? Why why why?

For the atmosphere? Are you telling me that English football supporters can’t create an atmosphere without somebody banging on a drum or blowing a trumpet? I mean, even Leicester with their childish crappy clappy slappy whateveryoucallem things.

What’s all that about? Yippee, we’ve scored a goal let’s all slap together. Jeezus. Come on boys and girls, the whole of Europe used to be jealous of the atmosphere at English football grounds, now you’re embarrassing yourselves by copying something (the Ultra’s etc.) that really isn’t worth copying.
G Thomas, Holland


The same old Championship teams on Sky
In Daniel Storey’s Big FA Cup weekend, he laments the amount of screen time afforded to Newcastle United this year, with their 12th game going live on Sky against Villa on Monday. What Daniel didn’t point out was that Newcastle aren’t even the most shown side in that fixture, it will be Villa’s 15th(!) game. That’s nearly half of our matches, casually thrown into my conscious with little to no regard for my wellbeing. I knew going to the Championship would mean more TV time, but surely this is ridiculous.

During the time spent just watching the football bit, before I even consider the pre and post-game stuff, I could have done one of the following (according to several Google searches):

– Written 6,000 words of the novel that I could definitely write.
– Gone up and down Mount Fuji. Twice.
– Watched every single episode of Peep Show.
– Listened to every David Bowie studio album in its entirety.
– Read Don Quixote.
– Flown to Australia and got nearly as far away from Aston Villa as humanly possible.

This is before I include our 2 EFL and FA Cup games.

(Before you point out how lucky I am that my side is being shown on Sky, feel free to have a look at the results/performances from the games shown).
Mike (AVFC), London


Show us your medals, pal
Adonis Stevenson, AFC, wrote that “Conte>Mourinho.”

Let’s see:

Serie A (2011-2012; 2012-2013; 2013-2014)
Serie B (2008-2009)

Primeira Liga: 2002–03, 2003–04
Taça de Portugal: 2002–03
Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira: 2003
UEFA Champions League: 2003–04
UEFA Cup: 2002–03
Premier League: 2004–05, 2005–06, 2014–15
FA Cup: 2006–07
Football League Cup: 2004–05, 2006–07, 2014–15
FA Community Shield: 2005, 2016
Serie A: 2008–09, 2009–10
Coppa Italia: 2009–10
Supercoppa Italiana: 2008
UEFA Champions League: 2009–10
La Liga: 2011–12
Copa del Rey: 2010–11
Supercopa de España: 2012

A step up, indeed.
Sanj, MUFC


More sickening praise for Storey
Arseblog is a brilliant site offering lots of amusing, passionate and realistic views about Arsenal (and Arsene) without sinking to disrespectful depths!

I must say that it was good to hear Daniel Storey on Arseblog tonight (Friday 17th) offering his views about Arsenal and their future. Listening to somebody is so much better than reading their opinion because it can be delivered in such a more down to earth manner

Everybody on Arseblog gave a good account tonight (Friday 17th) regarding where the club stands and really, it’s quite scary. Have a nice weekend all.
Chris, Croydon

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