Mails: Harry Kane out? No excuses for Man United now

Date published: Saturday 28th October 2017 8:33

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That Harry Kane team
Sounds like tomorrow we’ll find out if Spurs really are just “that Harry Kane team”…

Given a) United are unbeaten at Old Trafford this season, and b) Spurs usually roll over at Old Trafford even when coming in the clear form favourites, expect to see a cavalcade of headlines in the red-tops come Sunday/Monday that Spurs can’t challenge without Kane blah blah.

Mourinhos bus might even get out of 1st gear now!
Alex, (it’s only Tottenham lads), Ayr


So The Paul Pogba Team take on The Harry Kane Team, without the afore mentioned Paul Pogba or Harry Kane. Is this gonna be like a fight between Thor and Superman when they have both lost their respective superpowers? It’s got straight to DVD written all over it.
Chris ITFC, (I’ve been… uh…  working out) Liverpool


For those of you that already hadn’t…. Please disregard my mail about Spurs being the ‘peoples favourites’ even if not the bookies faves..

Harry is out, Lucky, Lucky Jose!

What do we call them know? who’s team is it?
Al LFC (hoping Klopp and Wagner haven’t agreed to a draw)


No excuses for United now
Wow – Peter G mentioned Liverpool in his Big Weekends Little Brother email. Is this the first time? Not that it matters but I had thought that he never mentions The Reds in his emails.

I, like Dominic, have avoided the mailbox and F365 all week as I just couldn’t face it after that farce from Liverpool last week but the weekend is here and we have another game of football to look forward to so I’m back and I’m hoping that shambles at Wembley will become a distant memory. I, like Dominic, hope that last Sunday is looked back as the day Jurgen decided enough was enough with Lovren and Migs. The one positive I took from last weekend was that Gomez looks good enough to start premier league games week in week out for us. He is young and he will make mistakes but I’d rather mistakes being made by a promising young centre half with plenty of time and room for improvement than from the likes of Lovren. Karius doesn’t fill anyone with confidence but the exact reason I’ve given for inclusion of Gomez can be made for Karius although I would prefer Ward to be given a chance instead.

Finally on rotation I have always thought that Wenger plays this card very well. We know he usually plays some young unknowns in the league cup and now this year gets the same chance in the Europa and I’ve always felt that Arsenal kids show up and play like the Arsenal first team. Ok not as well but is it just me or do they always acquit themselves very well? I have thought for a long time that when Wenger rotates for the league cup he goes big and bold and doesn’t play any first team starter and I have always felt his kids do him justice. Is this the benefit of having a manager and a style of play in place for such a long tinme?

Am I right? Arsenal fans can let me know but certainly that’s how I’ve seen it.

I can’t believe that lot get to play Spurs without Kane! No excuses for not winning now the Harry Kane team don’t have Harry Kane. See what I did there? A master of the mind games me.
Gough, LFC, Dublin (Jose is psyched out after reading that last sentence. I know he reads my emails closely)


Spurs the biggest Carabao Cup winners
Having already been knocked out, this draw could not have been any better for Spurs. There is a good chance that their 4 main rivals will be going up against in each over 2 legs early next year.

Now i know Poch has got a lot of stick on this website for this comments he made on the cup and i don’t disagree. But if his main rivals drop league points at the expense of the semi finals and Spurs can capitalise on that, he won’t be looking so silly after all.
Niki, CFC


Ampadu, du, du
I noted Sood CFC raising Ethan Ampadu as an example of the Chelsea youth academy.

Ampadu signed for Chelsea from my lot, Exeter City, in July, having spent all of his formative years in our academy (largely because his family lived in the area, and wanted him to stay with us until he finished his GCSEs)

Incidentally, Chelsea have not yet paid us a penny for him (the rules on signing a scholar are that the transfer takes place right away, with a fee to then be agreed between the clubs afterwards, going to tribunal if necessary) – the rumours suggest that we originally asked for 3m, Chelsea find that fee to be extravagant (for a first-team ready 17 year old who has already been called up to several international squads) and so this will end up going to tribunal.  One source suggested that Chelsea wanted to loan him back to us for two years, which we rejected as we actually want him to develop at Chelsea having got the move his talent deserves, and go on to achieve great things (and we all hope his start in the Carabao Cup this week is a sign that he will get chances).  All of which leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth when you consider that Chelsea can absolutely afford to pay a fair price for him – they are just doing their best to screw us and pay as little as possible (which commercially makes sense for a business, but that’s a whole other debate).

Still, feel free to claim him as One Of Your Own, having had him on the books for all of 3 months and showing zero class about paying for him.
Terry Hall, Switzerland (like the Murphys, I’m not etc.)


Yes, youth
John Terry debuted in 1998. Abramovich and Mourinho joined 03-04. Stop blaming them for your sh*te academy and youth policy.
Dale (Lufc-A real youth policy……or a lack of real transfer funds) Leeds 


Baggies talk
Interesting article by Sarah on Tony Pulis
. As a Baggie, I am realistic. We’re not the biggest club and we don’t operate on a massive budget. We aren’t likely to expand our fanbase or stadium anytime soon so we must make do with what we have. After watching us succumb to the inevitable at Southampton last weekend, I couldn’t help thinking that we’re not helping ourselves. I honestly don’t mind setting up defensively against top sides. That is not a problem for me or for some of our supporters.

What is a problem though is taking on teams of similar stature with that same mentality. Against Southampton who previously couldn’t buy a goal, we were set up to be on the back foot all game with Rodriguez and Chadli tucking in so far that we played with full backs and wing backs. They were just too knackered to do anything productive going forward, especially getting up to support Rondon and performing quick counter attacks. They just couldn’t do it, and I doubt whether many players could either really. More faith must be placed in individuals to do their jobs. We must get away from defending by numbers and start to trust the ability of our defensive unit to do thier jobs and the attacking unit to do theirs and as a result, to be more expansive. I don’t think Pulis should be sacked now as he’s exactly the sort of person to get us out of this, but horses for courses in the future does spring to mind.

There are personnel issues too. I think Livermore could do with a rest and Rodriguez should be dropped, and at home I would love to see Brunt and Krychowiak in front of Yacob to push on and dictate the play. We need to move into the final third far more often and what is so frustrating is that we have the squad to do this. Others may scoff, but I think we have three very good wingers at the club, and a midfield base talented enough to do far more than they are evidently being asked. Brunt, Barry, Yacob, Krychowiak, Morrison and Livermore can all play football and Phillips, Chadli and McClean coupled with Rondon, Rodriguez and Robson-Kanu should be able to trouble opposition players far more that they’re being told to.

Defensively, we are fine, although if you invite the opposition on to you for the entire game, chances are they will eventually score no matter how many players we put behind the ball. I certainly feel that we have a professional squad with a group of solid footballers (stop giggling at the back) so we should be trusting these fine individual players to do their jobs and abandon team play by numbers. It’s the equivalent of putting child locks on a car that only adults are ever going to use – unnecessary, untrustworthy and so frustrating every time you go to drive anywhere. We’re getting frustrated as we are losing to or drawing with teams that we should be beating.
Rich (take the handbrake off Tony), Cambridge.


Never change, Big Sam
Listening to TalkSport this morning (I know) and Big Sam was on the blower to volcano head…. I’m going to paraphrase the next bit as it nearly made me drive my car into a fucking brick wall.

BRAZIL: “thoughts on Puel getting the Leicester job Sam?”

BIG SAM: “its a shame, another case of British managers being overlooked”

BRAZIL: “yeah, (wine bottle opens in the the background) would you be interested in the USA job you’d be great at that”

BIG SAM:  “I’d be very interested in that, if I was approached I’d love the opportunity”

ME: “Arghhhhhhhhh”

Am I missing something, am I looking for something that isn’t there, is Big Sam American?
Ratt Mitchie NUFC (Should have checked his birthplace prior to writing this)


A lovely Friday afternoon Mailbox poser
Nothing like the F365 mailbox to help settle a random dispute. I believe a modern-day Yugoslavia squad would be semi-finalists for the 2018 world cup.Honestly, look at the possible starting 11:

Ivanović Savić Nastasić Kolarov
Rakitić Matić Modrić
Mandžukić Džeko Perišić

Squad players:
Begović, Subašić, Čorluka, Kolašinac, Pjanić, Tadić, Kovačić, Jovetić.

That is a world class midfield, and a frontline that’s not far off. The defence is the only weak link, but it still contains multiple premier league winners, and behind them is the best keeper in La Liga and possibly the most sought after keeper in the world. The frontline contains the best centre forward and the 2 best wingers in the Italian League.

I’d place them behind only France, Germany and Brazil for the 2018 world cup.

Andrew M, AFC, Australia 


You’re welcome
Having dropped by F365 today and read the always marvellous Mediawatch: On behalf of everyone who has ever faced prejudice of any kind and every reasonable human being who shudders at the loathsome behaviour of racists and bigots, thank you.   Thank you for continuing to highlight the shortcomings of Syed, Samuels et al when most of the media have now drawn moved on to less demanding stories.

You are a beacon of unbiased honesty and decency amid the swamp-like attitudes of the Neanderthals who still occupy far too many of the seats at football’s top table.  Please keep it up, the world today needs journalists like you more than ever before.
Carolyn, (hoping to see “Goodbye Mr [Sir] Chips” headlines before too long) South London Gooner.

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