Mails: Firmino would be a bigger loss than Coutinho

Date published: Monday 7th August 2017 8:53

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Losing Coutinho wouldn’t be so bad… a long time reader but i have never tried to write favourite subject is Liverpool fc.i have been a supporter since i first saw 17year old Michael Owen on a little black and white t.v that we had in boarding school.

So with all the talk about our little magician going to Barca and everyone else prophesing doom for my club i have decided to examine his importance to us.No doubt about it, Coutinho is our best player and i desperately want him to stay. However, i dont believe that Coutinho leaving would be such a disaster.This team is built around the  selflessness and relentless pressing of Firmino, not Coutinho’s magic.the only other crucial ingredient is Mane’s pace.Phil will produce a moment of magic, Firmino wont but i think in Klopp’s team, Firmino is the more important player.Take Firmino out of this team and we will have to develop a completely new playing system. So mailboxers please , who is Liverpool’s most important player??
Dominic (kopite in chirumanzu, Zimbabwe)


Mail about Huddersfield Town fan Winty…
We all know this by now. But I think it’s worth calling it out for the new readers out there. Sarah is a gunner and we know it.

So much from a shield game that ended in a shi**y bunch of penalties? You can do better Sarah.

Arsenal are a good team and they probably were always top 4 contenders (they’ve finished once below there in all of Wenger’s time). But an article written off just one game that doesn’t mean much? That stuff should go to some club fan forum and does not belong here on F365.
Pradeep, United (We may win the title, but….) fan from Luxembourg


Delay the season until September – it’s the future
I didn’t even watch our charity shield shenannygoats on the telly yesterday, mainly because I just think it’s way too early for football to be returning when England are still playing Tests.
Indeed, yesterday I spent a lovely day at Lords watching my beloved Middlesex bowl out cheaply in less than two sessions, while immersed in Test Match Special on the radio – there’s truly few better feelings better.

And this got me thinking. Now, I’m going to Friday’s game but I’m just don’t feel ready for the beginning of the football season so why don’t we just delay the season’s start altogether until September.

People could still get their fill of football if they just played all of the international fixtures in the month of August. Teams that don’t have huge international contingents could play friendlies against each other to get their players up to speed.

And the result of all of this is international football will be played when it’s supposed to be played- in the summer – and club football could be reserved for those days when the evenings start drawing in.

Cutting a month off the season would probably be good for the players as well and there’s no inter lulls – what’s there not to love about this?

September to May seasons – it’s the future!
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Can I just let people know, United fans have never uttered the word Treble in relation to last years trophy haul, mind you we are the only fans who can say the word Treble with some authority.

As you were.
Paul Murphy, Manchester


Three tips for ‘Dave’
Did ‘Dave’ actually admit to streaming all his football viewing instead of paying a subscription to get BT/Skysports?! I pay 85 quid and have to battle through 2 kids and a missus who would prefer to watch something other than footy! Sort it out ‘Dave’.
As for the actual debate in question, Morata vs Lukaku…how can Morata be judged even before the Premier League has started?! Wow. Chill out ‘Dave’. I think the evidence to support their [pundits] claims are the fact that they’ve watched Lukaku play for years in the Prem, and equally, have seen Morata perform for Madrid when given the chance…and when given the chance to play, he’s looked like a pretty handy footballer with good game intelligence.

Can he translate that intelligent movement to Premier League success? That’s debatable, so that much I will side with him about, as Lukaku has proven his ability in, and understanding of the league, whereas Morata has his work cut out. Will be interesting to see how they get on. I think Lukaku will get plenty of goals, but I don’t think he’s worth £75m, so Morata in for £58m, although a riskier signing, does represent decent business.

Can someone tell ‘Dave’ to (a) pay for BT/Skysports, (b) go to a pub instead of illegally streaming, (c) give Morata a chance to settle! Man’s only played pre-season and is being pounced on quicker than even the most annoying media would do (ironically).
Mohsin, London


Give Morata a bit of time!
Wow Dave, give the lad some time. He came on in the 74th minute and was playing with a man down from the 80th. Don’t think you can really make a judgement on a player on 6 minutes of football. Not saying he is better/ worse/ more intelligent than Lukaku. But give him a couple of months in a brand new league especially when he hasn’t had much of a pre season.
Niki, London


More time on the bench = better intelligence
My theory on the respective intelligence of Morata and Lukaku is that Morata has spent his Saturday afternoons honing his skills doing crosswords and sodoku puzzles from the bench, whereas Lukaku has been playing sportsball.

So clearly Morata is more intelligent.
Matt ( MUFC, really I think it’s because Lukaku’s style of play is more physical than Morata – I’m not buying the racism argument in this day and age).


Old man Nicholson
I think Nicholson has become a grumpy old man.
Adetayo Kujebe


Making a fairer penalty system
So the ABBA system was introduced on it’s biggest stage yet, featuring in Sunday’s Community Shield Final.

The system replaces the ABAB system in which teams take turns to take penalties. Varying data would suggest the team who takes the first penalty has up to a 60% chance of winning the shootout, in an ideal world this should be 50/50.

The ABBA system has been brought in to make the outcome more even by reducing the pressure on the second kicker.

This is all great, but when you still flip a coin to determine which set of fans you have to shoot and save in front of, this arguably gives one of the teams a massive advantage, given the hostile atmosphere these fans can generate.

The ABBA system has been criticized by many, my biggest criticism would be that it takes a bit of the excitement out compared to the old system.

What I would suggest is keeping the ABAB system and having a keeper at each end, in front of their fans. Considering the players have to walk from the halfway line anyway, it wouldn’t make a difference in time (unless of course your keeper wants to take a penalty).

To then decide who takes the first penalty there should be a skill based element. For example, each team picks a player, the player who is closest to hitting the cross bar from the halfway line, gets to take the first penalty.  The possibilities of what the skill based fist penalty decider could be are endless.
Dan (Totally not a disgruntled Chelsea fan….) Greenwich.


BT need to up their game
I appreciate that BT and Sky produce their football programming for a mass market for whom recognisable names are more valuable as pundits than less well known journalists with more interesting opinions, but watching BT’s pre-match coverage yesterday was lobotomisingly mind-numbing.

Gerrard seems to be combining peak-misanthrope Lawro with PFM Luddism, and seasoning it all with a demeanour  that suggests he’d rather be anywhere else than at Wembley, and both Lampard and Hoddle are more intelligent and considered than they’re given a chance to be by BT’s format.

Perhaps it wouldn’t sell, but after a summer where podcasts like A Team of John O’Sheas demonstrate an appetite for more intelligent and reflective football coverage, could we perhaps try some in elite football?
Chris MUFC


You don’t practise what you preach. Again.
Seriously, it’s annoying now, and you’re embarassing yourselves. EURO 2017 finished last night and not a single mention on the home page. Where was Johnny (or Chicken for that matter)? Too busy in a drunken orgy soundtracked by The Beards to give a crap about the football? I can’t imagine you got no mails at all (I sent you one at half-time), and this morning did have a short mailbox about some slice of metal only Arsenal fans care about.
That was probably the best final in recent memory. I can only remember Bayern-Dortmund in 2013 being as interesting, if not as attacking. Others have either been an exercise in watching paint dry, a comedy of errors or so one-sided it is like watching seal pups being clubbed. How many times do you get two technically brilliant, tactically secure teams going for it from the first whistle and the score ending 4-2? The Netherlands’ interplay was to die for, and Van de Sanden may be my new favourite player.
MN Aditya (Wendie Renard in case you were wondering)

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